Higher Order Harmonics: Weekend of April 30th 2010

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This weekend is all about Higher Order Harmonics.  What are those?  We mean these:  quintiles, biqunitiles, septiles, biseptiles, triseptiles, and variants on noviles.  These are what “Aha!” moments are made of.

Let your mind intentionally daydream this weekend.  You can write down solutions to problems you may not have been able to solve.  Artists, poets, and musicians can do their best at this time.  Here are charts + analysis:

One of the first periods is the few minutes surrounding 9:34 am (localized from Plano and CDT):

The entire weekend is characterized by a series of patterns called “Qunitile Kites.”  Set for Plano/CDT, you’ll need to adjust them to your region.

On Saturday afternoon, one of a number of “Quntile Kites” comes into existence.  (See, also, Weekend Forecast.)

The Quintile Kite is the tip of a very large “iceberg” of Higher Order Harmonics:

A “trapezoid” of quintiles emerges here, involving Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, and the Moon.  A septile is present along with several noviles.  (“Much like the number seven, Septiles contain spiritual power and imply the possibility of cosmic intervention.”  And, from the same source: “Noviles are related to the nine muses and to the ennead. The novile conveys a somewhat charismatic, transcendental, mystical force, latent karmic details and spiritual growth. Noviles can indicate ceremony and relate to marriage.”)

For the night owls, Saturday at 4:44 am is powerful:

If you can buy a lotto ticket at this time, then this is the time to do it.

Saturday at 8:13, some people will wake up to a new sense of spirituality.  They will integrate the recent Full Moon events into their world.  This will be a moment of profound serenity for some.

Even greater insights on this same topic emerge by 2213 CDT:

The remainder of the night looks similar, and we awake with answers from Dreams to reduce to tangible form now that the Moon has moved into practical Capricorn on Sunday.

Full Moon of April 28, 2010

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First of all, many of us will be impelled to action by the impending conjunction of the retrograde Mercury with the Sun at this time.  We will feel that “things” are overdue, and that we must act.  A real danger of acting rashly exists here.  Act, to be sure, but act wisely.

For the details of this, check the midpoint tree of Mercury on the Wheel and Data page, shown later in this article.

Full Moon Activates the 2012 Solstice Focused Yod

This Taurus Sun / Scorpio Moon Full Moon occurs at 8 Taurus / Scorpio, which is an activating point for the 2012 Solstice Focused Yod.  Events that happen on or around this time will tend to have long term consequences, and that is confirmed by the final Saturn / Uranus opposition of that series with Saturn / Uranus in the final degrees of Virgo / Pisces.

Unquestionably this is a signal of some kind for the financial markets, but what kind?  Some say a recovery; some say a “Bear Rally.”  In this case, the entry of Pluto into Capricorn a year ago signals the beginning of a long period of what might be called “Fiscal Conservatism.”  Pluto is related to investigations, and Capricorn is the sign of finances and financial markets.  Deep, probing investigations into the financial services industry is, or should be, the norm. The Saturn / Uranus opposition series has been the herald, and the astrological avatar, of the recession.  That opposition series also signal a need for evaluation of existing structures (Saturn) and possible change (Uranus).

Hele of Full Moon of April 28th

This Hele appears to be active and important at the time of this Full Moon:

Since Hele is a new pattern, this is difficult to interpret.  However, it appears to at least potentially involve the severe anger of betrayal (Pallas) aligned with Venus (Art & Beauty or Finances) in relation to Neptune (Deception), Moon (Full), and Saturn (Authority).  An “explosion” (not literal) regarding Goldman-Sachs, Madoff, etc. may be about to “come to a head” today.  A pimple appears waiting to be popped.

Venus in a Yod with Ceres and Pluto v. The Full Scorpio Moon

That said, the current economic condition is about as good as it will get.  It may or may not have peaked yet, but the exuberance of the preceding twenty years is no longer warranted.  The Venus / Cerus inconjunct confirms that some (many) will be irrationally exuberant over the current rally.  Venus is also inconunct Ceres, and Ceres and Pluto are conjunct each other.

In fact, Venus is in a Yod with Ceres and Pluto on one side, and the Moon on the other.  Ceres / Pluto conjunct could be called the “I want to have my cake and eat it, too” aspect.  You cannot have both, but that is exactly what we feel.  A decision must be made, based on the conjunction alone.  But, Yods emphasize decisions, and we are almost never satisfied with the results (from a hindsight vantage point).

To best understand the energy of this full moon, read about Ceres and Pluto here.

In this case, we must make a decision about decisions.  What issue will we focus upon?  If we focus upon a Ceres/Pluto viewpoint, then we will be faced with the challenge of “having our cake and eating it too.”  If we pick the Moon, then we are picking a Full Moon with the Sun Conjunct Retrograde Mercury.  This means that we must double check everything and look at old projects we had discarded.  In the end, we will have to balance investigation and intrigue (the Scorpio Moon) with art, beauty, and productivity (Taurus).  Investigation is necessary, but investigation (alone) WILL NOT GET THINGS DONE.  No matter how we approach things today, if the 2012 Solstice is important, then we will see today (and this week) as a turning point in our lives.

On a more personal note, this is a tough time for anyone who starts a diet.  Certainly it CAN be done; Pluto helps but only through pain or traumatic events.  The Ceres (giving into the temptation to eat what you want) is far easier and far more pleasant.  All that said, here is the Full Moon Chart:

Here is the Wheel and Data Chart replete with Midpoint Trees

Mercury and Algol for 2010

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Now that routine forecasting is on Weekend Forecast, Grand Trines can be devoted to more exotic subjects.

Given the season of havoc that has occurred recently, after Moon CNJ Algol at the time of the Spring Equinox, we will pick up with Mercury CNJ Algol, for 2010, as a topic.

Mercury Conjunct Algol on June 7th

Continuing with the position of the Moon Conjunct Algol at the Vernal Equinox as a topic of interest, Mercury will touch that point a number of times this year.  This is a potent activator.  The Sun as an activator is a topic for another post; Lunar returns are obvious (but also a topic for another post).  Venus is interesting and has been briefly analyzed; upon touching Algol it produced a number of tornadoes in Texas as well as a devastating oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico (the “Deepwater Horizon” catastrophe).  Outer planets are an entirely different topic warranting a number of posts.

That said, Mercury is currently retrograde and overdue (pardon the wordplay) for an analysis.  For fun, we are looking initially at higher order harmonics: quintile & septile.  Here is the chart for Mercury touching Algol on June 7th, focused on higher order harmonics:

Pluto BiQuintiles both the Moon and Mercury providing a sense of urgency here.  The mood is one of “we have to get things done.”  Powerplays are a certainty; could they lead to disaster?  For any willing to speculate on this chart and aspects, the remainder can be addressed in comments.

Outside of the topic of disasters, some people / organizations will be able to accomplish some amazing work in creative areas at this time.  But, they would be wise to make safety paramount.

Quintile Kites circa June 7, 2010

This period is active for Quintile Kites.  Using June 6th through June 8th for the search period, the first Quintile Kite involves the Ascendant at 8 Scorpio.  Though one of many, that chart is representative of the energy.  Of course, since the Ascendant is involved, the energy will manifest at different times in different regions.  On the East Coast (of the U.S.) it is an hour earlier; on the West Coast two hours later.  Here is the chart and the sensitive periods:

Sensitive Periods (set to CDT / Plano, TX):

Solar Fire Gold  Apr 25 2010
Electional Search Results
Criteria:  FIND  (Chart contains Quintile Kite)
Search From: Jun 5 2010  11:59 pm
Search To:   Jun 8 2010  11:59 pm
Status:      Finished – 9 matches
Enters   Jun 6 2010 5:30:16 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 6 2010 5:43:59 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters   Jun 6 2010 8:34:21 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 6 2010 8:40:09 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters   Jun 6 2010 10:51:18 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 6 2010 11:02:02 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters   Jun 7 2010 5:28:49 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 7 2010 5:46:42 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters   Jun 7 2010 8:33:10 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 7 2010 8:44:11 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters   Jun 7 2010 10:49:23 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 7 2010 11:04:22 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters   Jun 8 2010 5:32:43 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 8 2010 5:47:08 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters   Jun 8 2010 8:32:44 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 8 2010 8:42:43 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters   Jun 8 2010 10:51:23 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 8 2010 11:03:12 pm (CDT +5:00)

Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist) for June 7th

Finally, and most interesting, this period is active for the Thor’s Hammer pattern. One occurs immediately (minutes) after Mercury touches the Moon’s Equinox position, and this one directly involves Mercury:

Here are time for Thor’s Hammer during this period (set to CDT / Plano, of course):

Solar Fire Gold  Apr 25 2010 Electional Search Results Criteria:  FIND  (Chart contains Thor’s Hammer)

Search From: Jun 5 2010  11:59 pm

Search To:   Jun 8 2010  11:59 pm

Status:      Finished – 21 matches

Enters   Jun 6 2010 3:00:07 am (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 6 2010 3:10:52 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 6 2010 5:09:40 am (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 6 2010 5:23:28 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 6 2010 9:11:59 am (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 6 2010 9:26:47 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 6 2010 11:03:29 am (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 6 2010 11:22:14 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 6 2010 12:00:51 pm (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 6 2010 12:17:22 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 6 2010 3:18:58 pm (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 6 2010 3:42:01 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 6 2010 5:58:18 pm (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 6 2010 5:59:44 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 6 2010 9:06:29 pm (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 6 2010 9:07:22 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 7 2010 3:18:50 am (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 7 2010 3:36:04 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 7 2010 11:40:48 am (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 7 2010 11:59:53 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 7 2010 3:02:51 pm (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 7 2010 3:38:05 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 7 2010 6:13:57 pm (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 7 2010 6:29:18 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 7 2010 7:32:18 pm (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 7 2010 7:51:20 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 7 2010 8:54:25 pm (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 7 2010 9:09:12 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 8 2010 0:40:10 am (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 8 2010 0:51:17 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 8 2010 3:17:09 am (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 8 2010 3:18:37 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 8 2010 11:36:37 am (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 8 2010 11:55:42 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 8 2010 3:06:25 pm (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 8 2010 3:34:08 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 8 2010 6:09:50 pm (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 8 2010 6:25:09 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 8 2010 8:56:24 pm (CDT +5:00)  Leaves Jun 8 2010 9:11:13 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 8 2010 10:19:07 pm (CDT +5:00)   Leaves Jun 8 2010 10:23:52 pm (CDT +5:00)

Mercury Touches Algol Contact Points for 2010

Finally, here are the points for all of 2010 where Mercury has aspected 26/10, the point where the Moon was at the time of the Spring Equinox in March:

Solar Fire Gold  Apr 25 2010

Electional Search Results

Criteria:  FIND  (Mer  Any Aspect 26°Ta13′)

Search From: Jan 1 2010  0:01 am

Search To:   Dec 31 2010  11:59 pm

Status:      Finished – 32 matches

Enters   Jan 4 2010 11:46:15 pm (CST +6:00)

[0] Is Exact Jan 6 2010 9:17 pm (CST +6:00)

Leaves Jan 8 2010 3:22 am (CST +6:00)

Enters   Jan 22 2010 8:05:25 pm (CST +6:00)

[0] Is Exact Jan 25 2010 5:40:39 pm (CST +6:00)

Leaves Jan 27 2010 6:11:52 am (CST +6:00)

Enters   Feb 1 2010 11:47:08 pm (CST +6:00)

[0] Is Exact Feb 7 2010 9:25:34 am (CST +6:00)

Leaves Feb 11 2010 4:30:52 pm (CST +6:00)

Enters   Feb 23 2010 10:53:54 am (CST +6:00)

[0] Is Exact Feb 27 2010 2:04:05 am (CST +6:00)

Leaves Mar 2 2010 0:22:50 am (CST +6:00)

Enters   Mar 13 2010 5:17:16 pm (CST +6:00)

[0] Is Exact Mar 15 2010 1:17:31 pm (CDT +5:00)

Leaves Mar 16 2010 7:40:57 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Mar 21 2010 7:42:43 pm (CDT +5:00)

[0] Is Exact Mar 23 2010 1:43:12 am (CDT +5:00)

Leaves Mar 23 2010 7:48:59 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 1 2010 10:12:44 am (CDT +5:00)

[0] Is Exact Jun 7 2010 4:54:20 pm (CDT +5:00)

Leaves Jun 11 2010 9:33:14 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jun 29 2010 5:17:53 am (CDT +5:00)

[0] Is Exact Jun 30 2010 8:56:14 am (CDT +5:00)

Leaves Jul 1 2010 1:36:55 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jul 5 2010 7:43:07 pm (CDT +5:00)

[0] Is Exact Jul 7 2010 1:18 pm (CDT +5:00)

Leaves Jul 8 2010 7:39:53 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Jul 21 2010 0:08:03 am (CDT +5:00)

[0] Is Exact Jul 24 2010 11:42:54 pm (CDT +5:00)

Leaves Jul 28 2010 2:34:28 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Sep 27 2010 4:07:42 am (CDT +5:00)

[0] Is Exact Oct 1 2010 6:45:30 am (CDT +5:00)

Leaves Oct 4 2010 3:53:19 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Oct 8 2010 7:18:48 am (CDT +5:00)

[0] Is Exact Oct 9 2010 5:09:17 pm (CDT +5:00)

Leaves Oct 10 2010 1:33:34 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Oct 16 2010 10:15:22 pm (CDT +5:00)

[0] Is Exact Oct 18 2010 9:49:36 am (CDT +5:00)

Leaves Oct 19 2010 7:20:02 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Nov 1 2010 1:24:42 am (CDT +5:00)

[0] Is Exact Nov 6 2010 6:31:11 am (CDT +5:00)

Leaves Nov 10 2010 5:18:40 am (CST +6:00)

Enters   Nov 25 2010 10:55:13 am (CST +6:00)

[0] Is Exact Nov 27 2010 10:51:57 am (CST +6:00)

Leaves Nov 28 2010 5:03:44 pm (CST +6:00)

Enters   Dec 19 2010 7:35:34 am (CST +6:00)

[0] Is Exact Dec 21 2010 3:14:07 am (CST +6:00)

Leaves Dec 22 2010 6:48:31 am (CST +6:00)

Cougars Prowl (Weekend prior to Full Moon of April 28, 2010)

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Be assured that the previous forecast regarding Venus Square Neptune is still in play.  This is the “falling in love” aspect that feels great.  BUT, scam artists and other criminals use it to cheat the rest of us that have stars in our eyes.   So, read Friday, April 23rd if you have not already.

Weekend Forecast

A new blog is being spun off of this one:  Weekend Forecast.  If you are a regular visitor here, you should check there on Thursdays or Fridays for a regular weekend forecast.

Getting Things Done

Venus also trines Saturn, and that makes us capable of getting something done.  At least some people, particularly women, will be wanting to lose weight (for the Summer?).  If you think this is the time to start, you are right.  Usually, starting a diet right after a Full Moon is best (Thursday), but you should start today (Saturday/Sunday).  The effect could be a powerful and lifelong change.

Cougars and DOM’s (Dirty Old Man)

Also, some “odd” romances could form at this time.  Traditionally, this is May/December.  In disagreement with the mood of our times, I think that older women (“cougars”) dating younger men is perfectly fine.  So is the other way around.  That anyone is actually offended by this shows we probably are not so liberated as many claim.

GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) relationships will blossom or flourish this weekend.  Of course, if this applies to you, this may not be as true if you are predominantly fire or air signs, and the same is true for your partner.  But, GENERALLY, this is true.

Saturn Opposite Uranus

Saturn Opposes Uranus Monday.  Typically nothing happens.  Or, so we think.  Actually, since Saturn has a 28 year orbit and Uranus has an 84 year orbit.  What that really means is that LAST YEAR and NEXT YEAR are like the “evening of the Full Moon.”  Basically, the Crash of 2009 is tied to this, and we are not out of the woods yet.  But, the actual culmination is Monday.  We will continue to feel this at least throughout the summer and probably until the end of the year.

Full Moon April 28

The Full Moon will be the morning of April 28th for most of North America.  To be sure, we will write more about this in the next day or two, but the major coloring is what we have described above. Some of the babies born nine months from now will be very, very interesting people, particularly the ones from Cougars and DOM’s, who will accomplish much from the Grand Earth Trine in their conception chart.

Here is a bonus for you Hobbies That Could Make Money for Your Zodiac Sign.

Friday April 23, 2010 Venus Squares Neptune

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“Venus Squares Neptune” is a feel good aspect that tends to leave us in love, even if it is for nothing else but the spring day at hand.  This one is for Venus just past Algol, which points out that Neptune is only a few degrees past a separating square from Algol.  Said differently, our daydreaming can be quite dangerous.

The worst danger, here, will be “investing” in something or believing something is “sold” which is only illusion.  Have a happy day, but do not do anything too serious if you can avoid it.

Saturday is better, a day full of trines.  This is also a feel good day, but what you do today could have more permanence.

The offshore drilling rig explosion, the Deepwater Horizon, needs to be added to Algol’s list of casualties.  May is tornado month, so do not be surprised if we have a record number of tornadoes, or record severity, this year.

Solar Maps for April 2010 Venus Touches Algol

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Venus Touches Algol: USA Map

West Coast Turmoil Expected

California is particularly activated by this event with Sun on the Descendant on Sacramento (possibly indicating an important announcement by the governor or other high profile official).  Moon and Mars lines bracket much of the state indicating a call for action, and violence if that call to action is not heeded.  California based companies may be in, or enter, signficant disputes.  The recent debacle for Apple regarding the lost iPhone may escalate.

Seattle / Portland are similarly affected; Microsoft may find themselves in their own disputes.

Water Disputes in the West

Moving eastward, we see a Mercury line passing through Phoenix.  Since Mercury and Mars are square, the most “interesting” disputes may emerge between companies on the West Coast (especially California) and Phoenix.  This could manifest as an escalation of an water disputes in that region.  (Western Colarado & Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California.  Refer to map.)

Danger in Mexico Likely to Escalate

Further eastward, Chiron / Neptune (especially important lately, and astrologically the key activator in the recent West Virginia mine explosion) passes through the midwest, near Eastern Colorado, through the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas into a region between Guadalajara and Mexico City.  What this means for these regions is difficult to say, but possibly something along the line of an earthquake, explosion, or airline crash.  (Could a volcano suddenly sprout here?)

The Venus line, the most dreaded in this map, passes through the Great Lakes  and near Milwaukee & Chicago.  Most of Illinois is affected.  Missouri and western Arkansas are affected, as the line continues through eastern Texas between Dallas and Houston.  The southern coast of Texas (especially near Corpus Christi) is highly affected.  This same line passes between Guadalajara and Mexico City, also.  Coupled with the Chiron/Neptune line, this indicates that the region between Guadalaja and Mexico City is currently highly dangerous.

East Coast

Virginia and the Carolinas are likely to benefit from this time. A Jupiter line brings favor especially in areas involving the poetry, music, and the arts in general. Scientists in these areas (Virginia, Research Triangle) may make important discoveries at this time.

However, the corridor from New York to Boston is plagued by the current Saturn/Uranus opposition. A powerful tension between authority and rebellion exists, and the outcomes to the many disputes related to this dynamic are not predictable. We can only predict that we cannot predict. But, authority that survives will be strengthened. In many settings, only the structure, or “bones,” (Saturn = skeleton/bones) will be left. (This is a metaphorical analysis, or so we hope.)


Europe continues to be in predictable turmoil. No astrology or rocket science is needed; the volcano is enough. But, the map signals unrest in Northern Ireland and Scotland. This does not look like violence and probably is just sequelae to the volcano. Birmingham, England is touched by a Mars line which is considerably more dangerous and could signal significant danger.

Oslo, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and Valenica are all connected here by a Neptune line but NOT with Chiron nearby (that passes through the UK). What this means is difficult to say. In the low form it can be criminality and cheats but in high form in can benefit poetry, music, and the arts. I suspect that communications between people in this region and Virginia/Carolinas can be particularly “interesting” especially if involving film or video production. Music, photography and other arts are favored as well. However, Neptune often obscures, so this might be just where the volcano cloud is currently worst.

Eastern Europe is highly activated by both Jupiter and Uranus, with the Jupiter line passing through Naples. This is sometimes called the “Lotto” aspects because Jupiter/Uranus is associated with Lotto winnings. But, as Lee Lehman once said (at UAC 98), Jupiter can also cause “spectacular losses.” (Her emphasis is truly lost in the written word.) Jupiter makes things big, and Uranus includes accidents and explosions, so this could be a dangerous region, but dangerous in a very different way from Mexico. (Here the events are likely accidents, but in Mexico likely intentional violence.)

Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand is activated by Chiron and Neptune.  This has been discussed earlier, but what particular variety of risk this might bring to NZ is not clear to this astrologer.  Best guess is a Tsunami secondary to an earthquake, but could be other events.

Australia has activations at Alice Springs, Melbourne, and Hobart.  Hobart is especially activated, and important news should be expected from there.  The news will likely be “uncomfortable” but not very unexpected.  Some kind of drama unfolding there finally reaches a turning point that could easily garner national attention.


India is most profoundly affected with the Chiron/Neptune line passing near Delhi and thoughout central India.  An event that galvanizes the entire nation into action could easily occur today.  Whatever it is, it will signal a need for reforms.  This kind of event could signal the rise of consumerism and additional consumer protections in India.

Hanoi, and most of Viet Nam, are affected by Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus.  In addition to signaling some important aspect of a “changing of the guard,” this could tie this region to the New York/Boston corridor.  Old issues related to the Viet Nam conflict may surface for both the United States and Viet Nam.  Little danger is expected, but the experiences may seem painful and difficult.  Do not be surprised if American GI bodies are found and returned at this time.

Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur are favored by a Jupiter line.  They need some relief, and (even though Venus touches Algol is generally very bad) they will get some.

The same is true for Tokyo and Japan.  And, Tokyo and Japan will find themselves intricately involved with the dramas in Sacramento, California, and the West (U.S.), mentioned earlier.  This could be financial involvement, as Japan collectively decides that it must prevent any further decline in California because of crucial interdependence with California.  Although this idea will be challenged on both sides of the Pacific, Japan will decidedly benefit if it follows such as course of action.

Focused Yod of April 16 to April 19, 2010

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The period from April 16th to April 22nd will be a turning point, as indicated by a prolonged Focused Yod.  The Focused Yod requires a decision; one road is chosen and the other no longer available.

A Focused Yod had been in play from April 16th (Friday) until April 19th (Monday, tomorrow). This one is not a series involving Ascendants and Midheaven. In this one, Saturn is opposite Uranus, and the Sun on one side sextiles Neptune and Chiron on the other side. This is a period of crucial decision making, and the impact will be at least a year in length. (This will be a historically important period.  A real risk of one or more Coup d’état or revolution(s) is in play.)  This also includes “revolutions” in personal relationships.  This is an “out with the old and in with the new” period.  Should I stay or should I go?

Curiously, the Lunar Return for the recent Spring Equinox occurred during the beginning of this period.  (That is, Moon Conjunct Algol.)  For those who do not regularly read this blog, Moon Conjunct Algol precisely at the time of the Spring Equinox was the marker for the earthquakes, mine explosions, airplane crashes, and volcanoes of the past month.  (For more info, click and read the link.)  In the words of Economists, it could be called a “leading indicator.”  For you personally, should should take a hard look at what has happened since March 20th.  Is this how you want your life to be?  Or are you willing to take a risk, maybe a dangerous risk, to try something new?

Or have “things” been too dangerous lately and you believe you should stick close to home?

In this post, we will also consider the chart of Venus touching this sensitive point, the following Moon / Mars Conjunction, and a few patterns in that window.  (And, we will consider Sun, Mercury, & Venus touching this point, along with maps, in an upcoming article.)  The period of April 21/22 has great potential to be at least as volatile as anything we have seen in the past 30 days. This kind of thing will continue until roughly the middle of May.

Solar Fire Gold  Apr 18 2010
Electional Search Results
Criteria:  FIND  (Chart contains Focussed Yod)
Search From: Apr 16 2010  0:00:35 am
Search To:   Apr 19 2010  11:59 pm
Status:      Finished – 1 matches
Enters   Apr 16 2010 7:00:34 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 19 2010 9:50:26 pm (CDT +5:00)

That said, here is the chart for the beginning of the Focused Yod period:

Here, too, is the Lunar Return Chart for the recent Spring Equinox:

This Lunar Return chart, with the Moon at Algol, coincides with the beginning of the Focused Yod period of April 16 to April 19.  The Moon, Saturn, and Chiron/Neptune form a Triangle (looks like one of the Huber Patterns) of Moon Trine Saturn, Saturn Inconjunct Chiron/Neptune, and Chiron/Neptune Square Moon.  This Triangle conveys a sense of urgency combined with confusion peaking at 28/29 Taurus.

Finally, Moon, Mercury, and Venus are in the 8th House of Death & Taxes.

It was a very bad Friday night for a first date.

Having looked at the Lunar Return chart, let us turn to April 21st (also labelled “Lunar Return” by Solar Fire), when Venus touches this same sensitive point (Venus rules Taurus, where Algol is located, so this is important).  The quickly following Moon / Mars conjunction appears involved (which is at 9 Leo, possibly interacting with the 8 Scorp / 8 Cap points of the 2012 Winter’s Solstice).

Once a month, the Moon touches Mars.  By itself, that is not particularly odd or unusual.  But, this conjunction (a potentially violent or dangerous one) occurs within a few hours of Venus touching Algol.  A Thor’s Hammer (or God’s Fist) is located on each side of the precise moment of this aspect.  (Charts omitted.)

Here is Moon Conjunct Mars, a few hours after Venus precisely touches the Lunar Return point (Algol), April 22nd:

The Thor’s Hammer pattern indicates periods of perceived urgency that are often associated with violence, explosions, and rushing in where others fear to tread.  These are times when you should think twice before doing something rash.  But, some of you will use this energy to switch to a newer, better, environment.  Only you know your situation.

Here are the Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist) periods for April 21/22:

Solar Fire Gold  Apr 19 2010

Electional Search Results

Criteria:  FIND  (Chart contains Thor’s Hammer)

Search From: Apr 21 2010  0:00:35 am

Search To:   Apr 22 2010  11:59 pm

Status:      Finished – 10 matches

Enters   Apr 21 2010 0:09:42 am (CDT +5:00)   Leaves Apr 21 2010 0:14:40 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Apr 21 2010 5:05:55 am (CDT +5:00)   Leaves Apr 21 2010 5:08:58 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Apr 21 2010 3:11:43 pm (CDT +5:00)   Leaves Apr 21 2010 3:16:31 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Apr 21 2010 6:17:53 pm (CDT +5:00)   Leaves Apr 21 2010 6:38:58 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Apr 21 2010 8:10:01 pm (CDT +5:00)   Leaves Apr 21 2010 8:29:13 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Apr 21 2010 11:45:24 pm (CDT +5:00)   Leaves Apr 22 2010 0:13:27 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Apr 22 2010 1:34:48 am (CDT +5:00)   Leaves Apr 22 2010 1:50:20 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Apr 22 2010 4:53:32 am (CDT +5:00)   Leaves Apr 22 2010 5:16:13 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Apr 22 2010 3:07:34 pm (CDT +5:00)   Leaves Apr 22 2010 3:12:19 pm (CDT +5:00)

Enters   Apr 22 2010 6:14:04 pm (CDT +5:00)   Leaves Apr 22 2010 6:35:12 pm (CDT +5:00)

Mayan Calendar (2012) and Saturn in Scorpio 2

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Here is a chart for Winter Solstice 2012.   It is set local to Plano.  Jupiter is highly aspected, which is interesting because the two planets of spirituality are Neptune and Jupiter.  The prominent pattern here is a Focused Yod (crucial decisions) involving Jupiter and Venus (in opposition) and Saturn and Pluto (Sextile).  For more analysis of patterns, click here.

Here is the 2010 Winter’s Solstice chart, set in Plano TX:

Here is a World Map of this event.  Noteworthy: a Uranus Line near Washington, DC (& East Coast), Miami, and Lima, Peru.

Mercury Retrograde April 2010 and Focused Yod

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This Retrograde Station seems to be keeping in the times of earthquakes, airliner crashes, and mine explosions. The Algol Moon of the Spring Equinox seems to have indicated this as well. We see, with this station, a Focused Yod that last several days, through April 19th, a Double Yod Key the hour before the exact moment of the station, and a Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist) the hour after the exact moment.

From a personal perspective, this is likely to be a difficult weekend in which old dramas are rehashed and tensions increase as accidents occur.  As is always true at this time of year, tragic accidents with teens or college students are almost certain to happen.  Please make extra efforts to keep you and yours safe.

Mercury Retrograde in General

Mercury Retrograde has a bad reputation, and it deserves it. It is associated with communications and transportations problems that bring us to a halt or even make us move backward. This particular retrograde lasts until May 11th of this year. That is a little long for a Mercury Retrograde.

Previously this year we had a Mecury Retrograde that started in December of 2009 and concluded January 15th. We will have two more this year: (1) August 20th until September 12th and (2) December 10th until December 29th.

Mercury Retrograde does have uses. The core issue in MR is double checking everything or suffer the consequences. Earthquakes reveal shoddy construction where what was needed was not what was done. Mine explosions elucidate shortcuts in safety that caused lost lives. Airplane crashes likely show similar factors.

Thursday, about 48 hours ago, this astrologer saw a five car pileup on North Central Expressway (NCX) here in Dallas (aka DFW or “the Metroplex”). Transportation (and communication) especially suffers from events such as tailgating in this period.

Besides highlighting what needs to be done, MR also is a period where efforts to retrieve that which was lost may be successful. Frozen projects may be thawed. Items lost in the closet, shed, or garage may be found. This is a very good time to clean and organize and profit from those efforts.

Here is the chart for this MR, followed by specific charts and analysis for the Focused Yod (this is about making crucial decisions).

Noteworthy are the highly active midpoint trees for Saturn (authority), Uranus (accidents, explosions, earthquakes, etc.)  and Chiron (the need to teaching and healing).

The Focused Yod

The Focused Yod of this period, which lasts for several days, is likely the most important pattern.  This is a period of crucial decision making.  Mercury Retrograde here says the we must take the time to slow down and do things write.  Familiar with the old saying “there is never enough time to do things right but always enough time to do things over”?  Here, we are having to do things over.  And, if we do not get it right this time, we will probably revisit again, and again.  The next to “opportunities” to get it right are late August and mid December.  Probably best to get it right, now.

This Focused Yod has Saturn (authority) in one of many of a series of oppositions to Uranus.  The issues here are large scale and will be revisited in years to come.  But this period, the next few days, will be seen in history as a turning point in this conflict between old authority and new revolutionary (but sometimes a bit “nuts”) ideas.  Neptune and Chiron suggest insights blended with confusion on one side of the decisions.  The Sun, which is management and authority (neither new nor old) is on the other side.  Traditionally, that which is today represented by Uranus (Prometheus) was represented by Saturn as well.  Saturn was viewed as most distant from the Sun, and “opposite” as Aquarius (Uranus) from Leo (Sun).

So, here, a “good” decision is possible that does not heal the problem.  We will all like it, but the solution will not be nearly as long lasting as the problem.  This is solution found in the Sun (one year orbit) will not last as long as the problem(s) (Saturn, 28 year orbit, opposite Uranus, 84 year orbit).  Worthy of note: the orbit of Uranus is a multiple of three of that of Saturn.  Every time Uranus returns to a particular place, Saturn has orbited three times.  In a sense, this means Uranus ultimately “wins” over Saturn.  Change is the only constant.

The other decision, Neptune and Chiron, also LOOKS good but takes us through a time of murky unclear difficulty in which insights gained will teach us what we need to know to resolve the problem in question.

In any case, we will be unhappy (quincunx, always) and look back longingly at the ‘road not taken’ during this crucial period.  Here is the chart:

Double Yod Key

Double Yod Keys are generally considered to be a new construct in astrology.  As such, they are not fully understood.  (What pattern is?)  From recent experience, DYK’s appear to indicate multiple decisions and multiple events.  DYK’s are associated with three decisions (at least).  But, also, recently, DYK’s occurred with the triple categories of events of (1) earthquakes, (2) accidents (airplane, mine, & other), and (3) explosions (mine, terrorists, etc.).  Everything comes in threes, right?  Here is the chart of the DYK just before the precise moment of the Mercury Retrograde Station:

Note that the Ascendant is one of the four points, and it is at 25 Scorpio and continues in aspect until the Ascendant enters Sadge.  Almost certainly this point of 25 Scorpio (opposite Algol at 26 Taurus) is a harbinger of additional ill-fate.

Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist)

This Retrograde Station has a Thor’s Hammer about an hour after the station.  It is yet another punctuation mark that the earthquakes, accidents, and explosions may not be over yet.  They could easily continue as Sun, Mercury, and Venus move past Algol (through May).  Here is the chart.

Please post comments, especially if you would like to see maps.

Quintile Kites for April 14 to April 21 2010

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You may recall that Quintile Kite periods are associated with creative problem solving and breakthroughs. These very SHORT periods are good for putting you thinking cap on and solving a particular problem. That said, here is the list (Generated by SolarFire 7.22):

Solar Fire Gold Apr 14 2010

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Chart contains Quintile Kite)
Search From: Apr 14 2010 0:00 am
Search To: Apr 21 2010 11:59 pm

Status: Finished – 21 matches

Enters Apr 14 2010 9:14:16 am (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 14 2010 9:24:01 am (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 14 2010 4:25:55 pm (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 14 2010 4:37:06 pm (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 15 2010 9:10:05 am (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 15 2010 9:19:56 am (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 15 2010 4:21:41 pm (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 15 2010 4:32:57 pm (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 16 2010 9:05:55 am (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 16 2010 9:15:47 am (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 16 2010 4:17:28 pm (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 16 2010 4:28:47 pm (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 17 2010 9:01:45 am (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 17 2010 9:11:40 am (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 17 2010 4:13:17 pm (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 17 2010 4:24:39 pm (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 17 2010 5:22:49 pm (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 17 2010 5:30:27 pm (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 17 2010 6:53:11 pm (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 17 2010 11:39:05 pm (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 18 2010 8:57:34 am (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 18 2010 9:07:31 am (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 18 2010 4:09:05 pm (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 18 2010 4:20:30 pm (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 19 2010 8:53:25 am (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 19 2010 9:03:24 am (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 19 2010 4:04:52 pm (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 19 2010 4:16:20 pm (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 20 2010 8:49:15 am (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 20 2010 8:59:17 am (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 20 2010 1:31:11 pm (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 20 2010 1:41:34 pm (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 20 2010 4:00:41 pm (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 20 2010 4:12:10 pm (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 20 2010 8:39:26 pm (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 20 2010 8:49:51 pm (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 21 2010 2:01:06 am (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 21 2010 2:11:41 am (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 21 2010 8:45:07 am (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 21 2010 8:55:08 am (EDT +4:00)
Enters Apr 21 2010 3:56:29 pm (EDT +4:00)
Leaves Apr 21 2010 4:08 pm (EDT +4:00)

Aries New Moon 2010 and Personal Expressions

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[For the 2011 April New Moon, click here.]

On a more personal viewpoint, many of us are feeling frustrated at this time. The very old moon is a good time to envision that which you wish to come to pass. This New Moon has a short “Cazimi” period of 30 minutes before and after. Except for the Cazimi period, try to use this New Moon as much as possible to meditate.

Meditation does not necessarily mean that the body is still. Whatever exercise is ordinary for you, this is a good time to enjoy it. If you do not exercise, consider starting a simple stretching routine. A single stretch immediately upon awakening, before you are fully awake, may be enough.

In fact, an Aries New Moon will not let you be still. Aries is about action. And, Mars is sesquiquadrate Jupiter, almost forcing us into action. But Mars is also inconjunct (quincunx) Pluto, and that is making our actions difficult. So, except for possibly that single stretch, do not start a new routine. And, the Saturn inconjunct to both Neptune and Chiron (the two planets most related to healing) confirms not to expect too much, if anything, from your exercise routine. Experience it, listen to it, and learn from it. Next New Moon, in Taurus, you can possibly become energized to move in the right direction with your routine.

Remember, strength can be found in the Old Moon by cleaning out and discarding. The Aries New Moon is premium for this. It is sculpting the Venus de Milo by removal, not addition, of stone. Clean out the garage or closet and you may find something you really needed to solve some particular problem. The inconjuncts tell us that you may have one problem in mind, but you will solve a different one. In fact, with three inconjuncts, you may solve up to three of them. But, you must start the cleaning and puring process BEFORE the New Moon.

Regarding anything of significance that you must do: double check EVERYthing and expect lost items & misunderstood communications anyway.

Consider reading this analysis, also.

Aries New Moon April 2010 and Mercury Retrograde

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[For the 2011 April New Moon, click here.]

With so much tragedy lately, particularly related to explosions and crashes, a pause in commentary seemed appropriate. Next post is likely to be later this week, some time between Thursday and next Sunday.

Aries New Moon 2010

Worthy of note are the energies of the recent plane crash in Europe involving Polish officials.  The upcoming New Moon map for Europe shows activity east of Warsaw, between Warsaw and the border, as does this recent Full Moon Map, previously posted.  That earlier map shows a Mars/Chiron crossing (commented upon), and another Chiron line cross that same region with the advent of this New Moon.  This is a pivotal geography currently.

The main city activated in the U.S. by this Aries New Moon is Miami.  A Mars line touches Miami, and this could predict violence.  Most of the northern portion of the West Coast of the U.S. is also activated by Jupiter, generally considered to be beneficial.  This could bode an important (and favorable) turn of events for Microsoft.

In the Pacific Rim, Jakarta & Kuala Lumpur are again heavily activated.  This last location could possibly be the most important geography in the world at this time.  The crossings here continue to be troubling, with a Mars line being the main focus.

Nearby a portion of  India near Calcutta rivals Kuala Lumpur for the title of most important.  This kind of Sun/Moon crossing at a New Moon may indicate a new beginning, a really powerful and profound new beginning, for this pat of the India (and the world). Big things are happening in this part of the world. (To those who live in this part of the world: Author of this blog & predictions mostly reads US/UK news. Any enlightenment as to what the stars / lights are commenting upon would be helpful.)

Manila has the same Chiron/Neptune pair that has caused an earthquake and a number of explosions recently.  Note that most of the coast of China is affected by this pair of lines also, so the earthquake (if there is one) could be there (or Sea of Japan).

In the Australia / NZ part of the world Canberra is most strongly affected, and a Uranus line at the bottom of the chart is causing the effect.  (Earthquake?) Sydney has a Saturn line nearby, and the entire coast of Australia is affected by the “Node” (destiny and Karma). Could this be some kind of monster quake stretching from Japan to Australia? (If so, expect the timing to be when Chiron / Neptune are on the angles, as was true with the previous quake in Baja.) My guess is that (if a quake occurs) it will be “about” one of these times:

1. April 19, 2010 4:01pm AWST (with Saturn on Asc & Uranus on Dsc & Moon at MC).
2. Earlier that same day, at 3:31 pm (Jupiter on Dsc)
3. Earlier that same day, at 2:01 pm (Chiron on Dsc) or 1:55 pm (Neptune on Dsc)

Similar sensitive points occur on the afternoons of the 20th and 21st; Friday the 23rd is also a candidate for this kind of event.

Mercury Retrograde

One more thing, Mercury is in the process of turning retrograde.  The station will be this Saturday. That is a major event for everyone everywhere.  Expect problems with transportation and communication. This could signify more crashes and violence due to misunderstanding.  But, this is also an opportunity to resurrect old projects.  Make certain all details are covered; any sloppy work will revisit you.

Without further ado, here are the charts and maps:

April 11, 2010 New Posts Coming

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A new post will be up either today, Monday, or Tuesday.  Stay tuned.

WVA Mine Explosion Moratorium

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In light of the profound extent of this tragedy, no further comments of any kind on this matter will be issued for an indefinite number of days.  Our hearts and prayers are with the families of the miners.

WVA Coal Mine Explosion April 5, 2010

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What a dilemma.  The 3pm EDT chart for the explosion is “interesting,” but the 3pm EST chart looks like when it happened.  The EDT chart has a great deal of activity, but the EST chart closely corresponds to yesterday’s earthquake chart.  So, of course, both will be covered, but emphasis will be placed on the latter.  A series of key events led to this disaster, but the culmination was almost certainly at 3pm EST / 4pm EDT.  And, for those truly interested in this event, please read this analysis of the Pluto Retrograde Station on April 6th.

First here is the 3 pm EDT chart, the chart based on the reported time of the explosion:

To be certain, the five quincunx in this chart, including one to both Chiron and Neptune, show a period of instability.  Among other things, the quincunx is about misunderstandings and miscommunications.  Frankly, it is the kind of thing that could lead someone to use a clock that was never adjusted for Daylight Savings Time to report the “correct” time, and all others to then assume that the time was (of course!) DST.

From the point of view that speaks of “planetary energies,” the energy of aspects and patterns “flows” to the people and places where it can be most fully expressed.  Speaking hypothetically, if oversights, shortcuts, and miscommunications characterized this organization, then this kind of expression would emerge today.

But, if we assume that the reported time was 3pm EST (4pm EDT), then a slightly rectified chart to 2:58 EST (3:58 EDT) yields this chart:

THAT chart contains the same “Thor’s Hammer” (“God’s Fist” or “Quadriform”) as yesterday’s earthquake:

In fact, in many ways (except for the position of the Moon), this is the exact same chart as the earthquake yesterday.  The only reason that the Rosetta and the Square Key are absent are that the Moon has moved.  Note, also, that Algol is at Midheaven again.

That said, consider the following about this chart:

  1. The Moon Conjoined Pluto this morning.  Both are in Earth (Capricorn), and both form a Grand Trine (as true with the Earthquake) when the Ascendant moves into early Virgo near the 3:58 pm EDT time.  At the time of the conjunction of both, they were both quincunx Mars in early Leo.  This sequence of events was in play early this morning as the shift began for this particular group of miners.
  2. Algol is at Midheaven again, a sign that does happen once a day, but with other aspects in play an omen of death, particularly gruesome death.  (Okay, really all death is gruesome, but….)
  3. Chiron is again angular on the descendant, precisely as it was for the earthquake.


  1. Approximately 2:50am to 3am on April 6th a key discovery or announcement will be made.  Unclear is whether living will be found or more dead, but a key discovery will happen at “about” 3am (give it 30 minutes “fudge factor” on each side: 2:30am to 3:30am).
  2. Another key point will occur earlier, about 2:11am.  Here, either more dead will be found (specifically more dead) or a crucial omission or cause of the explosion discovered, or more likely both.  A sense of outrage will erupt among those who hear about this, and the company will have difficulty keeping this secret as a secret instead of an announcement.
  3. An additional “Thor’s Hammer” involving the Ascendant, Mars, and Mercury will emerge at 1am and will endanger rescue crews.  A possible loss of life to rescue crews may occur at this time.  If such a loss occurs, it will be due to an error made about 0029 or 0030 EDT when Saturn (opposing Uranus) touches Midheaven (or Uranus is at or near IC).
  4. Another crucial turning point will occur at roughly 4:30am.  Here, both the Midheaven (MC) and Saturn are highly activated.  By 5:49 am the process that begins at about 4:30am will likely reveal the fate of the miners (and possibly the company) as the Moon conjoins the North Node.  (The North Node is the point of Karma and Fate).  6:51 am will be another turning point as Pluto reaches Midheaven.  As the “God of the Underworld” is brought to the highest point in the sky, this will be the most clear assessment (until this point in time) of the extent of the damage.  More dead may be found at this time, but this kind of “opening of the crypt” might find living.  In either case, 6:51am is important.
  5. A mere 50 minutes later, at about 7:40am, another key turning point will be reached as the Node (Karma) reaches the Midheaven (MC).  Almost certainly this will signify that a new team will need to relieve the team that made the 4:30 discoveries.  For safety reasons, no particular team should work more than four (4) hours at a time here.  This discovery will be punctuated by more at 7:57 am and 8:02 am.  These are two of the best points for finding the living.
  6. 8:24 am will begin another period of danger for rescuers.  10:27 will begin a particularly dangerous time within that larger period of danger until about 10:33.  The larger period of danger ends about 10:50 am.  Anyone who has been up all night and not slept should try to sleep or at least rest at this time.  A new crew should prepare to take over.
  7. By 11:35 am, Pluto returns underground.  Discoveries will not be impossible but probably become more difficult. About 12:21 PM will be another particularly dangerous time for rescuers.    1:53 pm will also be especially dangerous, and begin a period of danger lasting until about 3:55pm.  Relative safety will return by 4pm or a little later.

Of course, after the Sun has returned to its place 24 hours after the initial event (the explosion), things will become different.  Each planet or star will have touched every point in every house, and made every short-term aspect (to the “angles” of the ascendant, descendant, Midheaven, & IC).  The next days that will come to pass are a topic for another post or other writers.


Easter Sunday 2010 Earthquake in Southern California

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Non-Astrologer Summary: In hindsight, the chart for this event had great destructive potential.  All but two planets were in the Western part of the sky, and many of the planets formed destructive patterns.  If you have any interest in learning Astrology, especially patterns, the rest of this article will show some of the patterns present in this event.

Also: despite the destructive power of this earthquake, the quincunx between Saturn and Chiron (and Neptune) indicates that few (if any) meaningful changes beyond lip service will be made to actually develop additional earthquake preparedness.

Many astrologers have written articles that cite Angular Uranus as being associated with earthquakes, but today’s Mexicali quake appears to be based in Angular Chiron, specifically on the Descendant.  In plain language, Chiron was “setting.”  And, all but two planets were in the west, exerting gravitational pull together.

Several Factors stand out for this event:

  1. Angular Chiron (and Neptune)
  2. Algol precisely at the Midheaven, or top, of the chart
  3. A Grand Trine in Earth involving the Ascendant in Virgo
  4. A “Thor’s Hammer” (aka “God’s Fist”)
  5. A Rosetta
  6. A Square Key

The combination of the above patterns does not seem surprising for an earthquake event chart.  Other (more benevolent) patterns, such as Quintile Kites, are missing.

Because news reports are wrong so often, typically reporting times AFTER the event is over, we assume that the reported time of 3:40 is inherently suspect.

A rectification to five minutes earlier (the likely actual time), to 3:35p, places Angular Chiron precisely on the epicenter.  Chiron has also be associated with other disasters, notably Chernobyl.

Here is the map:

That said, here is a chart rectified to 16:25:25, a time that produces Chiron more precisely on the Descendant (Angular) in Mexicali:

The Grand Trine in that Chart is fairly obvious, involving Ascendant in Virgo, Mercury + Venus in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn (all Earth signs).  The Void of Course Moon is involved as well: it is waiting to transit into Capricorn to join Pluto (among other things, “Underworld” activities).  Note, also, that Algol (described earlier in the Equinox post) is precisely MC (Midheaven Chart, to non-astrologers: one of the two STRONGEST places a planet or star can be located).

Not as obvious is the Thor’s Hammer here, which begins (according to SolarFire 7.2.2) about 3:23pm and ends about 3:42 pm:

For those who have not read the earlier article, a Thor’s Hammer (also known as “God’s Fist”) tends to have great destructive power.  This chart also has a Rosetta, involving Saturn, Moon, Neptune, and Algol (not entirely evident in the next graphic, but it comes to pass a few minutes later):

This Rosetta is more clearly “activated” when Algol reaches Midheaven, about three minutes later.

Finally, a Square Key is in process (involving the Ascendant and Midheaven (Algol)) from 1522 to 1533:

Comments welcome!

April 2010: Venus Square Mars and Mercury Square Mars

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Not too long before the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, and this weekend, Venus will Square Mars and Mercury will Square Mars. Each will bring a culmination of events launch earlier, many starting on the recent Equinox and/or Full Moon.  However, this is not the end of story.  Mercury retrograde will force us to revisit, step by step, what happened.  Mercury retrograde is about mistakes, errors, and omissions.  But, sometimes, Mercury retrograde is about uncovering mistakes, errors, and omissions.  You can bet that the upcoming retrograde will have interesting revelations.

This weekend shows, among other things, that Saturday is great for romance, of the hottest kind.  But, reality will kick in Sunday, and for some terrible fights will be had.  Try to find a constructive way to spin off all that anger on Sunday.  Here are the charts:

Venus Square Mars:

and Mercury Square Mars:

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