New Moon April 2013

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This year, the Aries New Moon activates certain parts of the United States.  (More on this in a moment.)  Here is the basic chart:

New Moon April 2013 3-29-2013 11-05-41 AM New Moon (Begin) 3-29-2013 11-12-33 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

You will notice that this chart is dominated by Fire as an element.  Fire is not necessarily literally fire(s), but can be explosions both literal (an oil rig explodes) or figurative (a person on a rampage).  Fire is also indicative of leadership and initiative.  The Fire of Spring is all about starting new things.

We note that New Orleans is activated by a Chiron and Neptune crossing.  This can mean many things, ranging from a healing from Katrina to bracing for a hurricane season even worse than the one that brought Katrina.  Whatever the case, we predict New Orleans is a place to watch this year.

Saturn in Scorpio at Midheaven has a line along the northern portion of the West Coast.  We think this may indicate the possibility of more earthquakes, significant earthquakes, in this region this year.  And, more generally, a number of complex activations are lighting up eastern Washington, Idaho, and Western Montanna.  Nevada is part of this mix as well.  We expect a series of complex and important issues to emerge in this region of the country.

Here is the map:

New Moon April US Map 3-29-2013 11-19-37 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

While this is not an eclipse, we have a number of eclipses this year.  Jude Cowell has written this excellent piece about the eclipses this year.

Double Yod Keys of Spring 2013

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A number of complex (and powerful!) patterns are forming this Spring.  One that is showing itself repeatedly is the Double Yod Key.  Here is a list (from Solar Fire 8) of these patterns (through the end of June, 2013).

Solar Fire Gold v8  Mar 26 2013

Electional Search Results

Criteria:  FIND  (Chart contains Double Yod Key)
Search From: Mar 1 2013  0:00 am
Search To:   Jun 30 2013  11:59 pm

Status:      Finished – 5 matches

Enters      Mar 12 2013    9:02:58 pm    (CDT +5:00)
Leaves    Mar 13 2013    4:27:40 am    (CDT +5:00)
Enters      Mar 22 2013    2:37:56 pm    (CDT +5:00)
Leaves    Mar 27 2013    11:12:56 am    (CDT +5:00)
Enters      Mar 27 2013    5:10:53 pm    (CDT +5:00)
Leaves    Mar 30 2013    10:34:14 pm    (CDT +5:00)
Enters      Apr 14 2013    2:26:36 am    (CDT +5:00)
Leaves    Apr 14 2013    7:48:22 am    (CDT +5:00)
Enters      May 23 2013    5:44:30 am    (CDT +5:00)
Leaves    May 23 2013    10:22:48 am    (CDT +5:00)

Here are associated charts:

This one is happening concurrent with the intensely active Full Moon of March 27th.  As I have mentioned elsewhere, this period has been a bit difficult for me.  Here is the chart:

Double Yod Key (March FM) 3-26-2013 1-43-42 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the April DYK:

Double Yod Key (April) 3-26-2013 1-48-36 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Finally, here is the May DYK:

Double Yod Key (May) 3-26-2013 1-50-07 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

So, what does this mean?

It means that we have decisions to make, and no matter what we choose we find that we are uncomfortable with it.  We have false hopes for outcomes and are inevitably disappointed.  But, even worse, this pattern keeps repeating, hammering us with Karma that just will not go away.  It is as if the Universe does not care whether or not we learned the lesson, we are doomed to continue to repeat. “OK, I got it already!” does not seem to work here.

Frankly, it looks like a rather unpleasant period.

Once again, I hope that I am wrong.

If you are comparing this sequence to other periods, take a look at the Stretched Pentagram of January 26th.  Collectively, we turned an important corner on that date.  (I cannot tell you exactly WHAT happened, but I know something did.  It may not “show” itself until the Year of the Black Water Snake is over.)  My best guess is that it might involve the Tornado Outbreak shortly after that pattern culminated.

We also note that a similar kind of formation of yods occurred on December 14, the day of the Newtown shootings by Adam Lanza.

Hopefully nothing that awful will happen with these configurations.



Mass Murder Spreadsheet

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Something has come to light that is a major insight into the shooter at Newtown: he planned the event for years.  In fact, he developed a large and complex spreadsheet tracking the activities of other serial killers and mass murderers.  Apparently the spreadsheet was developed from the perspective of a video gamer.

…the gunman in the shooting rampage at a Connecticut school, was obsessed with past mass killings and even created a detailed spreadsheet more than 7-feet long documenting hundreds of killing sprees and attempted murders, the New York Daily News reports. [USA Today]

See, also, the following links:

He didn’t snap that day, he wasn’t one of those guys who was mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore,” the man said. “He had been planning this thing forever. In the end, it was just a perfect storm: These guns, one of them an AR-15, in the hands of a violent, insane gamer. It was like porn to a rapist. They feed on it until they go out and say, enough of the video screen. Now I’m actually going to be a hunter. [New York Daily News]

Capricorn Moon / Taurus Sun: persistent practically stubborn effort over time.

March 2013 Full Moon (Aries / Libra)

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A few days after the Vernal Equinox of 2013, which is a few days after a Mercury Direct Station, the full moon culminates.  The is a Libra Moon opposite the Sun in Aries.

Most of the planets that were in Pisces have moved into Aries at this point.  They are applying to a sextile to Jupiter in Gemini.  This is a fortunate time for those with strong Fire and Air components in their natal charts, and it may be one of the best times this year for people (or other entities, such as corporations) to achieve critical results.

A yod involving Jupiter (Gemini) and Saturn & Pluto (Scorpio & Capricorn, respectively) is also present here and though roughly April 10th.  Decisions will be made during this window that will affect many people for years to come.

Here is the chart:

Full Moon March 2013 3-14-2013 12-54-00 AM[Click on Graphic to Enlarge Image]

Here is the aspect grid, produced in PAT and perhaps easier to read:

PAT Full Moon March 2013 3-14-2013 1-04-53 AM

[Click on Graphic to Enlarge Image]

This is another highly active period.  Almost every block of the aspect grid is filled with SOMEthing.  Compare, for example, the aspect grid from PAT for the moment when this chart was cast (March 14th):

PAT Time of casting of FM Chart 3-14-2013 1-08-37 AM

[Click on Graphic to Enlarge Image]

Note that this grid is not nearly as active, and it is a more “typical” grid if you were just to pick a random time to produce a grid.  In contrast, the full moon grid has four squares to Pluto and four quincunxes (inconjuncts) to Saturn.  Frankly, this looks like a very difficult period.

That said, we can safely assume that this is a highly activated full moon, and since it is following both the Vernal Equinox and the Mercury direct station, we expect “interesting” events to occur at this time.  This could be another period similar to the Spring / Summer of 2010 with multiple disasters that culminated in the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Here is a list of aspects at this time, sorted from shortest term to longest term.  (You can use this to plan your time horizons for whatever it is that you are launching at this time.)

Neptune  quincunx Moon
Jupiter trine Moon
Pluto square Moon
Mercury quincunx Moon
Sun opposite Moon
Venus opposite Moon
Uranus opposite Moon
Mars opposite Moon
Venus quincunx Saturn and ends April 2, 2013
(7 days)
Sun quincunx Saturn and ends April 3, 2013
(9 days)
Mercury semisextile Uranus and ends March 28, 2013
(9 days)
Mars quincunx Saturn and ends March 30, 2013
(11 days)
Venus sextile Jupiter and ends April 5, 2013
(11 days)
Venus square Pluto and ends April 5, 2013
(12 days)
Sun sextile Jupiter and ends April 7, 2013
(13 days)
Mercury sextile Pluto and ends April 3, 2013
(14 days)
Sun square Pluto and ends April 8, 2013
(16 days)
Mars sextile Jupiter and ends April 3, 2013
(17 days)
Venus conjunct Uranus and ends April 6, 2013
(18 days)
Mars square Pluto and ends April 5, 2013
(20 days)
Sun conjunct Uranus and ends April 8, 2013
(22 days)
Mercury conjunct Neptune and ends April 1, 2013
(28 days)
Mars conjunct Uranus and ends April 5, 2013
(29 days)
Mercury square Jupiter and ends April 6, 2013
(35 days)
Mercury trine Saturn and ends April 4, 2013
(39 days)
Venus conjunct Mars and ends April 27, 2013
(43 days)
Jupiter quincunx Saturn and ends April 10, 2013
(45 days)
Jupiter quincunx Pluto and ends April 21, 2013
(65 days)
Saturn quincunx Uranus and ends May 14, 2013
(69 days)
Sun conjunct Venus and ends May 6, 2013
(80 days)
Sun conjunct Mars and ends May 30, 2013
(89 days)
Jupiter sextile Uranus and ends April 15, 2013
(122 days)
Saturn sextile Pluto and ends May 28, 2013
(217 days)
Saturn trine Neptune and ends October 9, 2013
(218 days)
Uranus square Pluto and ends June 15, 2016
(5 years)

Depending on the result you desire, take into account the time horizons of the above table.  The lunar aspects only last a few hours, certainly less than twenty four hours.

Astrological Analysis of Sandy Hook Shooting Victims as a Group

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Someone asked at some point after the Sandy Hook shootings if I had thought about analyzing the victims.  Adam Lanza had been treated as fully as I could without a birth time here.  (Actually, I had other analysis, too.  But, that is the most comprehensive one.  See, also, this analysis.)

The tool that I am using is called Jigsaw.   I recommend it if you want to perform an astrological analysis of groups.  The source of my data can be found here, except for Lauren Rousseau, whose date of birth I found elsewhere.

With a group of school children, I expect the generational planets (outer planets, not counting Mars) to essentially the same, so I have focused on the personal planets (inner planets + Mars).  Since we only have birth dates, and not birth times, I have omitted any analysis of ascendants or the Moon.

Although I had originally planned to NOT include Adam Lanza, I changed my mind for several reasons.  One is numerological: without him the total number of victims (or deaths, if you prefer) is 26, an 8.  And, in Western Numerology 8 is incomplete.  (Some eastern systems hold 8 to be complete.  However, I do not use eastern systems in my analysis, except Chinese years to a very limited degree.)  Adding Adam creates a count of 27, and this a 9 (which is complete).  (Of course, in some eastern systems, 8 is considered to be a holy number (like 12 to Christians), and 9 is unlucky (like 13 to Christians).  Feel free to pick the interpretation that works best for you.)

Furthermore, even though he was the shooter, he was arguably a victim.  I will not belabor the point here.

Here is the analysis, starting with a tabulation of raw data, then a polar graph of that same data, and finally a bar chart of the data.  Again, the data is Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars by sign for the group of 27.

Inner Planet Raw Tabulation 3-13-2013 6-13-18 AM

Figure 1: Raw Data Tabulation [Click Image to Enlarge]

I have taken the liberty to highlight the two signs that clearly dominate: Taurus and Cancer.

Here is the Sun sign data in a polar chart:

Inner Planet Polar Graph 3-13-2013 6-18-19 AMFigure 2: Polar Chart of Sun signs [Click Image to Enlarge]

One can easily spot the dominance of Cancer here along with the strong Taurus / Scorpio polarity.  Capricorn is absent, and Leo / Aquarius is attenuated.

Finally, here is the bar chart of the same data:

Inner Planet Bar Graph 3-13-2013 6-20-26 AMFigure 3: Bar Chart of Sun sign Data [Click Image to Enlarge]

Note that I have circled the glyph for Capricorn.  Capricorn is absent from this data, and nearly absent from the all of the Sun / Mercury / Venus / Mars data.  Aquarius is also reduced; both are co-ruled by Saturn in traditional rulerships.   We note that Saturn (planet of tests, trials and tribulations) had recently entered Scorpio (sign of death and rebirth) and was in mutual reception with Pluto (planet of death and rebirth) in Capricorn (sign of tests, trials and tribulations).

Furthermore, if you re-examine the chart here, you will note that we concluded that Adam Lanza almost certainly had Moon in Capricorn, along with Uranus and Neptune.  Activated by transiting Pluto as described in the earlier post, and the particularly malefic New Moon that immediately preceded the shooting, his Moon, Uranus, and Neptune opposed a significant proportion of (the rest of) the group.

The Capricorn / Cancer polarity was of critical importance in this particular storm.  We note, also, that the Taurus / Scorpio polarity was important, along with the fact that Adam Lanza was a solar Taurus.

Regarding aspects, the Square was the most frequent aspect in this group.  Semi-Square and Sesqui-Square were also in the top four.  Refer to the following bar chart, Figure 4:

Bar Graph of Types of Aspects 3-13-2013 8-00-43 AM

Figure 4: Bar Chart of Frequency of Aspects [Click Image to Enlarge]

Squares, semi-squares, and sesqui-squares all “energize” situations.  They tend to be drivers of violence (when expressed in the “low form.”)

Jigsaw provides an interpretative report.  I will not reproduce the entire report here because the material is copyrighted.  However, certain pieces of the interpretative report stand out, and I will provide them here as part of my critique and review of both the data and how the program analyzes this data.

Two of the teachers are described as “Neptune” people who are peripheral to the group.  (And, we note that one of them did not have her full birth data included in the original listing of the group, only added later elsewhere.)

Neptune is contributed by:

25. Lauren Rousseau at 25°Sg54′ (Orb 0°33′)
3. Rachel Davino at 27°Sg08′ (Orb 1°48′)
The Neptune-person moves at the edge of the Play/Peer group, living in their own world, having an existence separate to the group.

Not a surprising analysis for two teachers of six and seven year old children.  We would expect them to be on the edge of the group and watching. But, how did a computerized astrology program pick that out from their birth dates?  Next, the program offers this:

There are 3 group members who fit into this pattern only with other points or wider orbs.
These people do not fit into the main pattern.

First is the principal, Dawn Hochsprung:

8. Dawn Hochsprung contributes Venus at 27°Cn03′ (Orb 4°17′)
The Venus-person helps the Play/Peer group to understand life. They do this by giving meaning to cycles, rhythms and patterns, showing how the members of the group are in rhythm with the cosmos, or have a place in the larger world. They promote calmness in the group.

Second is Victoria Soto, the incredibly heroic teacher who put the children in a closet and shielded them from the gunman with her own body.  She is also a Neptune person, as were the two previously mentioned teachers, but Jigsaw sees her as different.  (She was!)  Part of the description of all of the teachers includes this:

They may be the one who reads the others’ dreams, and are attuned to omens; or they may be the artist within a group of intellectuals.  If the group can accept that it is part of its own nature to contain this energy, then all members will have the opportunity of being touched by the mystical or the mysterious. 

What better description of an idealistic young teacher working with children.  What better description of a hero certain to die?

And, finally, Jigsaw identifies Adam Lanza as being the third “different” person from the group:

27. Adam Lanza contributes North Node at 03°Cp50′ (Orb 8°30′)
Play/Peer groups often do not have a Node-person, or if they do, the group does not remain a Play/Peer group for long.

The North Node is associated with “karma” or “fate.”  The Jigsaw analysis did get one thing wrong, and it regards Adam Lanza:

Thus they change the group, not by force or drama, but by the simple action of bringing in new people, and redirecting the focus of the group.

He brought in new people.  (Police officers, reporters….)  And he changed the focus of the group.  But, sadly, he used force, deadly force, to achieve his results.

Fine, How are You?

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Usually I do not write unless I believe I have something profound or clear or both to say.  Nothing seems particularly profound or clear.  (Could be Pisces, especially Mercury Retrograde in Pisces unfavorably aspecting a natal planet of mine.)

But, I will say this: “things” seem a bit weird lately.  Maybe it is just me, or maybe I do not like the idea of a “Black Water Snake” year.  In either case, I offer the following graphic of aspects, courtesy of PAT:

Current Aspects March 5th 3-5-2013 11-29-10 PM

Don’t know what you think, but that looks pretty active to me.

Arguably, something “weird” is happening somewhere at almost any point in time.  It is a bit like “you can fool some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but….”

So, maybe it is just me.  Maybe it is just local to my little corner of the universe.  But, it seems like I am working like hell (the “daytime job”) and, every time I turn around, something breaks or goes wrong.  And, my donkey keeps getting kicked.

(If you do not get the donkey reference, click here.)

Is it just me?  Or has it been that way for you, too?

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