Groundhog Day 2013: Square Key

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Groundhog Day of 2013 is marked by the appearance of a Square Key:

Square Key of Feb 2, 2013 1-25-2013 10-19-04 PM

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What does this mean?  The combination of squares and inconjuncts will leave people with a feeling that they “need to act.”  The squares will not let people sit still, but the inconjuncts (quincunxes) will leave people with a sense of dissatisfaction regarding whatever they do, or do not, accomplish.

Noteworthy, also, is the Thor’s Hammer (aka “God’s Fist”) that precedes this formation on February 1st.  Moon is at apex of the Thors Hammer while Jupiter and Chiron are on each leg.

Thors Hammer Feb 1 2013 1-26-2013 5-50-59 AM

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The Thor’s Hammer may produce rash action (if not an explosion).  The Square Key will color the reactions which will likely be ineffective or misguided.

Update: After the fact events:

Earthquakes in Mexico (2012)

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While briefly reviewing the email from GrandTrines readers, and conducting some other brief research, I came across a link from Jude Cowell’s Stars Over WashingtonNeptune Cafe on 2012.  If you are interested in the 2012 predictions, then you might want to read that.

In that piece, the authors (Neptune Cafe) claimed that (based on their reading of a popular book by Jenkins) May 20, 2012 is an important date, and the authors (of Neptune Cafe) stated that “we could suggest that Mexico City will be destroyed by a violent earthquake.”

Well, Mexico City is alive (but possibly not well due to the crime waves of recent years).  And, we point out here that Jenkins is a target of skeptics.  Further, we do not adopt a “doomsday” point of view of 2012 on this blog although we do believe that a huge societal transformation has been in progress at least since World War II and probably since the American Revolution.  Even most skeptics would agree with that.  Unlike skeptics, however, we believe this transformation is part of a cosmic calendar rather than “mere chance.”  And, to adopt a trite expression, we believe “the best is yet to come.”

However, the following is worthy of note: (1) a magnitude 7.6 earthquake shook Mexico City at the time of the Vernal Equinox of 2012 and (2) a smaller 5.4 earthquake shook the city again at the time of the Autumnal Equinox of 2012.  (In case that link breaks, see here or here.)

Could we see a similar event again at the Winter’s Solstice of 2012?

The Promethean New Moon of 2012

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The Promethean New Moon of 2012

This New Moon is as Uranian as they come.  With the midpoint of the New Moon precisely located between Retrograde Mercury (overdue events, running late, and sometime accidents) and Uranus (aka Prometheus, the bringer of light, discoveries, and sometimes ‘accidents’), how can any NM be more Uranian?

An extremely cursory (brief) search of the internet yielded plenty of names for Full Moons but none for the new ones.

This New Moon deserves its own special name: the Promethean Moon of 2012.

Here is the basic chart of the New Moon of March 22nd of 2012:

Click to Enlarge (or if does not display correctly)

Aspect Grid

Looking at that NM chart may not show the power that will present itself on March 22nd of 2012.  So, if you can read aspects, consider the Aspect Grid (shown above).  (And, if you cannot, just consider that this grid is composed almost entirely of two symbols: conjunction symbols and trine symbols.)


Each conjunction is a CONCENTRATION OF ENERGY.  Here, it is in Aries (energy, vitality, violence, & war), and involves Uranus, Mercury (retrograde), and the Sun/Moon as a New Moon.  The conjunctions, in the Aspect Grid, are the circles with the lines sticking out of them.  This many of them together does not happen very often.  And, the little triangles mean that the effects of any event at this time tends to be very long lasting.  AND, this new moon is only two days after the Spring Equinox of 2012.

March 22nd

March 22nd is associated with a few interesting historical events:  the Jamestown massacre of 1622, the British Parliament passes the Stamp Act (setting in motion the American Revolution), Intel ships the first Pentium chips and (in 2009) Mount Redoubt (a volcano) begins erupting.  It is a good day to be the Promethean New Moon.

United States Map

The United States map is particularly interesting, since this Promethean New Moon rises off the coast of earthquake prone California.  We may not see the quake at the time of the NM, but do not be surprised if we see one, a really significant one, between the time of the Vernal Equinox and the Autumnal Equinox.  Why such a large range?  The answer is that the range is so large because of a number of other interesting events, particularly the Summer Solstice of this year (which is tied to ANOTHER New Moon).

Click Image to Enlarge

Australian Map

Here is the Australian Map of the Promethean New Moon:

Click Image to Enlarge Viewable Area

European & UK Map

Click Image to Enlarge Viewable Area


Click Image to Enlarge Viewable Area

With the Promethean Moon on the Descendant in the Middle East, we can expect an “active” spring in that region.

Sun-Mars-Saturn Yod of March 23rd

Consider the following chart (with a Sun-Mars-Saturn Yod).  (Note that it is not JUST the Sun aspecting Mars & Saturn, nearby Uranus & Retrograde Mercury are really part of that pattern, too.)

Click Image to Enlarge or if not fully viewable.

For those of you familiar with the uncertainty of Yods, this looks interesting so soon after the New Moon.  One more map, this time of the Yod.  Note that the Uranus line is practically on top of Sacramento / San Francisco.

US Map of Mar 23 Sun-Mars-Saturn Yod, Uranus line on Coast of California

Click Image to Enlarge or if not fully viewable

Am I predicting an Earthquake in California this Spring?  Let’s just say that I do not plan on vacationing there this spring or summer.  One more disturbing note, a similar set of lines is just east of Tokyo at this time.

Click Image to Enlarge Viewable Area


Tokyo Earthquake Astrological Patterns

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Once again, the Thor’s Hammer (aka Fist of God) shows in a disaster. Actually, this is a Double Thor’s Hammer.

Moon (only a degree away from the Algol point) is sesquiquadrate the Retrograde Saturn (overdue tribulations). Moon squares both Chiron (wounds) and Neptune (sea); both Chiron and Neptune are sesquiquadrate Saturn. (However, the actual earthquake does not occur until the Moon enters Gemini and, simultaneously, a Mystic Rectangle forms.)

Double Thor’s Hammer Chart:

As mentioned, the event is actually triggered by the entry of the Moon into Gemini with a simultaneous Mystic Rectangle:

Another Mystic Rectangle will form 6:50 (six hours and 50 minutes) after the first one. Could this be aftershocks or a second quake?

Or, should we rotate the chart to fit the planets into the Eighth House (which probably means Northern California)?

Tokyo Earthquake Chart 03-11-11

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Just a quick chart based on the 1444 JST time. I note that the Moon had barely entered Gemini.

Easter Sunday 2010 Earthquake in Southern California

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Non-Astrologer Summary: In hindsight, the chart for this event had great destructive potential.  All but two planets were in the Western part of the sky, and many of the planets formed destructive patterns.  If you have any interest in learning Astrology, especially patterns, the rest of this article will show some of the patterns present in this event.

Also: despite the destructive power of this earthquake, the quincunx between Saturn and Chiron (and Neptune) indicates that few (if any) meaningful changes beyond lip service will be made to actually develop additional earthquake preparedness.

Many astrologers have written articles that cite Angular Uranus as being associated with earthquakes, but today’s Mexicali quake appears to be based in Angular Chiron, specifically on the Descendant.  In plain language, Chiron was “setting.”  And, all but two planets were in the west, exerting gravitational pull together.

Several Factors stand out for this event:

  1. Angular Chiron (and Neptune)
  2. Algol precisely at the Midheaven, or top, of the chart
  3. A Grand Trine in Earth involving the Ascendant in Virgo
  4. A “Thor’s Hammer” (aka “God’s Fist”)
  5. A Rosetta
  6. A Square Key

The combination of the above patterns does not seem surprising for an earthquake event chart.  Other (more benevolent) patterns, such as Quintile Kites, are missing.

Because news reports are wrong so often, typically reporting times AFTER the event is over, we assume that the reported time of 3:40 is inherently suspect.

A rectification to five minutes earlier (the likely actual time), to 3:35p, places Angular Chiron precisely on the epicenter.  Chiron has also be associated with other disasters, notably Chernobyl.

Here is the map:

That said, here is a chart rectified to 16:25:25, a time that produces Chiron more precisely on the Descendant (Angular) in Mexicali:

The Grand Trine in that Chart is fairly obvious, involving Ascendant in Virgo, Mercury + Venus in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn (all Earth signs).  The Void of Course Moon is involved as well: it is waiting to transit into Capricorn to join Pluto (among other things, “Underworld” activities).  Note, also, that Algol (described earlier in the Equinox post) is precisely MC (Midheaven Chart, to non-astrologers: one of the two STRONGEST places a planet or star can be located).

Not as obvious is the Thor’s Hammer here, which begins (according to SolarFire 7.2.2) about 3:23pm and ends about 3:42 pm:

For those who have not read the earlier article, a Thor’s Hammer (also known as “God’s Fist”) tends to have great destructive power.  This chart also has a Rosetta, involving Saturn, Moon, Neptune, and Algol (not entirely evident in the next graphic, but it comes to pass a few minutes later):

This Rosetta is more clearly “activated” when Algol reaches Midheaven, about three minutes later.

Finally, a Square Key is in process (involving the Ascendant and Midheaven (Algol)) from 1522 to 1533:

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