Full Moon of May 27, 2010

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This Full Moon comes as a powerful punctuation mark in a rare series of powerful patterns.  Interpretations of these patterns vary widely.  Probably because the are so rare they are difficult for the astrological community to form a consensus.  Some claim they are disruptive (they have been), and others claim opportunity.  Whichever set of advice that you follow, these patterns will tend to produce clear winners and losers.  And, in some cases, they will produce lose-lose situations where nobody benefits.

To paraphrase what has been described as “an old Chinese curse,” we are living in “interesting times.”  (See, also, this link.)

Here is the basic chart along with a few variations:

For those who like more details

In addition to the required Sun-Moon opposition, a number of other oppositions are occurring.  Jupiter and Uranus are “near” each other (most would say conjunct) and both oppose Saturn.  Uranus enters Aries about an hour and a half later.  Since Uranus has an 84 year orbit, it is clearly on the cusp, and even a slight error in calculation could mean it has entered Aries.  Regardless, this entry heralds (more) explosions, accidents, and revolutions (of all kinds, including but not limited to political).

Both Saturn and Uranus are also making stations.  This means they are almost “standing still” currently.  Saturn turns direct on Sunday, and Uranus turns direct on Monday.  Frankly, for the financial markets, this probably means “you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet.”  That is, an even more profound downturn could happen Monday or sometime early that week.

A large number of Arabic Parts are activated, you may explore these in the next version of the chart:

For those interested in Cosmobiology, here are the Midpoint Trees, followed by Modulus Sort Strips:

Modulus Sort Strips:

Impact of Late May 2010 Patterns

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Just what will shake out of this pattern rich period remains to be seen.  But, here is an example from the financial website Seeking Alpha on May 26, 2010:

Consider those predictions as the predictions of this blog.  Pluto will be in Capricorn for about 20 years.  As mentioned in 2008 on this blog, the financial markets will have many challenges during this 20 year period.  These patterns are primary activators of chains of events.

But, expect more than just instability in financial markets.  More events like mine explosions, air liner crashes, oil well disasters, and so forth.

Grand Cross, Hele, and Quintile Kite of May 27 and 28, 2010

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Decisions made these two days (May 27 & 28) are crucial.  The Grand Cross and Hele show penultimate instability and this bodes for misfortune regarding oil spills and financial markets and such.  Fortunately, the Quintile Kite  of May 29th may provide creative solutions that just might save the day.

Here are the patterns:

Hele of May 27th:

Grand Cross of May 28th:

Quintile Kite of May 29th:

Mystic Rectangles of Late May, 2010

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This is a pattern rich period, as shown by other recent entries.  Here are two mystic rectangles for the period:


Rosette of May 23 to May 27 of 2010

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Several interesting patterns are currently in play.  We’ll present three here: the Rosette of May 23 to May 27, 2010 and two square keys during that period.  As various disasters continue, we see a confirmation of the problem of the Algol Moon on the Spring Equinox of 2010.

That said, these patterns appear to represent instability and unpredictability in general.  Winners and losers will emerge, but just who will be who?

And here are the square keys for that period:


Double Thor’s Hammer of May 26, 2010

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Without any elaboration as to the danger represented, here is the Double Thor’s Hammer of May 26, 2010:

Splay Pattern of May 23 continues a week of intense activity

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The much anticipated and discussed Grand Cross sequence began on “Algol Day” this year.  That was a Sunday, and we did not see the impact on the stock market begin until Monday.  Consider, for example, the behavior of the Singapore market on that day.  (Popup alert.)  The drop was palpable as “[i]t is likely that Singapore market will continue to be volatile and choppy in the coming days over the Euro debt crisis.”

Of course this is a key date for the NYSE as “[t]he origin of the NYSE can be traced to May 17, 1792, when the Buttonwood Agreement was signed by 24 stock brokers outside of 68 Wall Street in New York under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street.”  Solar return fans might want to explore the Solar Return Chart for the NYSE.

Here is the “Stars Over Washington” analysis of the 2006 Solar Return of the NYSE.  And, here is the Maya del Mar analysis of the 2006 Solar Return of the NYSE.

(As an aside, here is the solar return chart for Obama’s Inaguration.)

That said, here is the 0630 CDT chart (which is not the optimal Splay pattern found by Solar Fire but is a little more interesting because of the highly activated Arabic Parts).  I’ll add in charts for patterns through May 27th.  This will be a very “interesting” period.

Graphic of Astrological Chartwheel.  In addition to grand cross, highly activated Arabic Parts

Thor’s Hammer of May 23rd

May 23rd also has a Thor’s Hammer:
Astrological Chart for Dangerous Thor's Hammer Period on May 23, 2010

Diamond Pattern of May 25th

Venus Aspects Grand Cross of 2010 and begins Grand Cross Sequence

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The upcoming Grand Cross of the next few weeks began with Venus at 27 Gemini and Squaring Jupiter in Pisces and Retrograde Saturn in Virgo.  (Since Saturn governs retrogrades, a retrograde Saturn probably exerts a STRONGER “Saturnine”  influence than a direct Saturn.)  This occurred co-incident with the Sun’s annual touching of Algol on Monday.

Venus Squares Uranus

Today, Venus Squares Uranus.  This particular aspect is associated with GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender).  Also, most “unusual” aspects of sexual activity are activated by this.   Do not be surprised is a major change or shift in the pornography industry, or some aspect of the lives of sex workers, begins today.

One Yahoo Answers discussion group asks: “Does Venus square Uranus give you Perverted Tendencies?”

Whatever the answer to that question, it is amplified and more powerful today.

BFF for a Day

The aspect is also associated with romantic (or more likely sexual) relationships that begin with maximum intensity and then end abruptly.  You may meet someone that sweeps you off your feet today, only to break your heart after a short and intense romance that will likely end by the next New Moon.  But, someday, you’ll likely look back upon it and realize that it could not have lasted.  And, you’ll probably learn something from the experience.

Financial Market Instability

One more thing, with Jupiter and Saturn in the mix, expect to see instability and unpredictability in the financial markets.  (Venus is the ruler of Taurus, the “bull” in “bull markets.”  Almost certainly Jupiter and Saturn co-rule the stock market(s) based on their history of interactions.  With all four in play, things should be “interesting.”)

And, it will provide a foundation for the transformations to come, beginning in earnest with the splay pattern of May 23rd.

Here is the chart for Venus at 29 Gemini, on the ascendant, and local to Plano.

Splay Pattern of 2010

Speaking of the Splay Pattern of May 23rd, here is that chart as well:

As a ridiculous understatement: the Splay chart is “heavily aspected.”

Grand Cross Begins Near Algol Day

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When is Algol Day?  The annual Solar conjunction to Algol began May 16th and will be finished after May 17th.  We have felt the influence a few days before as we came out of a Mercury retrograde, and we will feel it a few days more as we continue to enter a particularly powerful (and rare) Grand Cross.

If you are not reevaluating your position now, then you should.  If you want to “jump ship” and take your life a different direction, the next week or so will give almost everyone a chance to do just that.  What do you want to be when you grow up?

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