Weekend of January 30th Dominated by Mercury Direct Station

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What eclipses this weekend (sorry), is the Mercury Direct station. This this station follows so closely after the eclipse is even more of a sign of changes to come.

For many of us, personally, this presents another major turning point in the diet issue. Will we feast or will we famine? If you are fighting this issue, this weekend is an important milestone. You will especially find Saturday frustrating, as your plans to stay on track are upset by Mercury changing directions. As I have written before, keep in mind that if you fall down you can get back up.

But even if you are not fighting the diet fight, you will feel the shift in other ways.

Friday morning starts slowly, but the day becomes more “lively” with a possible power struggle or financial issue in the afternoon.

Friday has a quiet Piscean period which includes a void from about 3am Dallas time (6am UK) until the Moon enters Aries after 9am. Aries Moons tend to bring about activity. And this Moon squares Pluto early, as early Aries Moons will do for the next few years.

Plutonic activity often signifies concerns over taxes. (It is that time of year again, isn’t it?) This can be a sign of other disputes, or perhaps intense sexual activity. By itself, it is not a major aspect, but following so closely after an eclipse it can signify that you will see a major turning point in your life this afternoon. Keep your eyes open.

The day ends pleasantly enough with an aspect to Jupiter.

Saturday is the peak day in the diet battle, and Saturday also brings to fore issues with with “will” and the intensity needed to get things done. This is embodied in a “finger of God” that has Ceres (food) and Saturn (structure, willpower) at the focal point, and the Moon in Aries at one fork and five planets in Aquarius at the other fork.

The five planets in Aquarius speaks to use tending to decide to do “what the group wants to do.” If you have a support group, this is a good time to attend activities. Go to OA if you attend that, or an extra Weight Watchers if you attend that.

For many of us, we see a drama that includes three different groups: (1) a group of people, possibly five or more, who advocate THEIR viewpoint; (2) an authority figure and possibly a “young lady” (who could be engaged to marry); and (3) a lone, but exteremly strong, female. When we think of this “lone female” think of Diana the Warrior.

I cannot say who will win this battle of wills, but I can say that the drama will be a lively one. Enjoy!

Thursday Jan 29, 2008 Piscean Moon Down Time

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This is a day spent best in down time. The Piscean Moon tells us that as we near the Mercury Direct Station (which marks the end of the Retrograde, but not of the weirdness).

The Mercury Retrograde weirdness ends a little after the Direct Station. In our case, that means next week, probably “about” February 8th.

Today, try not to take on any major projects if you can avoid it. Your weaknesses will be exposed, and you will have to regroup to do it better. Better to discover these weaknesses privately, yourself, rather than to be “surprised” (and embarrassed).

This weekend is a big one, so stay tuned.

Jan 24, 25, 26, & 27 (Sat thru Tue), 2009

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A shift in energy happens this weekend, and you will feel it. These days should be clustered together because this is one weekend that will “spill over” into next week.

Saturday the Moon is still in Capricorn, as Friday, and Financial Markets will somehow feel this. Mars Trines Saturn, which brings a sort of “closure” the the Mars Sextile Uranus of Thursday.

Innovative ideas may be squashed in favor of the status quo. We may hear some kind of government pronouncement about the military, but it will favor keeping the status quo rather than “change.” (Saturn (status quo) is the last to whisper in the ear of Mars (military, police, violence, violent criminals).

Meanwhile, Venus has aligned to favor Uranus (women, as a group, may find that they are VERY bored with the status quo), and Mars is “forced” to communicate with Venus. Some military / police officers may find themselves locked out of their homes by their wives or daughters.

The Moon, the other major feminine planet, speaks to everyone this day, but Venus has the the last word. This could indicate a mother / daughter alliance in a family (or other) dispute.

The VERY last word in this drama, though, belongs to the children (and the communicators) who can point at the supposed authority figure and say “he did it.” (Think of the final few scenes of the movie “Witness.”)

The Moon leaves all this behind as it enters a void and then Aquarius about 1am in Dallas (7am in UK). The Moon then conjoins Jupiter followed with a conjunction with the Sun which produces a Solar Eclipse. (You should read the Friday discussion of Jupiter’s influence). This Eclipse will be particularly life-changing for some people because of the intense Jupiter involvement. Higher education, travel (and diplomacy), and the courts will become particularly pronounced for some people, and, in fact, the population of the world will feel it.

Mercury (retrograde, in Capricorn) speaks to Mars Monday (either great Romance or terrible fights). Whatever happens this day, expect to “revisit” it on March 1st (when Mercury and Mars will meet again, but this time in Aquarius with Mercury forward motion).

All of this Mercury / Venus / Mars drama (which can be children, mother, father) is tied into the eclipse. For some, this means father accepts a new job or carreer which carries him far away. (We know this about military and Iraq, but this could be something a bit new or different.)

This, by itself, would be enough, but Tuesday the Moon predictably pulls Chiron (teachers, healers, healthcare, old wounds) into the fray as well as Neptune ( poetry, music, illness, alcohol & drugs, sometime “con-artists”). Illness will clearly be an issue, and we might see a significant “uptick” in the incidence and prevalence of the current strain.

If the Mars / violence issues involved a family alcoholic or drug addict, then Tuesday can be the turning point. I cannot say exactly WHAT KIND of turning point, but a turning point. For some, it will be devastating (possibly suicide). Others will get help and finally become “clean and sober.”

Energies shift again Wednesday, but that is a topic for another post.

Thursday & Friday, Jan 22nd & 23rd of 2009:

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One quick note about Wednesday: Retrograde Mercury leaves Aquarius and enters Capricorn which forces us to face finances again. That is true for everyone, and is a long term issue (Pluto in Cap), but this is a sort of “punctuation mark.”

That said, Thursday is “interesting.” If you are in the UK or Europe, you’ll feel the Sadge Moon Squaring both Saturn (structure) and Uranus (revolutions that end old structure and start new structure). This set of alignments will dominate UK and Europe; it will almost certainly have some kind of meaning for Robert Mugabe.

We’ll feel the same to a much lesser degree in the U.S. The Moon goes void shortly after 10am, and Jim Shawvan describes this as an “Opportunity Period.” Inside this period, Mars sextiles Uranus and Venus conjoins Uranus. Overall, this favors Uranian activites (social work, internet & computers, electronics in general, friends, service to others, and a bit of “weirdness” (usually fun)) over Saturnine activities (corporations, finances, being part of the herd and NOT being “weird,” formal dress, and anything to deal with the skeletal system).

The Moon enters Capricorn (returning some power to Saturnine Activities) in the evening for UK & Europe and just after midnight for Dallas. Friday has a bit of a feel of “Monday” to it, but Sun conjunct Jupiter is a once a year event that almost always offers “opportunity.”

An ongoing debate exists as to whether Jupiter is “benefic” or “malefic.” The malefic contingent argues that Jupiter is overeating, overspending, over drinking (alcohol), and, generally, excess. And, they are right.

But, as the benefic side would argue, it is also career growth & career opportunites, winning the Lotto (if Uranus is activated), any kind of “luck” you can imagine (and some you cannot), Education, Law, and often just “fun.”

Personally, I think it is BOTH and NEITHER. Jupiter can be ALL of these things; what it is for you is which of these you choose.

So, think about what your choice will be for how you handle the opportunities that come to you either Thursday or Friday (or both).

Monday, January 19 & 20, 2009: MLK Day & Obama Inauguration

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Planetary shifts occur on these days highlighting other shifts that are occurring on a large scale in political / social / financial areas.

The big issue at this time is the Capricorn-Aquarius border. Technically, I am supposed to call it a “cusp,” but I think the word “border” is better here.

Capricorn focuses on large corporations and things financial. Aquarius focuses on service to others and, particularly, “the people.” Obama is a Leo (King), and stands in opposition to “the people” (Aquarius). In astrology, opposition is not necessarily bad, it can be that the speaker behind the podium is in “opposition” to the audience.

That said, Bush is/was a Cancerian, and the sign opposite HIM is (guess what) Capricorn.

Sun enters Aquarius a little before 4pm Central, which means that the Sun is void for most of the day. That makes events and celebrations fine for this day, but major plans for change will either not work out (remember, void = “nothing will come of this) or will work out in a perverse and unintended way.

Monday has a mix of squares and trines. You may feel “called to act” (squares) but I recommend relaxing (trines). Write down your thoughts, as engendered by the squares, and plan to act on them another day.

The Moon goes void about 9:30pm (2130 CST), but most of us will sleep through this. If you work nights, though, know that this is a messy void because it starts with Moon Square Neptune, which I have found (by (bad) experience) to be a rather malefic kind of void.

Tuesday is the Inauguration, and Moon is void until about 1230 EST (1130 CST). This fact has been discussed quite a bit, and not just with this president. Clinton’s second term (the one with the scandals) is reputed to have occurred in a void along with those of JFK, 4th term of Roosevelt, etc. This is a Scorpio void, and Sun conjoins Retrograde Mercury in early Aquarius. Soon thereafter, Mercury moves BACK into Capricorn.

All of this signals that NO MATTER WHO WAS ELECTED this is a tough time to be President. And, indeed, it is with profound Financial (Capricorn) peril facing the nation (Aquarius).

The Sadge Moon that ends the void will also signal important (a) important situation(s) in foreign affairs.

The Solar Eclipse of Jan 25/26 will herald profound changes, and Mercury’s direct station on Jan 31st will “seal” that a major set of changes has begun.

For you, personally, just ENJOY Monday (especially if you have a day off), and try to wait for FRIDAY (Sun Conjoin Jupiter) to launch any kind of major event. Better yet, wait until February, when we are past the eclipse and Mercury Retrograde.

January 14 & 15, 2009: A good time to start an exercise program

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Depending on where you live, Mars Trines Ceres (the Grain Goddess) either late Tuesday or early Wednesday.  The Moon is waning, and that tends to make things shrink.

If you did not do so already, then this is a good time to start an exercise program.  If you did, but have “fallen off the wagon” already, this is your chance to re-start and make it work this time.  Starting new programs of change can be like learning to walk: sometimes the question is not whether or not will you fall down but, instead, how quickly will you get back up.

Wednesday still has a few rough edges, but it is MUCH better than Monday or Tuesday.  Thursday has Moon Trine Sun which immediately goes into a void.  Voids are notorious for their description: “nothing will come of this.”

However, a VERY similar void, a Sun Trine Moon, led me to two things: (1) a version of a watch that was broken when I bought it (but a replacement that lasted for years; I still buy one of those periodically) and (2) a brief relationship that did not last but who led to my sweetheart.  So, yes, this is a void, but I think it is possible for things in this period to LEAD to good things.

For those in the continental U.S., this void consumes the workday.  In the UK and Europe, it is over by Noon.  In either case, the Moon moves into Libra, and the intensity of the past few days softens.

Monday, January 12 & 13, 2009: Tuesday is a Monday, too

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This is a difficult day where almost nobody “wins.”  All of the aspects are either inconjuncts (false hopes) or oppositions (if not disputes then “grinding to a halt”).

The Moon is in Leo, which is usually excellent for “getting things done.”  But, the inconjuncts mean that we will not be satisfied with the results we get.  You will do things today, but you will find yourself wanting to do some of them over, later.

Tuesday is a “Monday,” also.  The signs are not much better.  A lunar void lasts until half past Noon, making the morning useless.  In the UK the void kills the work day.  Tuesday has a lone trine (Moon to Pluto) sandwiched between three inconjuncts (false hopes) and an opposition (grinding to a halt).  The best use for this day (and Monday) is for discussions and planning.  Armed with the knowledge of this forecast, YOU know that the plans will have to be re-done later.

Californians can jump-start (or re-start) an exercise program this evening.  They should look at a new angle on an old program.

January 9, 10, & 11: A Rather Wild Weekend

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Looking for a “wild weekend”?  You will probably get your wish fulfilled this weekend.  On Friday, the Moon is void from just after Midnight (Central) to just after Noon.  If you live in the UK or Europe, this means that the Moon is void for the workday.  If you are a new reader, you might ask what does that mean?

The traditional interpretation of a Void Moon is “nothing will come of this.”  In recent years, some practitioners have noted that sometimes something very definitely DOES “come of this,” but often in a weird or unexpected way.

By itself, the Void Moon would be enough.  But Mercury is practically at a standstill, the official date of the Retrograde station being January 11th.  Mercury Retrograde is notorious for problems with thinking, communications, and transportation.  Princess Diana died in an automobile crash when the Moon was void and Mercury was retrograde.  So, be careful.

After the transit of the Moon from Gemini into Cancer, about Noon CST, a major shift in energy occurs.  People you know might just want to go home and hide out.  Or, since the Moon has moved into the sign where it will become full, they may be ready for a wild ride.

In fact, Friday evening is a good night to stay home with your sweetheart.

Saturday proves to be a “better” day, but remains “interesting.”  If you broke your diet the other day, then you can use Saturday to get restarted (Moon Sextiles Ceres.)  This may not prove easy, but if you fall down you can get a great idea (Moon Trine Uranus) from a lesson learned and re-start in earnest.  The Moon is Full by 9:30 Central.  After that, the Moon immediately goes void and is waning. Waning Moons favor diets.

Both Ceres and Mercury go retrograde Sunday.  We have described the problems with Mercury Retrograde a number of times, so we will concentrate on Ceres, the Grain Goddess.

With Ceres retrograde, you will have to carefully scrutinize the areas of feast and famine in your life.  This is not just with food; this can be an excellent time to make a budget or organize a family meeting to make a budget.

The Moon is void on Sunday until almost Noon, so any plans made during that time may be subject to revision.  Make your plans anyway, because Sun Trine Saturn will favor them.  (Most plans need revisions anyway.)

If you are having a family meeting, expect some disputes over these issues. Moon opposes Jupiter and is inconjunct Pluto. (Moon Opp Jupiter = “blows it out of proportion”; Moon Inconj Pluto = “power struggles that resolve into false hopes.”)

Even so, this is the time to “lance the boil.”

January 8th, 2009: Stick with the Diet; Temptation Strikes

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Temptation strikes today around 10am Central, a popular “coffee break” time.  Those who have already fallen off the wagon tempt those who have lasted so far.

With a Gemini Moon (chatter) Squaring (disagreement) Ceres (Diets / Feasts) in Virgo (health issues), expect a bit of chatter if not bickering or outright disagreement about diets.  And, given the proximity to New Year’s Day, this is almost a certainty.  If you have survived so far, hang in there.  You can make it.

Of course, in the UK and Europe, this drama happens at the supper table.

Back in Texas, at Central Time, the moon forms a T-Square with the Uranus-Neptune opposition.  Squabbles can easily erupt, particularly if you are Gemini, Virgo, Sadge, or Pisces.  No one will “win” unless this is an old dance where the same player always “wins.”  If so, and you are not the winner, then don’t play.

One other thing: Ceres enters Libra on August 3rd.  This places Ceres in a Square with Pluto (Ceres rules feasts & famines because, according to myth, Pluto gets her for six months of the year (late fall, winter, early spring).  During this time, when Pluto has her, we have famine (in modern time: diets).

With the square, as long as we aren’t have a REAL famine (or food supply problems), you should NOW put an reminder where you will find it in August (personal calendar or elsewhere) to re-visit your diet resolutions.  If your plan is working, you might think about how to tune it.  If you “fell off” the diet wagon, then this (Thursday August 6th, just after the Full Moon) will be a good time to restart.

Not sure what plan you want to follow?  Try this.

Much of life is about “getting up” after we “fall down.”

January 7th 2009: Moon Trines Aquarian Planets

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A very small window exists where you might be able to get what you want, if you play your cards not only right, but quickly.

Moon is void until noon Central. After that it enters Gemini and immediately trines Jupiter at 1pm CST. This is *THE* time this month to ask for a new job, raise, corner office, etc. Even if you cannot GET what you ask for, you can plant the seed today at this time.

By 2:30pm CST, maybe a little earlier, the sweet cream has turned to sour milk. If you did not get a “yes,” then drop the issue at this point.

Later in the evening, we find ourselves in cross-currents.  Moon Squares Venus (usually unfavorable) but trines Mercury (usually favorable).

Translation: you may find yourself in a disagreement with a female (even if you are female).  OR, you may be on the sidelines observing a dispute between two females.  If not a woman then either fiscal or physical issues will present as problems.

However, our communications (or transportation) is slightly improved. The Moon trine Mercury brings a very small modicum of relief to the impending retrograde.  So, if you need to clarify miscommunication, and the other party is not TOO angry, this would be a good time to do it.

January 6, 2009 A Mostly Uneventful Day

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The way writing astrology columns goes is that I am supposed to tell you about some dramatic event. I’ve already covered that with Jupiter moving into Aquarius on Monday and the upcoming Full Moon on Saturday followed by the Mercury Retrograde Station on Sunday.

To be sure, these are interesting times that ask us to scrutinize our thoughts, communications, and travel. But, today, TODAY (Jan 6th) is relatively quiet and uneventful. You probably know the name for this: “the calm before the storm.”

You should already be noticing glitches in your life, a bit like when Neo notices the black cat walk by and then again. Mercury Retrograde “reprograms” our “Matrix” a bit. So, as you may choose, take advantage of this brief calm period to prepare for the approaching storm.

Jan 5, 2009: Jupiter Moves into Aquarius

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“Jupiter Moves into Aquarius.”  What does that mean if you are not an astrologer?

This shift indicates a move in power from Corporate America & “Big Business” into the grass roots voter.  But, it will affect many other areas, particularly higher education and the legal system.  And, long-range travel, such as vacations by cruise, may be revolutionized by this shift.

If any of this is your order of business, be assured that “things” may be a bit unclear until after January 19th.  On that date, Jupiter moves out of the first three degrees of Aquarius.  That, by itself, may not be enough; you may have to wait until Mercury goes Direct on February 1st.

If you really want to know what this Jupiter transit means to you, personally, you need to look at the period between January 21st of 1997 and February 4th of 1998.  Other major influences were present (notably Uranus in Aquarius), so you’ll have to focus on “things Jupiter.”  (Courts & Legal, long term travel, Higher Education, Ambassadors & Foreigners, perhaps “growing” a new business.)

Whatever MAJOR event you did at that time in your life (going back to school, quitting school, etc.), you are about to somehow revisit it.

Today (Jan 5th, 2009) is a relatively routine day.  Take a few moments to ponder the events of 1997 and how they might be relevant to your life today.

January 3, 4, 5 of 2009: A New Romance May Show Itself; Other Peoples Money

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Venus enters Pisces, and we suddenly have a chance at love, new or renewed.

Our New Year’s dreams seem truly possible, and they are if we work at them.

Sun Trines Ceres (Saturday, 3rd) and says that a diet just might work this time. If you are like me, and think that NY Resolutions to lose weight are hopelessly flawed, you could reconsider. A little optimism is warranted this time.  You’ll need to focus, and you should expect to be “tested” more than once.

Please don’t spend on anything until Monday. Ditto for career changes, and those aren’t really very good until after the Mercury Retrograde is over (February 1st).  In fact, almost anything done this month will be “revisited” somehow later.

Plan accordingly.  Don’t “burn bridges” with anyone this month.

Sunday may bring out your kinky side, if you have one. If not, then issues about money & taxes or money & inheritances. In some way, if Sunday is not about Sex & Romance then it is about “other people’s money.”  Sunday is also a good day to ask “what if?”

Monday tends to be a day to “lay low” in the UK & Europe (Jupiter is void) but okay in the US after about 11am EST.

Monday (Jan 5, 2009) is a “cross-ways” day: it is good for some and bad for others. No pronounced aspects on Monday, so this is a housekeeping day for many. Much of this day is about the official change from 2008 to 2009. (That’s not hard to predict, is it.)  But, again, do plan for having to “do it over.”

Alpha Inventions

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Alpha Inventions is a new type of website that functions as both a reader and a website promotion tool.  Blog authors submit their website into a queue which is read (typically) by other blog authors.   The site isn’t a substitute for good content, but it can get your content in front of others who might not thing to look for it.  It is fun to play with.

Frankly, it is becoming a community of bloggers with diverse vantage points about diverse topics.

2009 Retrograde Calendar

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Just in case you want to know more about when the retrograde periods will be in 2009, I’ve located a handy “Retrograde Calendar” at ArtCharts.com

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