Swan (aka Yol) and the Chiron return

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Reader Swan (also known as Yol) writes the following circa August 12th,


Thanks for your post. It definitely picked my curiosity and I hope you can help me out here, since my life has been quite a struggle for the past few years… I am a Gemini with both Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio (born 6/6/1960 at 17:30 in Mexico City, Mexico), and I wonder how Saturn moving into Scorpio will affect me? Thank you for your insight!!!

Four key points are noted on the resulting chart:

  1. Ascendant / Descendant are at the Algol point.  Specifically, she has “Algol setting” (at the point where the Sun sets).  This is the 7th house cusp, the 7th being associated with relationships (especially marriages and financial relationships) and “open enemies.”  In a word, her relationships tend to be “difficult.”  Necessarily, this means she has a scorpio ascendant and has likely had a lifetime of significant power struggles.
  2. She has Moon conjunct Neptune in the 12th, both in Scorpio.  People with a Scorpio moon tend to have strong convictions and strong emotions.  Often she has deep feelings that she does not want anyone to know about.  But, both Neptune and the 12th house are the “revealer” and, together, they often force her secrets into the open.  She may have had a lifetime forcing the secrets of others into the open.  If she is a counselor, then this can be benevolent.  In any case, she can be highly intuitive but wrestles with mistaken notions.  She has to double check every contract and every financial instrument.  Things are often not as they appear.
  3. She has both Jupiter and Saturn in the 2nd house.  She can make money, but she has to make an extra effort to hold onto it.  The money has a tendency to slip through her hands.
  4. The most important point: she has been going through her Chiron return.  Not discussed as much, this is similar to a Saturn return, comes about 50 years of age, and visits most people only once in a lifetime.  Her Chiron is part of her grand water trine (if you allow Chiron to do such things), and that profoundly affects her finances and emotional relationships.  Given her Moon and Neptune configuration, she may have a child or grandchild in need of financial assistance.  The situation is a difficult one that might involve drugs, alcohol, or some form of sickness.  In any case, she will have to take a hard look at her own wounds.  Her best way of healing herself will be in terms of helping others.  If she has any “bad karma” from the past, then this is the time to process it and move forward.

To answer her question: “Saturn’s movement into Scorpio will greatly affect you next year.  You should look back at your life 28 to 30 years ago.  What is more important for you, though, is to critically examine the effect that the Chiron return is having upon your life.”

Here is the chart, annotated:

[click to enlarge]

Blue Moon August 31, 2012

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The most important thing about today’s Blue Moon is that it is part of the sequence of several of them this year.  Blue Moons are a calendar artifact.  The Wikipedia article on Blue Moons does a decent job explaining them.  We had several across 2009 and 2010, but the next one will not be until 2015.  The most interesting one to await us will be on New Year’s Eve of 2028.  That said, here is the chart:


The ABC News piece on this Blue Moon is also a nice read.  So is this piece from the Daily Mail in London.  Note that the time of day mentioned is different from New York and London.  Just in case you do not know, when it occurs depends on where you live.

But, what does it mean?  This blue moon is mutable, with a Piscean Moon (poetry, play, & music but also drugs, alcohol, and debt) opposing a Virgo Sun (work, “getting things done,” but also debt) and both squared by a Gemini Jupiter (Jupiter makes things large, and Jupiter squares to Sun/Moon lead to overeating, excessive alcohol (or drug) use, and (you guessed it) debt).

So, today is a day where you will be tempted to spend, and you will be tempted to go into debt to do so.  Avoid it if you can.  Create big debts today and you will likely find yourself having a LONG time to pay them off.  But, it is Friday, so many of you will go out with friends or sweetheart (or all) and spend too much money overeating at a large meal, maybe getting dangerously drunk, and finding out “soon” that you really overdid it.

The Horary version of the chart shows both the Moon and Jupiter to be Peregrine, which is horary-speak for “theives.”  “Honorable Acquaintance” and “Sudden Advancement” is lit up in this chart, so some of you will meet important people and receive some kind of “promotion.”  Moon touches Uranus (surprises) when it enters Aries (tomorrow), so this may be a radically unexpected promotion.  (A bit like a cameraman at ABC being suddenly promoted to Vice President or something similarly startling!)

Disclaimer:  Not everybody “believes” in Horary (it is far more like “fortune telling” than the study of aspects/transits).  So, we will have to see if any interesting “promotions” (could be via death of someone) occur in this period.  (I would not be entirely surprised to see a military dictator fall during this window of time.)  Feel free to post your Blue Moon experiences here in the comments section.

[click to enlarge]

August 22nd Followup

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As of this writing, 13 comments are in the pending queue and most of them (you) have either chart requests or followups.  When I address them, they will be in this order:

1.  Evie, Nefrit, & Swan/Yol

2.  Joseph, Jill, & XCD

3.  Gina & Dean

While I cannot provide any deadlines for you, I hope to have them all done by Labor Day.

Here are some temporary answers for some of you:

Evie, Nefrit, & Swan/Yol: we have ongoing dialogs and I just have to address the next set of questions each of you have asked.

Joseph: You have both an interesting chart and an interesting life.  You enjoy dreaming quite a bit.  I suspect that you have had some remarkable romances in your day.  Sounds as if you have made a powerful choice.  Based on the information provided, I recommend that you read the works of Caroline Myss.  Pay special attention to her three levels of power.  Also: have you considered an anonymous blog about your story and your experiences?  If you do, then let me know so I can give you a link or two.

(By the way, that last offer goes for the rest of you, too.)

Jill B: I know you are going through a difficult time.  Your particular Sun/Moon combination can make it difficult to be satisfied at times.  Yes, Saturn is on top of your Sun.  So is Mars.  You might actually have a once in a lifetime opportunity now, but it will require a HUGE amount of work.  You will also have to give something up.  And, you do have enough energy to do what needs to be done.  You just need to focus on doing it before the moment passes you by.  You already know this without writing here.  So, do it.

(You WILL be dissatisfied, that is part of your karma.  But, you need to do it anyway.  I cannot tell YOU what “it” is, but you know yourself.)

XCD: that is both a very good question and a very technical question.  I need a bit of time to address that.  I will tell you that I ordinarily do NOT address the node.

Dean: I do not KNOW the answer and have not (yet) done the astrology.  But, I think your situation is a bit time sensitive.  So, let me say this: you are a VERY good judge of character in these matters.  You, too, have a pretty good idea what the answer is.  If you are truly straddling the fence, then I say “go for it.”  Without doing any astrology, here is why: based on our previous dialogues, I believe you are stuck in some kind of rut or holding pattern.  You need to get back in the saddle, whether it is in the situation described or another.  Just make certain you properly plan everything.  WAIT!  I am talking to a MASTER PLANNER.  You know it, and I do too.  Do your due diligence, take a breath, and (with everything in place) jump into that saddle and ride!

Ginni: Are you the lady from Chicago?  If I charged money, what you are requesting would cost AT LEAST $300, maybe more.  (And, that’s the cheap rates.)  But, I do not charge.  Just realize that your request is very complex.

Now, that said, here is my temporary reply (until I can give you a better one): the central personal issue here is your marriage.  People often focus on a son or daughter as part of a process that (sometimes) can heal a marriage.  To distract yourself, you are spreading yourself very thin, and you will have to let something go.  I know your trick because I do it myself: launch five major projects and kill the three that do not seem to bear much fruit (or bear bitter fruit).  But, the time is coming fast when you must pick one, or at the very most two, and focus on those to the exclusion of the others.

Arguably, marriages are living things.  They require care and maintenance, much as a pet would.  Sometimes they require a “trip to the vet.”  You might need one of these, if you want to keep it.  Only you know whether you want to keep it or not.  If all of your children have left home, and the nest is empty, then the two of you may be ready to part ways.  But, do know that, even if you do stay together, the marriage will have to transform into a new entity if it is to survive.  This is not magic; this is just the life cycle of a family.

So, shop around for a good MFT (that is a “Marriage and Family Therapist,” and find out, FIRST, if THEY are married, how many times, and for how long this time), and take that “trip to the vet.”  (You might also want to find out if they practice “Brief Therapy,” meaning 10 sessions or fewer.)



Nefrit’s Chart

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Reader Nefrit has requested analysis of her natal chart.

Based on the data provided, here is the chart produced in Astrolog:

[click to enlarge]

Nefrit has her Sun in late Scorpio with her Moon in early Pisces; the two are 102 degrees apart,  They are trine by sign but not by degree.  Saturn will trine her Moon in 2013 but not contact her Sun until somewhat later (probably 2014).  She has experienced her first Saturn return and the associated transformation.  Saturn will continue to bring transformation, particularly as it conjuncts Venus and Uranus.  This happened early in her life as well, probably about age 8 to 10 years of age.  Something rather profound likely happened then, such as a divorce of parents, a move to a new city or country, or something else similarly profound.

Particularly interesting is her close relationship between the Sun and Ceres,  Ceres is representative of feast and famine.  Prior to the 20th century, when famine was common, Ceres had a different meaning.  It meant actual famine.  Today, it usually signifies a pattern of preoccupation with weight and weight loss.  Usually it signifies also a pattern of extreme diets followed by a the “rebound” effect of gaining the weight back plus new additional weight.  Nefrit will have to carefully guard against being ensnared by this or a similar pattern.  In a worst case scenario, it could signify an eating disorder such as bulimia.

Mercury, Juno, and Neptune are essentially conjunct near 15 Sagittarius.  Her communications are how she gets things done, but sometimes they are unclear.  Worst case either she or the other party engages in outright deceit.  In her original request, she asked about boyfriends and romance.  Based on this aspect, and her Sun/Moon position, we recommend that she favor partners with water sign Sun/Moon.  However, her current Gemini boyfriend can work.  The issue of communications is important in all relationships, but heightened for her.

Juno, of course, was the jealous wife of ever-philandering Jupiter.  Jupiter cheated on her almost constantly.  Nefrit would benefit from studying the mythology and stories of Juno and how to address those issues.

With a sensitive Pisces Moon, dishonest partners more deeply wound her than others.  The issue with Ceres (and weight / weight loss) compounds the problem.  Uranus and Venus are essentially conjunct, so she may have a predilection for what might be termed “unusual” relationships.  This could range from the May/December variety to GLBT to those that are truly “kinky.”  As I watch Craig Ferguson while I write this, I hear the announcer mentioned “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Sex Toys.”  Is that a coincidence?
We note that the Moon in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer trine the Venus / Uranus duo; this forms a grand water trine making this combination particularly important in her chart.  The Venus / Uranus duo tend to affect both her Moon (her deep internal self) and her career (Jupiter).  Despite a preference for “creative romances,” we suspect that she has a deep yearning for a family (Jupiter in Cancer).  If that is not feasible, she will tend to work in areas that involve water or fluids (shipping by sea, the oil industry) or working with families (possibly social work).

Of course, we are not saying any of this is necessarily “true” in the form described.  Planetary positions and aspects can be expressed in a large variety of ways.  These are just the most obvious interpretations.

We invite her response and clarifications.

No Exact Aspects 2012-08-14

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The Daily Planetary Guide shows “No Exact Aspects” for today, August 14th.  Over the years, I have noticed that some of these days with “No Exact Aspects” were of profound significance, but I could not determine why.  Eventually, I discovered what I believe to the solution.

Higher order aspects, such as quintiles, bi-quintiles, septiles, bi-septiles, tri-septiles, and so forth are ignored by many if not most astrologers and often considered “minor aspects.”  They occur frequently, and their effect does not seem to last long.  But, particularly regarding quintiles and bi-quintiles, they often bring with them a very powerful kind of “problem solving” window or energy.  (Most astrologers speak of “energy” but I tend to think of “windows” of opportunity.)

On a day when the Ptolemaic aspects are absent, these aspects seem to gain more power as they “shine through.”  That is, without any strong Ptolemaic aspects to eclipse them, and hide their influence, they are more clearly seen.  In a sense, they “announce themselves.”  These days are often remarkably powerful windows of opportunity for creative problem solving.  (Maybe Llewelyn should consider identifying these days and the higher order harmonics present, starting with any exact outer planet higher order harmonics and working inward.)

Using one of my favorite tools, PAT, we obtain this chart:

[click to enlarge]

Some of these aspects have already perfected, and several important ones will perfect on August 15th.  In many ways, August 14th is a day to prepare for the events that will culminate in the period between August 15th and the New Moon on the 17th.

I have also used Solar Fire to produce a similar aspect grid, set in Plano and a little after 3am.  Except for the lunar aspects, these will change little in the next 24 hours, and only the Solar aspects will change significantly by the end of the week.  Some of the aspects will fall out of orb and disappear.  Others are “applying” and will perfect, starting on August 15th.  But, mostly, they are in effect until the New Moon on the 17th.

[click to enlarge]

A few of you may be asking what is the different between PAT and Solar Fire.  Well, obviously SF is far more powerful.  But, what other difference?  The answer is that PAT costs about $10 and is an easy way to get started.  If you do that and find that you are truly interested in Astrology, then you might consider spending the $300 or so that Solar Fire costs.  (If you do that, consider the companion tools Solar Maps and Jigsaw.  They are worth it.)

A few will criticize this post claiming that higher order aspects are always in play.  But, we admitted that at the beginning.  What we are saying is this: (1) no day really exists where you have “No Exact Aspects,” (2) on days of supposedly “No Exact Aspects” these higher order aspects become more significant, and (3) often these days of “No Exact Aspects” are actually powerful windows of opportunity for creative problem solving.  (But, implementing the solution should probably come on a later date, in this case August 15th, during the “Cazimi” period of the New Moon on the 17th, or a day or two after the New Moon.  Could be even a day or two after the New Moon.  The 18th looks very “interesting” this year.)

[click to enlarge]

The next few days will be of pivotal importance to certain people.  August 14th will be a day of preparation for most.  The 15th and 16th will be days of action.  Since all of these days fall BEFORE a New Moon, the best use is clearing out the old.  This is a good time to get the junk out of the garage and donated to someone who can use it.  Some of us, of course, will receive the old junk.  Be careful not to throw a Rembrandt or Da Vinci in the trash.  And, this is a very good time for smart shoppers to get great bargains.

I strongly suspect that we will see an announcement of great importance nationally or even globally in the next few days.

Megan’s First Saturn Return

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Reader Megan writes

I’m new to astrology and your blog, LOVE it! This month, my chart looks like a boobie-trap, so thanks for the heads up! I’m in the middle of my 1st Saturn return, with Scorp Sun AND Venus, both at 9degrees, both in the 10th house. Any astro clarity=good.

We use Astrolog 5.4 for this chart and see that she has recently (the past year) had transiting Saturn touch the place of her natal Saturn:

[click to enlarge]

Megan is a Scorpio with the Signs of Capricorn and Cancer intercepted by the 1st and 7th houses, respectively.  She has almost all of her planets in the 10th through 1st houses, with the notable exception of her lone 5th house Moon in Taurus.  She was born roughly a day after the Full Moon, and her Moon is conjunct Algol.  Mercury is located in the fated 29th degree of Libra.  Saturn will soon touch her Mercury, and she will need to focus on “getting the details right” is she is not already doing so.

Having the Moon conjunct Algol gives her a clear cut choice in life: she either takes the very highest of the high road or the lowest of the low road.  She could easily be a “party girl” and is at risk for engaging in a career that is criminal in nature.  She will be attracted to work such as “collections” where she takes money from others.

But, she is capable of saintly occupations, such as being the nurse that “makes the difference” (saving people’s lives).  Which direction she heads is entirely her choice, but the things she says (and that people say to her, if her temper is in play) tend to “seal her fate.”  She must learn to watch her words (as well as the words of others).

We note that she has Moon conjunct Chiron.  This gives her a powerful potential to be a healer, a teacher, or both.  When she is wounded she feels it far more deeply than others.  She is so profoundly Scorpionic that the temptation for revenge can be too much.  (Does she watch the television show of that name?)

We hope she takes the “high road.”  That is never easy, but the “low road” for her is the scariest possible scenario, because she has so much more potential than most other people to go either “low” or “high.”



Evie’s First Saturn Return

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Reader Evie asks:

HI, I will be going through my 1st Saturn Return in October, but I feel like I’m already starting to feel it now. . Is that normal?

[this is followed by more dialog elsewhere]

Here is the natal chart for Evie:

We see immediately that she is a Solar Aries with a Cancerian Moon.  We suspect that she is a strong person; the leadership of her Aries Sun both augmented and trumphed by her Cancerian Moon.  She is a leader (or has great capacity to be one), but sometimes she seems whimsical to those who surround her and follow her.

Saturn’s entry into Scorpio will produce a conjunction of transiting Saturn to natal Pluto.  No doubt about it, this will bring a shakeup that sets the stage for the conjunction of transiting Saturn with natal Saturn, the Saturn Return.  Saturn will also oppose Venus and inconjunct Pallas at this time, activating a triangle present in the natal chart.

Homework for Evie is to research Huber, “Learning Triangles,” and the nature of these three planets (Saturn, Venus, & Pallas) and the types of lessons wait for her.


2012 August Mercury Retrograde and More

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Wondering what is coming up in the rest of August, 2012?
August 7/8 (depending on time zone): Mercury Retrograde:  We like the Cafe Astrology treatment of this upcoming Direct Station.  Regardless of your natal sun sign, the few days after the direct station are a good time to launch something.  The two weeks after the direct station (and before the retrograde station) can have some rough spots, but consider launching anyway.  Sometimes (overdue) things come to instead.  Whether this is “good” or “bad” depends on your values and what you have done in the past.

August 17: New Moon: This late Leo new moon perfects in all U.S. time zones, England, and Western European (and some Eastern European) time zones on this date.  As with all New Moons, the week before is a good time to clean out and throw away, especially if you plan to return to school this fall.  You can probably find some great sale items in this period but BE CERTAIN TO CLEAN OUT FIRST.  The ten day period from the Direct Station to the New Moon is probably a good time to do this.  If you can, think about giving something to someone who can use it or someone less fortunate.  Avoid the landfill if you can.

Although I will not delineate the details in this particular blog post, this is an unusually important new moon because of its location (25 Leo).  Both 15 Leo and 25 Leo have long been a source of controversy.  This New Moon squares Algol, among other things.  (Although Algol is now at 26 Taurus, for most people born prior to the year 2000 it was at 25 Taurus.  And, the orb for a New Moon is typically 5 degrees.) We have discussed a Moon / Algol activation elsewhere, and it began a period of time characterized by a coal mine disaster, large loss of life in an airliner crash in Eastern Europe, and that culminated the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  (We are guessing that the chain of events here could also extend a similar period of time.)

This New Moon also precisely opposes the Aquarius Moon (25 Aquarius) of the United States’ “Scorpio Rising” chart.  (This article about that chart and U.S. Presidents is interesting.)  A brief check of the history of August 17, in general, shows a remarkable number of military operations on this date.

The period ranging from August 14th through the end of August looks like a period of instability with potential for a significant disaster of some kind.  The New Moon looks especially risky.  And, again, this period may extend as far as the Autumnal Equinox.

The period before a new moon is often used for fasting for both physical and spiritual reasons.  It can be a very good time for weight loss, so you might successfully start a diet the day after the Mercury Direct station.  Some yoga practitioners conduct a brown rice fast at this time.  And, pray for peace.

August 21/22: Sun Enters Virgo: about 3 to 4 hours prior to the entry of the Sun into Virgo BOTH the Sun and the Moon are void.  Most of us are asleep at this time.  BUT, this is a very good time to “let go” of things.  You will want the precise times for your time zone.  Locally, in Plano, the period begins shortly after 2am and ends just past noon.  (That is not three to four hours, but the Moon leaves its void and enters Scorpio about 4am.  But the Sun does not enter Virgo until just past Noon.  And, THAT is when the period is completely finished.)

Try not to to schedule anything important during this period.  Again, the best use of this period is to “let go” of something, “break a habit,” start weaning a child, or something similar.

PRIOR to this period, for most or all of August 21st, is a period that is probably extremely useful for creative problem solving and/or brainstorming.  This is a good time to develop a plan, or solve any nagging problems, as a prelude to the period of “letting go” described above.

Mars is also void starting about an hour earlier (1am locally) until a bit past 10am on Thursday, August 23rd.  If you could extend your “letting go” period until this time, then that would be even better.  Many of us cannot do that.  So, keep things routine until past the 23rd.  (But, the Mercury sextile Jupiter the evening (Plano) of August 22nd would be a good time to write letters, poetry, novels, etc.  Just do not mail them or act on them until Thursday afternoon or later.

August 24:  Sun (Virgo) opposes Neptune (Pisces).  Great for poetry and insights.  A possibility of illness, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sadge, and Pisces.  If you are an alcoholic, drug addict, or “just party too much,” then a risky day for you.  Moon in Sadge makes this aspect a T-Square and picks up Chiron in the process.  It is a tough day, though Jim Shawvan finds an Opportunity Period here.

August 25: Mars Trines Neptune either late Saturday (Plano & East Coast) or Sunday (California).  This is a very good time for “smooth talkers” and a bad time for those who tend to be even a little bit gullible.  Essentially the aspect governs the day, and probably the prior Thursday and Friday, and makes this a risky time for many.  Just do not believe ANYthing a politician says at this time.  They, and the talking heads on TV (including financial sector), just cannot be believed.  Sign nothing.  Commit to nothing.  Pay close attention to whomever you meet at this time.

For some, Sunday will be a day of reckoning when the Moon enters Capricorn and then conjoins Pluto.

August 29th: Sun (Virgo) trines Pluto (Capricorn).  Financial services industry becomes “interesting” again.  People coming back to school find this day difficult.  Power struggles emerge, and bullies pick this day to assert themselves.  (Proper planning, but not action, on the 24/25th can shift this.)

Mercury (late Leo) sextile Saturn (late Libra) creates an atmosphere of semi-panic about overdue work consequent to procrastination that must be finished now.  Students experience the first truly difficult homework of the semester.  Other find things left from earlier this summer (Mercury retrograde) that were not done but now must be completed (possibly by the nearby end of August).

August 30th:  Sun (Virgo) opposes Chiron (Pisces) causing old dramas to re-surface.  For some returning to school at this time, this will be a difficult day.  Some of the pain may be consequent to events that occur the day before.  The Sun is also inconjunct Uranus (Aries), and by itself that would make this a difficult day.  If that happened by itself, that would make today difficult, but more happens.  Then, Mercury goes void (that can be a hair raising time) about 1pm (Plano, CDT) and stays that way until about 9:30p Friday.  Watch what you say; words may be difficult to impossible to “take back.”

The waxing full Moon is felt most strongly this evening, and being in Virgo/Pisces secrets will slip out and you WILL tend to say things you regret.  This is a great night (and day) to stay home unless you are one of the slick teflon people mentioned earlier.  This would also be a good evening for the police to “go after” slick teflon people.

August 31st:  Full Moon.  In addition to the above issue with Mercury, the Moon goes full on Friday morning.  This is a Piscean Full Moon opposite a Virgo Sun.  Moon (Pisces) sextiles Pluto (Capricorn) first (a bit more power struggle), immediately joins Chiron (the wounded healer) which leaves certain people contrite and others feeling an (overdue) sense of justice, opposes the Sun (spilling more secrets), and then squares Jupiter (Gemini).  This last one might lead to unnecessary expenses or overeating.  (Or might lead to a need for bail money for some of the teflon guys.)  This is a VERY good time for police to conduct criminal investigations and make arrests.

September 1st: Another Teflon Saturday.  Mercury (Virgo) opposes Neptune (Pisces) and more people spill secrets they should keep to themselves.  This is a very good day for writing poetry and song lyrics.  And, all of this Neptune / Pisces activity (since the previous weekend) is very good for filmmakers and photographers.  Artists will like this time.  But, don’t spill the beans if you can avoid it.

Dean’s Daughter

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Dean of Plano writes:

This is a bit off the Scorpio post but since your site is called grand trines I have a chart to look at if u have the time. Your info seems to be very accurate so I will love your input on my daughters chart who seems to be very talented. I am an amateur but I seem to see a 2 grand trines & a T-square.
Dec. 10 2002, 1.04PM in Lake Forest IL.
Thank you!

Dean from Plano.

We will use Astrolog 5.40 for this chart.  Here is the chart:

[Click to Enlarge]

We see trines between the Piscean Moon and Venus & Mars in Scorpio.  A trine also exists between the Piscean Moon and Pallas in Scorpio.   Trine to the planets in Scorpio is the Part of Fortune in Cancer.  The part of Fortune is a calculated point, and calculated points are not ordinarily part of what is counted as a Grand Trine.  So, this chart does not contain a Grand Trine in the traditional sense.  However, the combination of planets is very lucky.  If her Piscean Moon does not lead her to become the debtor (Pisces is associated with debt), then she has the potential to generate (or marry) significant wealth.

We see no other planets as candidates for a Grand Trine.

Chiron and Mercury are near the Midheaven of the chart and both have been (and will continue to be) visited by Pluto.  Pluto in this area is almost certainly the precipitator of the financial / economic shift that began in 2008 (or earlier).  This is another indicator of a financial or economic indicator and another indicator of potential wealth.  With Chiron here, she may emphasize remedies to the system.  The Wounded Healer is also a teacher, and she might become a professor of economics or business with this configuration.

Sun is conjunct Pluto.  In the ordinary sense, this is about power struggles (as are her Venus and Mars in Scorpio).  Chances are good that she will be considered attractive by many.  But, since Pluto rules “other people’s money,” this is another financial indicator.  Both are trine to Jupiter (rule of Sagittarius), and Jupiter is located in Leo (leadership).

We hesitate to mention any of this given that she is currently only ten years old.  Expectations could be too high too early for her.  But, we will conclude by noting that she has remarkable potential.

LiL’s Jupiter Return Causes Problems

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Reader “Lost in Life” (hereafter “LiL”) writes the following:

I am in a real mess rightnow. I have lost the relationship of my life, he just broke up a week ago

(and more, but it has been omitted because some is a bit personal).

First of all, let me say that our posts and discussions on this blog (or any other blog) are no substitute for appropriate professional advice of any kind.  They are not substitutes for legal, medical, psychological, financial or anything other remotely similar kind of advice.  In fact, if you want detailed personal astrological advice, then you should consult a local astrologer personally.  Furthermore, the focus on this blog is the analysis of patterns and mostly fairly abstract speculation about world events.

But, lately, I have made an exception and have been performing a few analyses for fun.  Soon, the other part(s) of my life will become busy, and I simply will not be able to answer many, likely most, of your posts.  And, when I do, the answers may come anywhere from two weeks to two months later.  If you can handle that, then feel free to ask.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s proceed with this analysis.

LiL has some profound life challenges.  In the language of some, she has “lost everything.”  That is rarely true, and we suspect that she does have some resources available.  But, this is a difficult period for her.  In addition to a breakup with her sweetheart, she has had to return to India from London.  As she writes, we come to believe that London is truly home for her despite her heritage.  We have a saying that describes a similar situation here in Texas: “I wasn’t born a Texan, but I got here as soon as I could.”  Personally, I feel that way about Dallas (obviously including Plano).

Without any further details, here is LiL’s chart:

[click to enlarge]

As in some other cases, we used Allen Edwall’s program Astro123 to produce that chart.

LiL correctly observes that she has quite a bit of 12th house activity.  To be sure, this is never easy.  At UAC98, someone once asked an astrologer named Lee Lehman “What should we do about the 12th house?”  Without missing a beat, she quipped, “get rid of it.”

LiL has her Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in the 12th.  The North Node (Fate) is there also.  If you read this blog, then you know that Uranus (aka Prometheus) is about “surprises.”  It is also about enlightenment.  LiL struggles with the question of whether or not she has a stroke of genius or a stroke of insanity on a regular basis.  What is difficult to tell is whether it causes her more pain or those close to her.  We suspect that she feels the most pain.

She has a hidden gift here: Mercury is essentially conjunct Uranus.  LiL can tap ideas that are genius, or near genius at times.  The planets are in the 12th, and (in addition to representing delusions, deception, and alcohol & drug abuse) that can represent psychic ability.  This combination is a bit like a wild horse.  In an untamed form, it can (and often does) destroy the possessor.  With proper cultivation and training, it can be one of the greatest gifts imaginable.  And, Mercury/Uranus is associated with writers.

Sun near ascendant is squared by Saturn at Midheaven.  This is a similar situation.  Sun/Saturn in angular positions brings lifelong tribulations but can produce individuals made of iron.  Saturn at midheaven is associated with academics in general and brilliant writers in particular.  This is a second confirmation of the ability to write brilliantly.

Furthermore LiL has three (3) “fated” planets (last three degrees of a sign): Moon in Pisces, Chiron in Aries, and Jupiter in Taurus.  Note that the three are in sequence.  Once one is aspected, then so are the other two.  LiL’s recent life events correspond to (1) a series of oppositions against the planets in her Scorpio stellium (which also includes Mars) followed by (2) aspects to Moon, Jupiter, and Chiron (in that sequence, and almost simultaneously).  This last sequence is the part that went “boom” in her life.  Jupiter is usually benevolent, but not in LiL’s case.

Something like this happens every twelve years because Jupiter has a twelve year orbit, and a milder version happens at six year intervals.  Further subdividing the twelve year orbit, sometimes three year points can be significant depending on what else is happening.  Here is a transit list for points both in the past and future:

01/13/1997 16:26 Jupiter 91 Chiron
01/17/1997 22:29 Jupiter 90 Chiron
01/22/1997 04:28 Jupiter 89 Chiron
01/23/1998 13:17 Jupiter 91 Jupiter
01/27/1998 20:54 Jupiter 90 Jupiter
02/01/1998 03:22 Jupiter 89 Jupiter
02/05/1999 17:46 Jupiter 0 Moon
06/22/1999 23:29 Jupiter 0 Chiron
10/30/1999 11:58 Jupiter 0 Chiron
02/09/2000 04:48 Jupiter 0 Chiron
06/21/2000 22:23 Jupiter 0 Jupiter
07/01/2001 14:29 Jupiter 89 Moon
07/06/2001 00:21 Jupiter 90 Moon
07/10/2001 11:06 Jupiter 91 Moon
07/24/2002 07:10 Jupiter 89 Chiron
07/28/2002 18:53 Jupiter 90 Chiron
08/02/2002 06:58 Jupiter 91 Chiron
08/14/2003 14:34 Jupiter 89 Jupiter
08/19/2003 04:46 Jupiter 90 Jupiter
08/23/2003 18:47 Jupiter 91 Jupiter
09/17/2004 21:19 Jupiter 180 Moon
10/22/2005 02:25 Jupiter 180 Chiron
11/16/2006 03:54 Jupiter 180 Jupiter
12/07/2007 13:58 Jupiter 91 Moon
12/11/2007 23:45 Jupiter 90 Moon
12/16/2007 08:58 Jupiter 89 Moon
12/28/2008 12:39 Jupiter 91 Chiron
01/01/2009 21:20 Jupiter 90 Chiron
01/06/2009 05:01 Jupiter 89 Chiron
01/05/2010 03:32 Jupiter 91 Jupiter
01/09/2010 21:33 Jupiter 90 Jupiter
01/14/2010 12:36 Jupiter 89 Jupiter
05/26/2010 12:48 Jupiter 0 Moon
09/21/2010 22:09 Jupiter 0 Moon
01/13/2011 12:26 Jupiter 0 Moon
05/31/2011 08:49 Jupiter 0 Chiron
06/03/2012 23:20 Jupiter 0 Jupiter
06/14/2013 21:21 Jupiter 89 Moon
06/19/2013 05:55 Jupiter 90 Moon
06/23/2013 14:33 Jupiter 91 Moon
07/07/2014 22:54 Jupiter 89 Chiron
07/12/2014 11:45 Jupiter 90 Chiron
07/17/2014 00:08 Jupiter 91 Chiron
07/29/2015 08:29 Jupiter 89 Jupiter
08/03/2015 02:21 Jupiter 90 Jupiter
08/07/2015 19:03 Jupiter 91 Jupiter
09/02/2016 01:16 Jupiter 180 Moon
10/06/2017 11:08 Jupiter 180 Chiron
10/31/2018 07:10 Jupiter 180 Jupiter

As with our other readers, we recommend that LiL make a list of events that happened on, or near, these dates.  Since these are Jupiter transits, the events may have happened “near” the dates (due to an activating event such as a New Moon, Full Moon, Mercury station, or something similar).  Contact us regarding the results, and we can proceed from there.

Adelaide, South Australia

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Dear “Adelaide, South Australia,”
You are one of my most frequent visitors.  I *KNOW* that you visit my site.

So, do you have a question or want or need a chart done?  I have a brief window where I can do that for you, and I like my Australian visitors.  (However, you might have to put me up for the night if I decide to come visit.)



[This has been resolved.]

Star of David 2012-09-05

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Using the Electional Search feature of Solar fire, the following “Star of David” pattern appears.  Technically, it appears (local to Plano)  early on the morning of September 5, 2012.  It is the only pattern of its kind during the period from August 1st to the end of 2012.

First, here is what the “prima facie” version of the pattern looks like:

(That image is from Solar Fire.)

The chart of the actual pattern looks like this:

[click to enlarge]

So, what does this mean?  These patterns are rare.  One set of similar patterns occurred in late May of 2010, as described in the “The Splay Pattern of May 23rd.”  You may recall that the splay pattern of those days was part of a sequence of events that included the Deepwater Horizon disaster associated with BP.

But, before we predict disaster (other things were happening with BP), let us look at some similar patterns in the past.

August 26, 2009 had this pattern:

[click to enlarge]

So, what happened on that date?  I will leave that question open for people to address in the comments section.  Here are a few more similar patterns.




Stephen in Dallas 2012-08-01

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First of all, you have an interesting chart.  We are using Allen Edwall’s Astro123 again to calculate the chart.  We used TNA_db to build the aspects table.  TNA_db is also by Allen Edwall.  You sound astrologically saavy, and I suspect that you may already know what I have to say.  Regarding Saturn, the outstanding issue is that it is leaving its conjunction with your natal Neptune.  (You have one more hit in mid-September.)  You might want to compare what has happened the past few months to the similar period roughly 28 years ago.

Where to begin?  You have a busy chart.  Sun is near Mercury and both are in Capricorn.  Your Saturn return is roughly a year away, probably some time late in 2013.  Saturn will crest your Midheaven and then touch Venus.  For many people, this passage would indicate a loss.  You already know to go back to the period 28 to 30 years ago and see what was going on.  You have some breathing room; you have some time to think about things.  But, you do need to prepare.  First, we will provide a list of aspects from the mid 1980’s.  As I have recommended to others, you will want to check these dates and determine what happened “back then.”  I note that something happened that probably eclipsed your Saturn Return: Neptune touched your Sun (several times).  This was either a very good or very bad time for you.  It could have been poetry and music and beautiful memories.  It could have been drugs and criminality.  It might have been a mix.

As you probably already know, you want to pay special attention to conjunctions (aspects of “0”).

Next, I will provide you with upcoming transits.  Once you have completed your examination, let me know what your questions are.

Early 1980’s Aspects:

01/04/1983 06:11 Neptune 150 Jupiter
03/28/1983 11:13 True Node 144 Venus
04/08/1983 13:53 True Node 120 Neptune
04/10/1983 07:33 Pluto 91 Jupiter
04/11/1983 17:00 Pluto 89 Chiron
04/12/1983 00:49 True Node 150 Chiron
04/26/1983 04:45 Pluto 0 Neptune
05/11/1983 23:41 Pluto 91 Uranus
05/17/1983 06:16 Pluto 90 Jupiter
05/18/1983 21:59 Pluto 90 Chiron
06/02/1983 15:59 Saturn 91 Jupiter
06/03/1983 13:19 Saturn 89 Chiron
06/15/1983 07:52 Saturn 0 Neptune
07/07/1983 16:19 Neptune 150 Jupiter
07/17/1983 02:08 Saturn 0 Neptune
07/28/1983 17:02 Saturn 89 Chiron
07/29/1983 13:59 Saturn 91 Jupiter
08/08/1983 04:06 True Node 144 Saturn
08/16/1983 04:47 Neptune 120 Pluto
08/23/1983 10:42 True Node 150 Venus
08/23/1983 19:12 Pluto 90 Chiron
08/25/1983 07:33 Pluto 90 Jupiter
08/26/1983 14:18 Neptune 150 Uranus
08/30/1983 02:11 Pluto 91 Uranus
09/06/1983 10:02 True Node 144 Chiron
09/12/1983 19:32 Pluto 0 Neptune
09/20/1983 13:51 Neptune 150 Uranus
09/24/1983 10:30 Pluto 89 Chiron
09/25/1983 11:55 Pluto 91 Jupiter
09/30/1983 16:33 Neptune 120 Pluto
10/07/1983 13:54 True Node 150 Saturn
10/16/1983 01:06 True Node 91 Mars
10/23/1983 21:29 True Node 90 Mars
10/27/1983 10:20 True Node 90 Mars
10/30/1983 03:03 True Node 90 Mars
11/06/1983 03:02 Neptune 150 Jupiter
11/11/1983 08:31 Saturn 72 Pluto
01/05/1984 06:53 True Node 89 Mars
01/20/1984 05:06 Saturn 72 Chiron
01/24/1984 13:46 Uranus 45 Chiron
01/30/1984 21:47 True Node 72 Pluto
02/09/1984 00:19 Uranus 45 Neptune
02/19/1984 01:22 True Node 45 Jupiter
02/29/1984 20:08 True Node 45 Uranus
03/31/1984 05:22 Saturn 72 Chiron
04/26/1984 09:12 Uranus 45 Neptune
05/13/1984 12:13 Uranus 45 Chiron
05/13/1984 12:27 True Node 150 Mercury
05/18/1984 15:11 True Node 150 Mercury
06/02/1984 18:12 True Node 150 Mercury
06/09/1984 14:44 True Node 150 Mercury
06/14/1984 05:14 True Node 150 Mercury
07/15/1984 07:42 True Node 150 True Node
07/16/1984 15:07 True Node 150 Sun
08/09/1984 02:52 True Node 144 Neptune
09/08/1984 17:27 True Node 144 Mercury
09/20/1984 20:33 True Node 144 True Node
09/22/1984 09:59 True Node 144 Sun
10/04/1984 05:19 True Node 72 Mars
10/10/1984 00:15 Saturn 72 Chiron
10/10/1984 07:40 True Node 150 Neptune
10/21/1984 20:22 Saturn 120 Mars
10/23/1984 10:46 True Node 89 Pluto
10/29/1984 17:22 True Node 89 Pluto
11/01/1984 14:18 Saturn 0 Saturn
11/01/1984 19:03 True Node 89 Pluto
11/11/1984 05:42 Uranus 45 Chiron
11/21/1984 07:00 Uranus 45 Neptune
11/21/1984 17:53 Saturn 45 Sun
11/23/1984 06:12 Saturn 45 True Node
12/02/1984 05:49 Saturn 45 Mercury
12/10/1984 19:30 True Node 120 Chiron
12/12/1984 14:31 Saturn 0 Venus
12/28/1984 04:55 True Node 90 Pluto
01/01/1985 06:30 True Node 90 Pluto
01/04/1985 08:01 True Node 90 Pluto
01/06/1985 07:56 Uranus 91 Mars
01/10/1985 09:59 Saturn 89 Pluto
01/18/1985 06:53 True Node 91 Pluto
01/22/1985 00:17 Saturn 120 Uranus
01/23/1985 09:39 Saturn 90 Pluto
01/26/1985 06:13 Uranus 90 Mars
02/05/1985 11:19 Saturn 120 Jupiter
02/10/1985 10:16 Saturn 91 Pluto
02/13/1985 21:54 Neptune 45 Saturn
02/24/1985 06:46 Uranus 89 Mars
04/01/1985 11:53 Saturn 91 Pluto
04/06/1985 15:20 Saturn 120 Jupiter
04/18/1985 17:40 Uranus 89 Mars
04/20/1985 12:45 Saturn 90 Pluto
04/22/1985 01:05 Saturn 120 Uranus
05/05/1985 02:43 Saturn 89 Pluto
05/20/1985 11:20 Uranus 90 Mars
05/27/1985 06:16 Neptune 45 Saturn
06/14/1985 03:36 Uranus 91 Mars
06/14/1985 11:45 Saturn 0 Venus
07/13/1985 18:19 Saturn 45 Mercury
07/19/1985 09:01 True Node 72 Jupiter
07/30/1985 13:29 True Node 72 Uranus
08/06/1985 08:47 Saturn 45 Mercury
09/03/1985 21:08 Saturn 0 Venus
10/08/1985 11:01 Saturn 89 Pluto
10/17/1985 04:48 Saturn 120 Uranus
10/18/1985 02:30 Saturn 90 Pluto
10/25/1985 04:25 Saturn 120 Jupiter
10/26/1985 20:54 Uranus 91 Mars
10/27/1985 04:57 Saturn 91 Pluto
11/14/1985 14:55 Uranus 90 Mars
12/01/1985 13:04 Uranus 89 Mars
12/14/1985 16:15 Neptune 45 Saturn
01/07/1986 19:21 True Node 120 Mercury
01/14/1986 00:02 True Node 120 True Node
01/19/1986 01:09 Uranus 144 Uranus
01/31/1986 13:55 Neptune 72 Mars
02/07/1986 01:52 Uranus 144 Jupiter
02/22/1986 14:56 True Node 45 Mars
02/25/1986 06:25 Neptune 0 Sun
03/06/1986 08:54 Neptune 0 True Node
05/10/1986 04:43 Neptune 0 True Node
05/16/1986 22:43 Uranus 144 Jupiter
05/19/1986 23:00 Neptune 0 Sun
06/08/1986 07:10 Uranus 144 Uranus
06/12/1986 16:50 True Node 89 Jupiter
06/13/1986 05:39 True Node 91 Chiron
06/16/1986 22:30 Neptune 72 Mars
06/25/1986 09:32 True Node 89 Uranus
06/27/1986 01:35 True Node 90 Jupiter
07/01/1986 11:51 True Node 90 Chiron
07/06/1986 23:21 True Node 120 Pluto
07/07/1986 09:46 True Node 90 Uranus
07/07/1986 23:47 True Node 91 Jupiter
07/08/1986 04:03 True Node 89 Chiron
07/18/1986 14:29 True Node 91 Uranus
08/16/1986 10:39 True Node 150 Venus
11/09/1986 05:00 Uranus 144 Uranus
11/24/1986 18:40 Uranus 144 Jupiter
12/03/1986 10:49 Pluto 72 Pluto
12/04/1986 15:21 Neptune 72 Mars
12/05/1986 12:40 Saturn 45 Chiron
12/10/1986 12:37 Saturn 45 Neptune
12/19/1986 11:10 True Node 150 Saturn
12/22/1986 19:32 Neptune 0 Sun
12/27/1986 13:27 Neptune 0 True Node

And, now, for the upcoming outer planet aspects.

07/20/2012 01:41 Pluto 45 Venus
07/21/2012 19:54 Saturn 72 Sun
07/25/2012 17:24 Saturn 72 True Node
07/25/2012 20:48 Neptune 144 Uranus
08/11/2012 22:46 Saturn 72 Mercury
08/23/2012 13:48 Saturn 89 Uranus
09/01/2012 17:16 Saturn 91 Chiron
09/02/2012 03:03 Saturn 89 Jupiter
09/02/2012 04:59 Uranus 91 Mercury
09/03/2012 11:19 Saturn 90 Uranus
09/11/2012 17:42 Saturn 90 Chiron
09/12/2012 02:41 Saturn 90 Jupiter
09/13/2012 08:21 Saturn 91 Uranus
09/17/2012 07:40 Saturn 0 Neptune
09/21/2012 01:15 Saturn 89 Chiron
09/21/2012 09:42 Saturn 91 Jupiter
09/26/2012 05:18 True Node 91 Pluto
09/27/2012 19:10 True Node 120 Jupiter
09/28/2012 08:36 Uranus 90 Mercury
09/29/2012 15:37 Uranus 91 True Node
10/04/2012 02:46 Uranus 91 Sun
10/12/2012 14:18 True Node 90 Pluto
10/13/2012 14:14 True Node 120 Uranus
10/24/2012 07:12 Uranus 89 Mercury
10/25/2012 19:19 Uranus 90 True Node
10/31/2012 05:52 Uranus 90 Sun
11/13/2012 13:32 Pluto 45 Venus
12/19/2012 02:05 True Node 89 Pluto
12/20/2012 13:29 Saturn 72 Pluto
12/20/2012 21:37 True Node 89 Pluto
12/27/2012 01:32 True Node 89 Pluto
01/18/2013 02:42 Pluto 72 Neptune
01/24/2013 02:23 Uranus 90 Sun
01/28/2013 02:12 True Node 0 Venus
01/29/2013 03:12 Uranus 90 True Node
01/30/2013 12:19 Uranus 89 Mercury
02/09/2013 04:10 True Node 45 Mercury
02/12/2013 14:33 Neptune 144 Uranus
02/17/2013 05:25 Uranus 91 Sun
02/20/2013 13:26 True Node 45 True Node
02/20/2013 21:39 Uranus 91 True Node
02/21/2013 22:45 Uranus 90 Mercury
02/22/2013 00:17 True Node 45 Sun
03/07/2013 15:35 Neptune 144 Jupiter
03/12/2013 18:09 Uranus 91 Mercury
03/22/2013 06:01 True Node 0 Saturn
04/12/2013 17:59 Uranus 72 Chiron
04/22/2013 23:17 Saturn 72 Pluto
05/29/2013 18:41 True Node 120 Mars
06/02/2013 10:31 True Node 120 Mars
06/08/2013 04:28 True Node 120 Mars
06/09/2013 06:41 Uranus 144 Saturn
07/06/2013 00:12 True Node 72 Chiron
07/16/2013 07:53 Pluto 72 Neptune
08/25/2013 09:38 Uranus 144 Saturn
09/16/2013 20:17 True Node 72 Pluto
09/17/2013 01:28 Saturn 72 Pluto
09/17/2013 23:33 Neptune 144 Jupiter
11/04/2013 02:49 Uranus 72 Chiron
11/15/2013 10:12 Saturn 72 Chiron
11/21/2013 07:11 Pluto 72 Neptune
11/26/2013 19:14 Saturn 120 Mars
12/07/2013 22:31 Saturn 0 Saturn
12/31/2013 15:35 Saturn 45 Sun
01/02/2014 15:38 Saturn 45 True Node
01/06/2014 07:04 Neptune 144 Jupiter
01/15/2014 15:48 Saturn 45 Mercury
01/28/2014 16:10 Uranus 72 Chiron
02/04/2014 15:48 Saturn 0 Venus
03/23/2014 19:45 Uranus 144 Saturn
03/28/2014 15:24 Saturn 0 Venus
04/18/2014 21:05 Saturn 45 Mercury
05/01/2014 05:58 True Node 91 Jupiter
05/02/2014 11:36 True Node 89 Chiron
05/03/2014 17:02 Saturn 45 True Node
05/06/2014 02:48 Saturn 45 Sun
05/28/2014 09:07 True Node 0 Neptune
06/01/2014 00:16 True Node 91 Uranus
06/02/2014 04:01 True Node 90 Jupiter
06/02/2014 13:55 True Node 90 Chiron
06/09/2014 07:38 Saturn 0 Saturn
06/16/2014 19:10 True Node 90 Uranus
06/23/2014 04:00 True Node 89 Jupiter
06/23/2014 19:09 True Node 91 Chiron
06/28/2014 18:24 True Node 89 Uranus
07/10/2014 08:51 True Node 72 Mercury
07/14/2014 03:36 Saturn 120 Mars
07/22/2014 09:13 True Node 72 True Node
07/23/2014 15:41 True Node 72 Sun
07/26/2014 19:41 True Node 144 Mars
07/27/2014 01:04 Saturn 120 Mars
08/30/2014 01:52 Saturn 0 Saturn
09/29/2014 01:18 Saturn 45 Sun
09/30/2014 21:42 Saturn 45 True Node
10/11/2014 05:22 Saturn 45 Mercury
10/21/2014 22:50 Saturn 0 Venus
11/15/2014 09:15 Saturn 89 Pluto
11/22/2014 23:10 Saturn 120 Uranus
11/23/2014 18:39 Saturn 90 Pluto
11/30/2014 07:24 Saturn 120 Jupiter
12/02/2014 05:34 Saturn 91 Pluto
12/19/2014 09:22 True Node 150 Mars



eltanu Natal Chart Analysis 2012-08-01

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eltanu asks the following:
Submitted on 2012/08/01 at 6:36 pm

Hi. I’m born 9/July/84 (06:27 a.m) . Sun – Cancer, Moon – Scorpio, Saturn Scorpio. I’m very worried with what i’m reading about saturn’s return to scorpio. I just want to double check, how would it affect me? (favourable?/unfavourable?) and is saturn’s impact explicitly with job and finances or does it include family?

We start this session with the Moon having just risen and now in the 12th house.  Neptune is in the 1st house.  Some confusion can occur, and we do not have a time zone to use to build the houses.  (A location would be even better and is essential if important planets are near house cusps.)  Since we focus primarily on transits and patterns, we will proceed.  (We also note that the Aquarian Moon is full in relation to the Leo Sun on the date of this analysis.)

[Click to Enlarge]

We are using Allen Edwall’s Astro123 to calculate these charts.  We make a first attempt to set the chart in Plano:

[click to enlarge]

We note that eltanu stated that Moon was in Scorpio at birth, but this chart has an early Sagitarian Moon.  We’ll move the chart to London (using the data here: http://www.realestate3d.com/gps/world-latlong.htm) and re-calculate.  We then subtract two hours to move the Moon into (late) Scorpio.  (For a true elution of this chart, we need more precise data.)  We will use this chart and ignore the Moon and houses as much as possible.

[click to enlarge]

We are left with a chart that has remarkable similarities to XCD.  Because they were born only nine (9) days apart, the outer planet analysis remains (essentially) the same.  Variations would be minor.  Detailed analysis using a correct ascendant and moon should be done with a local astrologer.  Worthy of note, Saturn aspects to Sun, Mercury and Mars will occur later, possibly as much as a year later.  [Come back and visit in 2013.  We can look at those then.]

We will address this question: “…is saturn’s impact explicitly with job and finances or does it include family?”

In a sense, Saturn governs everything.  But worthy of note is the fact that a single day of the Moon’s movement in its 28 day cycle is equivalent to a year of movement of Saturn in its 28 year cycle.  The Moon is associated with family; Saturn is associated with career and finance.  They are tied, as are all the planets.  And, so it is with career and family: they are inextricably linked.

Update 2012-08-02  Based on the new information you provided, here is the basic Solar Fire chart:

[click to enlarge]


I like to provide the “basic” chart because it is large and easy to read.  Here is the “Beginners Chart” which you may find useful if you are trying to learn astrology:


We see from this that your Moon is in the 28th degree, a “fated” degree.  This means that you sometimes are not in control of your life.  Even when you believe you are in control, some underlying compulsion or influence from your environment (such as your peers) is driving you.  Since you have a Scorpio Moon, and like to be in “control,” this drives you a bit crazy.  Your Moon trines Mercury and Venus and the midpoint between them.  This is beneficial.

Your friends think you are fun, but a fair number of people do not.

Mercury squares Saturn and Pluto, the two planets most associated with authority and power struggles.  And, it trines Uranus.  You do have some very good ideas, perhaps genius level sometimes, but you present them in a way that causes people in positions of authority to oppose you.  You could be a very good revolutionary but would be in danger of becoming a dictator.

Venus is sesquiquadrate Uranus (that is a bit kinky) and square Pluto.  Let’s face it, you really need to hide your sexual appetites.  Not everyone understands.

You are feeling your Saturn return now, even though it will not likely happen until 2013.   The deal really is not the Saturn return; the deal is the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction.  Transiting Saturn will conjunct Natal Pluto (and therefore also square Venus).  In fact, the entire Venus / Pluto / Uranus connection is lighting up.  Chances are that you will have to make a decision, and the decision is this: do you want to go public with it?

Based on the Modulus strip (chart below, upper right hand box), I see that Moon, Neptune, and Pluto have been highly activated.  You have been working hard to keep the secret, but it is probably going to get out anyway (Neptune).

Obviously, whatever “it” is, “it” is a sensitive matter.  So, I will stop here unless you want me to perform a more in depth analysis.  Here is your chart in Horary format.  (As if you were the answer to a question being asked.)

[click to enlarge]





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