Under the Blanket 4

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The ideas here are simply too good not to steal. However, when I use them in my analysis of the septile family, I will mention your name. By the way, what I have been reading about the Septile family is that it is “karmic,” a working through of issues that are part of destiny. Your thoughts on that? (Other sources also claim “scientific breakthroughs.”)

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It’s kind of like the old story about the Brain and the Heart arguing about which Organ was Most Important to the Organism, when the Anus walked in, but if I had to Choose a single Angle as The Most Important one, I’d Choose the Septile.  That’s one seventh of the way ’round the Zodiacal loop.  The Seventh Harmonic is about Stillness in Readiness for Action, very Aikido-like.

I simplify interpretation of the Septile as Timing.  Think about that Prophesy that you’d meet your Soulmate in the Produce Department.  Unless your Soulmate works there, your Chances of meeting them are pretty slim if you don’t also know What Time You Need to Be There!  Of course it’d be Intuitive, but the “Left” Brain will understand what we mean.

In the 25 April 2020 Pluto Station chart there’s a rather remarkable chain of Septiles…

  • Neptune (our…

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Venus Trine Jupiter (and others) 2020-03-27

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Venus Trine Jupiter (and others) 2020-03-27

The temptation to gloss over this aspect and simply say it is a “feel good aspect” could lead to a disservice to the messages we could receive.  Venus does more than trine Jupiter here.  This begins a series of three trines, all close together as a consequence of the Capricorn stellium that has been in effect for the early part of this year and is now at the edge of dissolving.

Venus Trine Jupiter: The Chart

[click to enlarge]

Note that the square to Ceres and semisquare to Chiron is still in effect, as described in our previous entry: Sun Conjunct Chiron 2020-03-25.  All of the analysis from that entry still applies here: (1) Ceres (supply chains and nourishment) are still in trouble, (2) a conflict continues with Sun / Chiron (healing issues), and (3) the three applying trines are to outer planets, “malefics” the ancients called them. (Some consider Jupiter to be beneficial.  But Pluto, Saturn, and Mars are all malefics.  Their trines are yet to come.)

Venus (financial markets, banks, & similar) is trying to tell us that things are improving.  Maybe they are.  But, the tough days are not over yet.

In the end, as is always true, we only have hope.  That has been said before; it is especially true here.

Continue to persist.  Continue to be careful and avoid risks.  Venus is telling us that “things” can improve.

Daypages for March 27, 2020

Our daypages show additional aspects on this date.  The first is Sunout (no lunar aspects) and the second is Marsout (focus on outer planets and asteroids).  Both contain higher order aspects (quintiles, septiles, noviles, and undeciles).

[click to enlarge]

Early in the day, certain people have remarkable insights. (Mars septile Neptune)  The problem is, not everyone agrees (Mercury semisquare Pluto), and some of us find that the “insights” irritate the hell out of us (Pallas square Eris).  That is OK; disagreement is one of the ways we sort through things.  Later in the day, in the hours before sunset in North America, other insights emerge that most (or all) of us can agree upon. (Mercury novile Saturn; Venus novile North Node)  The day tends to end upon an “up” note despite the difficulties that surround us (Venus trine Jupiter).

Tomorrow, when Jupiter joins Pallas, a breakthrough that is truly profound could present itself.  Keep your eyes and ears open, and write down even the “weirdest ideas” that come to you.  Chances are good that one of them could be a turning point for you.

Other Recent Charts and Commentary

Venus Trine [Outer Planets] (2020)

Solar Fire v9 Mar 26 2020

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Ven Tri Jup) OR (Ven Tri Mar) OR (Ven Tri Sat) OR (Ven Tri Ura) OR (Ven Tri Nep) OR (Ven Tri Plu) OR (Ven Tri Chi) OR (Ven Tri Nod) OR (Ven Tri SNo)
Search From: Jan 1 2020 0:00 am
Search To: Dec 31 2020 11:59:59 pm

Status: Finished – 32 matches

Enters Jan 13 2020 11:18:43 pm (CST +6:00)
[8] Is Exact Jan 19 2020 12:17:34 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jan 24 2020 6:50:08 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Mar 3 2020 0:16:11 am (CST +6:00)
[9] Is Exact Mar 9 2020 4:00:10 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Mar 14 2020 12:48:56 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Mar 18 2020 8:56:49 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Mar 21 2020 4:17:19 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 27 2020 11:23:58 pm (CDT +5:00) [Trine Jupiter (Capricorn)]
[6] Is Exact Mar 28 2020 9:57:07 pm (CDT +5:00) [Trine Pluto (Capricorn)]
Enters Mar 27 2020 10:36:49 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Apr 4 2020 12:09:22 pm (CDT +5:00) [Trine Saturn (Aquarius)]
Leaves Apr 4 2020 10:29:48 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 12 2020 1:16:08 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves May 9 2020 10:43:14 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jun 13 2020 4:28:25 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 1 2020 5:37:07 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 21 2020 0:45:56 am (CDT +5:00)
[5] Is Exact Aug 27 2020 4:12:23 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Sep 2 2020 4:59:08 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Sep 7 2020 3:29:33 am (CDT +5:00)
[7] Is Exact Sep 13 2020 6:24:57 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Sep 18 2020 10:06:38 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Sep 21 2020 1:28:12 pm (CDT +5:00)
[2] Is Exact Sep 28 2020 8:01:07 pm (CDT +5:00)
[9] Is Exact Sep 27 2020 9:41:08 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 2 2020 8:31:09 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 4 2020 11:40:36 pm (CDT +5:00)
[4] Is Exact Oct 10 2020 6:08:14 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 12 2020 4:44:33 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 15 2020 3:35:46 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Oct 19 2020 2:35:06 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 18 2020 10:25:19 am (CDT +5:00)
[6] Is Exact Oct 21 2020 4:41:49 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Oct 24 2020 10:40:24 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 24 2020 3:12:05 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 29 2020 2:22:48 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Nov 8 2020 8:23:53 pm (CST +6:00)
[8] Is Exact Nov 14 2020 7:29:48 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 18 2020 11:28:28 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 30 2020 7:31:54 am (CST +6:00)
[5] Is Exact Dec 5 2020 10:52:50 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 10 2020 6:55:35 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 13 2020 6:49 pm (CST +6:00)
[7] Is Exact Dec 19 2020 9:22:21 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 24 2020 5:02:45 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 31 2020 4:25:56 pm (CST +6:00)

Venus Any Aspect Jupiter (2020 & 2021)

Solar Fire v9 Mar 25 2020

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Venus Any Aspect Jupiter)
Search From: Jan 1 2020 0:00 am
Search To: Dec 31 2021 11:59:59 pm

Status: Finished – 58 matches

Enters Jan 5 2020 12:59:12 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jan 8 2020 1:31:29 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jan 9 2020 1:54:03 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jan 19 2020 5:26:58 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jan 23 2020 7:07:07 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jan 25 2020 8:27:23 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Feb 17 2020 2:53:35 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 23 2020 10:58:54 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Feb 28 2020 7:04:45 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Mar 19 2020 5:54:20 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Mar 27 2020 11:23:58 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 4 2020 10:29:48 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Apr 13 2020 6:51:13 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 17 2020 1:10:49 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 19 2020 11:02:54 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jun 2 2020 3:07:24 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jun 7 2020 2:50:16 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 10 2020 2:45:50 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jul 2 2020 9:54:35 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 7 2020 6:13:57 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 10 2020 8:08:22 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jul 24 2020 5:57:20 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 27 2020 12:36:13 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 29 2020 3:28:40 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 18 2020 8:04:10 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 25 2020 5:25:51 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 31 2020 4:43 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Sep 19 2020 2:08 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 21 2020 8:12:20 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Sep 23 2020 4:40:22 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 3 2020 3:26:53 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 5 2020 9:54:19 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 6 2020 6:37:05 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 12 2020 4:44:33 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 19 2020 2:35:06 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 24 2020 3:12:05 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Nov 10 2020 8:10:21 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 15 2020 11:32:35 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 20 2020 4:55:30 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 11 2020 5:56:51 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 14 2020 2:58:09 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 17 2020 0:58:12 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 26 2020 5:58:19 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 29 2020 4:26:39 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 30 2020 3:33:50 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Feb 2 2021 12:24 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 11 2021 8:59:28 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Feb 18 2021 6:08:27 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Mar 24 2021 9:04:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Mar 27 2021 6:45:29 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Mar 28 2021 5:18:39 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Apr 7 2021 6:19:48 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 10 2021 1:52:59 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 12 2021 10:30:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters May 2 2021 9:41 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact May 8 2021 8:37:50 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves May 12 2021 8:43:08 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters May 28 2021 5:49:43 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jun 3 2021 6:32:43 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 8 2021 8:58:22 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jun 14 2021 7:56:31 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jun 16 2021 9:52:04 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 17 2021 3:42:26 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jun 26 2021 3:58:27 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jun 28 2021 4:30:57 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 29 2021 9:32:05 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jul 16 2021 2:50:56 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 22 2021 7:44:42 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 26 2021 10:36:32 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 12 2021 8:18:35 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 14 2021 5:57:53 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 15 2021 9:22:11 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 23 2021 6:56:49 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 25 2021 4:59:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 26 2021 8:39:33 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 31 2021 9:07:27 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 6 2021 8:04:58 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Sep 11 2021 1:38:54 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Sep 25 2021 4:50:58 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 30 2021 6:31:08 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 5 2021 2:08:59 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 25 2021 0:58:26 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 28 2021 2:15:20 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 31 2021 4:59:10 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Nov 11 2021 11:59:02 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 14 2021 3:44:16 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 16 2021 3:27:31 pm (CST +6:00)

Venus (Taurus) Trine Jupiter (Capricorn)

Solar Fire v9 Mar 25 2020

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Venus Trine Jupiter) AND (Venus in Taurus) AND (Jupiter in Capricorn)
Search From: Jan 1 1000 0:00 am
Search To: Dec 31 2500 11:59:59 pm

Status: Finished – 118 matches

[1] Is Exact Mar 13 1000 11:42:19 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 12 1012 6:19:35 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 22 1024 5:08:20 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 9 1047 2:23:05 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 13 1059 8:45:44 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 16 1071 0:47:01 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 1083 7:00:30 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 22 1095 12:15:48 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 27 1107 6:32:25 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 17 1130 11:26:46 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 22 1142 3:00:58 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 24 1154 1:40:52 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 28 1166 6:36:49 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 30 1178 10:05:30 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 4 1190 3:57:02 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 31 1225 10:03:23 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 31 1237 11:52:28 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 7 1249 1:21:36 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 7 1261 1:02:17 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 13 1273 3:31:40 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 14 1285 2:18:57 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 10 1308 10:30:49 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 6 1320 2:42:40 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 16 1332 9:14:53 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 13 1344 11:04:09 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 22 1356 6:04:56 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 21 1368 5:51:57 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 20 1391 3:18:19 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 11 1403 4:30:34 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 9 1403 2:02:27 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 5 1403 3:23:36 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 26 1415 11:19:32 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 17 1427 10:04:16 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 3 1439 6:56:08 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 27 1451 8:28:18 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 29 1474 10:03:22 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 6 1486 1:41:23 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 6 1498 6:51:25 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 14 1510 OS 3:59 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 12 1522 OS 1:50:27 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 24 1534 OS 7:55:44 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 6 1545 OS 6:39:46 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 8 1557 OS 6:54:13 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 12 1569 OS 10:15:35 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 15 1581 OS 3:01:32 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 29 1593 NS 4:50:27 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 31 1605 NS 7:48:03 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 5 1617 NS 9:45:20 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 25 1628 NS 8:50:40 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact May 26 1640 NS 10:11:52 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 31 1652 NS 11:23:06 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 2 1664 NS 5:55:12 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 7 1676 NS 6:19:14 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 9 1688 NS 7:06:52 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 6 1711 NS 11:52:08 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 5 1723 NS 8:44:10 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 12 1735 NS 12:20:37 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 12 1747 NS 6:38:46 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 18 1759 NS 10:58:26 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 19 1771 NS 8:25:51 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 16 1794 NS 1:37:37 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 11 1806 NS 9:40:36 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 22 1818 NS 9:45:11 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 19 1830 NS 10:12:52 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 29 1842 NS 1:03:45 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 27 1854 NS 4:16:15 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Apr 26 1877 NS 5:50:42 am (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Mar 10 1889 NS 2:58:31 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 5 1889 NS 8:31:23 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 4 1889 NS 1:43:52 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 3 1901 7:15:45 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 21 1913 11:31:39 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 9 1925 8:11:15 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jul 1 1937 5:52:18 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 6 1960 4:30:45 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 11 1972 5:17:39 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 12 1984 7:53:41 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 1996 2:47:41 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 18 2008 10:17:38 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 27 2020 11:23:58 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 15 2043 4:31:35 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2055 11:56:16 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 21 2067 7:26:36 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 26 2079 5:08:27 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 28 2091 5:34:52 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Apr 2 2103 9:49:31 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 24 2126 10:29:05 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 29 2138 7:12:26 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 31 2150 0:34:02 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Apr 4 2162 7:39:32 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 6 2174 12:48:04 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Apr 10 2186 7:31:09 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 1 2209 9:42:16 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Apr 9 2221 6:07:28 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 8 2233 8:47:28 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Apr 14 2245 10:58:06 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 15 2257 3:39:28 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Apr 21 2269 2:13:03 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 5 2292 6:10:48 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Apr 19 2304 1:40:43 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 14 2316 8:13:56 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Apr 25 2328 1:56:33 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 22 2340 5:29:54 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 1 2352 3:18 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 30 2364 0:35:47 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 5 2375 6:13:20 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Apr 30 2387 1:29:43 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2399 2:46:11 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Apr 21 2399 4:26:13 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 14 2399 0:32:04 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 6 2411 2:34:30 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 26 2423 1:07:19 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 12 2435 1:38:56 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jul 5 2447 6:56:22 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 8 2458 10:10:59 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 9 2470 7:04:43 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 15 2482 5:59:38 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 15 2494 6:22:52 am (CST +6:00)




2016-03 W13: Forecasts for Week 13 of 2016

March 20, 2016 at 5:56 pm | Posted in 2016, 2016-Lunations, Annual Repeating Aspects, Astrology, Lunations, Patterns, Predictions | 5 Comments
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The Vernal Equinox was March 19th / 20th depending on your location (with Venus conjunct Neptune on the same day), and the next lunation (a Aries / Libra Lunar Eclipse (a special type of Full Moon)) wad on March 23rd (Jupiter perfects a square to Saturn a few hours earlier on the same day).   Jupiter / Saturn has been exerting ongoing influence (especially on the financial markets), and this is the second of three with the first being last fall.

2016-03 W13: Forecasts for Week 13 of 2016

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Archive of Week 12 (W12)

Week 13 (W13)

Sunday March 20th

For the eastern coast of the United States (aka the “East Coast”), the Vernal Equinox occurs today at half past midnight.  (To determine the time for your locale, click here.)   Venus (Pisces) joins Neptune (Pisces), and this is a very good “feel good” day but a terrible day to sign contracts or make long term commitments.  Spiritual endeavors tend to prosper (as long as no long term commitment is involved).  Pluto is active in higher order aspects to Pallas (ingenious plans, especially military in nature) and Vesta (traditions).  Expect issues involving death and dying (or taxes) to surface today and be blended into spirituality.

Monday March 21st

Today is the “Ecclesiastical” beginning of Spring (used as part of the determination of when Easter occurs).  Moon is in Virgo all day and quite active.  Mercury enters Aries in the evening and is void (v/c) prior to that.  Communications and transportation problems may emerge during this window; do not buy a vehicle, computer, or phone during this time.  And, whether we are aware of it or not, we are preparing in some way on some level for what the upcoming Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon Aries / Libra) will bring us.

Moon becomes void only a few hours later, making it difficult to accomplish anything lasting today.  Stick to routine tasks and plans for action after the eclipse on Wednesday.

Tuesday March 22nd

Moon is void in Virgo all day long, entering Libra 10:23 PM PDT / 11:23 PM MDT in the swestern part of the United States.  Again, stick to routine tasks and plans for action after the eclipse on Wednesday.

Wednesday March 23rd

We have a double header with Jupiter Square Saturn today along with the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon Aries / Libra).  Note that Jupiter / Saturn will perfect again May 26th, and this aspect exerts continuing influence from February 14th of 2016 until October 28th of 2016.  Chances are good this week, maybe today, will mark an important milestone in this window.  The eclipse punctuates that.

Sun conjoins Mercury circa 3:11 PM CDT, and the window form 2:40 PM until 3:40 PM CDT is particularly useful (Cazimi) for key actions involving communications or transportation.  You can buy that car, computer or phone if you can seal the entire deal during this window.

A Hard Rectangle also forms on the 23rd:

 Hard Rectangle Enters   March 23 2016 5:56:47 am (CDT +5:00)
 Hard Rectangle Leaves March 23 2016 3:32:35 pm (CDT +5:00)

Thursday March 24th

Mercury trines Mars today, and you should accomplish all you can prior to Moon becoming void of course after its opposition to Uranus.  The aspect (the opposition) can bring some very smart ideas, but you need to wait until you have more information, some time Friday afternoon (tomorrow), before you attempt to put those into action.  Take this “time off” to do as much research as you can and lay the foundation without making any major commitments to move forward.

Friday March 25th

At 1:10 PM CDT the Moon moves into Scorpio, but you still may want to wait a few hours to put into action your plans from yesterday evening since the Moon is in the “too early to tell” period (also known as a “sign change boundary”).  You MIGHT can make “it” work (whatever “it” is), but the venture will be risky and require significant concentration to make “it” work.

Venus (Pisces) opposes Jupiter (Virgo) and squares Saturn (Sagittarius) today, forming a mutable T-Square.  The T-Square will give you great energy, but mutable T’s are about finishing the tasks at hand (bring them to completion), cleaning up, and laying the groundwork to launch the next major endeavor.

Saturday March 26th

As far as “getting things done” goes, Saturday is a powerhouse, the best day this week.  If you did not launch your new project yesterday, then launch it today and accomplish all you can today.  Set leisure activities aside for another day, and focus on accomplishing the most important tasks today, especially anything part of a larger project.

Sun (Aries) trines Mars (Sagittarius), Venus (Pisces) sextiles Pluto (Capricorn), and the Moon has MOSTLY favorable aspects (two small glitches, one in the early morning hours and one shortly before 8 AM CDT; you can move past these and SHOULD do that).  Get’er done!

Week 14 (W14)

Sunday March 27th

Moon turns void, and yesterday’s windows close.  If you did not achieve completion, then you must put it on hold or stick to routine activities only (possibly at risk even with those).  Today is not a “bad” day, but you will find it difficult to achieve lasting results today.  Use this as a “day of rest” from yesterday and stick to cleaning up and planning for forward action on another day.

Full Moon 2:22 (February 22nd 2016)

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Full Moon 2:22 (February 22nd 2016)

Some days are simple, and others are complex.  The same can be said for lunations (Full Moons and New Moons): some are simple, and some are complex.  The Full Moon today, and associated aspects, are complex.

First of all, the numerologists are surely have a field day with this.  (Note: I am not a numerologist.  Repeating star cycles make “sense” to me.  Repeating number cycles, that seem otherwise random, do not.  But, I am willing to “give them a chance.”)

Today is a 2:22 “Master Number Day” in a nine (9) year.  Since, in Western Numerology, “nines” disappear (when you use them to reduce a number you get the original number back), that means that today is a pure “2:22” Master number day.  A similar Full Moon will not occur again until 2035, and 2035 reduces to “1” which means THAT “2:22” Master Number Full Moon is not “pure” like this one.  From this vantage point, alone, today is special.

AND, we have four patterns present in this Full Moon: (1) a Hele indicating important allegiances being formed or “updated”; (2) a Yod indicating an important decision today (probably about the allegiances though not necessarily); (3) a Square Key (which indicates that important “lessons” can be learned from the outcomes of today’s decisions; and (4) a Thor’s Hammer (the “God’s Fist” pattern which provides “energy” but can lead to anger, tempers flaring, and sometimes violence or explosions).  To be certain, it is a very “busy” day.

Sun in Pisces is opposed by Moon in Virgo.  As many have written elsewhere, this brings into play themes of work (Virgo) and play (Pisces), detailed oriented tasks such as bookkeeping and accounting as opposed to development of lyrics and music, and similar Pisces / Virgo issues.  With Jupiter (the “old” or “traditional” ruler of Pisces) nearby in Virgo and Neptune (the modern ruler of Pisces) nearby in its home sign of Pisces, the Pisces side of these issues is particularly emphasized.  Weirdly, this could mean odd things such as seeing the “music” in bookkeeping and accounting or similar viewpoints.  (And this is a very important date for anyone in the “music business.”)

In addition to the Full Moon, Venus is particularly active today.  Issues of health, beauty, and finances come to the forefront.  Venus quintile Mars brings innovative ideas about how to “get things done.”  Venus septile Saturn may provide some hard lessons about how we thing about helping those less fortunate than ourselves.  Venus undecile Neptune brings in issues of dreams, poetry, music, drugs and alcohol, and those are already in play with this particular Full Moon.

Outer planet aspects are particularly active, and Hygeia enters Virgo (again, emphasizing the healthcare issues associated with this Full Moon).  Neptune is semisquare Vesta, and we find ourselves feeling some sense of urgency in which our traditions and “how we have always done it” are in conflict with our desires and hopes regarding play, health, dreams, music, poetry, drugs and alcohol.  (Maybe it is time to find a new way to “get things done.”)  Juno semisquares Hygeia, and somehow some of us find our faith shaken in an important way regarding health and the healthcare system.  Jupiter is semi-sextile Black Moon Lilith (a point, not a planet), and some of us must explore taboo topics particularly regarding sex and sexuality.

Here is a list of New Moons for 2016, and here is a list of Full Moons for 2016.

As an aside, I am including the forecast for the previous day (Sunday 2:21) rather than making a separate post for it:

February 2016

Week 9 (W09)

Sunday February 21st

Sunday continues the yod of Saturday in a different variant form with Chiron effectively replacing Neptune and forcing issues involving health or education (or both) to the forefront.  A grand fire trine (Uranus / Moon / Saturn) helps us to “get things done” particularly if we are either a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) or an air sign (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini).  Since fire signs are favored most, if you are a air sign you would be smart to hitch your wagon to a fire sign today if you can.  Water and Earth signs can “get things done” also, but are not favored as much (except by means of any fire or air sign planets you might have in your natal chart).  Whatever the case, make your decision by 10 AM CST if you want to be effective in “getting things done” today.

Moon (Leo) squares Mars (Scorpio) at 7:18 PM CST and then goes void.  Best to have your project finished by this point in time if at all possible.  Stick with productive time before the void and use the void for “cleanup” activities once the void begins.

Friday February 19th 2016

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Friday February 19th 2016

Friday February 19th

Friday COULD be considered to be far more benevolent EXCEPT for the Moon in Cancer void that starts at 8:36 AM CST with Moon trine Mars (a great morning for exercise but maybe not so good for personal relationships) and ends at 8:18 PM CST with the Moon’s entry into Leo.

Friday is the first full day of the Sun in Pisces.  That this would be a day almost entirely consumed by a void of course moon is not surprising.  In many ways, the ultimate lunar void is the Moon v/c in Pisces (a void moon in the final sign of the zodiac is entirely about centering oneself and focusing primarily, if not entirely, on tasks that clear away the old to make room for the new).

Mars is biquintile Uranus, and some people will have truly GREAT ideas emerge, particularly involving the military (and possibly the police).  You may not be able to ACT on these ideas effectively, but make notes of your ideas for later review.  You may add necessary “tuning” later when you prepare to take action later.  This is a great day for creatives as long as they realize that they may need to tune the work later.

Chiron is quincunx Black Moon Lilith (a point in space rather than an actual object) and issues of sex and seduction come into conflict with healthcare or education.  Do not be surprised if scandals rise to the surface.  Even if that is not true, some of us will need to face our thoughts about what is “taboo” in sexuality and how we might transform or heal such situations.

Vesta in quincunx the North Node (another point in space), and we find traditions in conflict with applying hard work to developing ourselves (and eliminating the “karma” of old repeating patterns).  This makes this a GREAT day to leave behind “bad habits” or start a new life free of addictions.  If it applies to you: kick the habit!

You will once again have a window where you can accomplish something, perhaps something very important to your own personal development, but it will almost certainly be subject to some kind of re-do later.  (This could be in the next few days or it might be during the next Mercury Retrograde.)  Sometimes, though, we need to push through in a void knowing that we may have to revisit it lately or “learn a lesson” in terms of what does not work (providing a foundation for, later, doing what does work).


Monday February 1st 2016 (W06)

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February 1st 2016 (W06)

A glance at the Mystic Rectangles monthy “Mars Out” forecast shows several septile (triseptile) aspects of outer planets.  These aspects are subtle, but they mark this as a day of karma in which we best help ourselves by anonymously helping someone less fortunate than ourselves without expecting anything in return.

Pluto / Vesta are square, and we find a conflict between “doing things the way we have always done them” and the true sources of power present in power structures such as the police and intelligence agencies.  For some people, this is a time of very kinky sex (if you are into that kind of thing).  For anyone who is a “sex worker”: please be extra careful at this time.

Please keep in mind that we are still processing, and clearing out, the energy of the T-Square perfections of the past weekend (Friday / Sunday).

Some of what we said Sunday bears repeating here:

For some people, this is the kind of Sunday where, on Monday, you pretend to leave for work but go somewhere entirely different and hide for a day or week or year. (Maybe you “go out for cigarettes and never come back,” as was popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s.) Do keep in mind that “this too shall pass,” and “things” will become different. (Not “better” or “worse” but “different.”) But, again, this will be a critically important turning point for some people who choose to move into new circumstances.

While we are technically still in the “retrograde shadow,” in many ways moving past this final aspect of the sequence ends this particular sequence of dramas and opens the door for us to (finally!) move in new directions. But, in January of 2017 (when Mercury conunct Pluto perfects again), we may want to revisit our thoughts, notes, and decisions at this time.

Mars (in Scorpio) is septile the North Node, and this harkens to those willing to do the work to transform their lives, starting today.  I am especially speaking to anyone in a criminal occupation or group who is considering doing something like “Witness Relocation.”  Do it today, and never look back.  It will not be easy, but one day you will be grateful to yourself that you did.

For the rest of us, consider what big leap you need to make today or at the time of the New Moon (a week from today).  That NM has a Double Yod Key (DYK), and everyone will face a GROUP of important decisions at that time.  (For more about 2016 New Moons, click here.)

We cannot say it better about today and the rest of this week:  “Waning SCORPIO MOON today and tomorrow is excellent for purging and clearing anyway…”  (Source: Melanies Astro News; see, also: Melanies Astro News)

Finally, we note that the upcoming Aquarius New Moon on February 8th marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year and the beginning of the related festivities. (See, also: this article from the Telegraph.)


Mercury conjunct Saturn (with a Yod and more) 2015-11-24

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Mercury conjunct Saturn (with a Yod and more) 2015-11-24

Late in the U.S. on November 24th (and in the early morning hours for the EU/UK), Mercury conjunct Saturn perfects.  We note that Saturn and Neptune are so close to perfecting their first square, that Mercury square Neptune perfects only two hours later (after midnight in all time zones except PST).  Therefore, both should be discussed.  And, a Yod is in play, the Moon is at almost exactly 170 degrees from the Sun (with the Full Moon of November 2015 perfecting the next day), and a number of other patterns are perfecting and dissolving on the 24th and 25th.  We show this chart filtered for the Yod in play at time of perfection:

2015-11-24 Mercury conjunct Saturn

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that the apex of the Yod is found at the South Node, associated both with old, well worn habit patterns and “taking the easy way out.”  It is “doing things the way we have always done them,” and it is a bit like Vesta.  However, the South Node is also about a failure to make progress.  One leg of this yod ties to Juno (wives, sisters, and women in similar roles as well as issues of trust and betrayal) and the other leg of the yod ties to Astraea (law and the legal system).  If you have been treacherous with someone, are you going to make amends with them, or are you going to do battle with them in the legal system?  Please do note that you will have a strong tendency to do whatever it is you have done in the past, and doing something different may prove difficult despite the idea, “in theory,” that you have a choice.

That said, the actual aspect, Mercury conjunct Saturn, is rather famous for being able to complete detailed and meticulous work.  But Saturn is near perfection of a square to Neptune, and this means that Mercury square Neptune perfects within a few hours.  In a natal chart, Mercury square Neptune tends to be associated with alcohol and drug abuse.  It can be associated with lying and deception.  But it is also a superb aspect for writing poetry, lyrics, possibly fiction, photography, and videography.  If you find it difficult to sleep tonight, maybe you should review the detail work you wisely did before perfection of this aspect and look for the poetry in it.  Failing that, simply write some poetry or maybe perform some creative photography.  This is a good window and a good use for such things.  Moving beyond the messiness of Mars quincunx Neptune earlier in the day is a worthwhile endeavor, especially if you have learned the lesson you needed to learn and can move forward.

Keep in mind that the Full Moon perfects tomorrow, and if you possibly can you want to bring to a close the important steps in any project you are trying to grow at this time.

Mars Quincunx Neptune 2015-11-24

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Mars Quincunx Neptune 2015-11-24

Today is a bit of a strange day, and we discuss it extensively on the related calendar page at Mystic Rectangles.  That said, this aspect will affect everyone in one way or another.  For some people, it will be a glitch and they will move on.  For others, it will be a glitch, but they will learn a useful lesson, either soon afterwards or later this evening.  For still yet others, it will make a mess of their entire day and little progress will be had because of the mess it makes.  At least to SOME degree, you can choose which one of these you prefer.

Libra (where Mars is located) and Pisces (where Neptune is located) will feel this strongest.  At the moment we are speaking of solar Libra and solar Pisces.  But you might be an entirely different sign, and if you have another planet (Moon, Mercury, Venus, etc.) within a degree of 7 degrees Libra or 7 degrees Pisces, then you will feel it rather strongly.  Anyone with a planet at 7 degrees of any other sign (actually, between 6 and 9) will feel it to some degree.  The rest of us will likely have a chance to watch the show from the sidelines.

Thor’s Hammers abound this week, and a Yod is in play later today (offering a decision) but the only pattern found in this chart is a slightly longer term T-Square involving Venus, Uranus, and Pluto.  We show the chart filtered for that T-Square:

2015-11-24 Mars quincunx Neptune

[Click Image to Enlarge]

With that in mind, we note that this T-Square is closely related to the series of Uranus / Pluto squares that perfected the past three years.  That tells us that the potential for violence is still quite real and present.  Keep your wits about you.

Mercury conjunct Saturn (and square Neptune) perfects near midnight, and “things” change dramatically.  Learn the lesson you can from the messiness this morning (afternoon in the UK/EU), and you will be prepared for what you can accomplish this evening.

We also note that the Full Moon of November 2015 perfects tomorrow.  Also, note that this aspect involves outer planets or “generational” planets, so the effect of events today are likely to be longer term (at least two years).

Mars quincunx Neptune 2015-11-24 Blog Post 2282

Saturn Square Neptune… the Dissolving of Egotism

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5D Astrology

So I couldn’t wait for Mars to move off his Conjunction to Jupiter on Friday and Saturday (expanded/Jupiter nervous energy/Virgo for action/Mars) as I was wanting to get to the meat of a major Transit that is just really beginning, again, to be felt in earnest: Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces. On Mar 15 of this year, Saturn Stationed Retrograde at 4:56 Sagittarius just inside a 3 degree orb to Neptune at 7:54 Pisces. Events near that time were a foreshadowing of what is come as they exact 3 Squares over the next 8year: Nov 26, 2015 and Jun 18 and Sep 10, 2016.

Saturn Retrograded into Scorpio from Jun 15 – Sep 17, 2015 wrapping up our accountability around intimacy and sharing of resources stories (Karmic) when Saturn Trined Neptune 3 times in 2012-2013.. Now back in Sagittarius for the next 2+ years, the energy of Saturn’s…

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Astrology Software 2021

MERCURY conjunct SATURN in (tropical) SAGITTARIUS: If well-aspected: solid self-worth, depth of the mind, forethought; inclination of philosophy, historical research and archaeology; if afflicted: tendency to melancholy, extreme timidity, low self-esteem; such people seem to ’drop everything they take into their hands’.

Favourable aspect: (MERCURY conjunct SATURN) sextile MARS;

Unfavourable aspects: (MERCURY conjunct SATURN) conjunct SUN; (MERCURY conjunct SATURN) square NEPTUNE; (MERCURY conjunct SATURN) semi-square VENUS

Mercury conjunct Saturn

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Neptune square Saturn

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Aquarian Times Astrology

Is what we see real? Is it a illusion? Is there a barrier between realms? If it is all an illusion then why do our actions have consequences? A day of metaphysical pondering awaits!

Image courtesy Marin/freedigitalphotos.net


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Disillusion – Neptune square Saturn

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Well said.

* NEPTUNIAN November Infusion & SATURN square NEPTUNE – Paranoia, and the Reality of Our Interconnectivity

November 17, 2015 at 12:30 am | Posted in 2015, Astrology, Long Term Analysis | Comments Off on * NEPTUNIAN November Infusion & SATURN square NEPTUNE – Paranoia, and the Reality of Our Interconnectivity
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Melanie's Astro~News

NEPTUNE in PISCES, presently retrograde and ‘stationary’ (apparently very very slowly moving backwards in the Zodiac, from Earth perspective) goes direct on Nov 18, AND will be also squared by SATURN in SAG on Nov 26 (the effect of this transit is noticeable all Nov and Dec).

SATURN and NEPTUNE have a 35-year cycle together (from conjunction to square to opposition to conjunction). The present SATURN – NEPTUNE cycle started with their conjunction in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down, setting off an avalanche of crumbling of the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe.


NEPTUNE in its own domain of PISCES (from 2012 until 2026) is in Nov and Dec one of the focal points in the Astro~Weather, since it’s changing direction from Earth perspective. It’s a good idea to be aware of its Archetype, and able to recognize what’s up when we’re getting ‘hooked’.

NEPTUNE is a transpersonal planet…

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2015-11-03 Jupiter Opposite Chiron (Rosetta + Thor’s Hammer Key)

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2015-11-03 Jupiter Opposite Chiron (Rosetta + Thor’s Hammer Key)

You have been feeling it at least for the last week or two, and you may have been feeling it since before the final Blood Moon Eclipse of the 2014/2015 Tetrad.  It is Jupiter Opposite Chiron, and it is part of the mix associated with Jupiter Opposite Neptune and other aspects we talked about perfecting on September 17th of this year.  It brings to a head key issues involving health and healthcare, or teaching and education, or mentoring and 1:1 collegial relationships; or some kind of mix of two or all three of those.

Today the aspect perfects.  You may have already received the relevant (and critical news) last week or the week before.  You may receive it in a few days.  Often “nothing happens” on the day of the perfection of these critical outer planet turning points.  But Jupiter has a twelve year orbit, and Chiron has a fifty year orbit, so your precise personal variant of how this affects you may not be “day of the perfection.”  The “orbs” (boundary lines for events) of the Moon are hours long and based on a 28 day cycle.  Since the same sized orbs (measured in degrees of a circle) are based on Chiron’s fifty year orbit, expect those “orbs” to last 365 x 2 (730) times as long.  If we allow 2 hours on each side of the Moon’s orbs, then we should allow about 1,460 hours for Chiron, which translates to about sixty days (about two lunar months).  Jupiter’s orbit is only twelve years, so the corresponding orbs should be about twelve days (half a lunar month).

THIS issue of “orbs” is why we keep referencing that pivotal date of September 17th (and also October 11th) as a turning point for the outer planet (“generational planet”) events through the end of the year.  Chances are VERY good that you will NOT feel this perfection “day of” the event (unless it EXACTLY aspects some planet or point in your personal natal chart), but you WILL feel it in the two weeks prior or two weeks after (Jupiter’s orb, using the fastest moving planet and, therefore, the smallest and most precise window).

And, as an aside, if you look back to the days “near” September 17th (allowing some latitude due to Jupiter’s orbs), you will note an important turning point there.  And, by “latitude” we mean this turning point could have been earlier, maybe on the 11th or 12, or later, maybe on the 21st or 22nd.  But, you had a turning point, and you made a decision.

You made some important decision at that turning point.  It may not have seemed important at the time, but, in hindsight, you will eventually see that it was the kind that changes the course of your life.

If you were a student, you may have decided to go play rather than prepare for an exam.  You got in trouble with the exam.  You were going to “pull it together.”  But, now, you see that you cannot.  You will fail out of school and will be working in a drive through asking “would you like fries with that.”  Or, you might become a revolutionary like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Steve Jobs.  Maybe the most important class you are taking will turn out to be calligraphy.  (See, also: this story.)

You do have some choice in the matter.  The planets in the sky are invariant, but your personal, individual decisions are not.

Or maybe you did the work.  And, if you can push through, do what it takes in this final window of November and December, you can have both a successful semester and a breakthrough.  You can show yourself “you can do it.”  It depends on the decisions you made and the necessary followup actions you took.  And, as Steve Jobs said, some day you can look back and “connect the dots” if you follow your heart “even if it takes you off the well worn path.”

Or maybe you are an older adult who did, or did not, see a physician.  Depending on your situation, you can see where things may be going with your health and healthcare.

And if September 17th was not the turning point, then surely the days surrounding the Focused Yod associated with the perfection of Jupiter Trine Pluto on October 11th were.  Focused Yods are all about not only making decisions but taking the necessary action to accomplish the results.

So, what is “it” that you will feel as this aspect perfects?  We re-iterate: some key point involving education, healthcare, or mentoring.  Since Jupiter ALSO rules the legal system, this could involve the law and possible lawsuits.  But, the key issues will be education and healthcare (Chiron).  We see all of this tied into the current political debates.  And, as an aside, Jupiter ALSO rules foreign relations (particularly ambassadors) and, therefore, issues of immigration.  Think about it: these are the key issues of our current political climate.  (Health (“Obamacare”), Education, Foreign Relations (Middle East, China, et al), and Immigration (particularly Mexico and points south).

So, here is the chart, which is filtered for the Rosetta (short term allegiances) which was present and continues to be present for the next few days.  Being a longer term pattern, it is almost certainly the most important pattern in the perfection of this aspect:

2015-11-03 Jupiter Opposite Chiron (Rosetta)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We also see a Thor’s Hammer present.  Actually, we see TWO of them in a configuration that we have previously named a “Thor’s Hammer Key.”  The presence of TWO patterns almost always means, in astrology, two or MORE situations involving that pattern (here the Thor’s Hammer associated with impulsive actions, extreme conflict, and people like Adam Lanza).  As many of you can “guess” from the situation in the Middle East (specifically Syria but other problems also) and Eastern Europe (the ongoing Russia / Ukraine conflict), we live in dangerous time.

Here is the same chart, filtered to show the Thor’s Hammer Key:

2015-11-03 Jupiter Opposite Chiron (Thor's Hammer Key)

[Click to Enlarge]

At this point, some of you may ask: how do I use this “energy.”  The answer is to enjoy your short term allegiances knowing either you may never see them again or they may turn treacherous if you do, and to avoid rash and impulsive actions and people while focusing your attention (and possibly your anger) to “get something (useful, and non-violent) done.”

As an aside, as we have said before, people who have violence and physical altercations woven into their life (soldier, police, boxers, MMA athletes, bar room bouncers) may actually BENEFIT from this kind of pattern.  But, if you are not one of those kind of people, best to avoid them (or people or situations that invoke their presence) if you can.

We do not see particularly significant patterns in 5th harmonic or 7th harmonic aspects in this chart.  So, no brainstorms or karma issues to work through.  This is all about temporary allegiances and doing the work to get the job done (without being angry or impulsive).

Mars Opposite Chiron 2015-10-23

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Mars Opposite Chiron 2015-10-23

As this aspect perfects, we see much “energy” (likely anger) regarding issues that involve healthcare or education or both.  This is a repeating theme over this week and into next week, with some of the issues causing a frantic panic for some people.  Friday (today) and Sunday (October 25th) are particularly busy days.  We note that both a Hele and a Thor’s Hammer are in effect for these aspects, and do not repeat the filtering here.

Here is the chart for perfection of the aspect, filtered for oppositions:

2015-10-23 Mars Opposite Chiron (Oppositions)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

With a large cluster of planets in Virgo, and another group of planets in Pisces and Aries, we see a period of numerous oppositions and some quincunxes.  We also note that this particular opposition involves, specifically, “outer planets” (generational planets) and marks another turning point in the stage that we all play upon.

2015-10-15 Mars Trine Pluto

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2015-10-15 Mars Trine Pluto

This perfects on the same day, and quite near, Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune.  It is the kind of aspect that usually does not favor many of us, but can favor warriors and police officers.  That probably is not true today, given that it happens with the messy Neptune aspect as well as during Scorpio Moon void of course (Moon v/c).

Here is the chart:

2015-10-15 Mars Trine Pluto

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This could be a good day to break bad habits and start new ones, including launching an exercise program.  Be careful not to “overdo it” because Mars conjunct Jupiter perfects soon (Saturday).

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Jupiter Trine Pluto 2015-10-11 (Focused Yod)

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Jupiter Trine Pluto 2015-10-11 (Focused Yod)

Update: You may also be interested in reading Jupiter Trine Pluto 2016-03-16.

Sunday, October 11th Jupiter trines Pluto.  (This may occur on October 12th in some parts of the EU.)  This aspect only occurs twice in a twelve year period, and it tends to be an aspect that CAN be fortuitous involving “other people’s money.”  It is associated with taxes, wills, and inheritances.  This one contains a Focused Yod, and that implies “you will have to work for it.”

The apex of the FY is at Neptune in Pisces (poetry, lyrics, photography and video but also deception, criminality, drugs, alcohol, and incarceration) and is opposed by Hygeia in Virgo (health, hospitals, nurses, accountants, all with a relentless push for perfection).  One leg of the Yod has a very old Moon in Libra (relationships, and a time for cleaning and clearing out what no longer works) and the other is Astraea in Leo (law, legal, and justice).

Here is the chart, filtered for the Focused Yod:

Jupiter Trine Pluto 2015-10-11 (Focused Yod)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

In addition to the FY, the perfection of this aspect contains significant 7th Harmonic (Karmic) activity.  In particular, a triangular pattern exists with a septile, biseptile, and triseptile in a form that we typically describe as a “7th Harmonic Learning Triangle.”  That means that you will have to work through some fair amount of “Karma” to access the benefit to be had in this FY.

Here is the chart, filtered for 7th Harmonic aspects:

Jupiter Trine Pluto 2015-10-11 (7th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The 7th Harmonic Learning Triangle involves Pluto (death, taxes, and inheritances), Astraea (law, legal, and justice), and the North Node (Karma and “hard work”).

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Other interpretations:

You may also want to compare this period to the other Focused Yods this month listed in the October 2015 Pattern Search.

Keep your eyes open.  Something is coming that could bring great advantage to certain people.

Juno Sextiles Saturn 2015-09-17

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Juno Sextiles Saturn 2015-09-17

While for the Eastern half of the U.S. as well as the U.K. and Europe this happens on September 17th, on the West Coast it is late on September 16th.  On this same day, Jupiter opposes Neptune and Mercury stations Retrograde.

It is the last noteworthy aspect before Juno enters Libra and Saturn enters Sagittarius.  It is a parting comment from each planet to all of us about Virgo issues (health, health, money management, budgets, bookkeeping, accounting, maintaining an orderly environment and work, work, work) and Scorpio issues (birth, death, re-birth, taxes, police, intelligence agencies, poisons, assassinations, secrets, and “other peoples money”).

Here is the chart, filtered for Sextile aspects:

2015-09-17 Juno Sextiles Saturn

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Arguably most of us in the Western Hemisphere will feel this primarily on September 16th.  If you are making a “big push” on an important project, consider making certain you can do as much as possible on September 16th to “take care of business.”  And, prepare for a big shift in the direction for many of us individually and all of us collectively.

See, also: North Node / Juno sextile Saturn.

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