Eclipse of Pisces Moon

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New Moon of February 18, 2015: Make a Decision

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The New Moon of February 18, 2015 is much simpler than more recent events such as the Mercury Retrograde of February 11last month’s new moon, or the Full Moon of February 3rd.  As with those patterns, we see an important decision.  Unlike those patterns, the situation has likely resolved itself into a single key decision, and you need to make it as decisively as possible and as close to the New Moon as possible (at 47 minutes after the hour adjusted for your individual time zone).  Ordinarily, we do not give precise times for a variety of reasons, but this event is clearly an exception to that.

We note, also, that this is the time of the Chinese New Year.  The official date is February 19th by most sources, but we note that it is this Aquarian New Moon that marks the beginning.

This is also Ash Wednesday, and that means the day before was Mardi Gras.  This time last year, we were wrestling with a grand cross.  For a grand cross where we said “things could go boom,” it was relatively quiet, except for hundreds of people being killed in Kiev.  I suppose that might be a noteworthy exception to “quiet.”  (And then there was that Craigslist killer.  Click for her chartBangkok had some unrest also.)  Is this year any better?  Only you can decide.  And this new moon focuses upon an important decision that you must make.

Prior to the New Moon, as with any new moon in general, you will want to clean house.  It is by removal and discarding that you will gain strength here.  And since both Sun and Moon immediately change sign into Pisces after this new moon, you will want to take your action and then rest.  (This may require physical relocation, hanging up the phone, or some other termination of communications.  TURN THE PHONE OFF at least for a few hours if not until tomorrow.)

Here is the chart with the Yod highlighted:

2015-02 February New Moon (Basic, Yod)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Note that this Yod contains outer planets: Jupiter, Chiron, and Pluto.  Therefore, this is a longer term pattern and involves long term decisions.  This particular new moon is likely a “precipitating event” requiring action now but part of a bigger picture.  And while Yods usually do not particularly favor one path or the other, this one favors healing (Neptune, nearby) over death (Pluto, and further away).  The most important action at this time may be “changing the dressing on the wound.”

If you examine the Full Moon of February 3rd you will see that it has a focused Yod.  Some components of that Yod overlap with this one, and this emphasizes making a decision now if you did not decide then.  If you DID decide then, then you may have run into some obstacle, perhaps certain items or paperwork undone that needed to be revisited and completed (Mercury Retrograde).

If you “took care of business” and completed those items, you can now move forward with your decisive action (and you should).  The period between the Mercury Direct Station and this new moon should have given you ample time to clean up whatever mess needed to be cleaned up so that you can move forward.

In the New Moon of February 18th, you should find an opportunity, and the issues of the Mercury Retrograde are tied to it.  We see this in the formation of an “almost kite”:

2015-02 February New Moon (Basic, Kite Almost (1))

[Click Image to Enlarge]

As has been true for some time now, several overlapping Fire Grand Trines are also in play:

2015-02 February New Moon (Basic, Grand Trines)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note at least one of those grand trines contains Uranus and therefor interacts with the long term T-Square involving Uranus, Pluto and the Nodes (this contains Uranus Square Pluto):

2015-02 February New Moon (Basic, Uranus Pluto T)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here are the 5th harmonic aspects:

2015-02 February New Moon (Basic, 5th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here are the 7th harmonic:

2015-02 February New Moon (Basic, 7th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

I note a pattern here, similar to a Huber learning triangle, formed of Septile aspects, involving the North Node, Chiron, and Saturn.

Here is the Horary version of the chart, using Standard Aspects:

2015-02 February New Moon (Horary, Standard)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Regarding the maps, the most important point in the Western Hemisphere for this new moon is the Yucatan Peninsula.  (It is important because of the precise alignment of the Sun and Moon.)

We present the map of Mexico:

2015-02-18 New Moon Map Mexico

[Click Image to Enlarge]

While we cannot say exactly what will happen there, we can say that it is likely important.  (Maybe a good place to celebrate the Chinese New Year, as long as you stay safe.)

Here is the map for the United States:

2015-02-18 New Moon Map US

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The two most interesting points in this map are (1) the Juno/Vesta crossing near Las Vegas, and (2) the Saturn / Neptune crossing about halfway between Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL.

We note, also, that this Vesta line comes close to Portland, Oregon, bringing issues involving traditions and rituals into the public awareness at this time.  People who have ties to both Vegas and Portland will likely be particularly affected at this time.  Since Vesta CAN be tied to sex scandals, this might be one time when “what happens in Vegas” does NOT “stay in Vegas.”

Here is the map for Canada:

2015-02-18 New Moon Map Canada

[Click Image to Enlarge]

With a Sun Descendant (Sun setting) line nearby, we note that Winnipeg is once again marked as “interesting” by this new moon.

Here is the map for the United Kingdom:

2015-02-18 New Moon Map UK

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Mostly the UK is quiet EXCEPT for the Jupiter line through Ireland.  We note this is likely a sign of prosperity for Ireland, and it might even be a good time for someone to play the Lotto in Ireland.  Jupiter CAN bring big LOSSES, so watch out for that, too. (Do not do anything particularly unintelligent.  But, generally, Jupiter tends to bring prosperity.)

Here is the map for Europe.  We note that France, the Netherlands, and Norway are lit up by Sun and Moon lines.  That particularly highlights the need for housecleaning and an important decision for people living near said lines in these regions:

2015-02-18 New Moon Map Europe

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is a different version of the European map:

2015-02-18 New Moon Map Europe2

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Thanks to our recent visitors from Bulgaria and Estonia.  Unfortunately, our software does not have individual maps for your countries (maybe in a future version of Solar Maps?), so we have to use the “zoomed out” view of Europe to show your areas.

We have had an uptick in the number of visitors from Turkey, and so we will add a map that zooms in on that part of the world:

2015-02-18 New Moon Map Turkey

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that Venus and Mars lines run through this area, and both are late in Pisces.  We note that Mars is part of the “Almost Kite” mentioned earlier and may bring an opportunity to those who are prepared for it.  However, the window will not be open for long.  One serious risk for late Pisces is that of deception and criminality, so some may (wisely) choose to NOT engage in this “opportunity” if it is “too good to be true.”  In the end, only you can decide.  Venus does Quintile Pluto at this time, so we do expect some people to develop some rather ingenious ideas.  (Again, some of them may be criminal.)

Here is the map for Australia and New Zealand:

2015-02-18 New Moon Map AUS-NZ

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The Pluto Line, and nearby Ceres line, particularly stand out.  We also note the Node line coming near Adelaide, and the Astraea line near Hobart in Tasmania.  In addition to the Pluto and Ceres lines crossing the corridor between Adelaide and Melbourne, so does a Uranus line.  Any transportation (or possibly communications) between these two areas could be subject to some disruptions or need for upgrades.

Here is the map for India:

2015-02-18 New Moon Map India

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here are the maps for Southeast Asia:

2015-02-18 New Moon Map SE Asia

[Click Image to Enlarge]


2015-02-18 New Moon Map SE Asia 2

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here are the maps for Africa and South Africa:

2015-02-18 New Moon Map Africa

[Click Image to Enlarge]

2015-02-18 New Moon Map Africa-South

[Click Image to Enlarge]

I should note at this point that, to some degree, the order in which I post maps is related to my readership.  The United States always brings the most traffic, followed by Canada and the UK (the islands not the empire) vying for second place, then India and Australia vying for third and fourth. Sometimes Australia will top either the UK or Canada.  Usually everyone else follows.  The rankings may vary sometimes, but it is always the U.S. first, with the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and India rounding out the top five.  Recently, though, I have seen additional traffic from Bulgaria, Estonia, Singapore, and South Africa.  (So, I have added maps, to the degree that my software supports it, to provide support for those visitors.)

Here are a few more new moon sites related to this new moon:

Thanks to Lona and Jude for stopping by to visit!  We also like this little piece by Jude.


Full Moon 2013-12 December

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Here is the chart for the Full Moon of December 17th:

Full Moon 2013-12 12-16-2013 10-34-02 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

No particularly malefic aspects stand out (although Sun & Moon do aspect Algol with a Quincunx and Semi-Sextile).  However, the Saturn / Ascendant line covers the east coast of the United States, so problems related to the winter storm are not particularly surprising.  Some may note more difficulty than originally anticipated.

FM US Map 12-16-2013 10-58-19 PM

2013 Full Moon (Algol Squares: Taurus / Scorpio)

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The event obviously tied to this full moon (typhoon Haiyan aka Yolanda) occurred BEFORE the culmination of this most malefic of FM’s.  We provide the chart, here, set in first in Tacloban (we note the Moon at MC and the Sun at the IC; the IC is the location of a “grave” and the FM culminates close to midnight local time) and then Plano.  We also note that this was the FM following a Mercury retrograde, and it occurs during a period of difficulty discussed in an earlier post.  We also note a sextile, a tight one, between Pluto (death & rebirth) and Chiron (healing, lessons learned) at this time.

If your personal belief system supports such a notion, this would be a good time to have a ceremony, perhaps just lighting a candle, to honor and remember the dead.

2013 Full Moon (Algol Squares, Tacloban) 11-16-2013 9-15-57 PM

2013 Full Moon (Algol Squares) in Plano:

2013 Full Moon (Algol Squares) 11-16-2013 8-56-12 PMHere is the U.S. map for the 2013 Algol Squares Full Moon:

2013 Full Moon (Algol Squares) US Map 11-16-2013 8-58-46 PMThe SE Asia (including Phillipines) map for the 2013 Algol Squares Full Moon:

2013 Full Moon (Algol Squares) SE Asia 11-16-2013 9-03-21 PMThe Australia and New Zealand map for the 2013 Algol Squares Full Moon:

2013 Full Moon (Algol Squares) Australia and New Zealand 11-16-2013 9-05-14 PMThe rest of Asia map for the 2013 Algol Squares Full Moon:

2013 Full Moon (Algol Squares) Asia 11-16-2013 9-04-17 PMAnd the UK & Europe map for the 2013 Algol Squares Full Moon:

2013 Full Moon (Algol Squares) Europe 11-16-2013 9-01-42 PM

Virgo Full Moon just before the Autumnal Equinox (September 2013)

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This is an interesting full moon for those that celebrate the changing of the seasons.  It occurs just a very few days before the equinox.

Virgo Full Moon 9-4-2013 4-40-19 PM[Click to Enlarge]


Virgo New Moon 2013

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Here Is the new Moon for September, 2013:


Full Moon July 2013

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The July Full Moon this year, as is true most years, has the Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer.  Capricorn is not a favorable place for the Moon (in most cases), and the Sun does not prosper in Cancer (the Moon’s home) either.

Oops, I suppose that we are still affected by the Mercury retrograde / change in station / storm.  I see, now, that this is a Leo / Aquarius full moon.  Those do not happen as often in July, and this one is at the critical zero (0) degrees mark!

Additionally, this one comes upon the heels of a Mercury direct station combined with a historic outer planet grand trine.  (Indeed, the end of the Mayan calendar in December did not gain my attention the way this particular Grand Trine has done.)

We produced predictions earlier this year that this year would tend to be marked by disasters in a manner similar to 2010.  Fortunately, we have not had any similar to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill or the nuclear meltdown in Japan.  Still, reading the news lists a remarkable number of events, ranging from earthquakes to liberation of people held captive for many years (in both Houston and Ohio) to fertilizer plant explosions.  Hopefully, these will start to recede, but the window for disasters is open through the end of the year for this particular year.

That said, here is the full moon chart, both in beginner format and horary format:

Full Moon July 2013 7-21-2013 2-47-59 AMFully Moon July 2013 (Horary Version) 7-21-2013 2-49-28 AM

As a bit of a footnote, I still believe that an important word leader (perhaps several) will be born this year.  This particular full moon would be a candidate for the time of birth of such a person.  (Various possibilities exist, but this is certainly one of them.)  The zero (0) degree mark here is a strong punctuation mark regarding the leadership potential of individuals born at this time.  I feel strongly that many of us will look back, in hindsight, and see the events of this summer as being particularly important in the years to come.

Update: when I wrote the above words, I was not anticipating the Royal Birth that occurred.  (I do not live in the UK, and lately I have not had time to keep up with UK events.)  However, I will state that I believe that this particular individual will be one of the most important in the Royal Family in a very long time, decades if not centuries.

This person will feel a huge amount of weight as they grapple with some remarkably difficult decisions through the course of their life.  They will wrestle endlessly with a internal war between compassion and prudence.  And, sometimes, they will find themselves at a loss for words.  But, in the end, they will have the potential for some of the greatest leadership that the Royal Family has ever seen.  (Keep in mind, as you read my words, that I am not an Englishman.  I am an American.  And, I am not just an American.  I am a Texan.  Frankly, we don’t bow to anyone, although sometimes we tip our hats to those that deserve it.)

Here is the chart, based on available news time:

Royal Birth 7-23-2013 1-06-06 AM

I suppose, in hindsight, that analyzing the Cancer / Capricorn polarity was the most appropriate after all!

That said, we see no air and very little fire.  Leo / Aquarius are intercepted signs, but they do not contain any major planets.  Venus has barely entered Virgo.  Moon in Cap is effectively inconjunct, and Algol is either setting or has just set (is on the 7th house cusp).  I would be greatly surprised if he were to be an intellectual.  (But, I am reluctant to rule out anything for a newborn.)  Relationships, particularly romances, will tend to be difficult.  He might be a bit of a “ladies man” (Algol setting) in some ways, but with Venus at 0 Virgo he will actually be rather conservative in private despite any public image.  He has the ruler of the 10th (Virgo, Mercury) in the 8th with Mars and Jupiter.  I would not be surprised to see him die a hero’s death in battle at an early age.  If that does happen, he will become emblematic of an important turning point for England (and the UK).

If he does survive his youth, he has the potential to be an unusually good money manager.  He might make certain significant financial decisions for England, and he has the potential to lead England into a new era of prosperity.

New Moon, June 2013

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Here is the chart for the New Moon on June 8, 2013:

New Moon June 2013 6-7-2013 12-28-33 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]

This is the last New Moon before we begin moving more fully into the Grand Water Trine alignments that will be maximal in July, 2013.  If you tend to be favored more by fire and air than by water, you would want to “get things done” at this time or soon after.

By May June 20th, we will be in the “storm” of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, which will begin June 26th.  By then, a major shift of some kind will have become apparent, both for us collectively and as individuals.

Solar Eclipse (May, 2013 aka New Moon May, 2013)

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We have a Solar Eclipse at hand, visible in the South Pacific from Australia and other nearby locations.  Here is the chart, set for Plano:

Solar Eclipse May 2013 5-9-2013 12-12-30 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Astrology traditionally views eclipses as being highly malefic (bad).  They are agents of change, and major shifts sometimes occur for some people in the days near (before or after) an eclipse.

This one has a precise (less than one degree) conjunction to Pallas.  This speaks loudly to women who are warriors, whether by choice or by forced situation.  The three women in Cleveland who recently escaped from being held captive come to mind.  We wish them well, and we hope they find justice against their oppressors.

Full Moon, April 2013

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Here is the full moon chart for April, 2013.

Full Moon April 25 (Basic) 4-20-2013 12-40-55 AMFull Moon April 25 (Beginner) 4-20-2013 12-46-42 AM[Click on Image to Enlarge]

As you might notice, the Moon is close to Saturn, and the Sun is close to Mars.  Mars and Saturn are not (yet) in opposition, but this lunation highlights the opposition that soon follows.  With the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus, we expect some power struggles to “come to a head” at this time, or just after when Mars opposes Saturn.

California in particular, and the western part of the United States, are highly activated at this time.  Here is the map:

Full Moon April 2013 (US Map) 4-20-2013 12-49-11 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]

What new dramas will emerge in the west at this time?  We cannot say.  But, we expect something.

Update: we have quite a bit of interest in this Full Moon (traffic is four time heavier than usual), so for your convenience I have the following links:  (I cannot vouch for any of the content, this is just to help you navigate.)

Update (4/27):  Minor Earthquakes in California in a region near the lines on the above map:

Here is a map of the UK and Europe for this Full Moon (and Eclipse).  I note that Ireland and Scotland are highly activated by this event.  (Keeping in mind the activation of California, do we have any Scots or Irish living there?  How about Californians in Ireland or Scotland?  Could be interesting.)

Full Moon Europe 4-25-2013 2-37-38 AM

[Click on Image to Enlarge]

Here is a map for Australia and New Zealand.  Quite a bit of activity there, too, but what leaps out are the close proximity of Pluto and Uranus lines, not too far from Darwin.  (What is it about Darwin?)

Full Moon April (Aus-NZ) 4-25-2013 2-45-02 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]

March 2013 Full Moon (Aries / Libra)

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A few days after the Vernal Equinox of 2013, which is a few days after a Mercury Direct Station, the full moon culminates.  The is a Libra Moon opposite the Sun in Aries.

Most of the planets that were in Pisces have moved into Aries at this point.  They are applying to a sextile to Jupiter in Gemini.  This is a fortunate time for those with strong Fire and Air components in their natal charts, and it may be one of the best times this year for people (or other entities, such as corporations) to achieve critical results.

A yod involving Jupiter (Gemini) and Saturn & Pluto (Scorpio & Capricorn, respectively) is also present here and though roughly April 10th.  Decisions will be made during this window that will affect many people for years to come.

Here is the chart:

Full Moon March 2013 3-14-2013 12-54-00 AM[Click on Graphic to Enlarge Image]

Here is the aspect grid, produced in PAT and perhaps easier to read:

PAT Full Moon March 2013 3-14-2013 1-04-53 AM

[Click on Graphic to Enlarge Image]

This is another highly active period.  Almost every block of the aspect grid is filled with SOMEthing.  Compare, for example, the aspect grid from PAT for the moment when this chart was cast (March 14th):

PAT Time of casting of FM Chart 3-14-2013 1-08-37 AM

[Click on Graphic to Enlarge Image]

Note that this grid is not nearly as active, and it is a more “typical” grid if you were just to pick a random time to produce a grid.  In contrast, the full moon grid has four squares to Pluto and four quincunxes (inconjuncts) to Saturn.  Frankly, this looks like a very difficult period.

That said, we can safely assume that this is a highly activated full moon, and since it is following both the Vernal Equinox and the Mercury direct station, we expect “interesting” events to occur at this time.  This could be another period similar to the Spring / Summer of 2010 with multiple disasters that culminated in the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Here is a list of aspects at this time, sorted from shortest term to longest term.  (You can use this to plan your time horizons for whatever it is that you are launching at this time.)

Neptune  quincunx Moon
Jupiter trine Moon
Pluto square Moon
Mercury quincunx Moon
Sun opposite Moon
Venus opposite Moon
Uranus opposite Moon
Mars opposite Moon
Venus quincunx Saturn and ends April 2, 2013
(7 days)
Sun quincunx Saturn and ends April 3, 2013
(9 days)
Mercury semisextile Uranus and ends March 28, 2013
(9 days)
Mars quincunx Saturn and ends March 30, 2013
(11 days)
Venus sextile Jupiter and ends April 5, 2013
(11 days)
Venus square Pluto and ends April 5, 2013
(12 days)
Sun sextile Jupiter and ends April 7, 2013
(13 days)
Mercury sextile Pluto and ends April 3, 2013
(14 days)
Sun square Pluto and ends April 8, 2013
(16 days)
Mars sextile Jupiter and ends April 3, 2013
(17 days)
Venus conjunct Uranus and ends April 6, 2013
(18 days)
Mars square Pluto and ends April 5, 2013
(20 days)
Sun conjunct Uranus and ends April 8, 2013
(22 days)
Mercury conjunct Neptune and ends April 1, 2013
(28 days)
Mars conjunct Uranus and ends April 5, 2013
(29 days)
Mercury square Jupiter and ends April 6, 2013
(35 days)
Mercury trine Saturn and ends April 4, 2013
(39 days)
Venus conjunct Mars and ends April 27, 2013
(43 days)
Jupiter quincunx Saturn and ends April 10, 2013
(45 days)
Jupiter quincunx Pluto and ends April 21, 2013
(65 days)
Saturn quincunx Uranus and ends May 14, 2013
(69 days)
Sun conjunct Venus and ends May 6, 2013
(80 days)
Sun conjunct Mars and ends May 30, 2013
(89 days)
Jupiter sextile Uranus and ends April 15, 2013
(122 days)
Saturn sextile Pluto and ends May 28, 2013
(217 days)
Saturn trine Neptune and ends October 9, 2013
(218 days)
Uranus square Pluto and ends June 15, 2016
(5 years)

Depending on the result you desire, take into account the time horizons of the above table.  The lunar aspects only last a few hours, certainly less than twenty four hours.

New Moon March 2013 (Pisces)

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The New Moon of March 2013 is a Piscean new moon that occurs shortly after the shift from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time (in the U.S.) and very shortly before the transit of Mars from Pisces into Aries.  We see a massive conjunction at this time punctuated by squares and expect to see a period of explosions, earthquakes and potentially violence similar to the period of early February.  Here is the chart:

New Moon March 2013 (Pisces) 2-23-2013 2-44-00 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Playing with an old Freeware astrology program called Astrolog, we have noticed that the northern coast of Australia will be “affected” by Saturn at this time.  We would not be surprised to see an issue emerge in this part of the world at this time.  The issue is likely to have a combination of a Piscean / Scorpionic nature, and we would not be surprised to see a problem of some kind involving water.  (Could this be a large storm?)

New Moon March 2013 (Astrolog Australia) 3-10-2013 9-36-04 PM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

As a footnote, I wish Solar Fire could produce a graphic like this.  The “planetarium” is “interesting,” but without maps of (at least) the continents, it is very nearly useless.  (Hint, hint: anybody listening?)

Update (3/13): Looks like the New Moon did bring storms to this region.

The area nearest the Saturn point (Darwin) appears hard hit.

Full Moon, February 2013

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Here is the Full Moon Chart for February, 2013:

Full Moon Feb 2013 2-3-2013 9-40-38 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]


February 2013 New Moon

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Here is the New Moon Chart for February, 2013:

February 2013 New Moon 1-11-2013 5-36-43 PM[Click Graphic to Enlarge]

What stands out about this chart are the large number of squares, overall, and Mars square Jupiter, exact to within a few minutes.  This particular new moon has a great potential for “action” and may be a bit dangerous.  A fair number of the squares are gemini / pisces, so this could be a good time to focus energies on making progress in creative areas.

We think this could be an important new moon for reader Gina, given Jupiter opposite Ascendant for her near this new moon.  We also note that this is the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Black Water Snake.  Here is another detailed analysis.  And, this blog entry predicts a year of disaster.  We find it curious the the Year of the Black Water Snake is characterized by a powerful outer planet Grand Water Trine, including the powerful Saturn Trine Neptune events.

The chart for the following full moon is found here.

We also note that for the U.S., U.K., and most of Europe, most of this chart is below ground.  That signifies hidden events and quiet or covert plans.  People will be “talking amongst themselves.”  We note that the date for the State of the Union Address has now been set: February 12th.  (Two days after this new moon.)

Here is the map for the U.S.:

Feb 2013 New Moon US Map 1-11-2013 6-13-46 PM

[Click Graphic to Enlarge]

Here is the map for the United Kingdom and Europe:

Feb 2013 New Moon UK and Europe 1-11-2013 6-30-04 PM[Click Graphic to Enlarge]

Here is the map for Australia and New Zealand:

Feb 2013 New Moon Aus-NZ 1-11-2013 6-38-15 PM[Click Graphic to Enlarge]

Here is the map for China, India, and Asia (including the Pacific Rim):

Feb 2013 New Moon Asia 1-11-2013 6-41-48 PM[Click Graphic to Enlarge]

Here is the world map:

Feb 2013 New Moon World Map 1-11-2013 6-16-34 PM[Click Graphic to Enlarge]

For fun, using this new moon chart as a “natal chart,” we have calculated transits to the planetary configuration of the New Moon of February 2013.  In particular, we note that this chart has several connections to the planetary configurations of July of 2013.  Here are the transits:

Dynamic Chart (2):
New Moon February 2013 – Event Chart
Feb 10 2013, 1:20:07 am, CST +6:00
Plano Texas, 33°N01’11”, 096°W41’55”
Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
Koch Houses, Mean Node

Selection: Transits Only – Main Aspects

Nod (1) Sxt Ven (3) (X) Tr-Na Feb 21 2012 3:01:30 AM CST -0.972 10°Sg15′ R 10°Aq15′ D
Jup (6) Sxt Mar (4) (X) Tr-Na Feb 26 2012 6:21:28 PM CST -0.956 06°Ta29′ D 06°Pi29′ D
Jup (6) Sxt Mer (4) (X) Tr-Na Mar 4 2012 6:08:49 PM CST -0.937 07°Ta46′ D 07°Pi46′ D
Jup (6) Sxt Chi (4) (X) Tr-Na Mar 7 2012 5:52:45 AM CST -0.93 08°Ta14′ D 08°Pi14′ D
Chi (4) Cnj Mar (4) (X) Tr-Na Mar 15 2012 4:29:32 PM CDT -0.907 06°Pi29′ D 06°Pi29′ D
Chi (4) Sqr Jup (7) (X) Tr-Na Mar 16 2012 2:42:28 AM CDT -0.906 06°Pi31′ D 06°Ge31′ D
Jup (6) Sqr Ven (3) (X) Tr-Na Mar 17 2012 11:12:24 AM CDT -0.903 10°Ta15′ D 10°Aq15′ D
Jup (6) Tri Plu (2) (X) Tr-Na Mar 19 2012 8:57:42 AM CDT -0.897 10°Ta39′ D 10°Cp39′ D
Jup (6) Opp Sat (12) (X) Tr-Na Mar 23 2012 5:55:08 AM CDT -0.887 11°Ta27′ D 11°Sc27′ D
Nep (4) Opp MC (10) (X) Tr-Na Mar 25 2012 6:57:42 AM CDT -0.881 01°Pi51′ D 01°Vi51′ D
Nod (1) Sqr Chi (4) (X) Tr-Na Mar 30 2012 7:13:37 AM CDT -0.867 08°Sg14′ R 08°Pi14′ D
Chi (4) Cnj Mer (4) (X) Tr-Na Apr 6 2012 1:14:29 AM CDT -0.849 07°Pi46′ D 07°Pi46′ D
Nod (1) Sqr Mer (4) (X) Tr-Na Apr 8 2012 4:38:31 AM CDT -0.843 07°Sg46′ R 07°Pi46′ D
Nep (4) Cnj Nep (4) (X) Tr-Na Apr 12 2012 12:06:56 PM CDT -0.831 02°Pi24′ D 02°Pi24′ D
Chi (4) Cnj Chi (4) (X) Tr-Na Apr 15 2012 2:53:03 AM CDT -0.824 08°Pi14′ D 08°Pi14′ D
Ura (5) Cnj Ura (5) (X) Tr-Na Apr 20 2012 1:04:15 PM CDT -0.809 06°Ar01′ D 06°Ar01′ D
Ura (5) Sqq Nod (12) (X) Tr-Na Apr 29 2012 4:48:28 AM CDT -0.786 06°Ar27′ D 21°Sc27′ R
Ura (5) Sxt Jup (7) (X) Tr-Na Apr 30 2012 10:47:40 AM CDT -0.782 06°Ar31′ D 06°Ge31′ D
Nod (1) Opp Jup (7) (X) Tr-Na May 1 2012 3:42:54 PM CDT -0.779 06°Sg31′ R 06°Ge31′ D
Nod (1) Sqr Mar (4) (X) Tr-Na May 2 2012 3:55:56 AM CDT -0.777 06°Sg29′ R 06°Pi29′ D
Jup (6) SSq Ura (5) (X) Tr-Na May 4 2012 5:30:04 AM CDT -0.772 21°Ta01′ D 06°Ar01′ D
Ura (5) SSq Sun (3) (X) Tr-Na May 4 2012 9:47:44 AM CDT -0.771 06°Ar43′ D 21°Aq43′ D
Ura (5) SSq Mon (3) (X) Tr-Na May 4 2012 9:52:49 AM CDT -0.771 06°Ar43′ D 21°Aq43′ D
Jup (6) Opp Nod (12) (X) Tr-Na May 6 2012 2:46:59 AM CDT -0.767 21°Ta27′ D 21°Sc27′ R
Jup (6) Sqr Sun (3) (X) Tr-Na May 7 2012 4:35:32 AM CDT -0.764 21°Ta43′ D 21°Aq43′ D
Jup (6) Sqr Mon (3) (X) Tr-Na May 7 2012 4:36:33 AM CDT -0.764 21°Ta43′ D 21°Aq43′ D
Nod (1) Tri Ura (5) (X) Tr-Na May 11 2012 6:17:20 AM CDT -0.752 06°Sg01′ R 06°Ar01′ D
Jup (7) Opp Asc (1) (X) Tr-Na May 14 2012 11:54:20 PM CDT -0.742 23°Ta34′ D 23°Sc34′ D
Jup (7) Sqq Plu (2) (X) Tr-Na May 23 2012 7:22:30 PM CDT -0.718 25°Ta39′ D 10°Cp39′ D
Sat (11) Sqq Chi (4) (X) Tr-Na May 31 2012 10:13:31 PM CDT -0.696 23°Li14′ R 08°Pi14′ D
Plu (2) SSq Asc (1) (X) Tr-Na Jun 17 2012 5:59:50 AM CDT -0.651 08°Cp34′ R 23°Sc34′ D
Jup (7) Sqr MC (10) (X) Tr-Na Jun 19 2012 6:43:04 PM CDT -0.644 01°Ge51′ D 01°Vi51′ D
Jup (7) Sqr Nep (4) (X) Tr-Na Jun 22 2012 5:57:13 AM CDT -0.638 02°Ge24′ D 02°Pi24′ D
Plu (2) Sxt Chi (4) (X) Tr-Na Jun 30 2012 8:18:02 AM CDT -0.615 08°Cp14′ R 08°Pi14′ D
Jup (7) Sxt Ura (5) (X) Tr-Na Jul 9 2012 5:11:22 AM CDT -0.591 06°Ge01′ D 06°Ar01′ D
Jup (7) Sqr Mar (4) (X) Tr-Na Jul 11 2012 2:20:00 PM CDT -0.585 06°Ge29′ D 06°Pi29′ D
Jup (7) Cnj Jup (7) (X) Tr-Na Jul 11 2012 5:33:25 PM CDT -0.584 06°Ge31′ D 06°Ge31′ D
Jup (7) Sqr Mer (4) (X) Tr-Na Jul 18 2012 1:09:40 AM CDT -0.567 07°Ge46′ D 07°Pi46′ D
Nod (1) Sqr Nep (4) (X) Tr-Na Jul 18 2012 9:28:46 AM CDT -0.566 02°Sg24′ R 02°Pi24′ D
Sat (11) Sqq Chi (4) (X) Tr-Na Jul 19 2012 4:58:56 AM CDT -0.564 23°Li14′ D 08°Pi14′ D
Plu (2) Sxt Mer (4) (X) Tr-Na Jul 19 2012 10:13:27 AM CDT -0.563 07°Cp46′ R 07°Pi46′ D
Jup (7) Sqr Chi (4) (X) Tr-Na Jul 20 2012 12:26:42 PM CDT -0.56 08°Ge14′ D 08°Pi14′ D
Nod (1) Sqr MC (10) (X) Tr-Na Jul 28 2012 5:17:15 PM CDT -0.538 01°Sg51′ R 01°Vi51′ D
Nep (4) Cnj Nep (4) (X) Tr-Na Jul 29 2012 11:34:22 PM CDT -0.534 02°Pi24′ R 02°Pi24′ D
Jup (7) Tri Ven (3) (X) Tr-Na Jul 31 2012 5:29:43 PM CDT -0.529 10°Ge15′ D 10°Aq15′ D
Jup (7) Qnx Plu (2) (X) Tr-Na Aug 3 2012 1:23:59 AM CDT -0.523 10°Ge39′ D 10°Cp39′ D
Jup (7) Qnx Sat (12) (X) Tr-Na Aug 8 2012 1:36:07 AM CDT -0.509 11°Ge27′ D 11°Sc27′ D

*** END REPORT ***

Downloadable Excel 2010 File of Transits to this New Moon: February 2013 New Moon (Six Month Transits)

Stretched Pentagram of January 26th (Full Moon of January 2013)

January 2, 2013 at 1:37 am | Posted in 2013, 2013-Lunations, Astrology, Lunations, Patterns | 2 Comments
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We have a “Stretched Pentagram” that will form beginning January 26th and end on the 27th.  Here is the chart:

Stretched Pentagram of Jan 26th 1-2-2013 1-31-32 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

To say the least, this is an “interesting” pattern: A Full Moon Pentagram!  The Full Moon culminates during the formation of this pattern, and this pattern is also just before the State of the Union address this year.   (The State of the Union Address has been set for February 12th of 2013.)

Here is the U.S. Map:

Stretched Pentagram US Map 1-2-2013 1-41-15 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

We see that Venus has a line through DC (favoring DC) at this time, Ceres a line through Phoenix AZ, Hygeia through Los Angeles (healthcare), and Vesta through Oakland.  (Will be interesting to see how Californians react to the State of the Union.)

Here is the map for Europe and the UK:

Stretched Pentagram Europe and UK 1-2-2013 1-56-53 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

We see the UK activated by the curious combination of Vesta and Jupiter.

Here is the map for Asia, including India:

Stretched Pentagram India 1-2-2013 1-59-14 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the map for Australia:

Stretched Pentagram Aus-NZ 1-2-2013 2-01-08 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

And here is the World Map:

Stretched Pentagram World Map 1-2-2013 2-02-34 AM

We also have a Diamond pattern forming a few days later on January 29th.

New Moon January 2013: False Hopes for the Grain Goddess

December 31, 2012 at 3:20 pm | Posted in 2013, 2013-Lunations, Astrology, Lunations, Predictions | Comments Off on New Moon January 2013: False Hopes for the Grain Goddess
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Here is the New Moon chart for January, 2013.  The outstanding aspect is the Quincunx (Inconjunct) of Ceres and Sun/Moon.  Ceres, the grain goddess, rules prosperity in a general sense but particularly food and farmers.  It figured prominently in the election of November, 2012, and it likely highlighted the divide in the United States between food consumers (urban areas) and food producers (rural areas).  We expect any news at this time to be of false hope, or little consolation, to the rural constituents of the United States. (We note that the State of the Union is scheduled for Tuesday, January 29th, a little more than two weeks past this new moon and a day past full.Update Jan 11, 2013: Looks like State of the Union will be February 12th, a few days past the February 2013 New Moon.  That is a much smarter date!)

Here is the chart:

New Moon 2013 2 12-31-2012 3-01-53 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the map of the United States at that time:

New Moon Jan 2013 US Map 12-31-2012 3-12-13 PM

 [Click to Enlarge]

We note the following: (1) the Mercury line is exact over Los Angeles, (2) the New Moon line is exact over eastern Nevada and near Las Vegas, (3) the Saturn line covers much of the western United States and is exact at Guadalahara, and (4) the Ceres line goes through Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina at this time.  (We would not be surprised to hear that labor unions are feeling some pain at this time, possibly due to political policy decisions or announcements.)

Here is the map for the UK and Europe.  (We note a Saturn line through Ireland, indicating continued difficulties there.)

New Moon 2013 UK and Europe 12-31-2012 3-41-09 PM[Click to Enlarge]

And here is the map for India (and Asia in general):

New Moon Jan 2013 Asia 12-31-2012 3-43-17 PM[Click to Enlarge]

And here is Australia and New Zealand:

New Moon Jan 2013 Aus-NZ 12-31-2012 3-46-00 PM[Click to Enlarge]

We note that Australia and New Zealand appear to be more activated that any other part of the planet (except the U.S.) during this particular new moon.

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