Grand Cross of 2015-09-05

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Grand Cross of 2015-09-05

In addition to Sun trine Pluto, Saturday, September 5, 2015 contains a Grand Cross.  Sun is applying to an opposition to Chiron which perfects in a few days.  This specifically deals with either (a) health and healing issues (including mental health issues) or (b) teaching and educational settings or possibly both.  These are major themes at this time.

Moon opposes Pallas and perfects during the course of this GC.  With Moon in Gemini and Pallas in Sagittarius, we are seeing issues and innovation dealing with transportation and communication.  Expect, in particular, innovations that are either military in nature or that tend to have military characteristics.

Here is the chart for this Grand Cross:

2015-09-05 Grand Cross

[Click Image to Enlarge]

If you have insights and innovations today, be certain to write them down.  The ideas may be fleeting in nature.  You will likely have much energy, but sometimes Grand Crosses produce much activity but little actual results.  With Sun trine Pluto, you can achieve results today, and you should focus on doing precisely that.

Sun Conjunct North Node 2015-09-23

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Sun Conjunct North Node 2015-09-23

This annual event is particularly powerful this year as it perfects a powerful Kite pattern.  An amazing opportunity is available, but it will require some work due to an involvement of “karma.”

Here is the chart, filtered for the kite:

2015-09-23 Sun Conjunct North Node (Kite)[Click Image to Enlarge]

This remarkable pattern occurs on the same day as a rare Mystic Rectangle.

Sun Sextile Astraea 2015-09-22

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Sun Sextile Astraea 2015-09-22

We present the chart for Sun sextile Astraea, filtered for Astraea aspects:

2015-09-22 Sun Sextile Astraea[Click Image to Enlarge]

This may be a turning point for those who seek justice against those who have wronged them.

Sun Trine Ceres 2015-09-18

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Sun Trine Ceres 2015-09-18

Here is the chart for Sun trine Ceres, which follows on the heels of the aspects of September 17th:

2015-09-18 Sun Trine Ceres[Click Image to Enlarge]

Those who have worked hard on well-planned project start to reap some benefits from those projects.  But, with the recent aspects, now is not the time to “let up.”

Sun Sesquiquadrate Ceres 2015-09-03

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Sun Sesquiquadrate Ceres 2015-09-03

We show this chart filtered for aspects to Ceres:

2015-09-03 Sun Sesquiquadrate Ceres[Click to Enlarge]

A bit of a panic sets in as some projects fail while others see significant successes.  A Rosetta on this same date leads some to form temporary alliances which tend to be unstable and may be treacherous.

Sun Conjunct Juno 2015-09-26

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Sun Conjunct Juno 2015-09-26

Sun conjoins Juno on September 26th.  Issues of trust and betrayal become critically important.

2015-09-26 Sun Conjunct Juno[Click Image to Enlarge]


Sun Quincunx Vesta 2015-09-04

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Sun Quincunx Vesta 2015-09-04

We present the chart for Sun Quincunx Vesta, filtered for Vesta aspects:

2015-09-04 Sun Quincunx Vesta[Click Image to Enlarge]

This may be a window where “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is the WRONG strategy.  Doing it “that way because we have always done it that way” will probably NOT be the write answer.  Consider the possibility of innovation.

Sun Square Pallas 2015-09-08

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Sun Square Pallas 2015-09-08

We present the chart for Sun Square Pallas, filtered for aspects to Pallas:

2015-09-08 Sun Square Pallas[Click Image to Enlarge]

With a waning Moon, this is likely not the best time to start a new project.  But this aspect may lead to useful ideas that may be launched after the upcoming New Moon.

Sun Opposite Chiron 2015-09-12

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Sun Opposite Chiron 2015-09-12

On this date Sun opposes Chiron.  This would be a great day to consider taking a day off.  But, if you cannot do that, then chances are good that you may be dealing with health and healing issues, or issues involving education and teaching.  Here is the chart, filtered for Chiron aspects:

2015-09-12 Sun Opposite Chiron[Click Image to Enlarge]

Essentially, this aspect occurs in the “Dark of the Moon,” a good time to clean things out and reflect on what has happened in the past with an eye for your goals in the future.  The New Moon of September 13th (a Solar Eclipse) follows the next day, and “things change.”

Sun Trine Pluto 2015-09-05

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Sun Trine Pluto 2015-09-05

Let’s be clear, this is a good day for “taking care of business.”  Specifically we mean paying bills, especially paying off debts, clearing tax matters, and eliminating anything similar in your life (at least for this year if not permanently).

Here is the chart:

2015-09-05 Sun Trine Pluto

[Click Image to Enlarge]

If you really do have all your bill paying, banking, and tax matters caught up, then consider revising your will, advanced directives, and similar documents.  If all such matters are caught up, then be happy that you are in a strong position and use this as a comfortable day to research sophisticated topics that you might not otherwise read about.

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