Aries New Moon 3/24: Moving Forward Through Uncertainty

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New Moon

The Aries New moon is exact on March 24, amidst a conjunction to Chiron; this exposes the wounds of our society. There is emphasis on the need to effectively communicate and share our ideas; we must keep moving forward despite the prevailing uncertainty of our environment. Chiron pushes us to heal, to face our darkness and teaches us how to overcome inadequacies. Focus on healing yourself and in turn, you will heal others.

The New Moon’s square to the north node in the 6th house highlights issues of health, anxiety, and worry; and reiterates the message of needing to heal. With the moon in Aries, we are encouraged to channel our braver side, to stand strong and to remain in a state of vigilance. Be gentle with yourself and those around you. Aim for patience, despite the urge for quick action that Aries energy tends to fuel.

The Aries New…

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ARIES New MOON (March 24) with CHIRON & LILITH – Show up with the Medicine of Spring! — Melanie’s Astro~News

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Dear Cosmic Friends, Spring is here (Day 4 it is) – and Nature is fiercely alive! Continued Spring Equinox Blessings! Here’s my Equinox blog post again for you. Well, what a fierce time it’s been for Humanity also, in the last few weeks! Hope you’re not in emergency / survival mode (one of the […]

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Long Void Moon time; New Moon follows

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The New Moon Predictions for December 29, 2016

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Divination Counseling Service

By Colleen Schmidt

New Moon: Sun at 7 degrees 59 minutes of Capricorn287

ARIES:  This month may highlight issues with automobiles or vehicles in general.  There could be matters that are out of control to the point where they could feel very self-destructive.  Your mind and/or memories are erratic.  Be wary of the risks this month as winning, achieving goals and seeing just rewards are important BUT you might plunge into something that could be self-destructive or defeating.  This month also highlights marriage and other close partnerships.

TAURUS:  Many times this month will feel fated and predestined, as if you are being tested in some way.  You might sense things are not being done correctly or that they are being done backwards.  You just want to get to the bottom of things and you feel as if you have been enduring a great deal.  Memories could be triggered by photographs. …

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Solar Eclipse of September 1st 2016

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Solar Eclipse of September 1st 2016

This particular eclipse is personal for reasons I do not wish to disclose on the open internet.  I thought about NOT writing about it and just leaving the 2016 New Moons page and the writings of others (reblogs) as my proxy.

But, I changed my mind.  And then I found a body of work I had produced on this eclipse a few weeks ago.  No written work, mind you, but chart graphics from the time when I developed my analysis of the rather important Grand Quintile of August 28th.  That confirmed for me that I needed to put up what I had done in a post.

This Grand Quintile period we are in, from August 28th until September 11th, is particularly rare.  If you check the Grand Quintiles from 1800 to 2050 page, you will find most of them last a few hours or a day.  Exceptions exist, such as in 1809 and 1810, but they are just that: exceptions.  So is this current window.

This Solar Eclipse, a special type of New Moon, is a punctuation mark in this window.  It also corresponds to an Eclipse in September of 1997, which was an extremely important period for me personally.  I am left wondering what this one will bring me.

First, let us take a peek at the Kite pattern that  is present.  Kites are not extremely rare, but they are not particularly common either.  This one has the Eclipse, itself, at the focal point and Neptune in opposition (and Neptune is part of the Grand Trine that forms the body of the kite).  (Kites are always, inherently, built from Grand Trines, the pattern that is the namesake of this blog (and my internet alter ego).)  Some of us, likely many of us, are facing one of the most important opportunities of our lives.  We are at one of the most important junctures in our individual and collective lives.  The decisions, and followup actions, that we make (or not) are critically important to the results that manifest (or fail to manifest) consequently.  Negligence is a profound danger here.

Here is the chart of the Eclipse, filtered for that Kite pattern:

Solar Eclipse 2016-09-01 Kite (NM, Mercury Rx)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Juno and Vesta (both major asteroids) form the other points of the Grand Trine.  Juno brings issues of trust and intimacy to the forefront, particularly as they involve wives, sisters, mothers, and other female family members.  Vesta is about traditions and whether or not we follow and honor them or create new ones when old ones no longer serve us.

Here is the same chart, filtered for the Grand Trine instead of the Kite:

Solar Eclipse 2016-09-01 Grand Trines (NM, Mercury Rx)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that the opposition of the Eclipse to Neptune has not yet quite perfected, but will perfect soon with the annual opposition of Sun to Neptune on Friday.  Friday’s opposition has a Thor’s Hammer (energy, often in the form of violence or explosions) and a Yod (insisting that an important decision must be made).  You will have to make a decision in this period, and something or someone from the past (Mercury Retrograde) will be part of that decision.

This Eclipse also has a Thor’s Hammer (aka God’s Fist) present with all the “energy” (and DANGER!) that brings.  (Do be careful!)

Solar Eclipse 2016-09-01 Thors Hammer (NM, Mercury Rx)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We also note the presence of a Rosetta; we interpret that pattern as indicative of the important of short-term alliances and relationships.  Treachery is a very real possibility, and people (including major politicians) are likely to shift their positions and allegiances at this time.

Solar Eclipse 2016-09-01 Rosetta (NM, Mercury Rx)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

T-Squares are present and amplify the energy (and danger) of the Thor’s Hammer:

Solar Eclipse 2016-09-01 T-Squares (NM, Mercury Rx)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This next point is particularly important: please note there are TWO independent sets of T-Squares.  This makes “handling” the sources of “irritation” difficult and more likely impossible.  We would not be surprised at all to hear about someone or something “blowing up” (or a mass shooting) in the next few days.  Since the Eclipse really consumes nearly the entirety of the African continent, we would not be surprised to see the event there.

Here are the Seventh Harmonic or “karmic” aspects:

Solar Eclipse 2016-09-01 7th Harmonic (NM, Mercury Rx)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note the presence of a triangular pattern of septiles composed of a septile, biseptile, and triseptile.  Chiron, Saturn, and Astraea are involved.  We would not be surprised to learn of a major lawsuit (or similar legal system involvement) involving either educational or healthcare systems (or both).  Frankly, we think there will be “hell to pay.”

We will stop there, but we cannot emphasize strongly enough just how important this window of opportunity is.  After September 11th, most of it closes.  All will be gone by Mercury Direct Station and the Autumnal Equinox.  By then, “the concrete will have set.”

Some useful links:

Only a handful of New Moons have a Grand Quintile during the period from 1800 to 2050 (and Solar Fire did not count this NM as one of them though we argue that it is):

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Sun Cnj Mon) AND (Chart contains Grand Quintile)
Search From: Jan 1 1800 NS 0:00 am
Search To: Dec 31 2050 11:59:56 am

Status: Finished – 5 matches

[1] Is Exact Sep 9 1809 NS 1:29:46 pm (LMT +6:26:48)
[1] Is Exact Jun 24 1979 6:57:52 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Dec 1 2024 0:21:11 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Sep 18 2039 2:22:28 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jan 6 2046 10:23:19 pm (CST +6:00)

Below is a list of Virgo New Moons from 1950 until 2050:

Solar Fire Gold Aug 31 2016

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Mon in Vi) AND (Sun in Vi) AND (Sun Cnj Mon)
Search From: Jan 1 1950 0:00 am
Search To: Dec 31 2050 11:59:56 am

Status: Finished – 92 matches

[3] Is Exact Sep 11 1950 9:28:54 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 1 1951 6:49:36 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 19 1952 1:21:46 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 8 1953 1:47:34 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 16 1955 0:19:14 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 4 1956 12:57:12 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 13 1958 6:02:06 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 2 1959 7:55:36 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 20 1960 5:12:31 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 9 1961 8:49:32 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 29 1962 9:08:54 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 17 1963 2:50:43 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 5 1964 10:33:59 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 14 1966 1:13:16 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 4 1967 6:36:58 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 22 1968 6:08:06 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 11 1969 2:55:48 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 31 1970 5:01:13 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 19 1971 9:42:14 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 7 1972 12:28:27 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 15 1974 9:45:16 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 5 1975 2:18:43 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 13 1977 4:22:47 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 2 1978 11:08:54 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 21 1979 4:46:36 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 9 1980 5:00:12 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 29 1981 9:43:27 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 17 1982 7:09:06 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 6 1983 9:34:59 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 26 1984 2:25:31 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 14 1985 2:19:56 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 4 1986 2:10:25 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 22 1987 10:08:14 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 10 1988 11:49:10 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 31 1989 0:44:32 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 18 1990 7:46:23 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 8 1991 6:00:50 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 27 1992 9:41:54 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 15 1993 10:10:19 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 5 1994 1:32:47 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 12 1996 6:07:19 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 1 1997 6:51:36 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 20 1998 12:01:31 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 9 1999 5:02:17 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 29 2000 5:19:18 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 17 2001 5:27:23 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 6 2002 10:10:20 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 27 2003 12:26:21 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 14 2004 9:29:03 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 3 2005 1:45:27 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 23 2006 2:09:48 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 22 2006 6:45:04 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 11 2007 7:44:15 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 30 2008 2:58:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 18 2009 1:44:19 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 8 2010 5:29:51 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 15 2012 9:10:39 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 5 2013 6:36:08 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 25 2014 9:12:46 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 13 2015 1:41:15 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 1 2016 4:03:04 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 20 2017 0:29:48 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 9 2018 1:01:23 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 17 2020 6:00:06 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 6 2021 7:51:37 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 27 2022 3:16:57 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 14 2023 8:39:37 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 2 2024 8:55:21 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 21 2025 2:53:52 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 10 2026 10:26:43 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 31 2027 12:40:53 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 18 2028 1:23:26 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 8 2029 5:44:02 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 16 2031 12:46:29 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 4 2032 2:56:13 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 12 2034 10:13:20 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 1 2035 7:59:03 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 19 2036 7:51:04 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 9 2037 12:24:57 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 30 2038 4:12:14 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 18 2039 2:22:28 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 6 2040 9:13:06 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 26 2041 10:15:32 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 14 2042 2:49:32 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 3 2043 7:16:40 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 21 2044 5:02:47 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 10 2045 7:27:01 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 31 2046 12:24:42 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 19 2047 12:30:41 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 8 2048 0:23:48 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 28 2049 5:17:50 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Sep 15 2050 9:48:28 pm (CST +6:00)

Grand Quintile of August 28, 2016

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As we have written elsewhere, we are entering an amazing window of time.  Here is the basic chart for the Grand Quintile of August 28, 2016, filtered for the Grand Quintile:

Grand Quintile 1 2016-08-28 (prior to Solar Eclipse)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is what we have written about this window of time that begins with this pattern:

We are at the edge of entering a truly amazing period of time that starts “about now” (late Leo, circa August 15th and points forward) until some time in late September, possibly “about’ the change of seasons at the Fall Equinox.  Here is why it is amazing:

  1. A Grand Quintile forms on August 28th.  These are even more rare than the Mystic Rectangles we encountered a few weeks ago.  By itself, that would be enough, but….
  2. Mercury stations retrograde on August 30th (and, as of August 15th, we are in the “shadow” of the retrograde where we are already “feeling” some of the disruptions and shifts in our patterns that are yet to come).  (See, also: Mercury Stations and Ingresses for 2016.)  I would argue that the Grand Quintile of August 28th continues to be in effect.  BUT, how to use that massive influx of creative genius when Mercury is making a (retrograde!) station?  And we note that Mercury stations direct again on September 22nd, shortly after the change of seasons (Fall Equinox).  Clustering of events like this are a sort of “punctuation mark.”
  3.  We have a Solar Eclipse (New Moon, but a rather special kind) that affects most of the African continent and especially central Africa.  This Eclipse perfects on September 1st and has a number of other patterns present.  While I am not sure of this, I would not be entirely surprised to discover that some (many? most?) people of African descent are affected.  AND *SOME* geneticists argue that, to some greater or lesser degree, we are all descended from Africans (those of us who are of Asian or Caucasian descent being nomads who left Africa very long ago).  I would AGAIN argue that the Grand Quintile is still in effect.  (Why?  Because it “re-appears” on September 3rd and continues to September 11th.  That leads me to believe that the computer program that detects this pattern cannot see something that, currently, only human eyes can.)
  4. “Another” Grand Quintile (re-)appears on September 3, 2016 and continues until September 11, 2016.  Is it really that big of a deal?  YES!  If you look at our page “Grand Quintiles from 1800 to 2050,” you will see that about 200 of these occur in the 250 year time span (a quarter of a millenium).  BUT, they often occur in groups of two or three or more during a particular year and then not again for several years.  The next ones happen in 2020 (curiously, the next election cycle!).  For those of you who can “channel” this amazing energy, you have a window where you may produce some of the greatest creative works of your lifetime.  Please do not let this slip by you!
  5. Mercury Retrograde will move backwards across the Sun AND North Node (Karma) during this cycle and back across them after moving forward.  “Luke, it is your DESTINY!”  Whatever is the best use of your personal creative genius, this is the time to use it/them.

We hope to write some posts about this amazing window, but sometimes we get derailed by personal events, have computer problems, etc.  AND, we are getting older and crankier and sometimes we just do not get things out the way we would like.  The computer that we used to produce our posts and content was out of commission for MONTHs, and it is just now online again.  We will help if we can, but on the outside chance that does not happen, you need to HELP YOURSELF.  Make a list of your goals, especially your creative goals, and what you would like to bring to fruition at this time.  Is it photography?  Poetry, Songwriting? Sculpture?  Is your gift creative writing or maybe writing “how to” books?  How about computer programming or “big data” data science?  Are you a medical researcher or someone who might be writing a law review article?  Whatever it is, THIS is your window.  Every moment is precious.  Use it wisely.

And, as far as the political arena goes, expect to see nothing short of AMAZING and unprecedented events!

Here is what one commentator wrote about the Grand Quintile of 2004.

2016-08-02 New Moon in Leo (Mystic Rectangle and more)

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2016-08-02 New Moon in Leo (Mystic Rectangle and more)

The New Moon of August 2nd is characterized by a Mystic Rectangle that begins July 30th and persists until August 4th.  Mystic Rectangles are comparatively rare, but we note that 2016 has an abundant supply of them.  (Click Here to compare other New Moons of 2016.  And click here to compare the Full Moons of 2016.)

Hillary Clinton also has a Mystic Rectangle in her natal chart.

Here is the chart of the New Moon, filtered to identify the Mystic Rectangle:2016-08-02 New Moon (Leo, Mystic Rectangle).jpg

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The question remains: WHAT IS a Mystic Rectangle?  A variety of comments have been made, but analysis of astrological patterns is not discussed much elsewhere (that I have found) and I am left with the impression that it is a late 20th Century / early 21st Century innovation.  (I am sure someone “out there” has evidence to the contrary.  But, so far, I have not seen it.)  Here are some of the links we have found:

These all say the same thing: (1) they describe the pattern (two oppositions tethered together by sextiles and trines and (2) it is a rare but benevolent pattern.  On #2, some variance exists with some saying that it is merely “helpful” while others describe it as “golden.”  We think that it may include important lessons learned since we have seen it tied to certain traumatic events this year.

In any case, a window is open containing one from July 30th until August 4th of 2016, and the Leo New Moon is contained within that window.  Since what we call a “Kite Key” is also present (two interlaced Kites that are often associated with a Mystic Rectangle), we think that a rare window of opportunity is present here.  We suggest you seize it.

This New Moon also has a Hele (long term alliances) and Rosetta (short term alliances that might include treachery) present.  We present the New Moon filtered first for the Hele and then again for the Rosetta:

2016-08-02 New Moon (Leo, Hele)

[Click to Enlarge]

2016-08-02 New Moon (Leo, Rosetta)

[Click to Enlarge]

We think these patterns mostly speak for themselves and need little explanation to regular readers of this site.  But we will recap: the Hele (Venus / Uranus + Mars / Chiron) is about long term alliances and choosing between one side or the other.  (For this reason, we consider both the Hele and Rosetta as “polarizing” influences that lead to conflicts such as The Police (as a collective) versus the Black Lives Matter movement (as a collective).)  In this case, one side (leg) is Venus / Uranus (unusual romances or innovative finance, take your pick) and the other is Mars / Chiron (the Wounded Healer (health, education) in alliance with The Martians (Warriors such as police, military, and similar)).  You can pick one side or the other but not both.

The Rosetta has Mars / Chiron on one leg (and we note that is RATHER similar to Mars / Neptune) and Astraea / Vesta on the other leg (law and lawyers aligned with traditions and “the way we have always done things).  We think, among other things, this might involve the privacy battles between, on one side, Apple and the EFF (and most of the tech community), and, on the other side, the NSA and FBI (and most of the police and intelligence agencies).  Needless to say, elements within each “side” do not trust other elements within the same side.  Presenting a “unified front” is tricky.

This complex and sophisticated New Moon has more to offer.  Upon filtering for Kites, we found what we call a “Kite Key.”  This is a pair of interlaced Kites, and it represents a rare and incredible opportunity for those with “eyes to see it.”  Here is the same New Moon, filtered for the Kites (and “Kite Key”):

2016-08-02 New Moon (Leo, Kite Key)[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that the Apex of this pattern is found in Vesta in Cancer: traditions and “how we have always done things” particularly with regard to home, oceans, graves (and graveyards), and anything having to do with water or any kind of “final resting place.”

The underlying Grand Trine is composed of asteroids, and if you do not use those then you can disregard much of what we are saying.  (But, we think most of the audience DOES want to here what we have to say.)  Here is the same chart, filtered for the Grand Trine underlying the Kites:

2016-08-02 New Moon (Grand Water Trine)

[Click to Enlarge]

Finally, a Yod is present.  That means you MUST make an important decision.  You can choose one side or the other, but you cannot choose both.  Here is the same New Moon, filtered for the Yod:

2016-08-02 New Moon (Leo, Yod)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The last time we had a New Moon on August 2nd was 1970.  If you were born on that date (August 2nd of 1970) then this NM represents a special turning point for you.  We would argue that the same is probably true, also, for those born on August 1st or August 3rd.

Next is a list of Leo New Moons from 1950 until 2050.

Solar Fire Gold Jul 30 2016

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Sun in Le) AND (Mon in Le) AND (Mon Cnj Sun)
Search From: Jan 1 1950 0:00 am
Search To: Dec 31 2050 11:59:56 am

Status: Finished – 95 matches

[3] Is Exact Aug 13 1950 10:48:18 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 2 1951 4:39:13 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 20 1952 9:20:21 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 9 1953 10:09:56 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 29 1954 4:19:43 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 17 1955 1:58:01 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 6 1956 5:24:55 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 26 1957 10:28:05 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 14 1958 9:33:16 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 4 1959 8:33:53 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 22 1960 3:15:15 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 11 1961 4:35:46 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 31 1962 6:23:41 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 19 1963 1:34:31 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 7 1964 1:16:42 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 28 1965 5:44:53 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 16 1966 5:47:45 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 5 1967 9:48:22 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 13 1969 0:16:26 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 2 1970 0:58:09 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 20 1971 5:53:21 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 9 1972 0:25:50 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 29 1973 1:58:48 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 17 1974 2:01:35 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 7 1975 6:57:23 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 14 1977 4:31:02 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 3 1978 8:00:45 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 22 1979 12:10:26 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 10 1980 2:09:18 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 30 1981 10:51:58 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 18 1982 9:44:54 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 8 1983 2:17:57 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 28 1984 6:51:15 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 16 1985 5:05:32 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 5 1986 1:35:46 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 25 1987 3:37:32 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 12 1988 7:31 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 1 1989 11:05:37 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 20 1990 7:39:02 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 9 1991 9:27:42 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 29 1992 2:35:12 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 17 1993 2:28:18 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 7 1994 3:45:09 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 27 1995 10:12:57 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 14 1996 2:33:51 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 3 1997 3:13:56 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 21 1998 9:03:07 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 11 1999 6:08:32 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 30 2000 9:25:10 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 18 2001 9:55:18 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 8 2002 2:15:12 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 29 2003 1:52:44 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 15 2004 8:23:55 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 4 2005 10:04:47 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 12 2007 6:02:31 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 1 2008 5:12:35 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 20 2009 5:01:37 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 9 2010 10:08:11 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 30 2011 1:39:49 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 17 2012 10:54:26 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 6 2013 4:50:43 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 26 2014 5:41:46 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 14 2015 9:53:22 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 2 2016 3:44:30 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 21 2017 1:30:08 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 11 2018 4:57:39 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 31 2019 10:11:49 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 18 2020 9:41:32 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 8 2021 8:49:58 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 28 2022 12:54:52 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 16 2023 4:37:59 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 4 2024 6:12:50 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 24 2025 2:10:57 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 12 2026 12:36:29 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 2 2027 5:04:55 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 20 2028 5:43:31 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 9 2029 8:55:26 pm (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 30 2030 6:10:37 am (CDT +5:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 17 2031 10:31:55 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 5 2032 11:11:07 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 13 2034 9:52:36 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 3 2035 11:11:19 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 21 2036 11:34:51 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 11 2037 4:41:03 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 31 2038 6:39:47 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 19 2039 2:49:57 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 7 2040 6:25:48 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 15 2042 12:00:40 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 4 2043 8:22:04 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 12 2045 11:38:33 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 2 2046 4:24:45 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 21 2047 3:15:30 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 9 2048 11:58:08 am (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Jul 29 2049 2:06:25 pm (CST +6:00)
[3] Is Exact Aug 17 2050 5:46:37 am (CST +6:00)



Gemini New Moon 2016-06-04 (Grand Cross, Grand Trine, and Rosetta)

June 5, 2016 at 1:32 am | Posted in 2016, 2016-Lunations, Annual Repeating Aspects, Astrology, Lunations, Patterns, Predictions, Rosetta, Special Days | 23 Comments
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Gemini New Moon 2016-06-04 (Grand Cross, Grand Trine, and Rosetta)

We are writing this post a few hours in hindsight, a bit more than four hours after perfection.  We note that the annual Sun Square Jupiter aspect perfected earlier today.  (We will minimize duplication of the commentary on the earlier aspect.)

This is a dynamic New Moon (NM) and an important one, and much has been written by others because of the presence of a Grand Cross (GC).  This is a longer term GC which involves outer planets (notably Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter), but the NM itself is (1) conjunct Venus and (2) forms the fourth leg of the GC.  Grand Crosses are relatively rare even when using asteroids (Chiron, Juno, Pallas, Vesta, and Ceres as well as others such as Hygeia and Astraea) or calculated points (North Node, South Node, Vertex, and so forth).  But this GC uses “real” planets, and that, by itself, is enough to make it a popular subject of discussion, interpretation, and speculation.

Maybe even more notable is that it is a mutable GC, and these invariably signify endings of some kind.  With a NM near the end of the Mecury Retrograde shadow, after the Direct Station, all are seeking to move forward and launch new projects.  AND you *CAN* do that, but these projects are more in the order of reaping what you have sewn.  Think of these projects as specifically being built on the past and what you have accomplished (or failed to accomplish).  This is your window to take stock and act accordingly.

And, on the outside chance you are uncertain about that, let me be clear: the upcoming Full Moon has a CARDINAL Grand Cross in it, and, oddly, that is about beginnings.  It tells us that the “cleanup period” between that Full Moon and the next New Moon is all about launching truly new projects.  (I am NOT saying you should launch during a waning moon.  I AM saying it is time you consider the option of COMPLETELY starting your life from the ground up and, absent that, questioning every assumption in your life about how things “have to be” with an eye to junking what is not working for you any more and doing things that are TRULY NEW in the most fundamental way possible.  This is your chance to TRULY change the train you are on.)

Whether all of us realize it or not, we are undergoing a large scale shift that is operating in many areas of our lives.  The current state of affairs of the United States Presidential election reflects that.  People feel strongly.  I will avoid becoming too political here, as I ordinarily avoid that, but many people object to the political system as it stands, and I mean many conservative people object as well as the more obvious liberal objections seeking “change.”  But what we see as election politics reflects deeper and more profound problems and issues.  And, they are not just in the United States.  This is a global phenomenon.

The late Jonathon Cainer, an astrologer whose work I followed, wrote of this a number of times when he spoke of the “bell” (Uranus Square Pluto) that would “toll seven times.”  Cainer was both a poet and a giant (as well as a bit of a character), and his voice will be missed.  (But we are happy that Oscar appears to be carrying the torch now.)  Jonathon Cainer stressed the point repeatedly: Uranus Square Pluto will bring HUGE global changes beyond anything we have seen (at least in recent generations if “ever”).  I agree.

By itself, that would be enough, and nothing more need be said.  But the fact is that we have an amazing series of patterns coming in the next few months starting now (and with the upcoming Full Moon).  Those of you who are astrologers know what I am talking about.  I see more of you writing about patterns this year, and I strongly suspect at least some of you have looked at certain pages I put up in late 2015, such as Rare and Absent Patterns in 2016 and, more generally, the 2016 Overview.  Whether or not you are an astrologer, if you like to do advanced planning to organize your life, then I suspect you should peek at those pages.

We also recommend you compare the Gemini New Moon of 2015 (last year) and the Taurus New MooooN of a month ago.  And by “compare,” I do not mean just peek at my pages.  Pull out your journal (you know the one, the one I recommend you keep, and, yes, I am chastising you like your mother would if you are not doing it, especially after telling you about FutureMe) and compare this month to last month, this month this year to this month last year.  You reap what you sew, but there MUST be some opportunity there.  This New Moon tells us that.  You must have “eyes to see.”

That said, and keeping in mind just how powerful the upcoming Full Moon / Solstice will be, we present the chart for the Gemini New Moon of 2016 with the Mutable Grand Cross (MGC):

2016-06-04 New Moon (Grand Cross)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

In case you were not already aware, an AMAZING number of squares are present in this chart.  Children born at this time will be nothing short of revolutionary.  I knew a woman, deceased within the past few months, who was born with a similar birth chart.  She was the most gifted numerologist I ever met (I confess, I simply have NO idea how Numerology works, but she was completely accurate), and she had a greater ability to anger people (most people, even delicate ones, said “p*ss off” people) than almost anyone else I knew. She made people ANGRY with her criticism!  I tolerated her barbs because I really liked her (and I knew she liked me), but most did not.  Nevertheless, she was a very prosperous businesswoman here in Dallas, and all those squares left an impression on me.  (And, at least from my vantage point, she will be missed.  I liked her.)  This chart looks like that, but maybe even MORE squares than she had!

Interpret that however you choose.  As mentioned earlier, many others have written interpretations of this:

Adventuring Inward on this New Moon

Asha Maria on this New Moon (Sidereal Interpretation, Signs are different)

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Venus Lotus on this New Moon

Viva Combusta (Clarissa) on this New Moon

Willpower Astrology on this New Moon

BUT, we would like to add that the Grand Cross is NOT the only pattern in this chart.  It is clearly the most striking of the patterns, but it is NOT the ONLY pattern.  We also have a Grand Earth Trine (opportunity!) and a Rosetta (alliances, but typically short-lived and a risk of treachery later).  We present the chart for the Grand Earth Trine (Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury) first.  We also note that Grand Water Trines are associated with the opportunity to make quite a bit of money, but we think this Grand Earth Trine (with Jupiter and Pluto involved) has that same ability, maybe even more so.  The next two weeks could be a rather large “money maker” for those with “eyes to see.”  Here is the chart:

2016-06-04 New Moon (Grand Trines)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Please do note that the North Node is involved in this Grand Trine, also, and that is all about “Karma” (again, reaping what you have sewn) as well as “hard work.”

Finally, we have the Rosetta.  Let us be clear: a Rosetta can accomplish a huge amount of work in a short time.  But the relationships are short-lived, and the potential for treachery exists.  We also note that one leg of the Grand Earth Trine is embedded in this Rosetta.  Here is the chart:

2016-06-04 New Moon (Rosetta)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The next two weeks will gave gotcha and glitches associated with the Grand Cross.  And you can focus on those, or you can focus on the opportunity that will come to you.  The choice is yours.

New Moon on the 6th lassos in the influence of Pluto

May 7, 2016 at 2:01 am | Posted in 2016, 2016-Lunations, Astrology, Lunations | 1 Comment
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Eyes of Heaven

6-7 May

Use any power in struggles wisely during this lunar month. If someone comes at you with their anger and other harsh energies, allow their stuff to pass on by, without entering your body and emotions.

If you would like to dive deeper into the lunar cycle, the folks at Zodiac Arts may help you with that study. There’s a new mandala every month to color as a meditation on the energy being experienced. Here’s their site – Zodiac Arts

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AlchemyAstrology: May 5-6, 2016, Thursday-Friday, Active, New Moon

May 7, 2016 at 1:58 am | Posted in 2016, 2016-Lunations, Astrology, Lunations | 1 Comment
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Alchemy Astrology

A good time to: Go in like a fire storm, get it done, get out.

Challenges:  Difficulty recognizing the degree of a challenge before you. It may seem easy but it could be hard. Or the opposite.

Balance:   Ask for help when you need it.

New Moon in Aries (Fri.), laboratory process of Calcinationemotionally aggressive

Sun in Aries – persistent, aggressive = enterprising
Moon in Aries – changes, aggressive = emotionally aggressive – Cardinal Fire
Mercury in Aries – mental, aggressive = impulsive
Venus in Pisces – pleasant, relaxative = compassionate
Mars in Scorpio – impulsive, solidifying = explosive
Jupiter in Leo – fortunate, organizing = exuberant
Saturn in Scorpio – disruptive, solidifying = persevering
Chart graphic at:


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New Moon in Taurus; Friday, May 6th, 2016❂♉

May 7, 2016 at 1:54 am | Posted in 2016, 2016-Lunations, Astrology, Lunations | Comments Off on New Moon in Taurus; Friday, May 6th, 2016❂♉
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“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.”
Helen Keller, The Story of My Life

The New Moon in Taurus occurring on Friday, May 6th, 2016, at 3:29 PM EDT is our ticket to paradise! New Moons are about release, renewal, and fresh energy and in Taurus, heightens our awareness of natural beauty, while bringing us closer to all things decadent, soft and lovely.

This New Moon is also the most lusciously Venusian of the year with the Sun, MercuryandVenus in the warm, sensual realm of Taurus. We are being supported by stable, enduring, divine energy…

“Lucky Jupiter turns direct in the heavens during this initiating New Moon phase on May 9th 2016 and the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, come together the following day, May 10th 2016. This New Moon really is building towards something special. 

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New Moon in Taurus 5-6-16

May 7, 2016 at 1:51 am | Posted in 2016, 2016-Lunations, Astrology, Lunations | 1 Comment
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The New Moon on May 5th is 16 degrees of Taurus conjunct Mercury Retrograde, directly following Beltane, an ancient pagan holiday with Celtic origins which celebrates the union of the Green Man and Green Lady of the woods and of the wilds of nature.

A Grand Earth trine to Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn indicate that although the ground beneath us might feel shaky and we might fear that we are falling into it, the soil is rich and churning, with deep layers ready to reveal new sparkling facets of themselves to the surface.

The New Moon’s inconjunct to Saturn in Sagittarius we must be careful that we’re not taking on the burdens of others and identifying with them as our own. These burdens could be physical, emotional, financial, or spiritual. The point is that there is some area of stuck energy that needs…

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New Moon May

May 7, 2016 at 1:43 am | Posted in 2016, 2016-Lunations, Astrology, Lunations | 1 Comment
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Rubys Astro Readings


Friday – Astro News
by Ruby

The Moon is in Taurus all day, and a New Moon occurs later this afternoon. This is a great day to be around the folks that make you feel safe and secure. Take some time to literally smell the roses today, because this energy is all about pleasing ones senses. Do the kind of things that entice you and that can bring you pleasure, like eating a good meal, soaking in a nice bubble bath, listening to music, or just enjoying a good emotional conversation with a friend. Don’t forget while attending to your own needs you should also be writing out the “Intentions” you would like to set today with this glorious New Moon!

This New Moon is really wonderfully placed for anyone who likes to do New Moon wishing and Intention Setting. Reason being it takes place on a Friday afternoon, which…

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New Moon in Taurus

May 7, 2016 at 1:32 am | Posted in 2016, 2016-Lunations, Astrology, Lunations | 1 Comment
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Willpower Astrology

The new moon this evening occurs at 16° Taurus. New moons are a time to plant seeds that will grow into the full moon and pass my the next new moon. These cycles are said to be a time when the light of consciousness (sun) shines over the dark of our subconscious (moon), so we are more primal and less aware at this time. It’s important to channel your intentions in a way that is constructive, rather than excessively or destructively compulsive. New moons are also good times for gauging what is working and what isn’t from the last moon cycle. 

With the new moon in Taurus the focus is on creating and relishing in your personal value, developing the senses, and finding solidity within yourself.  

Taurus is related to the 2nd House of Values. This isn’t in relation to anyone else, this is only within yourself. It’s what…

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New Moon in Taurus

May 7, 2016 at 1:29 am | Posted in 2016, 2016-Lunations, Astrology, Lunations | 1 Comment
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The Closet is Burning Down: Taurus New Moon

May 7, 2016 at 1:25 am | Posted in 2016, 2016-Lunations, Astrology, Lunations | 1 Comment
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- Our Royal Way -

We’re under the gaze of an intense New Moon in Taurus (integrating Earth) today. Settle into yourself and launch what needs launching already.

BTW CHECK THE (RX) RETROGRADING PLANETS. There are 5. Whatever you held onto in secret for the past several years, now is the time where it all comes out.

Get out of the closet because it’s burning down, bbs.
And very practically in a luxurious full-feeling kinda way. Will your dance be tragic or revolutionary?


This is an extremely practical transit with the focus being on empowered and creative touch, tactile, sensation, luxury, what you are more than who you are. All the Taurus and Sag plus Jupiter in Virgo lead me to this, plus just the experience from literally EVERYONE around me.

The truth of what you are is heavy on the mind, so let it root. The simple truths of what kind of animal you…

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Mercury Retrograde with New Moon in Taurus: It’s not depression – you’re just demoralized, and it’s deliberate

May 7, 2016 at 1:24 am | Posted in 2016, 2016-Lunations, Astrology, Lunations | Comments Off on Mercury Retrograde with New Moon in Taurus: It’s not depression – you’re just demoralized, and it’s deliberate
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As the current Mercury Retrograde in earthy Taurus allows us to direct our mental faculties inwardly, and the Taurus New Moon allows both inner and outer modes of consciousness, rational and instinct, head and heart, to align for a moment, we can ask ourselves why it is that mental vulnerability is so on the increase.

PsywarWhen I left university in the eighties, depression was known to affect some in society around the age of 30, but currently researchers say first onset can occur at age 15. Duke University researcher Stephen Izard describes how the rate of depression in the West seems to be doubling every generation. This implies that basically every second person of 18-29 years old will be depressive by mid life, and what’s more, in the next generation after that, everyone will be depressed.

Consciousness expression is moving fast this century, much like global climate change, creeping toward…

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May New Moon Ritual & Celebration

May 7, 2016 at 1:17 am | Posted in 2016, 2016-Lunations, Astrology, Lunations | Comments Off on May New Moon Ritual & Celebration
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Women's Healing & Spirituality

may moon2This New Moon feels like a welcome celebration, doesn’t it?   Last moon/month was INTENSE!  The month was filled with crisis, change, upheaval, chaos, things falling apart and reaching a point of climax.  We had no choice but to change out of old, wounded, uncertain patterns of our past, life brought forth change, growth, endings, destruction, etc. so we could begin anew or at least start upon a new path, a new pattern, a new, loving, authentic way of being.  Bridges collapsed into the old way of life and this month is about allowing new roads to take shape and reveal themselves.  We are planning out new actions, new life, a taking the first step or two in beginning this re-birth and restructuring.

This moon/month is about doing things a little different.  Trying new things, taking action, responsibility, and finally addressing what we have always postponed ourselves in addressing.  We shine…

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