Quintile Kite of December 10, 2014

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Looking for a window for maximum creativity for that final paper you are writing?  The night of December 9/10 of 2014 is a good one.  We have a Quintile Kite overnight, and those are excellent windows for writing and creativity.


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This Quintile Kite uses the South Node and is not as strong as some.  The South Node says that you will have a temptation to “take the easy way out.”  Do that if you must, but do know that you CAN stretch beyond that!  Here is a video of that overnight window of opportunity:

Here is an animated version of the map for the United States during this period:

Quintile Kite of October 9th (Preparing for Nanowrimo 2014)

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If you like to write, or think you might like to write, then you have either participated in Nanowrimo or have thought about it.  The National Novel Writing Contest is an honor system based international contest that encourages budding (and seasoned) writers to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November of each year.  (This might also be a good time to determine whether or not you would like to use Scrivener to manage your writing process.)

If you have done it before, then you know that having a little preparation, such as an outline, character sketches, and so forth can be helpful.  The Quintile Kite of October 9th is an excellent period to brainstorm and organize in preparation for your writing.  The period starts shortly after 2 AM CDT on October 9th (the early morning hours after the evening of October 8th) and continues until about 7 AM.  The Moon is void of course for the first part of this period, so your plans may need revisions at some later date.  But, if you can take the next day (Friday) off, then this is a GREAT date for developing your creative side and planning that first (or next) novel.  Here is the chart of the beginning of the period:

Quintile Kite of October 9th 2014

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Quintile Kite of December 7, 2012

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If you are a creative type, you should know that a Quintile Kite will happen overnight December 7th until the morning of December 8th.  (This is great for Night Owls.)

Here is the chart:

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With Vesta, Moon, Chiron, and the Sun involved, this is a good time for insightful solutions involving teaching and healing.  Vesta takes no prisoners, so ideas generated at this time can be particularly powerful solutions.  Choose carefully what your focus may be at this time.

Higher Order Harmonics: Weekend of April 30th 2010

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This weekend is all about Higher Order Harmonics.  What are those?  We mean these:  quintiles, biqunitiles, septiles, biseptiles, triseptiles, and variants on noviles.  These are what “Aha!” moments are made of.

Let your mind intentionally daydream this weekend.  You can write down solutions to problems you may not have been able to solve.  Artists, poets, and musicians can do their best at this time.  Here are charts + analysis:

One of the first periods is the few minutes surrounding 9:34 am (localized from Plano and CDT):

The entire weekend is characterized by a series of patterns called “Qunitile Kites.”  Set for Plano/CDT, you’ll need to adjust them to your region.

On Saturday afternoon, one of a number of “Quntile Kites” comes into existence.  (See, also, Weekend Forecast.)

The Quintile Kite is the tip of a very large “iceberg” of Higher Order Harmonics:

A “trapezoid” of quintiles emerges here, involving Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, and the Moon.  A septile is present along with several noviles.  (“Much like the number seven, Septiles contain spiritual power and imply the possibility of cosmic intervention.”  And, from the same source: “Noviles are related to the nine muses and to the ennead. The novile conveys a somewhat charismatic, transcendental, mystical force, latent karmic details and spiritual growth. Noviles can indicate ceremony and relate to marriage.”)

For the night owls, Saturday at 4:44 am is powerful:

If you can buy a lotto ticket at this time, then this is the time to do it.

Saturday at 8:13, some people will wake up to a new sense of spirituality.  They will integrate the recent Full Moon events into their world.  This will be a moment of profound serenity for some.

Even greater insights on this same topic emerge by 2213 CDT:

The remainder of the night looks similar, and we awake with answers from Dreams to reduce to tangible form now that the Moon has moved into practical Capricorn on Sunday.

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