Saturday November 1, 2008 will be Ladies Night All Day

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This is a good day for males to hide from females.  Venus (very feminine and sexy females) and the Moon (includes Venus and all other females including Mrs. McCluskey from Desperate Housewives) Join together to afflict both Saturn (authority figures and grumpy old men) and Uranus (Rebels without a cause, both young men and masculine Lesbians of any age).

If you are a male, then you’d better treat your women nicely.  Don’t be surprised if the issue has to do with either the legal system, higher education, or travel.  Or, you may find yourself enamored by a woman foreign to your culture.

If you are a woman, of course, everything is turned around.  You’ll be in conflict with your men, and you might be caught between the stern and the rebellious.  You’ll find allies in other women today.

Neptune is making a direct station, and this brings confusion to most.  Alcoholics and drug addicts in treatment get released, and this is a pivotal time.  The appearance may be one of little progress though great progress is being made.  Others will enter treatment at this time, and they might just ‘make it.’  Artists get creative breakthroughs, and poets get a fresh start.  If you can, go play on this day.  Just watch out for conflicts with lesbian police officers with “an axe to grind.”

Thursday October 30, 2008 A Moon Void Day

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Some time after midnight in Eastern and Central time zones, and about 8AM in the UK, the Moon in Scorpio (police, death) squares Neptune (confusion) in Aquarius (accidents).  Most of us in the United States will be asleep, but the effect could be rather unfortunate on UK and European rush-hour traffic.

This void sets the tone for the remainder of the day.  This is another great day for arists, poets, and dreamers, as long as none of them are driving or in potentially dangerous situations.  Drunk drivers will tend to get into trouble on this day, and the damage could be significant.

Mercury trines Neptune in the void.  This could be a very good time for copywriters and marketing specialist to do their work.  Maybe not the best time to sell, but you’d need to have an independent astrologer verify this for your chart and situation.  Note that Mercury is emerging from the “shadow” of the retrograde, so things could really take off some time in the next few days.

The Mars-Saturn interaction that starts the evening is rather somber.  This is a good evening for most to stay home.  Except for evening and night workers, those in the UK may be asleep by the time this aspect perfects.  Since the aspect involves outer planets, it has the opportunity to affect several days, through Saturday, as discussed elsewhere.

For finances and investment banking, don’t get your hopes too high.  Those pretty pictures and words developed by the copywriters (mentioned above) may not quite represent reality.  To be sure, sign no contracts on this day or make major purchases.

New Moon in Scorpio October 2008

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For most of us, both US & UK, the New Moon in Scorpio occurs Tuesday, October 28th. You took care of that key matter yesterday, didn’t you? The irritating problem that you’d rather put off–you know the one–you closed that out, didn’t you?

Me either. But, I plan to follow my advice today. You should, too, knowing that today is trickier with Mercury in Libra Inconjunct Uranus in PIsces. False hopes and miscommunications may throw up roadblocks making the job we must do more difficult to complete. Push on through; you can do it.

After sunset, whereever you may be, take time to sit still and envision your next key actions. The best time is circa 1914 EDT per Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide. You’ll have “about” a 30 minute window, from 15 minutes before until 15 minutes afterward. This is a Scorpio New Moon, and it is a powerful time to receive revelations in general but especially if that regard keeping your secrets, revealing the secrets of others, sex, procreation, birthing a person or a project, oil, mining, chemicals, toxins, poisons, healing by purging, or covert operations. Remember, “first, do no harm.”

Mars Square Chiron October 2008

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Whatever happened Saturday, whatever nudged you on that day, please understand that by Tuesday you can no longer ignore it.  Take the energy that you get from Mars in Scorpio Square Chiron in Aquarius on Monday and use it to dispose of the issue during the Dark of the Moon.  This will send it away, and you can concentrate on new matters after the New Moon of Tuesday.

If you do NOT dispose of it on Monday, then it may begin to grow (and “fester” as we say here).  Lance the boil on Monday, or it will grow rather large during the next fourteen days.

I cannot tell you what it is, but this is a wound in need of cleaning.  As you read this, you may come to realize that this repair is overdue.  If you “sweep it under the rug” (a popular thing to do with multiple planets in Scorpio), then this may truly “bite” you later.

Chiron Direct October 2008

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One more footnote: Chiron makes a direct station on Saturday, October 28, 2008. Planetary stations have a way of disrupting or causing a general uneasiness. This one especially affects anyone with health issues. And, since Chiron is in Aquarius, this also affects “the People.”

For many, this is “Halloween Weekend.” (Now we celebrate the weekend before the evening before the Hallowed Day.) Accidents, mischief, or intended victimization this weekend has the potential to spur “real change” into how some things are done.

Late October 2008 (Fingers of God and Void Suns)

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The adept reader can easily read Tuesday for him or herself. Wednesday, October 22nd proves far more interesting from my vantage point.

Tuesday evening, or early Wednesday morning in the UK, the Sun will become void of course after Sun Sextile Pluto in Sadge. We’ve spoken of Pluto many times and spoken of how the last degree of Sadge is often associated with deception. Sextiles are generally considered benevolent, but this sextile, with Pluto, in this location, is not.

The Sun remains void on Wednesday as the Moon in Leo first inconjuncts Jupiter in Capricorn and then Uranus in Pisces. These two inconjuncts form a Yod or “finger of God.”

As mentioned before, this aspect is all about making a decision. The decision may be transient, as the Moon moves quickly, but it will be heartfelt. This decision will be about being stable, if boring, or being risky, but having potential. Despite my choice of words, neither path is particularly better or worse. They are both about your own personal “karma.” This is probably the one area of astrology that has the most “free will.” Think about it; which path would you prefer?

In the middle of the Yod, the Moon will oppose Chiron in Aquarius. This is another “Peace Sign in the Sky.” We saw one of those earlier this year; the energy is revisited on this day. This time we have Moon Opposite Chiron rather than Mars Opposite Neptune. Different players with different attitudes in the same configuration.

But, these events perfect inside a Solar Void, and that tells us that once again we will miss the mark. Sorry to disappoint you. We also encounter the first three degrees of Scorpio which are “too early to tell.” That location is also (as we say here in Texas) “smack dab in the middle” of the “Via Combusta.” We discussed that before, too. The Via Combusta is the toughest territory between Leo and Aquarius. (Some might ask, “which side?” The answer is “either.”)

The Solar Void is over by late Wednesday in the U.S. or early Thursday in the U.K.

Starting Thursday, we might could recover to make some significant progress somehow, but then the waning Moon followed by the aspects of Halloween (discussed elsewhere) kick in. We’ll get results (Mercury moves out of the region of the shadow of the most recent retrograde), but Mars interacting with Saturn and Uranus guarantees that a fun time will NOT be had by all, if any. I still opt for “cleaning house,” whether it is the garage or the budget.

The time of the shrinking moon from the time of the Solar Void to the New Moon of the 28th is a good time to clean house and throw out the trash. (And, again, maybe find lost objects.) That is a bonus of housecleaning in Scorpio (and especially Pisces): lost objects surface. You know the battle cry of engaging in this activity full tilt: “oh, THAT is where I put that.”

Don’t underestimate the power of this; what you find may be VERY important.

All these aspects provide more evidence that the best time to “get things done” (besides housecleaning, investigations, and finding lost objects) will probably be November 8th.

Scorpio Cometh (2008)

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(October 19th 2008)

Monday is the kind of day that looks fairly ordinary. Unless exotic transits such as septiles and noviles are in play (I don’t calculative those but probably should), Monday just seems like, well, Monday.

People will be born on Monday, and people will die, and it will be an important day for many people. Some will be hired and some will be fired. But this day does not appear to be a “cosmic punctuation mark.” And, as far as outer planets go, the Moon touches them. But, this only serves as activators for certain people with charts that are specifically activated. So, I will go far onto a limb and say that this day does not stand out.

An exception exists: this is a grand water trine day. The GT is loose, and it affects things water. By loose, I mean that the first part occurs just after midnight with the following part just before the following midnight.

My first inclination is to think that finance = earth, but a number of others have indicated to me in the past that the big “money maker” is a grand water trine. And, that has proved correct before. So, this day may be an “activator” regarding financial issues. In a sense, an activator day lances the boil that is waiting to pop.

Water particularly affects the following: emotions, birth & death & inheritances, taxes, anything dealing with the ocean & shipping, pipes of any kind, petroleum, almost any underground resource, drugs, and poisons.

The Cancer side of the trine focuses on families, mothers, oceans and other bodies of water. The Piscean side rules the music and film industries, poetry, concerts (along with Aquarius), illness, drugs, alcohol, psychic intuitions, and pipes.

Scorpio rules birth and death, inheritances, taxes, police, intelligence agencies, poisons, drugs (benevolent and malevolent), particularly laxatives, things hidden, things underground, and nuclear energy. Petroleum and petroleum based companies and products are generally ruled by Scorpio. Ice and snow are government by the “fixed water sign” Scorpio.

Scorpio especially rules trash cans, and anything “lost” by falling into the trash can.

Some are shared. Pipes are Piscean, but some astrologers think that they are Scorpionic because they “are underground,” (incorrect, they are often underground but not always) and they are “fixed.” The problem is that it isn’t the PIPE that is the key; the key is the “flow” of whatever is flowing through the pipe. This kind of movement is Piscean. One could argue that the pipe ITSELF is Scorpionic. Maybe. But the SYSTEM of pipes & flow are Piscean.

As a general rule, Scorpio makes secrets (hides things, loses things) and Pisces reveals (or finds things). Today, both sides are at play. You may find one thing (particularly since Mercury just went direct), but might lose some other thing.

So, don’t be surprised if any of these areas or industries are activated Monday. Technically, scale is irrelevant (that’s the point of “As above, so below”), but this is a day where influence will GENERALLY be more “grass roots” than “top down.”

Recognize that this grand trine precedes the transit of the Sun into Scorpio. In a sense, things that happen today may fully “take root” on or after October 22nd.

Weak Points in Lunar Cycles

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And, now, for something completely different.

Leaving outer planets and finances behind, one important topic is that of weak points in the lunar cycles.  I’m tempted to borrow from Ancient Wayne Dyer scrolls and call them “erroneous zones.”  Or, “gaf points.”  Or, “FU points.”  Or….

That said, what are they?  They are points that the Moon crosses “about” every 28 days that are times of difficulty.  Because the Moon moves so quickly, they are easily identified.  (Trickier is a peek at the annual version.  For example, do you get a gaf point whenever the moon inconjuncts the Sun in Leo?)

Gaf points, as I will call them, are best discovered empirically.  Some are hidden, and may not be related to anything obvious.  Nevertheless, if you ALWAYS have problems at 15 Taurus, then that is almost certainly a Gaf point for you.

In my experience, Gaf points are related to a particular decan of a sign.  For those unfamiliar, each sign contains thirty (30) degrees of “arc” (part of a circle).  Each sign, in turn, has three decan of ten (10) degrees each.  My experience has been that, when the Moon is in
some particular decan, you will experience difficulties.

In practice, the Moon square or quincunx (inconjunct) certain natal planets will do the trick.  Moon square natal Neptune can be downright deadly to some people.  It brings confusion that can kill in a resulting automobile accident, especially if any Uranian activity is at play.

Moon square Mars and Moon square Pluto can bring problems, too.  I generally dislike Moon in Capricorn.  The ancients didn’t like it, either (Moon in Detriment).  My experience is that it is all about delays, delays, and delays.  It is a bit like a “mini Mercury Retrograde” each month.

Moon in Cap in a birth chart is difficult to interpret.  Some say that can result in great leaders.  Others claim it leads to sociopathic tendencies.   Whatever the case,  those with natal Moon in Cap process emotions a little differently from the rest of us.

Moon in the Twelfth House is particularly nasty because the bad effect appears “good.”  Keep in mind that the Twelfth is associated with “self-undoing” and hidden enemies.

All of this varies from person to person.  A brilliant musician with a very “Neptunian” personality may actually thrive with Moon in the Twelfth.  Moon in Cap COULD be related with great leaders.  (Someone please find me one.  The closet I could come was martyr Rachel Corrie.)

Regardless of the outer planet activity and financial fluctuations, you need to “know thyself.”  (And, “thy Gaf Points.”)

Halloween, Quarter Days and November 8th 2008

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Halloween is a celebration of one of the Quarter Days.  See, also:

Halloween was a traditional celebration of the November Quarter Day.  (The above link says “cross quarter” days, but the source(s) I originally used simply called them “quarter days.)  I’ve already spoken about Halloween, but I’ll briefly recap.

(1) circa 29th/30th (depending on your time zone) Mercury Trines Uranus  (This is a great time to see movies and stageplays and right poetry; this is a terrible time to buy almost anything, especially tangible things.  Deception is at play, especially from alcoholics and drug addicts.  Just chill out and ‘watch the show.”)

(2) Mars Sextiles Saturn.  Sextiles are usually favorable, but both Mars and Saturn are malefics.  Mars is in Scorpio (death, dying, sex, secrets, and espionage) and Saturn is in Virgo (accountants, monks, nuns, and intractable bureaucrats).  Not very favorable to anyone except maybe assassins and tax collectors.

(3) Mars Trines Uranus.  Another malefic pair.  Notice this implies that Mars, Saturn, and Uranus are linked.  Uranus (perhaps better named Prometheus) is a bringer of change, and it is currently placed in Pisces.  For the development of electronic media, such as digital photography and video, this is a harbinger of great developments and inventions.  (“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”)  The three connected can be very strange.

I’d think that one side of this may be an explosive development of electronic surveillance, particular “traffic light cams” and such.  Expect events (criminal events) that will prompt this move.  Don’t be surprised if some of these events are created by agents provocateur.  (See, also:  not to be confused with

(4) Venus Trines Chron.  Venus is in Sadge and Chiron is in Aquarius.  These aspects give us hope.  But, don’t be surprised if immigration (Sadge) issues “bubble up” (Chiron’s “healing”) at this time.  Venus Trine Chiron SOUNDS benevolent, but with the previously mentioned aspects, some strident times may be at play.  (Riots?  Massive arrests?)

(5)  Finally, Neptune has been in the process of stationing (this tends to be difficult), and “goes direct” on November 1st.  At least one astrologer I knew spoke of someone who would “go into the mental hospital” when Neptune went retrograde and come out when Neptune “went direct.”  I’d say that this time, particularly Saturday through Wednesday, will be a huge turning point for many people, but especially with regard to alcoholism, drug addiction, deception, liars & cheats, and scammers.  Remember that poetry, music, photography and (especially) video involve a sort of “deception,” so these arts may undergo stunning transformations at this time.

I’ll focus on motion pictures in what I say next, but the same may apply to photograpy, poetry, and music.  Include any kind of electronic media (Netscape News, AOL, Reuters, Google News, Topix,  and the rest.)  Expect: (1) radical industry announcements, possibly a giant or two (unexpectedly) filing for bankruptcy or undergoing buyouts / mergers; (2) Certain branches or units being shut down or merged; (3) radical revisions in general (noticed the new changes in Hotmail?); (4) general belt tightening but (5) greater globalization.  Expect to radical changes in copyrighted material and news with regard to the Far East in general and particularly China.

We are far off topic, because I would like to discuss the actual quarter day, which is November 8th of this year.  Quarter Days are powerful, and the only more powerful points in the year are the changes of season (solstice points and equinoxes).  Each of the Quarter Days has been said to be tied to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  The November Quarter Day is associated with the Pale Horse, or Pale Rider.

This rider is usually the most devastating of all.  How it operates in any given year is resolved by the Moon (short term) and the outer planets (long term).  This year the Moon (in Pisces) trines the Sun.  From a short term standpoint, this should be favorable.  But, trines tend to producing long-lasting and far reaching events.

HOWEVER, the Moon also connects with Saturn and Uranus on this day.  The Sun already connected with Saturn on the 30th of October, and it contacts Uranus on November 11th.  Said differently, the Sun is effectively connected to these two as well.

All of this implies that, even though November 8th is on a Saturday, it will have far reaching consequences regarding the economy and financial markets.  And, interestingly, somehow the celebrations (Halloween, All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertes) will tie to the actual quarter day.

Mercury Direct Wednesday October 15, 2008

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After the “feel good” (but possibly confusing) Neptune Trine Sun and Full Moon of Tuesday, Mercury will go direct.  Realize that it has been Retrograde the past few weeks of panic with talk of large bailouts for the Financial Sector.  What could this direct possibly mean?

I will offer a few possibilities: (1) between Wednesday and the next New Moon (October 28th), more tales of “$400,000 junkets” will surface.  Waste and fraud will start bubbling to the surface.  As planets move into Scorpio, the sign of secrets and silence, more tales will be silenced (covered up) than will be told.  (More than a few will come out anyway, probably in February of 2009.)

(2) The final leg of the Presidential Campaign will begin in earnest, and we will hear about the most important issues, long kept secret or submerged.  (Again, some of these will remain submerged.)

(3) Individually, some or many of us will receive “resolutions.”  Not all will be happy.  For some, this means foreclosures will become final.  Disputes over loans and credit will come to a head.  And, oddly, a few of us will receive overdue checks.  Others will receive news of other kinds.

Mayan Calendar (2012) and Saturn in Scorpio 1

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I’ll probably have a number of posts to write about this, but I’d like to write a short one now. Saturn is in Virgo and Pluto is in Capricorn. Both are malefics, both are trine, and Pluto is in Saturn’s home. What does this mean? I think that the answer to that is unfolding currently.

“2012” seems to divide people into two camps: those who have heard about it and are terrified, and those who either haven’t heard of it or don’t care. I’m in a third: I think it is a curiosity, but I haven’t put much stock into it.

I’d like to point out a few interesting astrological issues, though. (1) Saturn will move into Scorpio, which is MUCH tougher than Virgo; and (2) Saturn and Pluto will be in mutual reception.

I could stop there; those two would be enough by themselves. But those born in the mid 1980s will be entering or about to enter their Saturn returns. A number of astrologers call this generation the “Chernobyl” or “Columbine” generation. The Challenger Space Shuttle disaster happened in 1986. Some have watched this generation cautiously, and I note that they begin their Saturn returns at that time.

All of this is far away, but I would offer that the current events will set the stage for those events, four years away. This election is profound, but the following one will be even more profound.

Scorpio rules (1) things underground; (2) poisons in general; and (3) especially liquids that are poisonous. Easily deduced from #1, #2, and #3, Scorpio rules crude oil generally, with Neptune & Pisces controlling the pipes. Saturn is cardinal earth, it tends to make things shrink, and it also tends to “dry up” things.

So, four years in advance, I offer this. The current “difficulties” are preparing us for what is ahead, four years from now. We are NOT having a “Great Depression,” yet, but if we do not make major changes to conserve and manage resources better, we might encounter such problems by 2012. The current “financial woes” are a wake up call.

Scorpio 2008 and Aquarius 2009

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Without naming any aspects, I’d like to point out that what happens from “about” October 22nd to November 21st of 2008 will be revisited from a different vantage point in late January through mid Februrary of 2009.  The time now is tough.  The Fall “Quarter Day” of Samhain, or Hallow’e’en (Hallowed Evening) approaches, and it is associated with death and the end of the prosperity of the summer.

This same quarter day also plants the seeds that will blossom next spring with the advent of Aries.  But, before that, Aquarius will visit.  And, in 2009 that means issues of Chiron (attempting to heal the wound through teaching and learning) and Neptune (illness and delusion, but also beauty and relief) will be visited.

By Februrary, we will recognize that changes are needed, and those with eyes to see and ears to hear will have to know that some offerings in February are NOT the right path.  The stricture of the coming winter may lead to a sense of desperation that is unnecessary and perhaps dangerous.  The key will be to ferret out the problem, learn from it, begin the healing process, and move forward.  But, any sense of truly moving forward is unlikely until the vernal equinox (first day of spring) when the Sun will sqaure Pluto and inspire important new changes.

Financial Markets and Saturn and Chiron and Pluto 2008

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After a bit of thought, I’ve decided that I’m glad that not so many people read this blog.  If you read “2008 June 26 Uranus Retrograde Chart set in DFW” then you know that I predicted a shakeup in September.  If you are dialed into this at all, I’d hope you would re-read the above article in great detail.  What I said, and continue to predict, is that this shakeup simply isn’t over.  The activity in September / early October is just a punctuation mark on the way to the rest of the story.  Saturn Inconjuncts Chiron on October 8th.  Since Saturn has a 28 year orbit and Chiron a 56 year orbit, this doesn’t happen much.  It happens even less than the Jupiter / Saturn dances that classically characterize financial “changes.”

Of course an activating aspect is needed.  (Read my other writings about activating events (typically new or full moons).)  Monday is Sun Square Jupiter, a time of often overly ambitious overspending.  The Venus / Saturn / Chiron aspects of Tuesday and Wednesday October 7th and 8th will produce MORE revelations about the “structural soundness” of the world economy as well as the U.S. Economy.  Don’t be surprised to receive interesting “news” on these days, either.  By the Full Moon of October 14th, some of these truths will be unavoidable.  Deceit will continue, but the liars and cheats will find it more difficult to perpetrate the fraud.  So to speak, “Main Street” has had enough.

The key thing to remember, here, is that a huge unbridled bailout (Jupiter) is NOT the answer here.  The answer requires intense work on the “fundamentals” of the economy and finance system.  The time has arrived for a profound belt-tightening.  I’ll say a little more about October, but the real key will be found “about” the time of Thanksgiving Day.  Maybe the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will be the turning point, or maybe it will be Thanksgiving itself.

That said, other rough spots in October: Refuse to succumb to any temptation to be impetuous on October 14th.  This is a “feel good” full moon day that will tempt many to act rashly.  Don’t get sucked into THAT trap.

October 15th Mercury “goes direct” and this means on the 15th or following few days something “overdue” will be handled.  The classic example for some of you is the arrival of an overdue check.

The Grand Trine of Thursday October 23rd will make that a very powerful MORNING (afternoon for Brits) to get things done.  Energies “flip” in afternoon and this is a time to rest and maybe reconsider.

Chiron goes direct on October 25th.  On or about that time we’ll get a crucial message about some kind of healing.  This will definitely affect the financial markets, but also anyone with health problems.  Frankly, I’m a bit worried about Social Security and Medicare.

By Monday the 27th, the new issue of “healing” causes tempers to flare in a profound way.  Expect a battle royale.  “Things” could be very nasty.

The Scorpionic New Moon of the 28th is difficult to interpret.  The conflict of Monday can be read three ways: (1) it is dead & gone; (2) it has been swept under the rug and is festering; or (3) the firefight of Monday has gone totally covert.  Guns are traded for poisons.

The dance of Mercury and Neptune on Wednesday indicate confusion and overextended idealism at best.  At worst, they are about significant deception in a time when honesty is desperately needed.

The firefights of Thursday and Friday could be avoided if you find a safe athletic activity to participate in.  But, covert operations may be at risk for exposure on these days.

This might be one really scary Halloween.

Neptune turns direct Saturday and Sunday.  A planet of “happiness” often in the form of delusion or deceit, Neptune is also excellent at exposing secrets.  This will particularly apply to those born in the late 1950’s and 1960’s.  This is a good time to turn off the cell phone and hide with a good book or movie.  Harry Potter would work well.

Tuesday, November 4th is election day.  This one reminds me of the one in 2000 that was ENTIRELY in a moon void of course.  (“nothing will come of this” or perverse outcomes)  This one has Mars Square Neptune (Bill Clinton may be prominent this day for some unexplainable reason); Saturn in Opposition to Uranus (very, very financial); and (like 2000) the ENTIRE election is Moon v/c.

I predict an outcome similar to 2000, except dramatically more important.  Frankly, this is going to be a terrible mess.  And, in hindsight, we’ll all know that the outcome was crucial.  (Why?  because of the outer planet stuff in the prior paragraph, especially Saturn Opposite Uranus, a once every fourteen years event.)

I’m not sure what was going on politically about 14 to 15 years ago, but it holds important answers for this election.  Even more so is whatever happened 28 to 30 years ago.  To understand what will happen here, look to the election of 1976 and what happened then consequent to the times of the “Arab Oil Embargo.”

November has different events, but the kicker will be when Pluto re-enters Capricorn on Wednesday the 26th of November.  This is the day before Thanksgiving.  Pluto is highly “contractile” and so is Capricorn.  Money will be tight, far tighter than it is at the time I write this (Oct 4th).  This kind of “feeling” will continue through Christmas and the end of the year.  The “Islamic New Year” on December 29th may be a turning point of some kind.

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