New Moon in Taurus 2021-05-11

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This New Moon has a number of interesting patterns. Also, Jupiter is at 29 Aquarius (The “Anaretic Degree“), a place where making decisions can be difficult. This position for Jupiter also means that Jupiter is “fated” according to some, and will soon move into “too early to tell.” (We recently looked at Uranus in the Anaretic Degree of Aries in the Bonnie and Clyde death chart. We also noted Sun AND Saturn in the Anaretic Degree of different signs on March 18th, 2020, near the time when the public first went into a panic about the Pandemic of 2020.)

Just to be clear, this New Moon signals a turning point, maybe a crisis for both individuals and larger groups, maybe nations, maybe the planet (Earth).

We ignore T-Squares because they are virtually always present in some form (so we only talk about Outer Planet T-Squares or something else unusual / powerful.)

Here are the patterns we have identified associated with this New Moon:

  • Kite (one clear cut kite and several “almost” kites)
  • Grand Trines (these are essential for Kites to exist)
  • Hele (conflicts between groups) (we predict bipartisan efforts will tend to fail at this time)
  • Rosetta (conflicts within groups, shifting allegiances)
  • A Double Yod Key (at least TWO (or more!) major decisions in play)
  • A Square Key (two interlaced Huber Learning Triangles; lessons to be learned from the experiences at this time)

A quick summary of what these patterns mean : (1) the Kite signals an opportunity (but this is a “difficult” opportunity in that it involves Saturn and Chiron; the bottom line is you must WORK for this one!); (2) multiple grand trines are in play (many opportunities; some people will let these pass them by); (3) Hele / Rosetta patterns (treachery is afoot; conflicts exist and allegiances are shifting; “bipartisan” efforts either fail at this time or lead to unintended outcomes; politics becomes even more messy than usual); (4) a Double Yod Key (expect AT LEAST TWO, or more, major decisions at this time); and (5) a Square Key (two interlaced Huber Learning Triangles; keep notes and pay attention; you’ll learn important lessons from this period of time).

Here are the charts for this NM, each filtered for the above patterns:

Bonnie and Clyde : Ambush Chart

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[This article is LONG, “tl;dr” for most of you. But, some of you might like it.]

Whether or not I will perform another analysis on this topic (of Bonnie and Clyde, the ambush, and related personalities) is an open question. Sometimes even with an intent to continue, work remains unfinished.
In this entry, we will explore some basics about the death chart for “Bonnie and Clyde,” meaning Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, bank robbers in the early 1930’s ambushed on May 23, 1934 somewhere near Arcadia, Louisiana or Gibsland, probably between the two on or near Highway 80.

A Few Notes

I start with several notes.

First, the ambush by six gunmen, “law enforcement,” was led by Frank Hamer.

“[T]he police knew that Bonnie and Clyde didn’t hesitate to shoot their way out of trouble, and had loaded up on guns accordingly. They were ready to kill, and Bonnie and Clyde never fired a shot.” [emphasis added]

Source :

General Comments

I performed a search but could not find support for this statement: “Historically, the family of Frank Hamer, notably his widow, has been litigious / acrimonious regarding any questions of the actions of Frank or the ‘posse’ at the ambush of Bonnie and Clyde.”

In reality, I researched this topic (Bonnie and Clyde) a few years ago and found webpages that said almost exactly the same thing a few years ago. They seem to have disappeared, or the search engines have buried them. Therefore, I do not have the support that I like to have to make such an assertion.

What I CAN assert is this: “The highly publicized shootout brought Hamer the sort of widespread attention he despised. He said he would not attend the proposed Hamer-Gault Hero Day in Austin, and turned down all media offers to share his story of the Bonnie and Clyde investigation with the public.”

Source :

AND, going “out on a limb,” I can assert that, nearly two decades before the ambush, Hamer threatened a state representative: “And so, when [Hamer] came under investigation Hamer used the same tactics to defend himself. In December 1918, Hamer approached State Rep. José T Canales, asking for the name of the ‘[expletive]’ who had accused Hamer and other Rangers of abusing him near Rio Grande City. Hamer warned Canales to stop collecting cases of Ranger abuse, threatening, ‘If you don’t stop that you are going to get hurt.’


AND, according to one source : “the Hamer family were no fans of the classic Arthur Penn movie. I knew that they had been greatly hurt and angered by the unfair and malicious characterization of their father at the expense of romanticizing and glorifying the road killers known as Bonnie and Clyde.”

Source :

The first source seems slightly negative but mostly neutral (law enforcement routinely maintains the “blue wall of silence,” not just Hamer), the second is quite negative (other parts of the source are more negative than the portion I excerpted), and the third is positive, verging on glowing.

Death Sentence by Ambush

As much as I can, I will try to be neutral so that you can decide for yourself. But, to be clear about my own biases, I have long thought that a cover-up happened (even with the open admission of an ambush, a murder by anyone’s standards.) (But I think the same regarding Lincoln, Huey Long, George Patton, and JFK. Frankly, I do not trust the government.)

Consider : “Common aggravating factors include: The defendant laid in wait (waited and ambushed) the victim.” Police do have “limited immunity” and so forth, but in a day and time where Officer Chauvin killed George Floyd by putting a knee on his neck (a dangerous move but arguably one not intended to cause death), if we had cell phone video footage of the B&C ambush, my guess is that we would at least see grand jury hearings come out of it.

Maybe the problem is that the event happened in 1934. And, I am left wondering, just how many people out there would turn back the clock to “the good ole days” given a chance. (Shudder.)

Let us be clear: Bonnie and Clyde were ruthless serial killers who “murdered at least nine police officers and four civilians.” [But, John Douglas, who founded the FBI BAU, would not coin the term “serial killer” for at least four more decades.]

Source :

Three Points

I am not painting Bonnie and Clyde as angels or “folk heroes.” That is not my point. (They were ruthless killers, no doubt about it.) More specifically, I have two points with this article : (1) to explore a REMARKABLE death chart of famous criminals killed by ambush by law enforcement (at least one of the law enforcement had threatened a state representative) and (2) to question the narrative that we have been given, one that is “fuzzy” from the outset.

And, if I had a hidden third point it would be this : to COMMEND officers such as Chief Maris Herold of the Boulder Police Department, as well as the members of her department, who were able to capture a dangerous murderer, a spree killer who had killed ten, without killing the suspect or any further loss of life. Without capture of suspects, our chances of identifying factors that precipitated the killings approach zero, at least any that are based on subsequent interviews or assessments.

AND, “due process” is a critically important pillar in our society. Ambushes on a country road on a spring morning are NOT due process.

OK : Four points!

Jeffrey Dahmer

Before we go any futher, the date here caught my eye. The position of the Sun is REMARKABLY close to that of the Jeffrey Dahmer natal chart (1 Gemini on May 21st). I will not duplicate that chart here or dig into it, presenting links instead. But, consider the possibility that 1 Gemini is malefic.

Death Chart

Similar to the Atlanta Shooter Chart and the Boulder CO Shooter Chart, this is a death chart and it has “the ruler of the eighth in the tenth.” In this case, the eighth house cusp is in Aquarius, and the modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus. Uranus is in the tenth house of this chart in Aries. This points out that the first Uranus return of this chart has occurred. Since Uranus is about “surprises” (and ambushes in murders), we consider it to be particularly important here. Maybe the passage of eighty four years, along with the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Botham Jean will give all of us hope that homicidal violence by “police officers” will be halted. Non-lethal means are available for many situations, but, except for tasers, are almost never used. That needs to change.

But, this is a death chart, and “ambush” is emphasized by the role of Uranus.

Edit : Somehow, the first time around, I missed that Uranus in this chart is in the “Anaretic Degree.” The Anaretic Degree indicates “fate” or “karma,” something that can no longer continue. A change must happen. Last year, in 2020, I wrote about this (March 18th through 19th of 2020: Sun in Pisces, Anaretic and Saturn in Capricorn, Anaretic) about the time the “Toilet Paper Panic of 2020” was under way.

[Edit continues: ] As I think about this, both the ambush of B&C as well as Uranus leaving Aries (a bit more than eighty four years ago), I can see the “shift”: Bonnie and Clyde were slightly more modern (automatic weapons) versions of Old West bank robbers in an era where news via telegraphy had given way to broadcast radio and travel by passenger rail was giving way to the early incarnations of automobiles.

[Edit continues: ] Thinking about it, by the time the movie was made and released in 1968, radio was yielding to television, and automobiles had transformed from the Model A into the Mustang and Camaro (among others). Another shift was underway, and we knew it. Many thought the laser would be a weapon (rather than the foundation technology on which fiber optic based broadband), and many of us suspected that the replacement of the vacuum tube by transistor heralded another major shift. With smart phones and the Internet, another one has come to pass as Uranus traversed Aries again, entering Taurus again. The Pandemic has loosely replicated aspects of the Great Depression, and, collectively, we continue to struggle against these circumstances. Is World War III waiting for us?

Rectification and Timing

Timing is in question in this chart. Apparently, the shooters (law enforcement) waited TWO HOURS before any transport of the two people they shot was attempted. Why? Service times by ambulances in urban areas by the late twentieth century that exceeded eleven minutes were considered “long.” Granted, this was rural Northern Louisiana in 1934, but TWO HOURS? What was going on? Were the “lawmen” waiting for the mortally wounded to die a lingering death so that all possibility of testimony in subsequent hearings would be eradicated?

In modern settings, that alone would be murder. In many (most?) jurisdictions, once deadly force has been used, and once the threat has been neutralized (remember, Bonnie and Clyde did not fire even a SINGLE shot!), a duty to render aid becomes in force. (This is not true in ALL jurisdictions.)

See, also :


Rectifying this chart has been difficult. Some reports claim that the ambush was “shortly after sunrise.” While that does put the Sun in the 12th house (of “self-undoing”), it is not a good chart for this. A later time, between 8 AM and 8:30 AM, is better. I call these charts #1 and #2

Another report claimed the ambush started near “9:15 AM.” I do not believe that either. By the time that chart was in play, the ambush was over. I call the 9:15 AM chart “Chart #3.”

A rectified chart for 9:15 AM, putting the time significantly earlier at 8:58, looks right. This is also labeled “Chart #3” though, arguably, this chart is “Chart #4.”

We will explore why chart #4 looks correct in more detail later. For now, this chart has (1) Venus conjunct the Part of Fatality (AND close to the top of the chart, the powerful “MC” position (Midheaven)); (2) Pluto in the 12th house near the ascendant (“angular”); and (3) (if this time is correct) Jupiter (growth, expansion) is on the 4th House Cusp (“IC,” the “bed,” grave, or final resting place) and (4) as mentioned previously, the ruler of the eighth in the tenth.

Here is the chart (in Horary format) filtered for the strongest aspects (most precise):

Sun and Moon (“the Lights“) are both PEREGRINE in this chart. Noel Tyl wrote : “When the Sun or Moon is peregrine, we have a core development issue focus: I like to say that the individual learns very soon in life that he or she is basically untethered.” In this sense, the Sun and Moon are excellent significators for Clyde (Sun) and Bonnie (Moon).

Peregrine planets are usually viewed as “thieves” (Bonnie and Clyde! Robbers!). A more enlightened view argues (as Tyl wrote) they are “untethered,” not quite connected to our culture or world. And that, too, was true of this pair.

Born in a different place and time, they might have lived entirely different lives. But, in the early twentieth century in the south, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, their destinies seem fixed, poor whites with little opportunity trapped by the Great Depression in “The South.” They were not Jean Valjean, but their circumstances did affect them.

Peregrine planets, the Lights no less, were their emblems.

Mystic Rectangle, Star of David, Kites, and Grand Trines

Solar Fire failed to find an obvious “Star of David” in this chart, something that disappoints me. It also did not detect a Thor’s Hammer in a recent full moon chart. I know this because Rick Levine of StarIQ did notice that Thor’s Hammer and commented on it. (I like his work.)

This version of the chart is filtered for Grand Trines, but it also shows the Kites and Star of David. For some people, this would have been an amazing opportunity (for things other than ambushes).

The “Star of David” pattern is rare. Winter Solstice of 2012 saw one many hours after perfection of the Solstice, and a few others have manifested since then (but not many). This chart has one, and it brings many planets “together” at the time of this event. Again, we would expect this to be benevolent. Bonnie Elizabeth Parker had written poetry, including a poem mentioning her own death in a manner similar to this.

Is this what she wanted with her short life? The fame has been enduring.

A Star of David (and almost always a Mystic Rectangle) brings Kites (“opportunity”) which, themselves, include Grand Trines. These are all part of the patterns we have discussed so far, so asking the question seems needless. But, “was this [somehow?] benevolent?”

If so, how? (Or, are we reading these patterns completely WRONG?)

Part of the Mystic Rectangle includes Astraea (law and law enforcement) which is opposite Mercury (motor vehicles, among other things).

Note that Jupiter at the 4th House cusp (“the grave”) is part of the MR.

Astraea (law and law enforcement) aspects six (6) objects AND the nodes (fate) and MC.

Mystic Rectangles are rare and generally treated as benevolent though an argument could be made that this one was malefic. Which do you think?

5th Harmonics

This chart has TWO golden yods. Those are rare, rare in the sense that a Mystic Rectangle or Star of David is rare, but this chart has two. We have seen an argument that they can be related to an “abuse of power.” Is this what we see here? One abuse of power by Bonnie and Clyde met by the abuse of power by an ambush by police?

One Golden Yod has Juno at its apex (trust and betrayal) and Sun and South Node (the “negative karma” of repeating the behavior of many lifetimes). (Did Clyde Barrow make a decision that led the pair to their deaths?)

The other has Pluto (death, especially by assassinations, especially by government agents of some kind, particularly “spies” but also police) at the apex and Saturn / Hygeia on one leg and Astraea (law and law enforcement) on the other leg. Law enforcement had a choice, also, at least the Golden Yod hints at that possibility.

7th Harmonics

At least THREE triangular patterns are present here, all built from septile variants. Did these events make any meaningful change in how law enforcement operated? (Given the threat to the state representative, I question that.) What are these 7th Harmonics of fate and karma telling us about POSSIBLE breakthrough thinking that could come from events like these.

Juno forms septile aspects in a triangular pattern with Moon / Vesta on one leg and Venus / Pallas on the other leg.

Again, we think this means that Bonnie Parker had another premonition or insight that her death was near. Was this a trip that she did not want to make, only resigning herself to it after Clyde insisted?

Horary Chart

In all fairness, this timing was picked because it “lit up” the horary indicators. We note that Moon with v/c (“nothing will come of this”) as was true in the 9/11 chart (World Trade Centers in New York City, September 11th of 2001).

We will not dig deeper, leaving that to the reader.

Here is a second horary variant of the chart:

For those who prefer a “karmic” analysis, we note the (tight!) connection between Mercury and the North Node (fate) and the trine between the South Node (also fate, but unfavorable as in repeating “old behavior”), Astraea (law and law enforcement), and the MC.

[Hamer] was officially credited with 53 kills.” While under the color of law, Hamer had killed at least fifty three people, more than three times as many as Bonnie and Clyde. The phrase “officially credited” offers a question: what was his true body count? (Keep in mind his threat to a state representative almost two decades earlier.) Did he have kills outside of those that would be sanctioned? (Such as politicians who would not “play ball”?)

Hamer killed many times, not just in “other lifetimes” but in this one as well.

Hamer was recruited by Lee Simmons. “[P]rison chief Lee Simmons reportedly promised [dying prison guard Joe Crowson] that all persons involved in the breakout would be hunted down and killed. All of them eventually were, except for Methvin, who preserved his life by setting up the ambush of Barrow and Parker.” (Same source.)

What about “due process”?

Then again, these were the times when the “Shawshank Redemption” was set.

(Are these situations any better today?)


Midpoints are “lit up” and numerous here. Particularly noticeable: Pluto is at the midpoint of Moon / Mars. This is arguably another “death chart” indicator. Pluto is also sesquiquadrate both Venus and Pallas. What could that mean? I think that, among other things, some banks may have used robberies by Bonnie and Clyde as a way to cover misdeeds such as embezzlement.

Regardless, the midpoint trees are “lit up.”

Final notes

While we have covered most of the major points in this chart for this event, much remains. Uranus at 29 Aries, can make a case that nothing could have changed these events or this outcome.

Any of the patterns, and certainly the 5th harmonic and 7th harmonic aspects, could be separate entries of their own. Birth charts for Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow, Frank Hamer, and the rest could each be separate entries. And what about the Sun being in the same position in this chart as in Jeffrey Dahmer’s?

Unless we come back to these topics and write more, and we will not rule that out, this is likely our final say on the topic. But, others could follow.

Denver Shootings at King Sooper #33 on 2021-03-22

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Denver Shootings at King Sooper 2021-03-22

In our post about the Georgia Spa Killings of March 16, 2021, we stated in reference to the Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist) pattern in the Vernal Equinox of 2021 (first day of Spring AND the Astrological New Year) that “Other Tragedies May Follow.”  Sadly, this has proven to be true: the “Denver Shootings at King Sooper #33” in Boulder, Colorado on March 22, 2021 are exactly the kind of event we feared.

Information is sketchy. We have no name for the shooter at this time and certainly no birth data.  (But, unconfirmed information is circulating.)  (Update: March 23rd @ 1248 CDT Plano TX : Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold has identified the suspect : “Al Aliwi Alissa,” 21, a Syrian-born man and resident of Arvada, Colorado  Birth Data : Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa’s date of birth has been reported as 4/17/1999. No birth time is available (yet), but we have proposed possible natal charts for Al Aliwi Alissa.)

Timing of events is missing; We are using 5:33 CDT (time of announcement on CBS News in Dallas) and treating the chart more like an horary (in reverse, like “Jeopardy”) with adjustments to Boulder, Colorado.

Update: Police Chief Maris Herold has provided useful timing that we will use for future analysis: (1) police arrived on the scene at approximately 2:40 PM MDT and (2) the suspect was taken into custody at 3:28 PM MDT.  Since we are receiving this information during a Moon v/c period (Moon in Cancer, so she “performeth somewhat” according to William Lilly.), we will wait on publishing any additional analysis (or analyses) until later.

An aside : Numerology: 2021-03-22 reduces to a nine (9) and disappears leaving the store #: Store #33!

To be certain, this chart does not easily give up its secrets. But, digging into it is worthwhile. We will first cover the key points, expand them, then provide the various filtered versions of the chart to support our analysis.

Key Points

The following points matter:
Like the Atlanta shooter chart, this is a death chart, and for the same reasons
– Asc is in the first three degrees of Virgo (“too early to tell”) and more information will be forthcoming, possibly after the moon changes signs (from its home in Cancer into Leo); BUT Regulus is on the ascendant, also, and that raises important issues about “avoiding revenge.”- Algol is conjunct MC of chart: among other things, Algol is about beheadings (literal) and “losing your head” (doing terrible things that ruin your life)
– Three objects are key in this chart: Mercury, Mars, and Vesta
– Uranus, Pluto, and the Nodes are also important, but they are part of a bigger picture, a worrisome configuration that extends beyond the events of this chart
Mercury / Vesta and the Nodes form a Grand Cross (Mars is part of it)
– A “Golden Yod” is present: two biquintile objects that quintile each other and have an apex planet; the legendary “abuse of power” is in play here
– A Hele is present (an ongoing Hele, and this is about politics more than the details of the shooting)
– Other aspects are also in play (particularly with Sun and Chiron) also

The Denver Shooter Chart is a Death Chart

The casual observer might say, “that’s obvious.” But, we mean this is a death chart in a technical sense. Here’s why:

The ruler of the 8th is in the 10th. The 8th house cusp of this chart is Aries, and the ruler of Aries (Mars) is in the 10th House (and this brings fame). THAT makes sense given that the chart is an ANNOUNCEMENT of the deaths.
However, at least some (if not all) of the shootings happened earlier, and that means MORE planets are in the 8th, possibly as many as the 8th House Stellium of the chart of the start of the Atlanta Shootings.

Those two facts (Ruler of the 8th in the 10th; 8th House Stellium) make this a death chart.

Ascendant (“Too Early to Tell”)

Asc is in the first three degrees of Virgo (“too early to tell”) and more information will be forthcoming, possibly after the moon changes signs (from its home in Cancer into Leo)
Given “considerations” used by Horary practitioners, particularly those that follow the work of William Lily, this chart is not “fit to be read.”
Practically speaking, that means the story will change. Facts have been concealed (probably by the police since this is an “ongoing investigation”), and our view of the events will likely undergo some changes later.
Regulus is at the ascendant. Regulus is ordinarily a beneficial (and powerful!) star that promises success “if revenge is avoided.” A certain individual has been identified as possibly being a shooter (we will withhold the name until later), and this particular individual has a history of attempting to engage in “revenge.” (Are we surprised where this led?) Update: (March 23rd @ 1424 CDT (Plano TX) : The shooter has been identified, and also had “revenge” issues, but different from the initial individual who was incorrectly singled out by unidentified internet sources.  Again, “too early to tell” at the time of the announcement on network television.)

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Algol at Midheaven

Algol, the most malefic of fixed stars, is at Midheaven of the chart, the most powerful position.  We have written about Algol (“the ghoul”) and how malefic it is a number of times in the past, particularly with the Vernal Equinox of 2010.

Mercury, Mars, and Vesta

We already have explored Vesta in the recent Atlanta shooting analysis. We will say, here, that we note that a police officer was among the ten victims who were murdered.

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

But, that is not the end of the story. Mercury is square Mars, one of the most malefic planetary aspects (the others are variants on Mars or Pluto). Again, like Algol at MC, that is a powerful pronouncement.

(Note that Mercury is semisquare Pluto, also!)

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

BUT, Mercury is opposite Vesta (“exact,” meaning less than a degree and “partile”); Vesta squares Mars also; the three form a T-Square.
But, when is a T-Square not a T-Square? The answer is “when it is part of a Grand Cross.” In this case, the nodes are in play with Mars applying to a conjunction with the North Node (and, therefore, opposite the South Node). Include the nodes, and we have a Grand Cross in play.

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Uranus, Pluto, and the Nodes

We could stop and have a successful analysis of this chart. But, as is popular to say among late night advertisers, “but wait, there’s more!” And, there is.
Uranus is sesquiquadrate the South Node and Pluto is sesquiquadrate the North Node. This is the most disturbing aspect of the chart since, similar to the Thor’s Hammer in the Vernal Equinox, it is a longer term kind of effect, signaling a series of problems involving death and violence during this period.

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

We may see a rash of shooters, mixed in with weather disasters and other devastating events.

Golden Yod (5th Harmonic)

A Golden Yod is present. This SHOULD be a benevolent pattern, but it gives an enormous amount of power (and encourages abuse of power). Adolf Hitler had one of these in his birth chart. More specifically, Moon and Uranus form a Golden Yod with the South Node at the Apex.

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

In Karmic terms, this shooter has participated in similar dramas for many lifetimes. So far, he has not learned the lesson.


A hele is present. This will be politicized, just as the Atlanta Shootings has been.

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Expect “mainstream media” to use these deaths as fodder for their narrative.


We will not explore those here (at this time).

But here is the midpoints version.

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]


Georgia Spa Killings (2021 Atlanta spa shootings) 2021-03-16

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Georgia Spa Killings (2021 Atlanta spa shootings) 2021-03-16

With the advent of a Vernal Equinox dominated by a Thor’s Hammer pattern (which we have discussed many times), and the Mass Murder in Atlanta on March 16th of 2021, we will present a (preliminary) analysis of the events based on the information that we have available.  (However, as of this writing, we have no birth data for the shooter.)

Time of Chart

Most interesting is that the available time information is far more accurate than such data has been in the past.  Assuming that the reports have been truthful (and we have no reason to believe otherwise), we can construct charts for analysis.

Importance of Vesta in this Chart

We note that the Solar Maps United States Map on the Vernal Equinox shows a Pallas line activation of Atlanta although Pallas is not ordinarily malefic.  Our preliminary analysis interpreted the role of Vesta in the Thor’s Hammer as affecting collectives such as police and nurses. 

HOWEVER, Vesta is well known as being symbolic of prostitution and prostitutes, particularly those individuals who engage in the behavior for reasons that are arguably noble. (What does that mean?  Historically, the “Vestal Virgins” sometimes engaged in prostitution to bring in resources for their temples.  At least one news report has made it clear that one of the victims who worked in that trade was a single mother using the money to support her children.)

See. also : USA Today: Hyun Jung Grant, killed in Atlanta shootings, was a ‘loving’ single mom who lived for her sons.

Other Tragedies May Follow

Our work invariably lacks a level of precision that so many in our field seek.  The event occurred on March 16th, ahead of the Vernal Equinox.  We note that (ominously) this could signal “more to come” in terms of tragedies during this period.

Update: (March 23rd of 2021, 1448 CDT Plano TX) This article was written about 48 hours prior to the Boulder, Colorado King Sooper Murders by Al Aliwi Alissa.

Consider the following : 2010 had a particularly malefic Vernal Equinox (see: Vernal Equinox 2010: A Bad Moon a Risin’) We thought that chart signaled the WVA Coal Mine Explosion April 5, 2010, and that we were “done” when that horrific tragedy occurred. But that assumption was wrong. (AND, the WVA Coal Mine Explosion ALSO had a Thor’s Hammer pattern ((“God’s Fist” or “Quadriform”).)   A devastating airplane crash followed that took hundreds of lives.

Both of these were preliminary events, “warmups” if you will, for the main event.  With the entry of the Sun into Taurus (where Hitler’s Sun and Biden’s Moon are located, conjunct at the beginning of the sign), the Deepwater Horizon disaster arrived.

I provide this retrospective to make a point: as heartrending are the deaths from this rampage, something worse could be lurking, something that may not greet us for as far out as April 20th (or a few days beyond).

Yods in the Chart : Important Decisions are Tied to this Event

With that warning in mind, here is the chart based on the data currently available from Wikipedia: “2021 Atlanta spa shootings

The first version of the chart we present is filtered for yods.  Two yods are present, and the eighth house (the “death house”) has a stellium (a cluster of planets which functions as a punctuation mark).  The eighth house (and twelfth and fourth house cusp) often features prominently in death charts.

Death Charts and Water Sign Houses

A bit of a side issue : [Skip this if the “details” do not interest you.]

The implication of these three (water sign) houses in death charts is curious: it implies that people tend to die (or events occur associated with death) especially at three times:

  1. shortly past Sunrise (12th House Sun, quite LITERALLY “The House of the Rising Sun“), especially alcohol, drugs, and institutionalized individuals “discovered” as dead);
  2. in the latter part of the afternoon (8th house Sun), about 4 PM or 5 PM (rush hour! But, the eighth house pattern existed CENTURIES before automobiles), or
  3. some time close to midnight (again, often this is discovery by a night shift nurse and, again, modern hospitals are predated by 4th house cusp issues by centuries).

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

The Eighth House Stellium

We note that the ruler of the 8th (Neptune) is in the eighth. (The 8th house cusp in this chart is in Pisces where Neptune, Venus, Sun, Chiron, and Ceres are located. the stellium (cluster) of planets making a “statement.”)

Ruler of the Tenth in the Eighth

The ruler of the tenth (Venus ruling a Taurus midheaven) is also in the eighth.  We see the ruler of the 10th House in the 8th, a quality that some have associated with “fame in death,” meaning people who are often otherwise ordinary suddenly become famous as a result of their death.  One article describes charts similar to this (Leo Ascendant, Venus in Pisces in the 8th house and ruler of the 10th) and says this : “As Venus is planet of Service and Devotion, and as it is in the highest dignity, it shows someone who is in service of those people who are going through turmoil in life, like abused women or children.

12th House Ruler Near MC and apply to Conjunction to Uranus

Neptune is also the natural ruler of the 12th house.  In this case, the ruler of the 12th is the Moon, located in the 9th near the midheaven and applying to a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus.  (Unexpected events, typically explosions or electrical problems, but obviously in this case the “surprise” of the ambush by the shooter.)

Yods : Critical Decisions

Two (2) yods are present in this chart, and they both represent a set of critical decisions, two independent sets of critical decisions.

The Yod with Vesta at Apex

One yod is tied to Vesta.  (Yods are about DECISIONS, a fork in the road that often changes the destiny of someone for the remainder of their life.)  Since we have identified that Vesta represents the victims (as a collective), we interpret this Yod as a decision made by one or more of the victims (or potential victims who lived).

Did Someone Call in Sick?

A question immediately arises: did someone “call in sick” on this date, decide to not go into work (and that saved their life)?  Did someone else decide to go into work to “cover,” resulting in loss of life?  An important decision of some kind was in play here for the victims.  While the 8th house stellium seems “fated,” the yods hint that choices were available (even if they seemed trivial at the time though, in reality, “life or death”).

Edgar Cayce and the Elevator : “I’ll Take the Next One”

One way to understand this particular yod in this particular situation involves an old story about Edgar Cayce that has circulated for many years (and may, or may not, be true): Edgar Cayce once had an elevator door open in front of him.  Cayce was well known for his ability to see someone’s “aura.”  As he looked into the crowded elevator, almost no one had an aura of any kind (or they were black, dark, and fading quickly).  Cayce declined the invitation, and the elevator malfunctioned after the doors closed.  Everyone on the elevator plunged to their death.

We suspect someone “called in sick” to their work at the spa on this date.  If so, that decision saved their life.  Conversely, someone else may have decided to “go in” to make “a little extra money.”  That decision, under these circumstances, cost them their lives.

Karma: Did the Group Make a Sacrifice at a Karmic Level to Make an Important Statement?

I tend to dislike analyses that use “karma” to “explain” things because “karma” can explain anything and support any viewpoint.  But, in this case, an argument can be made that this group of victims, at a karmic level, chose to make this sacrifice to make an important point : changes need to be made.  What changes?  That is an open question.

The Yod with Hygeia at Apex

Another yod has Hygeia (“health and healthcare”) at the apex.  Did something “go wrong” in the shooter’s recent “treatment”?  (He had recently been in “treatment” for sex addiction.  Did it fail?  What went wrong?  What important decisions were in play? Did someone in the treatment setting make a decision in the treatment of the shooter that precipitated this tragedy?  If so, what changes need to be made regarding such treatment?)

Some “counselors” are ABUSIVE to their clients in the name of so-called “treatment.”  If that happened here, setting in motions these events, then that needs to COME OUT!

Except for a Square Key, other patterns are unremarkable or absent, as is true for both 5th Harmonics and 7th Harmonics.  None of this was about brilliant insights or “learning” through Karma leading to breakthrough insights EXCEPT the Square Key.  The Square Key will not produce brilliant insights, but it does contain the potential for “lessons learned” and a need for changes.

But, what changes?  Is this a hate crime?  That is being debated.  Is this really about addiction?  What about the people working in these settings?  What can be done for them?  Should we decriminalize prostitution?  Or would that “make things worse,” as some have claimed.

Again, “what changes”?

The Square Key : Lessons to be Learned

Here is the Square Key version of the chart:

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

While almost NONE of the Square Key involves the 8th house planets (death, and the MANY people who died), VESTA is HIGHLY ACTIVATED! (Yet another punctuation mark!)

A Shift in Mindset is Required

The question faces us again, pounding us: “what changes”?  My guess is that barking about “identity politics” and “gun control” will NOT solve the problem or address the underlying issues. A shift in mind set is almost certainly required, and the application of the Moon to Uranus near MC suggests that as well.

Mental Health, Sex Workers, and Similar Core Issues

How we think about mental health, how we address sex workers and the sex trade, and issues that none of us may have considered (yet!) are closer to the heart of the issue.  If we buy into the distractions, if we buy into the “head fake,” then the lessons will repeat.

The Horary Chart : What Question is this Event Asking?

Last, we present the horary version of the chart, as if we “asked a question” at the time.  Oddly, this is a bit like an astrology version of “Jeopardy” : what is the question here?  (We present the horary version of the event and then WORK BACKWARDS to the question.)

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Without digging deep into the horary version of the chart, we note that Astraea (law and justice) was opposite the Part of Fatality.  This begs a different question: what role did law enforcement (and our criminal justice system) play in the deaths of the victims here?

We receive a strong “hint” here to look at the legal system and how it interacts with members of the sex trade economy.

Many questions remain open.  Maybe the time to ask them has arrived.

Many remain to be identified, a shift in mindset required.

Until then, the “House of the Rising Sun” will remain the “ruin of many a poor” person.

Vernal Equinox of 2021

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Vernal Equinox 2021 : A Worrisome Thor’s Hammer

Summary : a Thor’s Hammer at this time involving Mars (peregrine), Pluto, and Vesta is a cause for concern regarding an event involving collectives such as military, police, or allied health.  This pattern at this time may signal a mass casualty on or near this date.

Subsequent Events:

Thor’s Hammer : Horary Chart

Here is the horary version of the Vernal Equinox 2021 chart.  I offer this first because it points out that Mars (part of the pattern) is also (1) peregrine (an unfavorable position, a “thief” of sorts) and (2) opposite the “Part of Fatality.”

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

The Thor’s Hammer is associated with explosions, mining disasters, airplane crashes, and train wrecks.  Maybe the most notably example in recent decades is found in the birth chart of Adam Lanza (see, also this entry), the Sandy Hook School Shooter.

This particular tragedy could involve a shooter.

Here is the Beginners Version of the same chart:

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

The possibility of a disaster worries us.  We provide a United States map, below, that may identify likely geographies.  (One line runs through my home state of Texas.  Wasn’t the ice storm, “Winter Storm Uri,” enough?)

Events of concern may not occur “day of” the equinox.  Mars perfects the square to Vesta 7 AM Sunday Morning (March 21st), and Mars perfects the sesquiquadrate to Pluto on March 23rdThe window from March 19th through March 24th should be considered “risky.”

How to proceed?  (1) Stay away from dangerous people, places, and things. (2) Know that this is a an EXCELLENT time for FOCUSED EFFORT *IF* you can avoid anger despite the inevitable nuisances that will challenge.  Today, and the period from March 19th to March 24th, SAFETY is the most important consideration.  Everything else flows from that.

Thieves will likely be operative in this window, so keep possessions safe, also.


A Hele is also present, a sign of internal agreements in groups (such as political parties) but disputes, sometimes acrimonious disputes, between groups (such as political parties).  Political events may yet heat up again.

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]


March of 2021 is a month of important decisions.  This chart has a yod, also, emphasizing that many of us will face an important decision at this time.

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Note that the apex of the Yod includes Vesta, also part of the aforementioned Thor’s Hammer.  The disaster, or maybe just a “difficult time,” will lead collectives into making an important decision, a fork in the road.

You will feel this, no matter who you are, and you will face your own decisions.

More Decisions : A Double Yod Key Follows

Later, the next day, the decisions made cascade into other decisions as the Yod becomes a “Double Yod Key,” a sign of at least two more decisions, maybe a chain of many decisions. 

Once each path is picked, no turning back is possible.


United States Map

Vernal Equinox from 2020 to 2070

Solar Fire v9 Mar 14 2021

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Sun Cnj 0°Ar00′) AND (Sun in Ar)
Search From: Jan 1 2020 0:00 am
Search To: Dec 31 2070 11:59:59 pm

Status: Finished – 51 matches

[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2020 10:49:30 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2021 4:37:20 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2022 10:33:15 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2023 4:24:15 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2024 10:06:10 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2025 4:01:14 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2026 9:45:41 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2027 3:24:23 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2028 9:16:48 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2029 3:01:38 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2030 8:51:42 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2031 1:40:34 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2032 7:21:28 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2033 1:22:17 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2034 7:17:02 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2035 1:02:13 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2036 7:02:19 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2037 0:49:42 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2038 6:40:03 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2039 12:31:26 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2040 6:11:05 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2041 0:06:11 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2042 5:52:39 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2043 11:27:08 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2044 5:19:51 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2045 11:06:55 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2046 4:57:08 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2047 10:51:55 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2048 4:33:05 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2049 10:27:51 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2050 4:18:49 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2051 9:58:25 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2052 3:55:20 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2053 9:46:37 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2054 3:33:43 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2055 9:27:52 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2056 3:10:21 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2057 9:07:10 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2058 3:04:18 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2059 8:43:30 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2060 2:37:46 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2061 8:25:32 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2062 2:06:46 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2063 7:58:27 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2064 1:37:54 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2065 7:27:27 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2066 1:19:05 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2067 6:52:54 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2068 12:48:15 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 19 2069 6:44:19 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2070 0:34:11 am (CST +6:00)

2021-03-13 New Moon (Pisces) : A Clear Message : Take Action

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Pisces is generally associated with play, rest, and relaxation.  Matters of faith and sacrifice are also tied to the sign along with, sometimes, criminality.  Low forms of Pisces include alcohol and drug addiction, religious cults, and delusions.

Ordinarily, a Pisces New Moon would lead us to think of Spring and Easter.  But this one shouts : “make a decision and take action.”

Yod : A Signal to Make a Decision

First of all, we see a yod in this chart.  This is not a yod in traditional planets (seven of those) or even modern planets (ten total).  This is a yod in asteroids (a more subtle message that some would miss).

Hygeia (health and healthcare) says that we must make a decision between the smart ideas (and action) of warrior goddess Pallas and the law and legal step by step justice of Astraea.  Do you leap into action without much planning or thought, “making this up as I go” (as Indiana Jones once offered), or do you plot out the path step by step, as a lawyer might do or a judge might require.  You will have to decide between one.

No matter what you decide, do not “look back.”  You will only have regret if you do that.

For some people, this is about an intense reboot of “failed” “New Year’s Resolutions” now crafted into a more workable plan as this New Moon ends the “shadow” period of the recently past Mercury Retrograde.

What did not work before can be adjusted into something that can work.

Mars Quintile Sun/Moon

Mars forms a quintile to the Sun/Moon pair of the Full Moon.  This tells us that, regardless of our choice of path, that our action can be brilliant and decisive.

But, we must take action!  That is the message of this New Moon, nothing more, nothing less.

Solar Maps

Here are the Solar Maps for United States, UK & Western Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Global:



New Moons 2021 and 2022

Here is a list of the times of the New Moons of 2021 and 2022:

Solar Fire v9 Mar 10 2021

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Enters May 10 2021 6:03:35 pm (CDT +5:00)
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Leaves May 12 2021 7:44:13 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jun 9 2021 10:05:34 am (CDT +5:00)
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Enters Jul 9 2021 1:11:52 am (CDT +5:00)
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Enters Aug 7 2021 2:46:59 pm (CDT +5:00)
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Leaves Aug 9 2021 0:37:38 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Sep 6 2021 2:52:26 am (CDT +5:00)
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Enters Dec 3 2021 10:30:55 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 4 2021 1:42:52 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 4 2021 3:12:22 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jan 1 2022 9:17:10 pm (CST +6:00)
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[0] Is Exact Apr 30 2022 3:27:55 pm (CDT +5:00)
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Enters Oct 24 2022 12:43:04 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 25 2022 5:48:32 am (CDT +5:00)
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Enters Nov 23 2022 0:49:41 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 23 2022 4:57:03 pm (CST +6:00)
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Enters Dec 22 2022 12:53:40 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 23 2022 4:16:41 am (CST +6:00)
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Pisces New Moons (2020 through 2070)

Solar Fire v9 Mar 10 2021

Electional Search Results

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Search From: Jan 1 2020 0:00 am
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[1] Is Exact Mar 13 2021 4:21:01 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 2 2022 11:34:38 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 20 2023 1:05:39 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 10 2024 4:00:13 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 27 2025 6:44:35 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 18 2026 8:23:13 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 8 2027 3:29:11 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 25 2028 4:37:05 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 14 2029 11:18:55 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 4 2030 0:34:19 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 21 2031 9:48:29 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 11 2032 10:24:16 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 1 2033 2:23:06 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 18 2034 5:09:49 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 20 2034 4:14:07 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 9 2035 5:08:59 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 26 2036 10:58:46 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 16 2037 5:35:43 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 5 2038 5:14:27 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 22 2039 9:16:57 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 12 2040 7:45:31 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 2 2041 9:38:43 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 20 2042 1:38:16 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 11 2043 3:08:39 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 28 2044 2:11:42 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 18 2045 11:14:11 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 7 2046 12:14:37 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 24 2047 12:25:09 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 14 2048 8:26:54 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 3 2049 6:10:43 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 21 2050 9:02:41 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 12 2051 10:51:43 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 1 2052 1:35:03 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 18 2053 10:30:39 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 9 2054 6:44:54 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 26 2055 6:38:21 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 16 2056 0:51:36 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 5 2057 5:23:58 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 22 2058 4:55:58 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 13 2059 6:04:51 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 2 2060 10:10:55 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 19 2061 11:30:43 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 10 2062 10:12:27 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 28 2063 1:37:02 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 17 2064 7:44:21 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 6 2065 8:14:22 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 24 2066 2:49:58 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 15 2067 2:28:15 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 3 2068 5:37:08 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Feb 21 2069 9:16:16 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Mar 12 2070 9:51:32 am (CST +6:00)

2021-03-04 Mercury Conjunct Jupiter (7th Harmonic Learning Triangle)

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What’s the point? The point is this: “things” could go “boom” next week. While I would be surprised to see another ice storm, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another natural disaster or an escalation in the Middle East that turns into a (hot) war.
I still believe that, if Hillary Clinton had been elected, we would have been in a “hot” war, and maybe nuclear weapons might have been used with the dire consequences that they bring.
Regardless of what you think of him, Donald J. Trump DID keep us out of a war, despite being close to them at times.
The location of Biden’s Moon, and several other factors in both Biden and Harris’ charts, lead me to believe that this administration will lead us into a “hot” war.

The chart for March 4th of 2021, at the time of the Mercury / Jupiter conjunction, has what I term a 7th Harmonic “Learning Triangle” composed of Mars (war, violence), Vesta (collectives, including police and military) and the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction (an amplifier that “blows things out of proportion”). (These “Learning Triangles” are also called a “Triangle of Opportunity” by some.  However, this triangle differs in that it is based in the 7th Harmonic rather than traditional Ptolemaic aspects.)
If the possibility of “World War III” might affect your plans for the upcoming week, then I suggest that you plan accordingly.


  1. While the outer planets are currently silent, for the most part (primarily making the more sophisticated “higher order” aspects instead of anything obvious), the first week of March contains Mercury conjunct Jupiter. Mercury conjunct Jupiter is ordinarily benevolent for most people, but that may not be the case this time for several reasons:
    Mercury is in the “shadow” period after Direct Station. Overdue matters comes to a head, and Jupiter amplifies them. Again, this can be benevolent if the opportunities are harnessed that way. But if tempers flare, “things” could become “ugly.” Recent activity involving the United States and the Middle East indicate that possibility.
    2. While Biden is popular with the Left, except maybe the Far Left, Biden’s natal chart shows that his Moon is precisely conjunct the Sun of Adolph Hitler (within one degree). I have noted this similarity between the two before; I will likely note it again. Biden has a hidden side to himself that will be revealed to us during his presidency, a side that would have led many independents to vote for DJT instead (despite DJT’s typically acrimonious rhetoric).  Scorpios the masters of secrecy, and Biden is a Scorpio.  (Harris was born on October 20th on a Libra-Aries Full Moon at 27 degrees.)
    Actions that precipitate a war during a pandemic might be exactly what is needed to put the United States into a condition of martial law. If not martial law, then an extreme “lockdown” and strict “government control” of the economy. The Democrats control both the executive and the legislature for the most part, so a Declaration of War is possible. This could easily be amplified into the dreaded “World War III” by a Mercury / Jupiter conjunction.  Many will seem surprised, but it is easily foreseen.
    3. Even if we avoid a war, we may still be ripe for other disasters. While most see Pisces / Neptune / 12th House as benevolent, or at least a problem in terms of addictions and religious cults, early to mid-March has a long history of disasters. Frankly, we are interested in results more than theory. For example, if  disasters have  happened on March 4th of every year for most of the last 150 years, but the “astrology” says it is “benevolent,” I’m going with the empirical data and tossing the “astrology.” While I am not aware of March 4th being a particularly difficult day, I do know that extreme events have happened a number of times in early to mid-March. Consider for example, the earthquake in Japan and meltdown of the Fukushima reactor on March 11, 2011 (Tokyo Earthquake of 2011 : Astrological Patterns) Others have happened, but I think this makes my point : Pisces is not necessarily as devoid of things that go “boom” as some people might think.

Regardless of what actually happens, be assured of this: whether pandemics, California wildfires, earthquakes, Texas ice storms, or something else, the “big surprises” (large scale disasters) are NOT over yet!

(Please, God, do NOT let it be an ELE Asteroid!)

Chart Analysis (Detailed)

The following charts, and detailed analysis, are the basis of my summary (and details).

Grand Cross Still in Play

The grand cross that I described as “Collectives Meet Their Destiny, A Tipping Point for Millions” in the New Moon post that preceded “Winter Storm Uri” that left most of the State of Texas without power for periods ranging from a few hours to several days, well, that Grand Cross is still in effect in a new configuration. Neptune has moved, but the Sun takes the place of Neptune at the time of the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction of Wednesday, March 4th of 2021.
Solar Fire does not seem to “think” a GC is in play, so I am showing the T-Squares filtered chart instead. The GC is easy to visualize. The players are the Sun, the Nodes (fate), and Vesta (an asteroid that represents collectives such as public safety and allied health).
Here is the chart:

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]


We still have a Rosetta in play. While Democrats and Republicans appear to, more or less, be cooperating more than previously, inside rooms each group has tremendous infighting in play. This also applies in other domains where two groups have one face to the public and another, more concealed, face within its ranks. If you work for an aforementioned collective, or in a corporate setting, you know the strife that is currently in play.
Here is the chart:

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

A 7th Harmonic Learning Triangle

The 5th Harmonic is not busy enough to warrant a separate chart, but the 7th Harmonic is booming.
In particular, the 7th Harmonic has the equivalent of a “Learning Triangle” involving 7th Harmonic aspects (such as septile, biseptile, and triseptile) with Mars, Vesta (!), and Mercury/Jupiter at each “apex” of the triangle. This linkage of Mars (war), Vesta (collectives, includign military), and Mercury/Jupiter (commuincations, transportation, and “blowing things out of proportion”) speaks loudly to the risk of war that we face.
Here is the chart:

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

If not war (or an explosion), then we may face yet another natural disaster.
(I might add that I have not seen the term “7th Harmonic Learning Triangle” used elsewhere. If not, then I am coining the term here, in Dallas (Plano), at 3:28 AM on Sunday, February 28th of 2021)

Kite, “almost” and other charts

Solar Fire 9 contains a pattern called a “Kite, Almost.” We include the chart for that here as well as horary variants and modulus strips for those who use those tools. Furthermore, we provide lists of Mercury / Jupiter aspects and Mercury / Jupiter conjuctions (specifically) for the future.

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

As is true in virtually all disasters or difficult situations, some individuals will find, and seize, amazing opportunities.  They are the Ferengi among us.

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Mercury / Jupiter Aspects (2021)

Solar Fire v9 Feb 28 2021

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Mer Any Aspect Jup)
Search From: Jan 1 2021 0:00 am
Search To: Dec 31 2021 11:59:59 pm

Status: Finished – 101 matches

Enters Jan 5 2021 6:36:36 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jan 11 2021 11:19:15 am (CST +6:00) (1st of Rx Sequence)
Leaves Jan 16 2021 4:23:21 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Feb 8 2021 10:32:07 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 14 2021 3:39:29 pm (CST +6:00) (Mercury Retrograde)

  • Winter Storm Uri : February 14th through February 19th
  • Saturn Squares Uranus February 17th

[0] Is Exact Mar 4 2021 9:27:01 pm (CST +6:00) (3rd & Final of Rx Sequence)
Leaves Mar 12 2021 7:28:52 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Mar 29 2021 2:25:11 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Mar 30 2021 10:53:56 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Mar 31 2021 2:52:18 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 1 2021 6:03:25 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 2 2021 9:34:25 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Apr 2 2021 1:46:54 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 3 2021 8:15:25 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 4 2021 11:16:01 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Apr 5 2021 2:07:48 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 6 2021 7:25:50 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 6 2021 9:52:30 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Apr 7 2021 12:11:11 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 9 2021 6:21:22 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 10 2021 9:52 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Apr 11 2021 6:40:08 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 12 2021 9:13:05 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 13 2021 10:20:42 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Apr 15 2021 8:29:36 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 17 2021 10:59:47 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 20 2021 6:22:03 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 20 2021 6:35:26 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Apr 22 2021 1:36:23 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 23 2021 2:05:54 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 24 2021 2:28:48 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Apr 26 2021 3:39:55 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 27 2021 4:36:49 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 28 2021 5:12:45 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Apr 29 2021 7:38:32 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact May 3 2021 4:33:19 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves May 6 2021 6:20:08 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters May 7 2021 0:58:07 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact May 8 2021 9:50 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves May 9 2021 2:59:18 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters May 10 2021 9:00:05 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact May 11 2021 11:21:11 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves May 12 2021 7:47:29 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters May 14 2021 7:17:02 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact May 16 2021 9:56:31 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves May 18 2021 2:40:59 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters May 25 2021 11:03:49 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves May 28 2021 7:37:47 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jun 7 2021 11:09:55 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jun 11 2021 9:11:06 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 13 2021 2:56:52 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jun 17 2021 4:44:30 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 22 2021 2:48:24 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jun 29 2021 4:33:16 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 2 2021 1:23:05 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 3 2021 5:21:26 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jul 7 2021 12:48:09 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 12 2021 2:45:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 16 2021 4:42:24 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jul 17 2021 6:43:14 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 18 2021 7:50:07 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 20 2021 9:09:52 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 21 2021 8:28:46 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jul 23 2021 5:56:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 25 2021 3:15:30 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 26 2021 1:13:07 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jul 26 2021 12:08:28 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 27 2021 8:44:52 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 29 2021 7:08:05 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 30 2021 5:57:34 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jul 31 2021 11:24:02 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 1 2021 9:10:56 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 1 2021 8:06:38 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 2 2021 3:04:48 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 3 2021 1:04:18 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 3 2021 12:07:20 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 6 2021 10:53:33 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 10 2021 8:19:33 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 14 2021 9:46:56 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 18 2021 8:01:17 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 19 2021 10:27:58 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 19 2021 11:50:01 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 20 2021 8:23:27 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 21 2021 11:33:18 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 22 2021 1:17:35 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 23 2021 3:07:44 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 24 2021 7:32:35 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 27 2021 10:05:04 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 28 2021 4:06:41 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 29 2021 7:20:31 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 31 2021 5:58:36 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Sep 1 2021 1:55:25 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Sep 4 2021 8:13:06 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 6 2021 12:28:02 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 9 2021 4:21:29 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Sep 10 2021 11:57:21 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Sep 13 2021 0:09:16 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 20 2021 5:52:35 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 3 2021 7:04:45 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 9 2021 2:12:16 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 12 2021 6:22:38 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 14 2021 3:33:27 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 16 2021 3:21:04 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 16 2021 10:37:38 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 18 2021 10:27:30 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 22 2021 7:31:45 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 23 2021 4:08:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 26 2021 2:44:06 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 31 2021 11:18:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Nov 5 2021 0:24:07 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Nov 7 2021 2:11:18 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 8 2021 9:23:36 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 9 2021 12:58:59 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 10 2021 10:24:22 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 12 2021 5:39:35 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 12 2021 9:19:12 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 13 2021 11:37:07 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 15 2021 7:08:05 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 15 2021 10:56:51 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 16 2021 5:41:05 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 20 2021 5:42:52 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 24 2021 2:55:31 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 26 2021 4:09:01 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 27 2021 1:09:39 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 28 2021 5:43:14 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 1 2021 0:17:36 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 3 2021 2:32:10 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 4 2021 12:09:31 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 6 2021 7:04:44 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 7 2021 4:53:18 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 8 2021 9:49:04 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 8 2021 5:31:03 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 11 2021 1:24:06 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 13 2021 4:26:25 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 16 2021 5:20:06 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 17 2021 3:30:48 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 18 2021 8:37:44 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 20 2021 2:17:27 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 22 2021 6:01:04 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 23 2021 4:44:35 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 24 2021 10:12:19 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 25 2021 9:23:28 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 26 2021 3:08:51 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 27 2021 9:02:24 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 28 2021 9:20:18 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 31 2021 10:54:59 am (CST +6:00)

Mercury / Jupiter Conjunctions

Solar Fire v9 Feb 28 2021

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Mer Cnj Jup)
Search From: Jan 1 2020 0:00 am
Search To: Dec 31 2070 11:59:59 pm

Status: Finished – 132 matches

[0] Is Exact Jan 2 2020 10:41:26 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jan 7 2020 1:25:28 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jan 5 2021 6:36:35 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jan 11 2021 11:19:14 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jan 16 2021 4:23:20 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Feb 8 2021 10:32:08 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 14 2021 3:39:29 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Mar 4 2021 9:27:01 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Mar 12 2021 7:28:52 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Mar 15 2022 4:34:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Mar 21 2022 1:06:10 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Mar 25 2022 10:16:51 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Mar 23 2023 12:45:38 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Mar 28 2023 1:50:19 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 1 2023 7:33:11 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters May 10 2023 11:01:05 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves May 23 2023 11:08:34 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters May 30 2024 11:35:31 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jun 4 2024 5:23:03 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 8 2024 1:01:29 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jun 4 2025 8:30:55 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jun 8 2025 3:11:37 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 12 2025 4:05:44 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jun 15 2026 7:23:12 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 6 2026 3:05:56 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 10 2026 2:49:21 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 15 2026 6:22:40 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 19 2026 6:56:12 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 15 2027 1:14:46 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 19 2027 5:46:17 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 24 2027 2:41:42 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 21 2028 3:42:25 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 27 2028 11:01:46 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Sep 4 2028 5:30:22 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Sep 27 2028 3:00:44 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 3 2028 7:47:22 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 22 2028 8:36:31 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 27 2028 5:44:54 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 25 2029 5:30:59 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 30 2029 6:37:15 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Nov 4 2029 5:36:59 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 3 2030 0:57:13 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 9 2030 8:08:50 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 15 2030 4:03:36 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 18 2030 3:07:54 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jan 6 2031 3:01:58 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jan 8 2032 11:46:30 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jan 15 2032 3:37:08 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jan 20 2032 8:23:16 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Jan 18 2033 12:59:54 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jan 23 2033 11:05:27 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jan 28 2033 3:17:34 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Mar 11 2033 11:36:50 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Mar 15 2033 3:11:20 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Mar 28 2034 2:41:36 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 2 2034 8:24:28 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Apr 7 2034 11:01:25 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Apr 5 2035 6:12 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 10 2035 2:37:02 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Apr 13 2035 10:05:32 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Apr 17 2036 1:38:04 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Apr 21 2036 0:01:09 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Jun 11 2036 1:34:36 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jun 16 2036 5:28:16 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jun 20 2036 11:56:59 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jun 17 2037 1:43:29 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jun 21 2037 4:13:15 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jun 25 2037 9:58:10 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Jun 23 2038 12:32:12 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jun 30 2038 2:23:12 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jul 7 2038 11:35:45 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jul 26 2038 1:49:47 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 4 2038 2:11:38 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 26 2038 11:40:59 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Aug 31 2038 1:13:12 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Aug 27 2039 11:07:17 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 1 2039 2:02:32 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Sep 5 2039 7:44:53 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Sep 1 2040 6:51:51 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 7 2040 5:51:11 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Sep 13 2040 11:39:19 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Oct 24 2040 5:55:33 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 6 2040 12:45:06 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 6 2041 3:05 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 12 2041 7:10:32 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 17 2041 7:48:11 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 15 2042 9:29:46 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 21 2042 10:54:17 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 26 2042 8:27:42 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 29 2043 6:47:35 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 12 2043 11:54:05 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jan 20 2044 9:21:50 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jan 27 2044 11:37:34 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Feb 1 2044 9:43:32 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jan 31 2045 11:27:26 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 5 2045 7:58:46 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Feb 10 2045 8:21:04 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Feb 10 2046 1:35:28 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Feb 28 2046 10:52:18 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Apr 8 2046 6:51:14 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 14 2046 9:34:33 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Apr 19 2046 11:31:10 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Apr 19 2047 1:09:32 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 23 2047 9:44:17 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Apr 27 2047 2:25:23 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Apr 24 2048 8:48:25 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 30 2048 8:11:36 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact May 26 2048 2:33:53 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jun 5 2048 0:10:43 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Jun 16 2048 1:02:16 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jun 27 2048 8:41:51 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jul 3 2048 0:00:09 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Jun 30 2049 7:25:29 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 4 2049 10:05:58 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jul 8 2049 1:13:26 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jul 5 2050 2:53:49 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 10 2050 9:40:35 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jul 15 2050 3:53:17 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Aug 29 2050 5:41:09 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Sep 9 2050 9:09:17 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Sep 9 2051 5:13:46 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 14 2051 10:29:16 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Sep 18 2051 3:43:02 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Sep 14 2052 2:56:37 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 19 2052 4:52:04 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Sep 24 2052 10:09:25 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Sep 26 2053 3:37:11 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Oct 20 2053 11:36:55 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 18 2053 9:14:38 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 24 2053 11:50:27 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 29 2053 4:47:38 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 27 2054 11:56:55 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 3 2054 10:51:38 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 9 2054 4:18:14 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 9 2055 1:14:55 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 16 2055 1:38:35 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jan 3 2056 12:34:23 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jan 8 2056 1:02:41 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Jan 31 2056 4:49:07 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 8 2056 0:51:45 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Feb 13 2056 11:27:12 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Feb 13 2057 11:47:55 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 18 2057 9:37:26 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Feb 23 2057 9:41:32 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Feb 22 2058 4:34:12 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 27 2058 1:05:42 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Mar 5 2058 6:41 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Mar 16 2058 3:58:39 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Mar 24 2058 7:28:46 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Mar 31 2058 1:40:16 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Apr 14 2058 1:21:58 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 25 2058 5:09:32 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves May 1 2058 12:24:36 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters May 2 2059 7:14:20 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact May 6 2059 7:27:33 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves May 10 2059 1:03:16 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters May 6 2060 1:31:24 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact May 11 2060 7:26:52 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves May 16 2060 3:58:39 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Jun 25 2060 9:55:50 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jul 10 2060 5:31:58 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jul 13 2061 7:41:36 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 18 2061 3:31:07 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jul 21 2061 7:35:02 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jul 17 2062 4:30:13 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 22 2062 11:07:18 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jul 27 2062 0:34:43 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Jul 28 2063 5:05:12 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Aug 22 2063 10:09:30 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Sep 21 2063 6:17:34 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 26 2063 10:41:03 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Oct 1 2063 7:24:39 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Sep 26 2064 4:40:20 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 2 2064 2:02:24 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Oct 7 2064 1:17:43 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Oct 5 2065 10:20:13 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 13 2065 4:41:42 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Oct 21 2065 1:34:20 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 5 2065 3:02:41 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 11 2065 5:00:42 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 16 2065 5:17:41 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 27 2065 10:25:52 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 5 2065 4:25:07 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 11 2065 11:27:44 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 10 2066 1:47:20 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 16 2066 1:06:55 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 21 2066 5:32:39 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 20 2067 9:46:46 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 26 2067 9:34:17 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jan 1 2068 9:33:43 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Jan 24 2068 3:46:53 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jan 29 2068 10:31:57 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 17 2068 3:25:02 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Feb 24 2068 8:46:03 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Feb 26 2069 9:13:26 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Mar 3 2069 11:06:10 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Mar 8 2069 1:14:54 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Mar 7 2070 1:31:34 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Mar 11 2070 6:39:58 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Mar 16 2070 2:23:18 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Apr 18 2070 8:56:55 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves May 9 2070 6:53:07 am (CST +6:00)

Full Moon : February 27, 2021 (Virgo Moon / Pisces Sun)

February 22, 2021 at 12:37 am | Posted in 2020, 2020-Lunations, Astrology, Astrology 2021, Grand Cross, Grand Cross, Grand Cross 2021, Lunations, Patterns, Special Days, Thor's Hammer, Vesta Neptune, Yod | 3 Comments
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Full Moon : February 27, 2021

This lunation is also active.  Similar to the recent New Moon, the chart for this FM shows it has a Thor’s Hammer (potential for violence, explosions, or other disasters).  The chart also has a Yod, a clear indicator that many of us will face an important decision this weekend, continuing into early March (and possibly beyond).

The 7th Harmonic and 5th Harmonic activity is so pronounced that at least a few of you will produce works of genius this weekend.  That crazy idea from a few weeks ago?  Go back and look at it now.  You might see something special!

This Full Moon occurs on a weekend, and with the Thor’s Hammer (Fist of God) some of you will be accident prone or may get into fights.  Please be careful at this time.  If someone attempts to provoke you, walk away!

Full Moon with Thor’s Hammer

Full Moon : Beginner’s Chart with Thor’s Hammer Illustrated

[Click to Open in New Tab]

Note that the Juno-Neptune square is applying (and one of the strongest aspects in the chart other than the Full Moon itself).  Each of these, Juno and Vesta, are on a leg of the Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist) with Hygeia at the apex.  This tells us that healthcare is a central issue, and the choice seems to be between women in general but, particularly, issues of fidelity (and betrayal) on one side and a Neptune kind of character, when benevolent: poetry, music, and arts, and when malevolent: drugs, alcohol, and cults (particularly religious but other kinds as well).

In a day to day situation, some will see this drama: a healthcare provide (physician, nurse, allied health) will face a serious conflict between a person who is a “patient” (alcoholic, drug addict, maybe just an ordinary person who suffers an illness) and the females about the patient (almost certainly family members).

Large scale: the healthcare system will face serious conflicts that involve issues of trust and betrayal (on one side) and disease (particularly the pandemic) on the other.

Full Moon with Yod

A choice is emphasized here by the presence of a Yod in the chart:

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

The Moon is at apex.  Since this is a Full Moon, with the Sun opposite the Moon, this is a “Focused Yod.”

One leg goes to Chiron in Aries (healthcare and teaching, but a bit of an angry or militant variety, a “warrior monk” so to speak) and the other goes to Saturn (in Aquarius, an acceptable place for Saturn but all about accomplishing results by means of restrictions).

Large Scale : Again, expect conflicts involving healthcare and a decision of whether to follow recommendations of providers (which might prove expensive) or recommendations of restrictions and “belt tightening.”

Personal : This is all about work and play and the decisions you make from now through at least March 13th (Mercury moves out of shadow AND just past New Moon in Pisces).  Due to the Mercury Shadow, this could be about “cleanup operations” for messes in the past few months.  One path is about education and healing (maybe going back to school), and the other is about restrictions and hard work.  We cannot advise which path to take: both have strengths and weaknesses.  For some of you, you will remember this time and wonder, later, “what if I had made the other choice”?

Just remember, “Hindsight is 20/20.”

Full Moon : 7th Harmonic Chart

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

The 7th Harmonic activity in this chart is noteworthy.  This Full Moon is about “lessons learned.”  Breakthrough ideas can come, but a price in terms of karma will almost certainly be extracted.  The lessons here are complex: pay attention and write down those ideas lest they slip away from you.  For some creatives, this could be a turning point.

Full Moon : 5th Harmonic

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

The 5th Harmonic is ALSO highly activated in this chart, confirming that some of you will produce genius level work at this time.  Politics could very much become about a “power grab” under these circumstances.  Keep your eyes and ears open.  Compose music, take photographs, make video, write poetry or do something similar with this amazing set of alignments.

Full Moon with Grand Cross

Here is the Grand Cross chart we have been discussing for weeks.  It is “in play” here also.  The most notably consideration is the Sun near Neptune (applying to a conjunction in a few days) and Moon near Vesta applying to a conjunction in a few hours.  Both of these conjunctions will bring “messages” about our circumstances.

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Recent Articles

Full Moons in 2021

Solar Fire v9 Feb 21 2021

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Mon Opp Sun)
Search From: Jan 1 2021 0:00 am
Search To: Dec 31 2021 11:59:59 pm

Status: Finished – 24 matches

Enters Jan 27 2021 7:43:05 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jan 28 2021 1:16:05 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jan 29 2021 4:36:45 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Feb 26 2021 9:52:18 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 27 2021 2:17:12 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Feb 27 2021 4:40:43 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Mar 27 2021 10:11:54 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Mar 28 2021 1:48:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Mar 29 2021 3:33:19 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Apr 26 2021 7:19:34 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Apr 26 2021 10:31:24 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Apr 27 2021 12:00:02 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters May 25 2021 3:03:25 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact May 26 2021 6:13:43 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves May 26 2021 7:45:11 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jun 23 2021 10:11:15 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jun 24 2021 1:39:32 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 25 2021 3:30:44 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jul 23 2021 5:32:57 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 23 2021 9:36:45 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 24 2021 12:03:14 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 21 2021 2:06:11 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 22 2021 7:01:48 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 22 2021 10:17:48 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Sep 20 2021 0:54:46 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 20 2021 6:54:32 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Sep 21 2021 11:09:17 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 19 2021 2:51:34 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 20 2021 9:56:32 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 21 2021 3:06:54 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Nov 18 2021 7:05:54 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 19 2021 2:57:18 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 19 2021 8:41:38 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 18 2021 2:35:23 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 18 2021 10:35:20 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 19 2021 4:17:43 pm (CST +6:00)

Mercury Direct Station February 20, 2021

February 19, 2021 at 10:36 pm | Posted in Astrology, Astrology 2021, biseptile, Higher Order Aspects, Mercury Direct Station, Patterns, stations, Thor's Hammer | 1 Comment
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Mercury Direct Station February 20, 2021

Most interesting about this chart are (1) Moon conjunct North Node and (2) Moon biseptile Sun, both at the time of the Mercury Direction Station.

After the weather disaster in Texas, and also other parts of the nation, this chart tells us “it ain’t over yet.”  Care on this date, and the next few days is imperative.  Caution will pay dividends.  Impulsive behavior courts disaster.

“Poets, priests, and politicians,” who “have words to thank for their positions” will find that finding words is tough on any Mercury Station, but this one might have the curious contradiction of certain deep insights (Moon/Node biseptile Sun).  Breakthroughs can be had.  Write down the ideas, you may not have all of the pieces yet.  Persist; they will come later.

[Click on Image to Open in New Tab]

A Thor’s Hammer is also present.  Again, anger and impulsive behavior can be particularly dangerous at this time! (Avoid dangerous “people, places, and things.”  And, if one of those includes you, go somewhere and take a nap or take a time to meditate and practice deep breathing.  Whatever “it” is, “it” is not worth it!)

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

A few exceptional individuals will harness today’s energy to produce BRILLIANT works of music or poetry or visual arts or photography or videography.  If you are a creative, this COULD be your moment (IF you can avoid anger and impulsivity)!

Other Views on this Mercury Direction Station:

Death of Rush Limbaugh, 2021-02-17 (time uncertain)

February 18, 2021 at 5:35 am | Posted in Astrology, Astrology 2021, Death Chart, Editorial, Events, FamousPeople, Grand Cross, Grand Cross, Grand Cross 2021, NatalChartAnalysis, opposite Neptune, Patterns, Rush Limbaugh, Saturn square, Saturn Square Uranus, saturn uranus, Special Days, Square Uranus, Vesta Neptune, Vesta opposite | Comments Off on Death of Rush Limbaugh, 2021-02-17 (time uncertain)
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A bit of internet searching does not reveal a clear time of death for Rush Limbaugh.  However, at the time of recent searches (2021-02-18), the oldest news stories were posted near 11:30 AM.  Based on that time (11:30 AM CST), we adjust the chart to be at the time of Moonrise, placing the Moon into an angular position (and entry into twelfth house).

If we interpret this chart, what does it mean?  Mr. Limbaugh’s death is on the same day as the perfection of the first Saturn square Uranus aspect of the three occurring in 2021/2022.  That, by itself, is a “statement,” and a loud one.  Mr. Limbaugh’s death heralds the beginning of a new era, one that will be with us for a minimum of twenty years (until the next Saturn square Uranus sequence, or possibly as soon as the coming Saturn / Uranus conjunction in 2032 (Jun 28 2032 6:03:05 am (CST +6:00))).

Stated differently, anybody who believes that the death of Rush Limbaugh will silence his messages and what he represented will be “in for a surprise” when the next generation of his thoughts emerges.  And, it will.

With a history of certain kinds of events involving an angular planet, particularly an angular Moon, we have set the Moon at the ascendant and produced the following chart as a “best guess” for the time of death of Rush Limbaugh.  (We do not think it is later.  Time of death could be earlier.  Families often pause before making announcements.)

This chart puts Moon on ascendant and Pluto at midheaven.  We believe this is the correct chart, or within a half an hour of actual time.  This time also puts the Moon within a degree of square to natal Venus, an aspect that is slightly separating.

Here is the “basic” or “beginner” version of the chart with the ongoing Grand Cross of Vesta-Neptune-Nodes highlighted:

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Here is the “Horary” version of the same chart, providing aspects to the Moon and dominant aspects (almost all of which are part of the aforementioned Grand Cross):

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

The Arabic Parts list is interesting.  Parts of Friends, Spirit, Faith, Daughters, Sons, and Inheritances.  Those all seem appropriate given the circumstances.

We note that the following recent analysis applies here also:

A few other interesting analyses of death charts:

We will have more to say later.

Vesta Opposite Neptune

Vesta opposite Neptune is a theme for 2021 (from November, 2020 through July, 2021) and shows in a number of charts (this is an update/ edit done March 25th of 2021; the Vernal Equinox, Atlanta Shooter, and Boulder Shooter events (and the Boulder Shooter Natal Chart) have happened; all had Vesta as an important component).

We list, here, Vesta opposite Neptune periods from 2000 to 2070. Note: these come in clusters followed by no similar oppositions for roughly three to five years. The events are neither rare nor particularly common; we would call them “intermediate.”

Solar Fire v9 Mar 25 2021

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Ves Opp Nep)
Search From: Jan 1 2000 0:00 am
Search To: Dec 31 2070 11:59:59 pm

Status: Finished – 45 matches

Enters Jul 26 2002 8:44:37 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 12 2002 3:46 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 26 2002 8:54:23 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jun 24 2006 4:22:44 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 11 2006 12:50:18 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 26 2006 2:05:44 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 7 2009 5:30:33 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 29 2009 6:32:24 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Nov 22 2009 8:32:49 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Jan 31 2010 7:38:57 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 28 2010 3:07:47 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact May 21 2010 8:26 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jun 12 2010 1:10:06 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Aug 31 2013 11:05:45 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 17 2013 8:31:50 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Oct 1 2013 8:04:07 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jul 30 2017 6:46:34 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 15 2017 8:50:01 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 29 2017 0:54:14 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Nov 19 2020 7:54:58 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 20 2020 1:34:18 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 9 2021 5:00:14 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Mar 7 2021 7:02:38 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jun 8 2021 8:27 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 2 2021 4:19:57 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 19 2021 4:23:05 am (CDT +5:00)

Enters Oct 6 2024 3:46:28 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 22 2024 4:36:33 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Nov 5 2024 10:26:12 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Sep 1 2028 4:15:09 pm (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 16 2028 7:59:28 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Sep 29 2028 7:57:07 pm (CDT +5:00)
Enters Jan 11 2032 6:19:08 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Feb 17 2032 4:13:19 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jul 17 2032 6:11:46 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Aug 5 2032 10:33:34 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Aug 20 2032 2:15:48 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 8 2035 4:17:35 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 24 2035 8:44:16 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 8 2035 11:04:39 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Oct 3 2039 5:04:09 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 17 2039 5:35:53 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Oct 30 2039 6:43:41 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Aug 19 2043 9:38:34 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Sep 5 2043 11:03:37 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Sep 20 2043 6:01:39 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Dec 8 2046 10:26:16 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 24 2046 9:56:07 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Jan 7 2047 11:06:01 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 1 2050 9:47:50 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 15 2050 1:56:38 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 27 2050 9:50:25 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Sep 18 2054 10:49:46 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Oct 5 2054 4:41:36 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Oct 19 2054 1:17:32 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jan 7 2058 12:08:12 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Jan 23 2058 2:13:42 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Feb 6 2058 10:15:30 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Nov 30 2061 5:56:17 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Dec 14 2061 6:54:56 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves Dec 26 2061 2:04:01 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Oct 19 2065 9:13:18 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Nov 4 2065 3:42:09 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Nov 18 2065 6:51:23 am (CST +6:00)
Enters Feb 5 2069 9:03:05 pm (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 21 2069 9:25:33 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Mar 8 2069 9:13:32 pm (CST +6:00)

2021 Aquarian New Moon : Double Thor’s Hammer Key + Multiple Rosetta

February 10, 2021 at 6:00 am | Posted in Astrology | 6 Comments
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Lunations vary. Much as “opinions vary” (immortal words uttered by the Philosopher “Dalton” in “Road House” (played by Patrick Swayze)), lunations vary. Some are, frankly, boring. Some are more interesting.

This one is more interesting.

First of all, for many events, this New Moon (NM, hereafter) is the “trigger” associated with upcoming Saturn Square Uranus. One of my teachers said it many times: often the day of a huge, arguably “cataclysmic” outer planet event is a dull day with little to nothing compelling happening (except for births or deaths that happen on that date). But, according to my old mentor, MANY times the immediately preceding (or following) lunation (NM or FM) is a “trigger,” setting in motion critical events.

I believe that is true here. The NM of Thorsday triggers much. Some of it scares me.

Six Major Considerations for this New Moon

Here is my list of “issues” with this NM:

  1. Thor’s Hammer Key : I have never seen a book describe this (at all!) and Solar Fire (as of version 9) does NOT have a built-in search for this (I would like to see it added). Similar to a “double yod key,” the Thor’s Hammer Key (or, if you prefer, “God’s Fist Key”) is a combination of two Thor’s Hammer patterns interlaced on one side. We have that in this chart, and (similar to Adam Lanza who had a Thor’s Hammer in his birth chart) the Thor’s Hammer can make “things” go “boom.” I will not say it happens every time, but the POTENTIAL is there! (Be careful! Avoid dangerous “things” (people, places, and things. Offer a kind word rather than an angry insult. Apologize. Watch “Unhinged” again! Here is a question : Is the character played by Russell Crowe really the villain? Are you sure? How do YOU act in those situations? Would you apologize? Do you hunt someone down if they don’t apologize to you? Or, are you a doormat? Do you feel your blood boil sometimes? Did you “just want an apology” when you were having “a really bad day”? Have you felt that lately?)
  2. Rosettas, multiple and interlaced. One side opposes the other. Oddly, both sides seem cooperative. But both sides have HUGE internal battles waged “behind closed doors.” Expect the impeachment trial of Donald Trump to prove to be “interesting.” (Let’s face it, regardless of what the outcome may be, dissatisfaction will be vented extensively, maybe by BOTH sides.)
  3. 7th Harmonic activity : Karmic (always) and (sometimes) scientific or technical breakthroughs. What appears to be a four planet pattern with a trapezoidal pattern is in play. Whether or not that is true depends on how tight you set your orbs, but (if you are willing to loosen your constraints) the pattern looks interesting.
  4. 5th Harmonic : The 5th Harmonic looks deadly boring UNTIL you realize that Jupiter forms a bi-quintile with Vesta, and Vesta was involved in the aforementioned 7th harmonic activity. Specifically, Sun/Moon (this IS a NM!) form a 7th harmonic aspect with Vesta. So, what DO the Sun/Moon (father and mother) want to talk to Jupiter (the philandering prodigal son born to be king) through Vesta (collectives and their traditions and rituals)? I am not sure, but it looks interesting. AND, the distance from Jupiter to Sun/Moon is 10d40m (ten degrees and forty minutes), almost exactly 1/33 of the “wheel in the sky” (that keeps turning).
  5. Grand Cross : We have mentioned this in every recent chart. Neptune and Vesta (whoops, there it is! Again!) oppose each other and the Nodes square both. This is a curious aspect, and it is in play long enough to color this window of time from before the inauguration until ? until ? until ? (Maybe March? April? later?) Seeing collectives (including religious ones) in opposition to dreams, music, poetry, religion, drugs, and alcohol, and FATE (the Nodes) insisting on that conflict, makes for “interesting times” to experience. The Neptune-Vesta-Nodes GC might also be symbolic of the Pandemic as it continues into 2021.
  6. T-Squares: Ordinarily, we can ignore these when looking at a Grand Cross. BUT, these are NOT ordinary times! Complete separate from the previously mentioned T-Square, we have Hygeia opposing Saturn. Interesting by itself, the fact that Saturn is making its first square to Uranus (since April, 2001) creates the T-Square. When Moon reaches 7 Scorpio (in less than three weeks), a different Grand Cross will form. The Neptune-Vesta-nodes GC is a source of discontent and dissent, but the Hygeia-Saturn-Uranus-Moon GC has the potential to cause radical shifts, deep change that may involve (more) violence.

Any given chart can be “farmed” at length for more meaning. We do that all the time with natal charts. But these six key patterns are enough to be “interesting” as the NM “pulls the trigger” on the Saturn-Uranus square on February 17th.

Thor’s Hammer Key (Interlaced) :
A Potential for Violence or the Energy to Get Things Done (You Choose)

Here is the chart for the THK :

Uranus-Neptune-Hygeia-Astraea form this pattern. Uranus and Neptune are heavy hitters; they tend to shape the world for generations to come. Hygeia is “health and healthcare”; Astraea is “law and legal.”

You can piece together the rest. Stated simply, battles are brewing over healthcare and the laws that govern healthcare. But, if you watch the news, then you already knew that!

Rosettas : Opposing Sides Seem to Agree, But Internal Battles are Fierce

Here is the chart:

The massive activation of Mars (FOUR squares!) tells us this is a BIG FIGHT. Better be prepared!

7th Harmonic : Problems with Supply Chains Continue But Innovative Solutions Are Possible

Mars-Ceres-Saturn-Juno form the four planet pattern here. Mars and Saturn are, respectively, the “Lesser Malefic” and the “Greater Malefic,” but how do Ceres (food, supply chains, the grocery store having what you want, enough vaccine to “go around,” and similar) and Juno (traditional female family roles : mother-daughter-sister-aunt-niece but ESPECIALLY the wife angry at the philandering husband) fit in?

Without the modifers: how do Ceres and Juno fit in with Mars and Saturn? Whatever the case, frankly, it SOUNDS bad (geez, Mars & Saturn are in play here; Grant Lewi made much of Mars Square Saturn in Hitler’s natal chart). I don’t know about you, but it sounds scary to me!

Whatever the case, it will be “karmic” (a long overdue balancing of some kind) and (strangely) scientific and technical breakthroughs may result from it. Hold onto your hat!

We also note that Vesta (of the Grand Cross mentioned earlier) forms a TriSeptile with Sun/Moon at time of perfection of the NM. What does THAT mean? We are not certain, but it ties into the GC mentioned earlier and it will have something to say about our traditions and our collectives!

5th Harmonic

At first blush, this chart looks boring. But, then we see that a BiQuintile connects Vesta (!) with Jupiter (AND Venus!). What involvement of the King (and sometimes philandering husband) and his sweetheart, the ever lovely Venus, to these collectives and their ever important traditions? To be certain, Vesta is an important player here.

Grand Cross : Collectives Meet Their Destiny, A Tipping Point for Millions

Click to Open in New Tab

At this point, the GC seems anti-climatic. But, in addition to the Saturn-Uranus square, it is the star for the moment. As seems ever true with Neptune, the pattern risks fading into the background with the other drama in play. But, the key issues of the day can be found here! Poetry and music can heal. Alcohol and drugs (and other addictions) can destroy. Which path do you choose?

Vesta makes this GC about collectives : (military, police, religious orders, healthcare workers). Neptune brings huge changes, some of which are deluded mis-steps and others will make their way into poetry and song.

T-Squares : A Signal of Radical Change Coming

Click to Open in New Tab

That brings us to the final pattern we will review : T-Squares. We ordinarily ignore those when a Grand Cross is in play (a “T” is just a GC with a piece missing), but another T is in play that will have importance in a few weeks when the Moon at 7 Scorpio will make it into a grand cross. (March 3rd)

This is a “fixed” T, and you can expect that some progress will come to a halt because people will choose to NOT give up their positions.

The Fixed Grand Cross is also known as “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,” particularly if at fifteen degrees. This one is at seven, but shakeups are still likely.

However, sometimes a GC can be highly productive. A bit of insight or “higher order thinking” can be helpful.

Pandemic : til the End of 2022 (Saturn Square Uranus x3)

February 7, 2021 at 6:19 pm | Posted in Astrology | 3 Comments
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The good news : some of you will finally find the freedom that you seek. Fed up with the cube and want to work at home? The chance to do that will present itself to you if it has not already done so. Choose wisely.

The bad news : I forecast that the Pandemic will be with us, in full force, through the end of 2022.  Remnants of it will effect some people into 2023, but mostly we will move beyond it by the time 2023 asserts itself, bringing a different problem (the “Pluto Return” of the United States).

Let us be clear here: the paradox is this: the strictures of the Pandemic are the very conditions that will bring some of us the freedom we deeply long for. The package is bundled, and you cannot tease it apart.

Here is the time-table for Saturn Square Uranus:

Enters Feb 22 2020 6:05:53 am (CST +6:00)
Leaves May 1 2020 3:36:40 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Dec 25 2020 5:17:29 am (CST +6:00)

  •  Is Exact Feb 17 2021 1:08:14 pm (CST +6:00)
  •  Is Exact Jun 14 2021 5:00:45 pm (CDT +5:00)

Leaves Aug 8 2021 2:17:18 am (CDT +5:00)
Enters Oct 27 2021 5:10:45 pm (CDT +5:00)

  •  Is Exact Dec 24 2021 1:16:53 am (CST +6:00)

Leaves Feb 4 2022 2:43:52 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jul 12 2022 4:17:43 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Dec 12 2022 0:53:27 am (CST +6:00)

Source :

See, also:

For some of you, the doorbell will ring early, on the New Moon of Thorsday February 11th. Others will not receive the call until the Full Moon of Saturday, February 27th (and the doorbell might ring on Friday the 26th).

Each and every one of us will receive a gift in the form of an opportunity disguised as a problem.

Count on it.

Upcoming perfection on February 17th :

Saturn Square Uranus (2021-2022, 1 of 3, 4th Harmonic, Nodes, Basic)

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Other Commentary:

Astrology King : Saturn Square Uranus (February 17th)

Applied Vedic Astrology : Saturn Square Uranus (2021-2022)

AstroButterfly : Astrology of February 2021 (Saturn Square Uranus)

Cafe Astrology : Saturn Square Uranus (February 2021)

Mooncircles : the Shattered Mirror

Venus Square Uranus perfects on these dates this year:

Enters Feb 2 2021 0:54:18 am (CST +6:00)
[0] Is Exact Feb 6 2021 9:32:52 pm (CST +6:00)
Leaves Feb 10 2021 11:03:43 pm (CST +6:00)
Enters Jul 3 2021 11:51:39 am (CDT +5:00)
[0] Is Exact Jul 8 2021 2:25:06 pm (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Jul 12 2021 8:27:28 pm (CDT +5:00)

What is that like? See this entry from 2016 for a comparison.

Also : Sun Square Uranus from July of 2015

Was that a special time for you?

fIRST Mercury Retrograde 2021 Arrives

January 30, 2021 at 8:12 am | Posted in Astrology | 5 Comments
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The first Mercury Retrograde of 2021 is here.  We will expand this post a bit in the next few days, but we want to put up a few charts first (on the outside chance you know how to read them or are trying to learn that skill).

A few key points:

  • Mercury Retrograde begins with the Retrograde Station today (January 30th of 2021) 
  • Mercury Retrograde ends with the Direct Station (February 20th of 2021)
  • The Shadow Period prior to the retrograde started January 15th
  • The Shadow Period after the direct station ends March 14th
  • Most of the chaos is associated with the stations and aspects in the shadow period
  • Mercury Retrograde can always be useful; use it to complete “unfinished business” and overlooked maintenance.  Cars break down, but often we have the flat tire because the time for new tires had arrived (and we ignored the warning signs).  Opportunities abound during this time IF you know how to recognize them.

This Mercury Retrograde has all of the patterns discussed in “What the Hell Are You Pissed Off About Now?”  We will cover those patterns again in brief.  

A single pattern unique to the station stands out: a Saturn-Chiron Yod with the Moon at the apex:

Mercury Retrograde Station 2021-01-30 Chiron-Saturn Yod with Moon at Apex

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This pattern tells us that, both collectively and individually, we face a decision : stick with “doing things the way we always have” (also called “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”) as compared to following a path of healing and education that may involve a painful look at ourselves.  Moon at the apex in Virgo tells us that healing is probably the better choice here though the universe will provide both advantages and disadvantages on each path at the fork in the road that we face.  No matter which path you pick, the path not chosen will always leave you wondering “what if I had chosen that way?”

The key, here, is the Moon at the apex of the yod.  This shows up in a Solar Map of the United States at this time with a Moon Descendant line passing through the western part of the United States that passes about halfway between Phoenix and Albuquerque.  (Those two, and that region, are likely to be “activated” somehow.)

Mercury Retrograde Station 2021-01-30 USA Solar Map Moon Line

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

New York, New Jersey, and Eastern PA, along with Boston, are also activated by Mars and Uranus lines.  “Something” (or someone) could go “boom” in these regions.

Mercury Retrograde Station 2021-01-30 USA Solar Map NJ-NY-PA

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Notice that Scranton, Allentown, and Philadelphia are all “direct hits” with these lines (Uranus), as is New York City (Mars).  Pluto at MC (Midheaven, top of the sky) crosses the bay at Boston MA.  Expect “interesting” events in these regions from now through (at least) March 15th.  The days near Saturn Square Uranus (February 17th) will be especially sensitive for these regions.

Fifth harmonic (5th harmonic) activity is elevated in this period, signifying that creatives (poets, musicians, photographers, videographers, other visual artists and sometimes “inventors”) will benefit in this period (IF they go back and look at old ideas with “new eyes”).

Mercury Retrograde Station 2021-01-30 5th Harmonic

Mercury (Retrograde Station!) forms quintiles with Mars and Juno.  Issues involving women (and especially anyone who trusted and was then betrayed) will combine with Mars (war, warfare, violence) and Mercury (Standing Still!) is at the apex.  The time is at hand for certain people to right old wrongs, to obtain justice.

Other pages discussing Mercury Retrogrades in 2021:

What the Hell Are You Pissed Off About Now?

January 30, 2021 at 6:01 am | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on What the Hell Are You Pissed Off About Now?
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That is the mood of the moment, right?

(Maybe you are looking for the title page that USED to be here?  If so -> click here <- )

Considering the combination of a T-Square (common, and breeds anger), a Grand Cross (RARE, and the amplified entity that a T-Square is TRYING to be), and a Thor’s Hammer (what is that?  This portrait of Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook School shooter, explores the Thor’s Hammer (ANGER!) in his birth chart.)

“We” (collectively) are being hammered by a series of variations on what is described in the previous paragraph.  The patterns have been in play for months, are in play now, and will continue to be in play.  And, if you think electing Biden will solve the problem, then you are deluded.  Nada will improve over Trump, and it might all worsen.

Does that piss you off?  Good.  Maybe you can break through your denial.

Here is the horary version of the general chart:

2021-01-25 8th Harmonic Filter (Octiles) with Grand Cross and Thors Hammer (Horary Page)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

And here is the “beginner” version:

2021-01-25 8th Harmonic Filter (Octiles) with Grand Cross and Thors Hammer

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Both of those charts are filtered for 8th harmonic aspects, the ones that range from minor irritations to deadly explosions.  All of it is active now!

Just knowing this will help SOME of you.  Not everyone will get it, but chances are good, if you are reading this, that you are the kind of person who is willing to learn the lesson given to you.  You look for wisdom in places others refuse to go, and you can dig out a little self-control over all that anger and rage.

Said differently, you can channel it.  And I do not mean channeling it like Adam Lanza did into being a school shooter or the people did who broke into the capitol building.  Myself, I used some of my irritation to clean out the garage.  And, as I found problems and various situations in the process, I became EVEN MORE ANGRY.

That could have broken me, but it didn’t.  The garage is still a mess, but it is much better than it was when I started.

You can do the same thing.

To make the Thor’s Hammer clearer, here is a chart filtered specifically for that:

2021-01-25 Thors Hammer (Focused on Neptune, Neptune-Vesta Axis)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Vesta (traditions, especially military and police but ANY traditions) appears to be at the focus of the Thor’s Hammer.  Sesquiquadrate to Vesta (one leg) is Saturn (structures, especially existing social structures, but also bones (your skeleton!), the structures of buildings (especially the beams that carry the weight), and any other kind of structure).  The Sun is currently close enough to be included in an additional sesquiquadrate.  Some people would  argue that nearby Pluto should be included.

Frankly, I can see that (Pluto being included here), but I am trying to “keep things tight” here since a common criticism of astrology is that it predicts anything and everything from anything and everything.  So, I am using tighter orbs.  But, again, Pluto could be considered part of the mix, and the “Pluto Return” for the 1776 birth chart of the United States has begun, probably peaking about 2024.

The other leg has Uranus sesquiquadrate to Vesta.  Uranus is in Taurus, and that is NOT a good place for it.  Uranus (at home in Aquarius) is about change and, similar to Jupiter / Sagittarius, HATES to be restricted.  Taurus is best symbolized by granite.  Taurus is the ULTIMATE sign of “not changing.”

I have a dog born with Uranus in Taurus, and he is an interesting character.  Frequently angry and temperamental, he is adorable and loving when he sleeps near me at night.  He is a study in contrasts, and (to me) he is emblematic of Uranus in Taurus, unpredictable at times and prone to explosions yet endearing at other times.

Uranus is bad by itself, considered a “malefic” because of the disruptions it brings.  (Some of these “disruptions,” however, are necessary breakthroughs.)  Having Uranus in Taurus on one leg of a Thor’s Hammer, with Saturn in Aquarius (the home of Uranus!) on the other leg (and, therefore, squaring Uranus) is a NIGHTMARE.

Although Vesta will eventually move (and so will the other two, but S-L-O-W-L-Y), we have been dealing with this for some time.  The good news is, wait, with this THERE IS NO F-ing GOOD NEWS.  This is bad, just bad.

Your only hope is to, somehow, channel all that rage into something productive and helpful. 

Otherwise, you’ll regret it!  (Even worse, someone like me will be saying “I told you so.”)

Anything else?  Quite a bit, but  let’s look at the oppositions in play.  Only a conjunction is a more “fundamental” aspect in astrology than the opposition.  A full moon is an opposition of “the lights,” the Sun (the “Greater Light”) and the Moon (the “Lesser Light”).

Here, we examine the oppositions of the moment:

2021-01-25 Second Harmonic (Oppositions) that form Grand Cross + T-Square

[Click to Enlarge]

The Nodes always oppose each other (mathematically impossible for them to NOT oppose each other), but the involvement of Juno tells us that some kind of karmic issue is facing wives in particular but also daughters and sisters and females in their roles as family members, particularly wives.  This probably involves issues of trust.

The Nodes are in Gemini / Sagittarius, something we discussed in May of 2020 (last year); we will not dig into that again here.

Hygeia opposes Sun / Saturn, an aspect present in the other charts but not obvious.  This tells us it is part of the mix, and it brings issues of health and healthcare into these patterns of irritation, anger, rage, and sometimes extreme behavior.  We already know this from the issues of the pandemic, but sometimes confirmation is at least “interesting.”

Vesta opposes Neptune.  Again, this opposition is somewhat obscured in the other charts.  This might  be the single most important aspect of all in this chart.  For creatives, breakthroughs are possibly in poetry, photography, and videography, particularly involving traditions and other aspects of Vesta.  (Strangely, Vesta also rules “kinky sex,” so some odd stories involving such might emerge, given that Neptune specializes in unmasking secrets.  Also, the adult video industry may undergo some kind of major shifts or changes at this time.)

Vesta is also conjunct Denebola (refer to first chart).  What does that mean?  “Fixed star Denebola is of the nature of Saturn and Venus (slovenly, very immoral, shameless, revolting, mean, sorrows in love.) It gives swift judgment, despair, regrets, public disgrace, misfortune from the elements of nature, and happiness turned to anger, and makes its natives noble, daring, self-controlled, generous and busy with other people’s affairs.” Source: Astrology King: Fixed Star Denebola.

But, Neptune in this position converts the Thor’s Hammer.  Just as a yod can be converted into a focused yod by a planet opposite the apex, here Neptune does the same thing, effectively creating a “Focused Thor’s Hammer.”  As far as I can tell, no one has named the “Focused Thor’s Hammer” though a fair amount of discussion of the Thor’s Hammer pattern is beginning to circulate, such as this comment at the Aquarian Papers in 2014.

2021-01-25 Thors Hammer ( Neptune-Vesta Axis)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

What does it mean?  My guess is this: a few of us, creatives, will use this to produce brilliant expressions of breakthrough ideas.  And, for the rest of us (maybe all of us), this is an opportunity to reveal (Neptune) our delusions and false thinking (also Neptune) about institutions (Neptune, and especially nursing homes and prisons at this time) and traditions (especially those of police and military).

We can have breakthroughs, but only if we do not let the anger lead us into regretful acts.

One parting question :

What the Hell Are You Pissed Off About Now?

Sometimes, a little humor can be helpful.

Wednesday, April 29th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy — lillyroddyshow

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Wednesday, April 29th, the Moon begins the day in Cancer, goes void-of-course at 2:29 PM and remains void until 8:06 PM when Luna enters Leo and is no longer void-of-course. Moon trine Neptune, 2:12 AM: This aspect should help us sleep more soundly and allow us to connect to the dream world more easily. […]

via Wednesday, April 29th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy — lillyroddyshow

Under the Blanket 4

April 29, 2020 at 4:04 am | Posted in Astrology, biseptile, Editorial, Higher Order Aspects, septile, septile-T, septiles, triseptile | Comments Off on Under the Blanket 4
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The ideas here are simply too good not to steal. However, when I use them in my analysis of the septile family, I will mention your name. By the way, what I have been reading about the Septile family is that it is “karmic,” a working through of issues that are part of destiny. Your thoughts on that? (Other sources also claim “scientific breakthroughs.”)

jbuss Astrology

It’s kind of like the old story about the Brain and the Heart arguing about which Organ was Most Important to the Organism, when the Anus walked in, but if I had to Choose a single Angle as The Most Important one, I’d Choose the Septile.  That’s one seventh of the way ’round the Zodiacal loop.  The Seventh Harmonic is about Stillness in Readiness for Action, very Aikido-like.

I simplify interpretation of the Septile as Timing.  Think about that Prophesy that you’d meet your Soulmate in the Produce Department.  Unless your Soulmate works there, your Chances of meeting them are pretty slim if you don’t also know What Time You Need to Be There!  Of course it’d be Intuitive, but the “Left” Brain will understand what we mean.

In the 25 April 2020 Pluto Station chart there’s a rather remarkable chain of Septiles…

  • Neptune (our…

View original post 267 more words

2020-04-29 : Moon in Cancer moves void then into Leo; Sun biseptile Jupiter; Higher order Mercury aspects

April 29, 2020 at 3:33 am | Posted in Astrology, biseptile | Comments Off on 2020-04-29 : Moon in Cancer moves void then into Leo; Sun biseptile Jupiter; Higher order Mercury aspects
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Irregular Oracle

2020-04-29 : Moon in Cancer moves void then into Leo; Sun biseptile Jupiter; Higher order Mercury aspects


Today is effectively two days compacted into one, and arguable three.  Before 2:27 PM CDT, Moon is in Cancer and has a number of statements to make.  Moon in Cancer is the strongest possible position for the Moon, so we need to pay attention.  Chances are good that we will have some kind of shift involving the petroleum industry.

But after the void, things go sideways.  Some prosper and some do not.

Moon enters Leo, and stays in “too early to tell” (as the horary practitioners call the early degrees of a sign) through the end of the day (midnight).

Mercury (Helio) forms seven (7) aspects.  Five are in the novile and undecile family (moments of brief but intense insight), one is a quintile to Hygeia (indicating…

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Astrology : Daily Panchang – April 29th, 2020 — Anoop Astrology Sutra

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Daily Panchang – April 29th, 2020 Vaishakh Month of hindu calendar, 6th day – Shashthi, Shukla Paksha, Nakshtra at the time of Sun rise in Punarvasu and will be till 02:01 Hrs (IST) on 30-04-2020, Moon will move in Pushya nakshtra at 02:01 Hrs (IST) on 30-04-2020.

via Astrology : Daily Panchang – April 29th, 2020 — Anoop Astrology Sutra

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