Sun Conjunct Jupiter, May 2012

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Except in certain cases of Jupiter retrograde, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter once a year.  Jupiter has a 12 year orbit, and so it moves to a new sign each year.  This year Jupiter is in Taurus, and the Sun will conjunct Jupiter in a few days.  Although this is a fairly routine annual event, it is worth noting because it brings wonderful opportunities to many people.  And, I heard Lee Lehman at UAC ’98 say, in reference to Jupiter, “spectacular losses.”

That is true.  With the recent (and ongoing) sharp semi-square of Uranus to Jupiter (more properly Jupiter to Uranus since Jupiter is faster), some people will be spurred to make bad decisions.  You will have to evaluate your own circumstances to determine whether or not you should take that “big risk” that presents itself.

That said, I will provide a few estimates as to how I think the Sun-Jupiter conjunction, in process for the next few days (though about May 12th or 13th) will play, in general, for most signs.  (Remember, this is general and does not take into account your Moon sign or the rest of your chart.)

Aries:  Life has been full of surprises and will be for the next few years with Uranus in your sign.  (Uranus stays in a sign for about 7 years.)  The Sun-Jupiter conjunction will amplify the surprises.  This could be in “size” or frequency or both.  Your life could take on a bit of a whimsical and unpredictable quality; this could be a turning point.  Most of you will handle this well.  As is true with the other signs, most of you will have to make a stand on some issue during this window.  See if you can get a Taurus to do the work.

Taurus:  We are in a recession, but you have an opportunity for a big win.  However, Taurus can be slow to act, and many will let it pass by.  Hindsight is 20/20.  So, the fact is that most of you better jump on the opportunity while the window is open.  It will shut, and this one probably will not visit you again.  Be careful about others trying to take your advantage from you, especially Scorpio.  An Aries may want credit for the idea.

Gemini:  You are smart and fast, but you have a possibility for a mis-step here.  Pisces can irritate you, but stick with the positive side of Piscean energy here: poetry, music, photography, and selflessly (anonymously even better) helping others.  Watch out for the quick fix.  For you, “too good to be true” is probably good advice.  But, do take pictures.  P.S.  An allegiance with a Pisces might help you wrest the advantage from another team.  But, if a Scorpio catches you doing that….

Cancer:  Taurus exalts you, and this may be one of the best windows of your entire lifetime.  Friends can do amazing things for you in this window.  Some of you may invent brilliant things.  Consider hiring a patent attorney if you do.  Frankly, if you are smart you can let others scurry about while you reap the advantage.  Allegiance with a Scorpio could be smart.

Leo:  Taurus squares you.  The Uranus in Aries might save you, and it will certainly change you.  Frankly, this is a dangerous aspect for you.  Know everything about the price, total cost of ownership, before you buy it.  Whatever you choose, you must be decisive.  And, chances are good that there will be no turning back.  As usual, consider allegiance with Aries and/or Sadge.

Virgo:  Taurus trines you.  But, the unpredictable Uranus in Aries tends to irritate you.  Some of you will see major changes or shifts in your family.  This might bring big money to you.  In general, you will probably benefit.  You have some of the same problems as Libra.  You will tend to be dissatisfied despite the benefit you (might) accrue.  Maybe you need to drop some of the perfectionism for once.

Libra: Uranus in Aries opposes you and that forces you to be more of who you are.  That’s interesting since you are about balancing forces and delaying decisions until you have more information.  This one will MAKE you decide.  Failure to decide is a decision, and it might not be the one you want.  Be proactive.  Taurus inconjuncts you, and (similar to Virgo) you may be dissatisfied with the results no matter which option you pick.  But, do pick.

Scorpio:  Taurus opposes you.  You win big or lose big.  Most of you are smart planners and not so impulsive.  You are natural investigators, and you can use that much to your advantage in this situation.  Having a Cancerian ally could be very good for you.  If possible, do not have Virgo or Libra in your decision making; they cannot see the opportunity that you can.  Do realize that you do have a chance to be happy here if you are willing to work for it.  (That doesn’t tend to come easily to you.)  Follow the Boy Scout motto: “Be Prepared.”

Sadge:  Your problems are similar to Libra, except Uranus favors you.  Even if you stumble, even if you are a bit dissatisfied with the result, the “surprise” here is ultimately going to benefit you.  Try to take a long term perspective on this.  Avoid the temptation to buy a motorhome at this time.

Capricorn:  Read Cancer.  The surprise really irritates you, maybe more than anyone else.  But you’ll love the results.  You are not getting them the way you want, but you are getting them.  You’ll need to focus on the outcome rather than the method.  Avoid looking a gift horse in the mouth like a hypercritical Virgo might or waffling about an important decision like a Libra might.  It is possible to mess things up despite the fact that you are heavily favored here.

Aquarius:  All good for you.  Actually, it is outstanding for you, maybe the best.  Some of you will consider going back to school.  Leap on that.  Others will have their day in court.  You can win.  Still others should just buy a lotto ticket.  Although Taurus squares you, you can win big here.  You’ll experience some annoyance and discomfort, but the overall win is so big you should ignore the molehills.  Similar to Cancer, if a great idea or two hits, consider that patent attorney.

Pisces:  Just because the bank vault door is open does not mean you should rob it.  And, it will open for you.  Just be careful not to spend it before you get it.  Really, avoid the temptation to create a debt or spend unnecessarily.  The universe is very good at giving you expenses, so KEEP what you get if you get a win here.  You just might need it for a rainy day.  Open a savings account if you do not have one, and start filling it.  Note that this could be a situation where a Taurus will put you to work.  Is it a job that you want?  You’ll have to decide.  Avoid criminality or anything remotely similar.  Stick to being a saint, you can be very good at that.

All Signs:  If your moon is in a different sign, and you know where it is, read that too.  You will get a mix of both.  Only you live in your own skin, so you will have to adapt the interpretations to fit your own life.  Sometimes reading the others signs can tell you something about yourself.

Reading the sign opposite can be especially useful for some of you.  Also, try picking the same element.  (Fire: Aries, Leo, Sadge; Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Cap; Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; Water: Cancer, Scorp, Pisces)

Also, depending on how old you are, you can look at major decisions, particularly career, travel, and finance, made during these periods:

June 28, 1999 to June 30, 2000
Mar 8, 1988 to Mar 11, 1989


Full Moon of May, 2012

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Supermoon 2012

This full moon is a bit different from the others this year.  It has been nicknamed “Supermoon 2012.”  Bigger and brighter than other full moons, it is unusually good for romance.  (A number of new Aquarians and maybe a few Capricorns will be started tonight.)  The moon does have a risk: some people will engage in mischief, likely mean spirited, that they should avoid.  Watch for criminal behavior.

Here is the chart for the Full Moon of May, 2012

Click to Enlarge

If you are a beginning analyst (astrological analyst), then the following chart may be helpful:

I am going to make a bold leap and assume that, if you are reading this blog, you understand the dynamics of a Taurus Sun / Scorpio Moon Full Moon.  At sixteen degrees, these planets (astrologers call the Sun & Moon planets, just in case you do not know) are on top of the Fixed Sign 15 degree points that some (many) argue are “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”  That is, some argue that the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” of the Book of Revelations in the Christian New Testament is actually a code for the 15 degree points.  These points are also associated with the “Quarter Days” which are in turn represented by various holidays in the United States and other cultures: Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, etc.  We note that this Full Moon actually occurs on Cinco de Mayo.

That said….

Particularly interesting is the Jupiter / Uranus semisquare.  Jupiter / Uranus aspects are associated with “luck” and such things as lotto winnings.  They also present reversal of fortune for some.  Expect big wins and loses about this date.  In sports, “upsets” are likely more common at this time.

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