Sun-Mars-Pluto Grand Trine of late April, 2012

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Not sure how to interpret this: the Sun, Mars, and Pluto are in a Grand Earth Trine.  Grand Trines are stable, and earth signs are stable.  But, this is the Sun (“the Greater Light”) in alignment with the two warlords of the Zodiac.  To be sure, this will spur some of us to action while others sit still and watch.  Today, Sun and Mars aspected, about 5 days from now Sun and Pluto will.  Then the GT breaks up.

Here is a chart, courtesy of Astrolabe‘s free chart service on their website.  So, what are your thoughts on this?  How is this working in your life?


The Taurus New Moon of 2012

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The “Dark of the Moon” period from Monday April 16th until the New Moon of Saturday 21st (approximately 2am Plano time) will be a particularly powerful period for planning tangible accomplishments for 2012.  How the financial markets will respond this April / May will be interesting to watch.

A number of events loom near.  We will see a Solar Eclipse on May 20th that will touch Albuquerque NM.  June will have a number of interesting events as well.  Notably, these events are almost certainly setting the stage for the events that will follow the entry of Saturn into Scorpio this October.  Among others, another Solar Eclipse will follow on November 13th.  That Solar Eclipse is part of the same cycle as the May 20th eclipse.  See, also:,_2012

Here is a chart of this New Moon, set in Plano:

[Click Image to Enlarge)

This is a very good window (up until this New Moon) for producing tangible expressions of art, from photography to sculpture.  Take your camera with you, for the rare and fleeting moments may never present themselves again in this lifetime.  Finish existing projects involving farms, tangible art, and finances prior to this New Moon with the intent of launching a new project either at Cazimi (exact moment of New Moon) or a few days later.

The most outstanding feature of this chart is the Mars / Neptune / Mercury yod.  At this location, Pisces is intercepted and Neptune and Chiron are near each other in early Pisces.  Mars is at the apex of the Yod.  Located in Virgo (health, accounting, and related institutions), Mars simply will not allow us to avoid making a decision at this time.  We are given two choices: (1) an intercepted Neptune in Pisces which is the ultimately symbol of either waiting or ineffectiveness or (2) a highly energized Mercury (communications / transportation) near Uranus (mass communications / revolutions / accidents / brilliant insights).

Personally, I would pick the latter.  This yod says you “can” choose to sit still, but it will probably leave your ability to accomplish anything eviscerated.  The mercury path does have some danger, and mis-steps and accidents are possible.  This Taurus New Moon requires the kind of prudence that Taurus is generally known for.  Exceptions exist: both Saddam Husein and Adolph Hitler were examples of what an afflicted Taurus looks like.

So, don’t act like them!  (Note the dates of birth and death!)


So, you must act, and act decisively, but avoid becoming Hitler!  (The balance is delicate, but you can do it.)

A very real danger exists of an event similar to the KrystalNacht:

A few of you must choose the Pisces / Neptune option if you are overdue for downtime.  Sometimes that is the only “choice.”

Also worthy of note: most of the planets involved (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, & Neptune) are in EARLY degrees.  These early degrees signify that this period is about beginnings, and later in the year more will be revealed. In some cases, that will mean we will bear the fruit of the consequences of our actions at this time.

And, Chiron is at 8 degrees, signifying that events at this time may be related to the teaching and healing of the Diamond of December 21st of this year.

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