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Some webmasters deserve public recognition.  Hank Friedman of “Soul Healing” is one of them.  He is in the business of selling astrology software.  As a service to the community, he provides a page of links to free astrology tools.   One of them “bit” me.  No virus or anything like that, but it changed the font used in MS-Outlook for plaintext email and left those messages unreadable.  I contact him, and he made a few suggestions.  One of them worked, and this is my public way of thanking him.  So, if you have an interest in astrology software, you might want to check out Hank’s site:

[And, if you are one of several people who have left data for me to analyze, I will be back for a more depth analysis later this week, probably on Friday or Saturday.]


XCD Natal Chart Analysis 2012-07-26

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Reader XCD posted the following comment in Saturn in Scorpio (The Power of Mutual Reception):

Submitted on 2012/07/26 at 6:13 am

I am born on July 18th 1984 with Libra rising and Pluto at 29 degrees, But also Saturn 9degrees and Mars(16 degree) in First house.

My Venus is squared by Saturn and Pluto 

For no fault of my own (At least I am assuming) I am unconsciously carrying lot of past relationship, Will it be supportive when Saturn moves into Scorpio? to be able to fully throw my past? Can you please tell me what it it that i need to work on?
I never had a relationship until Saturn Entered Libra and broke up in 2010.

We will refer to XCD as the “querent” (seeker) at later times in this analysis.

We begin with charts produced by Allen Edwall’s AstroWin and “Astrolog 5.4.”

[click to enlarge]

This first chart is produced by Astrolog and is offered for the convenience of any who wish to examine Transneptunians and other detail.

Here is the same data charted by AstroWin:


[click to enlarge]

We are setting the chart in Plano with a time chosen close to noon.  This particular chart has Moon at 29 Pisces and the individual in question may have an Aries moon.  [Edit: We have since learned that querent XCD has an earlier Pisces moon.]  However, absent that information we use this Moon which is in aspect with the natal Pluto.  Additionally, we will avoid discussing the natal moon.

[XCD has since offered this improved, more accurate, and more legible version.]

XCD (the querent) complains of not having had a relationship (we presume this means a long term romance) until recently, and that one has now dissolved.  Further, XCD wants to know what to do differently.

Although we will not cast a horary chart, we note that the question arrived as moon void of course was beginning and this analysis is being conducted during a void.  Therefore, chances are good that the answers will be “wrong” and clarification from XCD (particularly with regard to birth time to more clearly locate the Moon) may be necessary.

The first house is highly activated and populated by Pluto, Saturn, and Mars.  Pluto is at 29 degrees Libra; the last three degrees of any sign are often called “fated” degrees (or similar names).  In a sense, this individual has powerful “karma” to work through to move the planet in question to the next sign.  And, in this case, the planet is Pluto.

Combined with the other planets in the first house, we see indicators that this individual is often involved in powerful power struggles.  If the Moon is indeed Piscean in the last degree of that sign, then it The Piscean Moon is in trine with Pluto and another planet in a “fated” degree.  We see a grand water trine in this chart.  The individual in question is capable of generating wealth, and may be able to generate great wealth, depending on their willingness to work and “do what it takes.”  (But, grand trines can also be lazy.)

This individual may have involvement in death and dying.  If not criminal, then we might expect involvement in a funeral home, hospice care, or some type of institution such as a nursing home.  Alternatively, the involvement may be with liquids, ranging from the oil industry to liquor sales.  Addiction could be a problem.

We also note that Neptune is also located in the final degree of Sagittarius.  Neptune can be related to deception, and the final degree of Sagittarius is also related to deception.  We expect powerful  challenges for this individual.  But, what about when Saturn moves into Scorpio?

[click to enlarge]

Mercury and Saturn conjoin the Natal Pluto.  Mercury combined with Saturn creates a high degree of focus.  If XCD makes the mistake of engaging in criminal or other deceitful activities, then they may be discovered at this time, particularly with Neptune in trine and Mars semi-sextile.  On the other hand, if XCD is being victimized, then a chance for justice exists at this time.  This would be the time to co-operate with the police.

The querent asked about romance, but we are seeing an entirely different set of questions and answers for this querent.  Venus is trine Jupiter, and that bodes well for relationships.  But, bigger issues are playing out.  How they play out depends on XCD’s past choices.  As stated elsewhere on this blog, the coming series of aspects are challenging, and the justice that results will depend upon the choices we make.

We would like feedback from XCD.  Given that this analysis is being done in a v/c Scorpio Moon, it is subject to revision.  [And we have done some of the subsequent revision in the originally thread of comments located at Saturn in Scorpio (The Power of Mutual Reception).]

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