About GrandTrines

This is yet another astrology blog.  We are all experts on fate, right?

Let us make clear the mission of this blog: our mission is to explore astrological patterns associated with various current and past events and, in the process, discuss and teach the possible meanings of these patterns.

Think of this blog as more like a “school” that will teach you a bit about astrology rather than spoon-fed predictions for your individual sun sign.  (i.e. We are teaching you to fish rather than giving you a fish.)  That means we will frequently refer you to other resources (typically other astrology blogs) so you can make an informed decision for yourself regarding what methods work best for you.

Some of the things we do to help with this include (1) focusing on patterns with only minimal interpretation (how does it fit in YOUR situation?); (2) showing charts with aspect lines REMOVED leaving only the lines of a particular pattern; and (3) using the “Beginners” version of the chart to help you identify bodies (planets and asteroids) and the signs they inhabit.

We recommend that you read and explore the work (and results) of multiple oracles.  We have a name for this method: SUMO (the Strategic Use of Multiple Oracles).

Some oracles are better suited for a particular person than others.  Another lesson learned is that oracles that worked twenty years ago may no longer be suitable after someone spends twenty years growing and transforming.  Typically, each oracle has something to offer, some better than others.  And, where I come from, the cooks have permission to alter the recipe.  Tailor the clothes to fit you, not the other way around.  Finally, we don’t have “Consumer Reports” for astrologers, so this is as close as you will get to that.

Twitter feed is Grand Trines.  (Sometimes updated; sometimes not.)  Re-Tweets are appreciated.

Although I have taken requests for individual charts in the past, in recent times I have found difficulty in keeping up with the requests for these.  You may request one, but I cannot guarantee that I will “get to it” for you.  And, because I like to use my methods to TEACH astrology, if I do actually cast and analyze a chart for you then I will often give you “homework assignments” if I do a chart analysis for you.  In an ideal world you would actually research and review what I recommend you do (though few people seem conscientious enough to follow through on this).

While I like having a larger audience, the truth is that I am writing for a highly select audience.  The criteria that limit who is my true audience have nothing to do with how advanced you are as an astrologer, where you live, your gender or racial characteristics, how old you are, or even whether or not we are alive at the same time.  But, if you read my work and you know it “resonates” with you and your way of life, then chances are good that you are a member of this select audience.

Due to certain important aspects of my life, I must remain anonymous.  But, I believe that some of my ideas are helpful to others and should be expressed.  The comments of a number of you have confirmed this.
Since I have no means of accepting payment in the form of money, links to my blog and comments are appreciated (if you like my work).


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  1. I love your blog and am so glad I’ve found it! Will be visiting as often as time/circumstance allows. I’ve added your link to my sidebar.




  2. Wow, I love knowing an Astrologer. Good work Grand.


  3. Thank you! Much appreciated!


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment ~ muchly appreciated! 🙂 Very interesting blog you have here.. lots to see, i will be back!


  5. Any way to remove my full name from a comment I just posted? Thanks.


    • Nope. No way to do that.

      WordPress does not have such a feature, at least not one that I am aware of. What I have to do is delete your entry and then make an anonymous analysis that uses only your first name or some other identifier. You will note that your data is in the other blog post, the one I will trash, and that means you are comparatively safe for now. Also, if your name is “Jim Smith” then you are a little more safe from various kinds of snoops than if you are “Englebert Humperdink.” For anyone who might happen to read this, PLEASE keep this in mind when you post.

      A good policy, here, is to use a first name and initial of last name. I am okay with pseduonyms, too. But, I will warn you, if you use a pseudonym such as “freesexsite” or “upyourblogstats,” then you will disappear into the spam trap! 🙂 And, I delete those without looking. P.S. Spammers: give up now! You are just wasting your time. Go somewhere else.


  6. I’ve seen the planetary shifts taking place and all of the historical alignments since aprox 2009, it’s amazing seeing the impact the planets have on us and the earth..all we can do is watch and educate ourselves and learn from it…peace


    • I hope that this blog has contributed to your enlightenment!


  7. […] About GrandTrines […]


  8. Hi, thank you for the comment, yes remaining anonymous is extremely important to me too, besides the obvious and other reasons, I am a naturally secretive person. Especially with my feelings and emotional life. People who know me would probably be in shock to read my blog lol And I would wish for the Earth to swallow me literally! When I first read my chart it explained this somewhat dark side of mine ( Venus is in my 12th in Pisces.) Thanks for connecting with me, I will be visiting here regularly, and I am open to any discussion about astrology/spiritual topics. Gia


    • Venus in 12th shows in the poetry woven into your prose. In many ways I am not particularly secretive in general, but in certain areas of my life I must be. This is one of them. Astrology is not particularly well accepted in either Texas or “The South.” And it is not accepted at all in certain professions. That said, yes, I look forward to our discussions as well your questions! Give me a general idea of your geography, and I might can do a few maps for you.


  9. I understand, there are certain topics you can’t discuss with just anybody, because they have have been ridiculed in general society and amongst the professionals- as well as the people who engage in the study of them. It is a shame, but I say, they are just ignorant, and it’s their loss.
    There is so much more to life than our so called physical reality and possessions!
    Just look at all the synchronicity in our daily life. The people you meet “by chance”, and the conversations turn to “the out there” stuff…
    How do you think astrology works? Where did it come from?
    Also I am a bit puzzled about my chart-some of the qualities I am supposed to have-leader, career, military, politics, practical, fast and blunt – (according to sun, mars, ascendant, 10th house), but I came to the conclusion, that I do not like to be a leader to tell people what to do (at work), nor do I like to be led. I identify with my Venus and Pisces (ascendant 1 degree Aries-lots of diverse projects and interests). And being on the very cusp of Aquarius-I feel more Aquarian than Cap. I am definitely humanitarian, artistic, an ideas person…
    Locations: Born in Prague, Czech Republic, lived in UK half my life, and now I am in Vegas.
    Looking forward to interesting discussions! Thank you very much! I am intrigued 🙂


    • Where did astrology come from? That topic is discussed quite a bit. One major ongoing work addressing that is Project Hindsight. I do not tend to dig deeply into the past however, and I am primarily interested in 20th Century astrologers. Grant Lewi and Dan Rudhyar top the list. I have read just about everything Lewi published (except “Star”) from cover to cover. However, I have only read Rudhyar superficially, enough to embrace his ideas as foundational to my own (as well as Lewi).

      A few years ago, a reader contacted me and notified me that my ideas looked a great deal like the work of Richard Tarnas. Although I had never heard of Tarnas before that, I was concerned with any possible accusations of plagiarism and took down those particular pages. I suppose I need to read both Tarnas and Rudhyar thoroughly so that I can distinguish what thought of my own could be considered “original.”

      That last Astrology book that I seriously read, reading it with a “fine toothed comb,” was “Horary Astrology: Plain & Simple” by Anthony Louis. I highly recommend it, and sometimes I (mis)use horary techniques in my analysis based on what I learned from that book.

      Unlike Louis and Tarnas, I am not willing (at least at this time) to jeopardize my career by coming “out of the astrological closet.” Like you, anonymity is essential to my belief that I can write freely and unhindered.

      That means, of course, that I cannot receive payment for my work since virtually all payment systems require identification. So, all of this is done “for free.” My guess is that I will never receive credit for my work, or I will not receive credit during my lifetime. I have made my peace with that, more or less.

      Regarding being puzzled about your chart, keep in mind that charts are guides. Natal charts are static snapshots used because everyone has one. Arguably they are the most defining moment of one’s life along with the equally defining moment of death. But other moments are critically important, and we can obtain a better picture of a person by looking at them as well. This idea has not been fully embraced, yet, but it is the critical idea behind Bernadette Brady’s rather useful tool Jigsaw. I have used Jigsaw for a few analyses published here, and it presents a particularly useful way of looking at the world.

      In 1998, in Atlanta, Bernadette Brady and I had a chance conversation. She was the only astrologer that I have had a sufficiently in depth conversation with to realize that she had a quite in depth understanding of research methods. (We discussed control groups.) To me, in many ways her approach represents an important aspect of how I approach astrology. (However, I have not yet read her books. I just know from the conversation that certain aspects of our methods are somewhat similar.) As much as I can, I would like to blend in statistical tools that we do not see used much by astrologers.

      That said, Astrology is a guide. Sometimes when I discuss it with someone face to face, I compare it to a set of headlights on your car. The most important use of it is to see those potholes and other hazards in the road so you can avoid them. Sometimes you see opportunities, too, but avoiding the hazards is the most important part. If the headlights don’t work for you, then get a different set.

      Let me summarize, the birth chart, alone, may not tell you as much as a report that integrates other life events. As you might note from this blog, looking at patterns, higher order aspects, and so forth may show certain things that are not immediately apparent in a typical birth chart analysis. And, finally, if it really doesn’t work for you, try some other tool. No need to bang your head repeatedly on a door that won’t open.

      Other other thing: Prague, UK, & Vegas: sometimes maps are helpful.

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  10. Thank you, Grandrines! I clicked the links and looked through briefly, I will have to go back later. I particularly like the horary astrology, and the jigsaw looks really interesting! I have seen the term horary before, but haven’t looked into it, yet. And wow D. Rudhyar-what a spirit! A very interesting and intriguing person!
    I would love to take a course or know where to start, because astrology is such a vast subject, I periodically go through “study binges” where I dive in, read tons of pages on the internet, scribble notes all over, and then confused :-p
    I guess, you are doing the right thing by choosing and concentrating on particular techniques that speak to you.
    It must be difficult to remain in “the astrological closet” and not be able to receive any credit for your work, especially when you develop your own ideas and techniques. Perhaps when you retire?
    Or how about team up with another astrologer or even “employ” a non-astrologer, basically a person, that would publish your work under your chosen pseudonym, collect payments, pay taxes on your behalf, pay you in cash etc.
    The only link to you would be that person. That would require a suitable person-(is there ever such person you could trust?) contracts, confidentiality etc. You could remunerate them for their “work”. Which could include lectures on your behalf-with your notes. Hey you could become famous just for the intrigue! Still, there would be a risk-work or money stollen, identity revealed…Wait a minute, would that be a fraud? I don’t know-just brainstorming :-p

    Regarding to the same/similar ideas/plagiarism-thats a tough one too, I guess when the ideas/information is out there, and the channel is open so to speak-more than one person can receive it at the same time.
    Right, I am going to read more on the links you send me, and explore your blog. Have a good night or day depending where you are. Much love Gia


    • You have some interesting ideas. I would have to think about these for a bit. Thank you for the food for thought! Maybe I should create a curriculum or at least syllabus for a small course on a separate blog. Hmm.

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  11. Thank you, I am glad you like my ideas 🙂 You also have a great idea about the course!


    • If I were to structure something like this, what would you LIKE to see?

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  12. I would love to!


    • Where to begin?


      • 😀 Do you mean what kind of course or how to go about it? Would it be a course be for total beginners? Or a course for astrologers with your techniques? Would it be about radix or horary astrology etc? Or how to sift through all that information and choose the most relevant aspects/planets/houses for a particular chart. What to especially look out for?
        Ebook or a separate website with payment options, where you would give out assignments to students, advice by email? That would depend on how much time you could dedicate to it. On that site you could also do readings. The possibilities are virtually limitless!
        Perhaps start with something simple to begin with–an Introduction, and then choose what speaks to you most, then grow your “Astrological Closet Empire” from there. What do you think? Send me your thoughts. Gia


      • My point exactly! (i.e. Many options are available.)

        Actually, I think the way to start this fire is to continue our dialog on a separate blog, gradually picking topics and exploring them. I would start with an idea of mine called SUMO (strategic use of multiple oracles). Others have done many variations of it, so I cannot claim that it is entirely new or entirely my own. I am simply codifying practices I have seen elsewhere. It is the foundation of my comment in one of my earlier comments in which I said “if it doesn’t work, discard it.”

        Signs and houses and natal charts are addressed extensively elsewhere. We can point beginner readers to those sources and move on, only addressing them when absolutely necessary. My focus is analysis of events, groups (Jigsaw), maps, and patterns. I think that could be a good list of topics to cover.

        The big question to start with is this: how does one address the utility of an oracle. How does any given individual determine if what is being provided by the oracle provides the answers to needed questions?

        I am not worried about monetizing it. That can come later.


  13. I like it! You are right about the beginner stuff, I had a feeling…Your question-I think mainly by showing them examples and benefits.

    In general, a blog title / tags should include-something like Advanced Astrology Courses Online, Learn Astrology Techniques, Astrology -Patterns, Groups, Maps & Events

    The main page/ introduction should include:

    1. What is it all about? -Learning (techniques, SUMO etc)
    2. Who is it for? Astrology enthusiasts or Professionals, personal use or setting up astrological practice? People who want a qualification?
    3. Why is it useful? – Show Examples & Benefits Explaining where using your technique would be most helpful-in what areas of life. Giving retrospective examples with with your SUMO technique and interpretation of the meaning.
    4. How it differs from other courses/ techniques and why they should learn this.
    5. What students will know at the end of it. (practical application in their own life/family)
    6. Topics
    7. Discussion
    8. Who you are as an astrologer (don’t worry not real persona lol)-your astrological experience/expertise, why they should learn from you.

    Maybe we can look at the terms that people put in the search engine when looking for answers to their problems.

    There is probably more, this is just from the top of my head.


    • That is quite well organized. I do hate to launch in a mercury retrograde….


      • There is not hurry, timing is everything, especially with something like this-you can’t have Mercury retrograde..When would be the most auspicious time, do you think?


      • Some time during a waxing moon after Mercury goes direct. Kites / trines would generally be helpful.


  14. Okay, let me know, and if you need help with anything, I will be happy to assist. Have a great day! Gia ,


  15. Thanks, Grandtrines, you’re educating me! I much appreciate your approach! Not finding names for several of the aspect-configurations I use, I’ve made up my own (hele = trine fez, rosetta = square fez, learning triangle = tricolor), and evidently I’ve been “channeling” Bruno & Louise Huber, as I haven’t know of them till now but they seem to use many of the pattern that I do!


    • Based on conversations I have had with others, a Zeitgeist for astrological patterns (and new techniques) has arrived. Glad we are connected and can exchange ideas. Like you, I think new patterns / new ideas about patterns are emerging. Most of the names I use come from the software tool “Solar Fire.” (See, also: http://alabe.com) I like the color scheme you have built. Maybe you should put up a simple page (page, not post) that specifically lists the color scheme so that I / we / others can easily reference it.


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  17. Thank you so much for finding my blog and liking a post. Hope you come back again soon

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  18. Thank you for reblogging my New Moon/Full Moon posts. I love the way you describe this site as a “school.” A story I’ll share is that once when I was teaching at a middle school, I dressed up for Halloween. I told the assistant principal in charge of my department that I was dressed as a Hogwarts professor (Harry Potter’s school of witchcraft), since I had a professional look to my particular witch costume. I also said that my dream job would be to be a Hogwarts professor. I meant that I would be honored to lead people to the door of the mysteries, give them some tools to navigate with, and let them feel their way to wisdom. Now I am honored that my blogs are in your “school.” I take an instructional-intuitive approach to writing the blogs, not a predictive-intuitive one. However, I have nothing against anyone who has strengths in predictive intuition — they can co-teach my Hogwarts course with me 🙂

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    • Thank you for your commentary and endorsement. I am honored by it!

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  19. Many thanks for the reblog. I began studying astrology ten years ago and it is such a useful tool that I enjoy enlightening other with! I am no astrologer, but the planets have always fascinated me. Looking forward to your posts 🙂


  20. I have read this

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    • Well, then, you understand. It is all about “tuning the process.” “Being right” is nearly irrelevant except that it is part of tuning the process. We all want to be “right,” but missing the mark is part of prediction. Perfection is the domain of God(s), not humans.

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      • You are so right.

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      • < blush > Thanks!

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      • Did you blush. Wow I need to see those cheeks

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      • 🙂


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