Mercury Direct Station February 20, 2021

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Mercury Direct Station February 20, 2021

Most interesting about this chart are (1) Moon conjunct North Node and (2) Moon biseptile Sun, both at the time of the Mercury Direction Station.

After the weather disaster in Texas, and also other parts of the nation, this chart tells us “it ain’t over yet.”  Care on this date, and the next few days is imperative.  Caution will pay dividends.  Impulsive behavior courts disaster.

“Poets, priests, and politicians,” who “have words to thank for their positions” will find that finding words is tough on any Mercury Station, but this one might have the curious contradiction of certain deep insights (Moon/Node biseptile Sun).  Breakthroughs can be had.  Write down the ideas, you may not have all of the pieces yet.  Persist; they will come later.

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A Thor’s Hammer is also present.  Again, anger and impulsive behavior can be particularly dangerous at this time! (Avoid dangerous “people, places, and things.”  And, if one of those includes you, go somewhere and take a nap or take a time to meditate and practice deep breathing.  Whatever “it” is, “it” is not worth it!)

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A few exceptional individuals will harness today’s energy to produce BRILLIANT works of music or poetry or visual arts or photography or videography.  If you are a creative, this COULD be your moment (IF you can avoid anger and impulsivity)!

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