Full Moon of February 2015

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The astrology chart of the full moon of February 2015 has several interesting patterns.

Top of the list is the focused yod:

2015-02 February Full Moon Focused Yod (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

(Some of you might recall that we had a “focused yod” in December of 2012.)  We note that the focal point of the yod is the Moon with the Sun in direct opposition (i.e. it is a full moon).  One leg ends in Chiron (the wounded healer) and the other leg ends in Pluto (death and radical transformation).  Remember, one leg of a yod is not necessarily “better” than the other, and we are typically dissatisfied with the choice we made in hindsight.  The wounded healer might sound better than death, but a lingering misery may not be preferable to a quick end.  We will all have to make choices at this time, and do remember that “choosing not to choose” is a choice itself.  (It is the choice to abdicate.)

We note that the decisions we face now, especially if we failed to decide or to act earlier, may be followups on earlier events.  For example, some of the decisions faced now may be predicated on events that occurred circa December 3/4 of 2014 or November 29, 2014 or both.  And, as we have said before, this is likely part of the playing out of a larger pattern that we called “The Grand Yod of 2014.”  If you failed to decide then, then you almost certainly must decide now.  (Mercury retrograde emphasizes that.)

This is an important time to avoid decision fatigue and concentrate your efforts on the most important ones.

Here is the unfiltered FM chart, set in Plano:

2015-02 February Full Moon

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The exact time will vary based on your time zone.  (Click here if that link does not work.)  To see a Moon Phases Calendar for February 2015, click here.  Here is the New Moon from two weeks ago, the Full Moon of January 2015 from last month, and the Full Moon of February 2014 from a year ago.

And here is the U.S. map:

2015-02 February Full Moon (US Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

From Miami, FL to Portland, ME, this will be one spectacular moonrise at the shore of the ocean.  We think that the best place to be will be Florida with Moon, Jupiter, and Sun lines in play there.  (These same lines also pick up Georgia and the southern edge of South Carolina.)

For many living in these areas, this will be a GREAT night to sneak out for a romantic date.  If you do not go to Miami for their celebration later that weekend (after the FM) on February 6th, you might try the beginning of Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  Mobile is a possibility as well.

Note that the coast of California, including San Francisco, is affected by a Pluto line.  Here is the same chart with the focused yod at the time of the Full Moon of February 2015, but set in San Francisco:

2015-02 February Full Moon (San Francisco Focused Yod)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that this is a highly activated chart by showing the Pluto + North Node + Astraea / Uranus / Sode Node “T-Square.”  (aka “You can run but you cannot hide.”)  We also note that Uranus opposed (or will oppose, depending on when you are reading this) North Node on January 31st per this source.

2015-02 February Full Moon (San Francisco squares)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This is integral to the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square.  (Warning: casual readers may find the following video to be a bit “technical” and requiring a bit of thought to digest.)

Here is the map of California for the Full Moon of February 2015:

2015-02 February Full Moon (California Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The United States (and North America) is quite activated by the FM.  We also choose to present a map of Tennessee.  We note that Sun and Juno lines are lighting up Middle Tennessee, and Moon and Jupiter lines are lighting up Eastern Tennessee.

2015-02 February Full Moon (TN Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia are also affected by these lines as well as states to both the north and south.

Other interesting patterns are present in this FM.  One is a Mystic Rectangle (if you allow the nodes).  Sun, Moon, Uranus, Astraea, and the nodes are part of this pattern:

2015-02 February Full Moon Mystic Rectangle (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Any locale (such as Tennessee) that has the Sun or Moon lines in play (or Uranus or Astraea) has the energy of this Mystic Rectangle pattern affecting it as well.

In addition to the Focused Yod discussed earlier, other Yods (two overlapping ones) are present in the Full Moon of February 2015.  Here is that version of the chart:

2015-02 February Full Moon Yods (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the map for Europe and the UK:

2015-02 February Full Moon (Europe Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The United Kingdom is mostly unaffected, but oil rigs and other operations in the sea west of Ireland need to be extra careful at this time (Uranus / Node lines).

And we zoom in for the map of France:

2015-02 February Full Moon (France Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Noting the Vesta IC (bottom of the chart) line through Amsterdam and Lyon, we provide a chart set in Amsterdam and highlighting the Yods in the chart (Vesta is part of one of the Yods):

2015-02 February Full Moon (Amsterdam, Vesta line Yod)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the map for Scandinavia:

2015-02 February Full Moon (Scandanavia Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Another pattern in play in this full moon is a kite involving Sun, Moon, Uranus, and Pallas:

2015-02 February Full Moon Kite (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Mid August Leos and early February Aquarians will particularly feel the kite, likely having at least one good opportunity opening.  Early December Sagittarians and Early April Aries will also see a similar window, though through a different lens and maybe a bit quirky for them.  The fact that the Kite and the Focused Yod overlay each other (a) forms a larger pattern that (b) incorporates Pisceans and Capricorns into the mix.

We should note here that when we make a statement such as “Mid August Leos and early February Aquarians” we do not mean strictly the Sun.  This could be your Moon, Mercury, or Venus, or it could be other planets you have in the relevant locations.  To really know, you have to check your chart.  If you do not have one, a good place to get a basic one is here.  Indeed, Astrolabe is a good source of astrology software.

However, chances are good that if you are Leo / Aquarius / Aries / Sadge that you will be presented alternatives by Pisces and Capricorn (as described earlier: Pisces is the “wounded healer” alternative and Capricorn is the “death” or “radical transformation” alternative).  That is, you will be given a choice between trying to keep the status quo and limping along with what might be band-aid fixes or taking a radical leap and jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  Needless to say, when you look back on this choice you will always wonder “what if” I had taken the other choice.

But, again, with a bit of ingenuity you can find a remarkable opportunity at the time of this FM.  And note, also, that ANOTHER kite is present involving the Nodes.  So, a second opportunity is present though not as strong as the first.  We do note that the two kites are connected not only via their overlapping Grand Trines but also via the Mystic Rectangle mentioned earlier.  So, BOTH opportunities MIGHT be available.  (Indeed, sometimes in astrology two patterns really means “two or more.”)

If you must choose, then choose wisely.

And, please do note that, due to Mercury Retrograde in this chart, you may not be able to FULLY launch until the New Moon of February 18th.  But, you can make preparations for that launch now, and make the decision of which path to travel: try to repair what may or may not be currently working or “jump ship” into something radically different.  (You cannot have it both ways.)

Astrology King offers this interesting way to view the chart as well as alternative interpretations.

If you would like to know more about planetary retrogrades in 2015, then try this.

Here are the maps for Southeast Asia and India, in that order:

2015-02 February Full Moon (SE Asia Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

2015-02 February Full Moon (India Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that western India and northeastern Pakistan are affected by Uranus / Node / Astraea lines that have been discussed elsewhere.  Since these are IC lines, this likely means either one of two things (or both): (1) conflicts emerge or (2) a winter storm with enough impact to lead people to stay home and stay inside.  Eastern India has a Pluto line, and we could see conflict there as well.  A Ceres line also affects this region, so supply chains, particularly with regard to food, may be disrupted.  These lines do not touch Sri Lanka, unlike the Juno line of the recent past New Moon.  So, maybe by now, whatever “trust issues” may have been affecting Colombo have passed and all is well.

Here is the map for the Middle East:

2015-02 February Full Moon (Middle East Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the map for Australia and New Zealand:

2015-02 February Full Moon (Aus-NZ Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Broome has a Saturn line “nearby” and may experience more strife and austerity than usual.  A Hygeia IC line (bottom of the chart) affects Brisbane and Newcastle and, to a lesser degree, Sydney.  (Generally, the easternmost coast is affected.)  This tells us of possible healthcare issues such as a summer cold outbreak or something similar.  New Caledonia has a Pluto / Astraea line on it, possibly causing some kind of strong upset that leads to legal action.

Canada has a Vesta line through Calgary which is similar to the one affecting Amsterdam.  However, the Amsterdam line affects home, the grave, and endings whereas the Calgary line affects marriages, relationships, and “open enemies.”

Particularly interesting is the triple crossing of lines on the U.S. side of Lake Superior (probably right on the shore) but affecting southern Ontario as well as parts of northern Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota.  The Moon, Juno, and Jupiter all meet, and it sounds like a great story for a soap opera or maybe a murder mystery.  We have the faithful wife (Juno), the philandering husband (Jupiter), and “the other woman,” the Moon.  They all meet on the shore of Lake Superior for a full moon rendezvous.  Let’s see how THAT plays out.

2015-02 February Full Moon (Canada Map, Modified)

MIght be similar to the Snow Moon of 2013 in that region.

Finally, we present the chart filtered for 5th harmonic aspects.  (These are the aspects that support creativity and brainstorming.  They indicate areas where breakthrough thinking might be possible.)

2015-02 February Full Moon (5th Harmonic, Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

New Moon of January 2015

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We present, first, the New Moon chart for January of 2015, set in Plano and unfiltered (with regard to aspects):

2015-01-20 New Moon (Full, Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that this is a complex and active New Moon with many aspects.  The Moon/Sun conjoin at 0 Aquarius, a particularly potent point that follows similar new moons in recent months.  Before we go further, let us say this: this is one New Moon you will “feel.”  It will not come and go unnoticed.  At least one major shift will happen in your life near this date.

We note that another New Moon in Aquarius occurs February 18th.  That is similar to an astrological “blue moon” (second full moon in a particular sign), and occurs a few days after Mercury goes direct.  Expect to push forward at that time with new projects and ideas that come to you between now and then.

Picking “where to begin” is difficult, but we start by noting a “hard rectangle” pattern:

2015-01-20 New Moon Hard Rectangle (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Pluto, Venus, Jupiter, and Hygeia are involved.  While each contributes, Pluto is particularly important because of its tight square with the north node (fate, karma), to be discussed next.

Venus and Jupiter are typically benevolent.  Hygeia puts a healthcare spin into the mix.  We expect the expected problems here, namely a flu epidemic that involves a strain that this year’s flu shot does not protect against.  (I am not making a major prediction; I am merely echoing a confirmation of what we already know.)  What might change with this new moon (NM) is that the mortality / morbidity rate may be a bit higher than “we” had expected.

Here are the squares and oppositions (“hard aspects”) associated with this NM.  We note that the Pluto/Node square is particularly tight (powerful) on this occasion:

2015-01-20 New Moon Squares (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that this Pluto / Node (Death / Karma) line particularly strongly affects the Middle East at this time:

2015-01-20 New Moon Middle East Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Wonder how that will play out.

This NM has grand trines, and it almost has a kite:

2015-01-20 New Moon Grand Trines (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Uranus / Juno / Pallas form this one, and we are not sure what to expect from that mix.  Uranus is surprises, Juno is trust issues, this source describes Pallas as “strategic command in both the warrior and the peaceful general.”  The North Node potentiates this mix in a “near kite”:

2015-01-20 New Moon Kite Almost (1) (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Some people will have great advantage from this New Moon.  Many will be compelled to action.

The West Indies are active and interesting with a Saturn / Jupiter (financial changes, probably favorable and possibly involving Wall Street in New York) crossing happening near Freeport, and Mars + Neptune lines passing through Puerto Rico (much change of some kind there!):

2015-01-20 New Moon West Indies Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Cuba continues to be an active part of this mix as well.

The U.S. map is interesting.  A Pluto line passes through the U.S. but avoids most population centers (except Denver).  Baltimore, and points east, is highly activated.  Here is the U.S. map:

2015-01-20 New Moon US Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the New Moon chart relocated to Baltimore.

2015-01-20 New Moon Baltimore (Full, Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Note that Mercury is near Ascendant, Saturn at Midheaven, and Jupiter on the Descendant.  This combination indicates certain kinds of highly precise operations of some kind, possibly financial operations.  Sagittarians with late November birthdays living in this region will be particularly affected.  So will mid August Leos and late January / early February Aquarians.

Here is the map for Europe and the UK:

2015-01-20 New Moon Europe Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the map for Australia / New Zealand.  While the many lines mostly go through the sparsely populated interior, Mars and Neptune lines do affect Perth.  Tasmania is also activated:

2015-01-20 New Moon Aus NZ Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the ever complex Southeast Asia map.  We withhold commentary except to say that Indonesia is highly activated:

2015-01-20 New Moon SE Asia Map

[Click to Enlarge]

Here is a map of Indonesia:

2015-01-20 New Moon Indonesia Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

In summary, prepare yourself for a new adventure, and gather what you learn in this cycle for the next change of pace circa February 18th.

Natal Chart for KT of Philadelphia

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KT, Thanks for your inquiry.  Here is our analysis.  –GT

First, you are contacting me when you are (from a broad perspective) because you have started a series of oppositions that everyone goes through if they live long enough.  About age 42, give or take a year, we all have (1) transiting Saturn opposite natal Saturn, the biggest shakeup since our Saturn return circa age 28; (2) a Jupiter opposition; and (maybe the biggest) (3) transiting Uranus opposite natal Uranus.  Uranus tends to shake things up even more than Saturn, and we only go through one such event in our life unless we live to be about 126 years old.

For many, this series of shakeups begins as early as age 39 and can continue as long as age 49.  But the biggest ones are “about” the age you are now, give or take a year or two.  We might add, also, (4) transiting Neptune squares natal Neptune some time during this period, further forcing the release of certain people, places, and things.

A few gifts can come from this.  First of all, recall that we refer to Uranus as more properly called Prometheus.  The one who gave fire to the humans is the one who can give insights to you at age 42.  Coupled with what Saturn is doing, you are being forced to let go of some ideas and goals you had when you were younger.  You did them or not, but now is the time to move past.  Having done that, you can take the insights that remain and build something until you are about age 56 to 58 (when you will receive your second Saturn return).  When you receive this second Saturn return, the last one of your life unless you live past age 84 (when you would have a Uranus return AND a Saturn return; often the end of life for most), you will pare down even further to the most basic things you want in whatever legacy you leave behind.

So, let’s explore your natal chart.  To begin with, you have a kite.  These are fairly rare, and in your case it means that you had a pretty good idea of what you wanted to do with your life and how to do it.  You knew better than most of your friends.  All you had to do was apply yourself to achieve your desire.  Chances are good that you did, and you achieved something worthwhile.  You may have even achieved some degree of fame.  In any case, you are likely happier with the earlier portion of your life than most people you know.

KT Natal Kite Basic

[Click Image to Enlarge]

You have Mars at Midheaven and in the tenth, so I would not be at all surprised to learn that you are an athlete.  (You might even be a famous athlete in disguise.  If not, then you are almost certainly fairly popular in your “circle.”)  If you do not express this energy athletically, then you may tend to be rather combative at times.  (Do you have a temper?)  AND, sometimes you can be accident prone.  You really do have to be careful about “over-doing it.”

We could analyze a series of trines in your chart, but the Kite eclipses them in importance (and includes some of them).  (So, we will omit that.)

You have the ability to influence others, and you have to be rather careful how you use this.  Overall, though, you probably show good judgment most of the time.  However, you do have to be careful not to “go off half-cocked” and launch something prematurely.  That is probably your single largest weakness.  (Leaping into action when maybe you should pause and reflect.  Snap judgments can be very dangerous for you.)

You also have great potential as a writer or voice of some kind (sportscaster?).  Sometimes your ideas, and words, are nothing short of brilliant (as long as you heed the warning to be careful not to spout off too quickly).  This shows in a “T-Square” in your chart:

KT Natal T-Square Basic

[Click Image to Enlarge]

You also have a Rosetta in your chart, and you can seriously polarize people, with some loving you and others detesting you.  (This is particularly true if/when you speak without thinking through what you are saying.)

This Rosetta also has a bit of a darker side.  With Ceres (Food), Pallas (thinking), and Pluto (control dramas) involved, you are at risk for developing an eating disorder.  This is something you would tend to be rather secretive (Pluto) about, and few would guess the problem.  But, if you do have one and it is not addressed, it could be your undoing.  You will have trouble progressing much beyond 42 without dealing with that.  (I am not saying you will “die” in the ordinary, mundane sense.  But, I am saying that you will be very “stuck” until you address these issues contained in the Rosetta.)

(If the issue is not food, then it could be some kind of financial feast/famine cycle.)

You have a number of 5th harmonic aspects, and that means you are likely rather bright.  You may even write poetry or be musically inclined.

Your 7th harmonic aspects tell me that you are wrestling with tradition.  For example, if you were a yoga teacher, you would have developed a number of ideas about how to do things BETTER than what you have been taught.  If that is true, then you genuinely struggle with the question of whether you should continue to teach in the tradition you have been taught, or to develop and emerge something new and better.  (Astrology does not always give clear cut answers.  But, in your case, it does to this question.  You MUST develop the “something new and better” or you will feel a relentless pang of regret.)

KT Natal 7th Harmonic Basic

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Hope that answers whatever questions you may have.  And, happy birthday!

One last tidbit, Mercury makes a Retrograde Station on or near your solar return (birthday) this year.  Other than mentioning that this year may find you focusing on finishing (or resurrecting) unfinished projects, I will refrain from interpreting that.  BUT, you might find this article to be interesting!

Astrology of the Death of the Kouachi brothers in Paris hostage situation

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We cast this chart “live” as the confirmation of the death of the Kouachi brothers in the Paris hostage situation was reported by CNBC.  We note that the Moon opposition to Chiron / Neptune is active during this process, with Moon having set slightly before the report, Neptune having just risen, and Chiron rising.

(This is the Plano chart, cast local to astrologer.  If you are a regular reader, you know why we do this.  Just in case you are not: we do this because it takes into account that we are viewing the event through our own personal “lens.”  Since this is a clear-cut event in a particular location, we will provide that chart also.)

2015-01-09 Confirmation Karouchi Brothers

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Compare this to the chart for the Boston Marathon bombing (with Chiron / Neptune setting).  Unlike Boston, we also have Mars in play (who probably represents the hostage taker at the Kosher supermarket).  The key player in all of this, however, is the MOON, and SHE (Hayat Boumediene) probably represents the woman that has been mentioned several times by the press.  (Where is she?  Cherchez la femme!)

Just in report: death of the hostage taker at the supermarket (just barely past the rising of Chiron).

In the immediately preceding post to this one, we mentioned the importance of this particular Moon opposition to Chiron / Neptune on this date.  Do not think for a moment this is “over.”  Based on the other patterns (Hele, Focused Yod) on this date, we expect continued polarization (Hele) to occur and a potential for more violence (focused yod) to be in play.

Here is the Horary version of this chart for those who wish to interpret that:

2015-01-09 Confirmation Karouchi Brothers (Horary)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We also have the Paris version of the chart here:

2015-01-09 Confirmation Karouchi Brothers (Paris)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the same version of the chart as an Horary page:

2015-01-09 Confirmation Karouchi Brothers (Paris) Horary

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that a slightly more “interesting” chart occurred an hour before this.  (Please, someone double check my time calculations to make certain my adjustments for Paris were correct. Should the correct time be adjusted from 10:23 CST in Plano (Dallas TX) to 4:23 PM CET in Paris or 5:23 PM CET in Paris?)  (The minutes and seconds are EXACT, with the “Now” button in Solar Fire clicked as the words of the report (“confirmation”) were spoken.  Only the hour is in question.)

This one hour earlier chart (accidentally first published until we double checked our work) seems to actually describe the events better.  (Moon at IC, aka “the grave,” Neptune / Chiron at Midheaven (the brothers), etc.)

2015-01-09 Confirmation Karouchi Brothers (Paris) earlier

[Click Image to Enlarge]

If this chart (an hour earlier?) was really the turning point, here is what we read.  (1) Again, the “femme” (Hayat Boumediene) is the key.  (2) She heavily influenced the brothers but not as much the man in the grocery store (even though he is described as her “husband”).

In one chart, the earlier chart, Mars (almost certainly Amedy Coulibaly) was in opposition to the “Part of Treachery.”  In the other chart, the later (official) chart, Moon is conjunct (aligned with) the “Part of Treachery.”  Was the death of her “husband” her ticket out of an arranged “marriage” that had failed?

Mercury and Venus (8th house) likely represent the dead hostages.

Seventh house shows three more (as yet undiscovered) co-conspirators, at least one of whom is a particularly sinister figure (Pluto).  One of the three (as yet undiscovered) co-conspirators may be some kind of religious figure or “traditional” female (Vesta).  The Plutonic figure may actually be a member of an intelligence community and could have been an agent provocateur.  If so, they will never be found and no official admission of their existence will ever occur.

Finally, these two brothers (Neptune and Chiron) simply could not achieve anything meaningful in life, and the horrible acts they committed as they competed for the attention of the woman (Moon) and this horrible death was the “best” they could achieve (Midheaven).

We present this version in the Horary format here:

2015-01-09 Confirmation Karouchi Brothers (Paris) earlier Horary

Astro-Databank has a chart for the massacre at the Charlie Hebedo magazine offices.

Keep your eyes and ears open.  We are in dangerous times.

(Anybody have birth data for these two?)

Astrology of 2015-01-09 Taking Sides and Making Decisions

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We normally think of a Virgo moon as being relatively benevolent.  But, this day is filled with the Quincunx (aka Inconjunct), and misunderstandings abound.  January of 2015 is rich in patterns, and in this post we are singling out two for analysis.

First, we note that the day is characterized by a Hele (this chart is set at a time chosen by Solar Fire 8 for the beginning on the Hele, but the Hele itself covers roughly a 24 hour period, so the ascendant is not particularly meaningful here):

2015-01-09 Hele

[Click Image to Enlarge]

As we have discussed before, the Hele appears to be a polarizing pattern, encouraging people to choose one of two sides.  (e.g. “police” v. “minorities”)  In the case of this Hele, one side is relatively mainstream or traditional or “the way things have always been.”  This is the Sun/Moon trine (with Vesta in the mix).  The other side is a combination of trust v. distrust (Juno) and surprises (Uranus) with, paradoxically, a tendency to keep things the way they always have been (South Node).  That is, the alternate leg involves issues of trust v. mistrust along with surprises (and possibly innovations).

While the Moon / Juno (internal self and trust issues) side of this Hele is in harmony, the Sun (outer self and authority figures) / Uranus (surprises, explosions, revolutions, insights) is not in harmony.

A hele, by itself, does not necessarily spark action.  But this day also contains a focused yod.  We note that, in addition to requiring a decision and likely action, the focused yod also likely contains possible answers to the questions posed by the Hele:

2015-01-09 Focused Yod

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This focused yod contains Chiron / Juno as one leg and Chiron / North Node as the other.  The choice is between continuing to be caught in issues of trust and distrust, probably mired in them, or doing the hard work necessary to move forward.  With Juno in Leo, we can tell that a great deal of ego is involved and “letting go” just is not going to come very easily.  And the North Node is in Libra and focuses on relationship issues and what some call “give and take.”  The moon provides a possible anwser as it has earlier opposed Chiron and offered answers in the form of work and play (Virgo = work, Pisces = Play) combined with a need to become highly organized in order to move forward necessary healing.

We will close this post by saying that today signifies the work to be done but does not show that the problems are solved.  Today’s messages will be ones of what needs to be done, and what can be done, instead of any final resolution.

Pay attention to what signs and ideas come your way.

One last thing: I check the search engine terms for this site.  One of you ran a search for “astraea paris october eclipse.”  I went back and checked my post on that eclipse, the most recent solar eclipse, and indeed an astraea line is dead center on Paris at the time of that eclipse.  (Thanks to whoever ran the search.)

Again: Pay attention to what signs and ideas come your way.

Full Moon January 2015

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Before we go further, here is a link to my “about” page.  Please read it if you are visiting here for the first time or have not read it before.

Just in case you want to compare, here is last year’s January Full Moon and last month’s FM.  And here is our Annual Report for 2014.

Next is the chart for the Full Moon of January 4, 2015:

Full Moon January 2015

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The Double Yod Key (next chart) indicates, again, that we are facing a number of important decisions.  For many people individually, this will involve whether or not to maintain resolutions and whether or not to keep projects from last year or drop them.  Collectively, we are still working through the issues that began last August / September and continued through December.  Some of the ones that stand out the most involve conflicts between the populace and police authorities.  With the movement of Saturn into Sagittarius, a major change is afoot regarding these issues.

(Why?  Because the mutual reception between Saturn / Pluto is now GONE except for a few months of retrograde in 2015.  The mutual support between banking / finance and legal / police / intelligence agencies is weakened by the entry of Sagittarian forces such as religious leaders into the mix.  Whether the old guard wants to admit it or not, it’s a new game.)

Full Moon January 2015-DYK

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that the DYK involves Sun/Pluto (slightly past conjunct), Chiron (wounded healer), Juno (trust), and the North Node (hard work and karma).  No easy answers will be coming, and trust is fragile.

We note that this FM forms a Grand Cross with the Nodes (exact).

Full Moon January 2015-GrandCrossNodes

[Click Image to Enlarge]

So, to be sure, many of us will be working on New Years resolutions.  This year, however, they are special.  Something is “karmic” about some of them.  So, maybe persistence beyond “Blue Monday” and Valentines Day might be possible.

Finally, we also see a Thor’s Hammer here.

Full Moon January 2015-ThorsHammer

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Much of this has to do with just how bad you will feel about yourself (Moon / Saturn) if you give up so easily and so soon (South Node = taking the easy way out and repeating the familiar).  So, make it something you can actually accomplish (make it measurable) and stick with it.

An examination of the Solar Maps (to follow) shows that Boston, MA and the surrounding area in New England is quite “lit up” by this FM.  Here is the Grand Cross version of the chart which shows Sun / Moon / Nodes in precise alignment with the angles within one degree:

Full Moon January 2015-GrandCrossBoston

[Click Image to Enlarge]

For those who do not know, that is really a rather amazing chart!  A “window” is open here where someone in Boston could do something as profound as find a cure for cancer.  While we do not know precisely what will happen, chances are good that something profound will happen in (or near) Boston this evening.  (“Mr. Watson, come here.  I need you.“)  In the “low form,” with Uranus / South Node on descendant this could signify something like an east cost earthquake or plane crash.  (Sigh.)

That said, here is the Solar Maps map for the U.S.

Full Moon January 2015 US Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

As you can see from the map, New England is quite lit up.  (This is one case where you MUST click on the image to enlarge it to see what is going on.  Once done, just hit the “back” button in your browser to return.)

The Saturn / Neptune Crossing (Saturn at IC (bottom of chart) and Neptune on Descendant) in Nevada near the California border is interesting.  We have set this chart at Mount Montgomery NV, but arguably Goldfield NV could have been used.  For conspiracy theorists, we note that all of this is not TOO far from where Area 51 allegedly exists.  (Could Area 51 and Boston be linked in some important way on this evening?)  Here is the chart:

Full Moon January 2015-Nevada

[Click Image to Enlarge]

If you like “ritual magic” (or maybe just to “center” yourself), a location on a nearby lake on this evening might be especially suitable for such activities!  Again, with Uranus in the eighth house be careful regarding accidents.  (Accidents are the “low” form; the “high” form involves breakthrough insights.)

Europe is relatively quiet.  A Saturn line passes through Birmingham, England.  An Astraea line passes through Germany.  And a Uranus IC line passes near Prague, CZ.

Full Moon January 2015 Europe Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The Southeast Asia Map is large and complex.  We will leave interpretation to the reader!

Full Moon January 2015 SE Asia Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The most notable line on the Australia / New Zealand map is the Mars MC line going through Canberra (the capitol)!

Full Moon January 2015 Aus-NZ Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Since this must be an important FM for Australiza (Mars MC for the capitol), we present the chart:

Full Moon January 2015-Canberra

[Click Image to Enlarge]

For Canberra, we have omitted all aspect lines except those to Mars.  (Patterns remain identical to earlier charts.)  Please do note that this chart occurs on January 5th rather than January 4th due to time zone differences.  With Mars sesquiquadrate the Moon and opposite Jupiter, we expect some unrest in Australia.  (Actress Roseanne Barr has Moon sesquiquadrate Mars.  Do you tend to imagine Roseanne as “peaceful and tranquil” or as a “source of unrest”?  Ever seen her on TV?  Expect controversy, more than usual, to emerge from Canberra.)

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