A Brief June 2008 Holiday from Writing Grand Trines

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For my readers, I will be taking a brief “holiday” from this column. I might be back just after the New Moon, or I might be back after the Independence Day celebration. Between now and then, I might (maybe) put in a single short entry.

Earth Kite of June 28th of 2008

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Saturday will provide an energy for Earth & Water signs similar to that for Fire & Air on Friday. The “lessons” are a little different, though, because Fire & Air (Friday) were learning to deal with anger & aggression through the healing power of faith & hope.

If you kept your cool on Friday (difficult here in Dallas, and worse in Phoenix), then you likely had a good day. The same is true for Saturday, but you’ll encounter a “surprise,” possibly in the form of some secret (maybe yours, maybe someone else’s) being revealed.

My take on it: unless you must catch up from Friday (probably Capricorn or Virgo), this is a good day to go play. Please do, and be careful out there.

The Fire Kite of Friday June 27th 2008

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The Fire Kite

Things, they will be a-changin’ this weekend.  But you knew that already, didn’t you? 

Predictions first; explanations next. 



Aries: a good day for you, but you might feel a little irritable at times.  The moon leaves you moody, and Mars & Pluto contribute to your irritability.  Still, this day favors you.

Taurus: Your best day for “a while” is Saturday.  Cool it today.  Don’t get in scuffles with Leos or Sadge.

Gemini:  You love the show.  The Sun is trying to bring you money, and you might can get it.  Wisdom says to watch the squabbles from the sidelines.  But, like Aries, you can do well if you join in.

Cancer: Have you had your birthday yet?  If so, wait for Saturday, then “Full Speed Ahead”!  Otherwise, lay low until the day after your birthday!

Leo:  Still irritable?  I know.  It really *IS* their fault.  Try not to have a stroke, though.  If you can blow it off in exercise, then do so.

Virgo: Wait for tomorrow.  This isn’t your day.  Leo may lead you astray with a military campaign; watch this battle from the sidelines.

Libra:  What do you want to do?  You have a lot of flexibility with this day.  Make it yours.

Scorpio: Like Taurus et al, you need to wait until tomorrow before you pounce.  You can hurt a Sadge, if you want, but making them your ally would be a much better idea.  If you must, be their “Secret Santa” for Christmas in July.

Sadge:  Somebody made you mad.  If you and Leo collaborate, then you can turn the world upside down.  Scorpio would be a great ally, but they won’t feel their full strength until tomorrow.  Try not to lie.  You’ll be tempted.

Capricorn:  Take a vacation day Friday.  Really.  I know you are a workaholic, but take a break.  THEN, plan to work on Saturday.  You need to take this time when others are playing to get things together for your next campaign, whatever that may be.  This will give you the best advantage, particularly in business or money matters.

Aquarius:  Are you deceiving them, or are they deceiving you?  Aries, Leo, and Sadge can all be your friends, but especially Aries.  Watch out for double-dealing, and don’t do it yourself.  You could take a day off, too, but you might miss an opportunity.  Up to you to decide which is better.

Pisces: Read Scopio, but replace “Sadge” with Aries.  And, chances are that the Aries has Leo & Sadge friends that can beat you up if you do hurt them.  Make them your friend, and wait for a better opportunity on Saturday.

Okay, for those more interested in the “technical” aspects of Friday June 27th of 2008, here’s “the rest of the story.”


Still reeling from the Uranus Retrograde?  That’s okay, Friday should start to feel a little better for some of you.  Moon in Aries Trines Mars in Leo; both loosely Trine Pluto.  This is a Grand Fire Trine, with the two planets of War & Death in them.  They are also the planets of vigorous exercise and “purging” one’s self.  (As long as you are not anorexic or bulimic, this is probably okay.)  For some people, this can very much be a “get things done” day. 

I’ll call this configuration a Fire Kite. And, it is the Fire Kite of June 27th of 2008.

Mars (in Leo) is opposed by both Neptune and Chiron.  Aquarius planets convent the Grand Trine into a Kite.  This is a notoriously “lucky” configuration (for some), and Aries, Leo, Sadge, & Aquarius should consider buying a lotto ticket.  Gemini & Libra have potential, too.  (Earth and Water signs should defer until Saturday to try their luck.)  For more about kites, read this article.  That article is set in 2007, but the theory is still relevant for today.

I think this article by Eric Francis is also moderately useful.

I’d like to add that both Chiron and Neptune, despite being in Aquarius, tend to add a bit of “Whoa, not so fast!” to this configuration.  Neptune can be about aspirations set too high, or just plain delusions.  Chiron is moving backwards and is still near the North Node.  To win that Lotto, you might have to do some work.  

In fact, if you read the Eric Francis article, you know that Chiron and Neptune tell us where the solution can be found.  Unfortunately, the answer is simple too obvious here: Chiron (healing & teaching) and Neptune (dreams & hope) are needed to heal Mars (anger & war) and Pluto (death & taxes) and problems with our “home” (The Moon).  Frankly, I think this applies on days other than this Friday.  But, the planets emphasize this today for reasons only they know.

Please note that Saturday will have an “Earth Kite” (sounds like an Oxymoron, doesn’t it) but THAT kite will have Uranus Retrograde in Pisces as its tail (instead of Chiron / Neptune).  What an interesting configuration! 

All: Pay bills & clean house.  The Moon is waning, and this is a good time to close out old debt, let go of dysfunctional relationships, and clean house in general.  Speaking of cleaning house, the next month or so is a good time to revamp for the summer, if you haven’t done so already.

Uranus Retrograde 2008, Mugabe, and Zimbabwe

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Mugabe and Uranus

Initially overlooked, but important on a global scale, would be the ongoing events in Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe. Robert Gabriel Mugabe (born February 21, 1924) is the President of Zimbabwe. Given that the Uranus Retrograde of this year occurs on June 25th of 2008, Mr. Mugabe is a little past eighty-four (84) years of age at the time of the retrograde. I’ll base my analysis on the chart calculated by Marjorie Orr. I recommend reading her article, as well.

Recall my article “Seven Years Bad Luck.” Recall my proposal that the Houses of Uranus are probably a better model for seven year events if they have some element of an “accident” or “surprise” (whetherbad luck or otherwise). I also mentioned that Uranus had roughly an eighty-four year cycle (approximately three Saturn cycles as well).

Mr. Mugabe, then is experiencing a period of life associated with the third Saturn return as well as his recent Uranus return.  Few of us experience this, so the effects aren’t well documented. Conjectures can be made. I’ll offer a few.

First of all, Uranus (last) touched the place of Mr. Mugabe’s birth “about” April 9th or 10th of 2007. The current retrograde will only make it back to 18-44 of Pisces; Mugabe’s birth cart (per this source) shows Uranus at 16-36.

Uranus is important to Mr. Mugabe for many reasons. Uranus is conjunct his natal Sun, and this makes him a source of rebellion and change. His name was associated with “modern Africa” for quite some time. Uranus Square Jupiter (In Sadge, no less!) means that (despite his early hardships) he has been INCREDIBLY lucky. Sadge (like Chiron, both represented by the Centaur) is about Universities, Education, and learning. Mr. Mugabe holds multiple degrees and appears to be well-educated.

Uranus is also square Mars (which is near the “amplifier” of Jupiter). Mars is about vigor and masculinity, in one sense, but it is also the “God of War” being about war and violence in another sense. Notice also, that Uranus returned April 9th to 10th of 2007. Saturn, likewise, returned in Retrograde about April 7th to 8th of this year. Both of these dates are in Aries, the sign associated with Mars and War. (These aren’t the ONLY points of return, but they catch my eye.)

April 9, 2007 was primarily characterized by Sun (Aries) trine Jupiter (Sadge). Jupiter was near its return point, and (greatly) strengthened by the trine of the Sun. Later, on April 10th, Mercury (thoughts, ideas, communication, & transportation) squared Pluto (intelligence agencies, secrets, secret police, assassinations). This return appears to have given Mr. Mugabe “the upper hand” in any conflicts. If anyone even THOUGHT about bringing harm to Mr. Mugabe, his organization knew far ahead of time.

April 8, 2008 was characterized by a Grand Trine in Earth that formed a Kite with Uranus! Kites, too, are considered very “lucky.”

The previous two events had Sun in Aries. The Uranus Retrograde Station of 2008 will have Moon in Aries. Friday will include one of Jim Shawvan’s “opportunity periods” that starts with a Jupiter Square (more luck) and includes a Grand Trine in Fire. (Grand Fire Trines are primarily about powerful leadership, though sometimes they can be associated with violence.)

Regardless of what you think of Mr. Mugabe, he has an incredible amount of luck on his side. To be sure, he “built” some of this luck through his own hard work and education. But, at this point in his life, he has Jupiter (luck), Mars (war), and Uranus (surprises) on his side in any conflict, whether of words or otherwise.

This retrograde period may contain “surprises” for him, but they will tend to favor him. Of course, the biggest “surprise” would be if he passed away, which is entirely possible for someone who is eighty four years of age. But, don’t expect it. Instead, expect him to continue as resilient as ever.

(I know many people will not like what I have just written, but I make my best effort to be NEUTRAL in my forecasts and just read the aspects that I see. YMMV)

2008 June 26 Uranus Retrograde Chart set in DFW

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Uranus Retrograde 2008, Redux

The Uranus Retrograde of June 26, 2008 deserves a bit more of a forecast than previously written here.

The Short Version

For those of you that don’t want to read the detailed analysis, below, here is the short version: expect surprises and especially revelations this Wednesday / Thursday / Friday. Some of you may feel aches and pains (or other problems) in your bones or joints.

Financial markets will probably feel a bit of a shakeup, and some “surprise” may be announced, such as “foreign” (probably foreign to the US) sources providing a “bail out” of some kind financially. This bailout will be inadequate, however, to stem the tide of problems, and the economy will not strengthen.

For many, Thanksgiving Day will be somehow affected by the events of this week. In addition to paying off debt, you need to start a savings account or fund for the Holiday Season this year.

Setting of the Chart

First, the Chart is set for 8:01 PM -6 from UTC and is a Longitude and Latitude Associated with the Northern Edges of the Dallas Side of the “DFW Metroplex.” Just in case you don’t know, driving from a point just a little east of Dallas to a point just a little west of Fort Worth is not quite the distance from the southern tip of New Jersey (i.e. Cape May) to the northern realms (across the Hudson from NYC). (Texas is a BIG state in terms of land mass.)

The Chart:

If you use tabbed browsing, you might want to open that image in a separate tab, now, so we can discuss it. You should also open Cafe Astrology Planetary Phenomena for 2008 in a separate tab. (That site points out a Jupiter-Saturn sesquiquadrate on June 26, 2008.)

If you have chart software (and Astro123 is freeware), you can run the same chart adjusted for your locality.

Choice of Software

I suppose I should say at this point that I am not an advocate of freeware or open source to the exclusion of commercial software. You’ll notice that Astro123 hasn’t been updated since 2006. The motive to update doesn’t exist for freeware, and open source manned by volunteers has spotty support at best. (BUT, if that same “open source” has a team of professional programmers who both maintain it and are paid to do that full time by a non-profit organization, then that’s another story….)

I’ve evaluated the SolarFire (sold by Alabe.com who also provides free online chart calculations) and Kepler (Cosmic Patterns) families of commercial software and recommend them. Maybe at some point I’ll also try the Matrix family and Halloran tools as well. (Actually, once I find my install CD’s for SF and Kepler, I’ll probably switch back to them. Don’t ask; long story.)

This Uranus Retrograde Chart is about FINANCES

SET IN “The Metroplex,” this chart is ALL ABOUT FINANCES. It isn’t about “small scale personal finances” on an individual level. It *IS* about “small scale personal finances” on an aggregate level.

What does that mean, and why?


My interpretation, from my location, is that governmental entities MUST address the “subprime meltdown” during this period. (I will now only speak to the U.S. since UK / Europe should probably be handled by an astrologer, or astrologers, there.)

The meltdown is already underway, and the drastic changes in energy prices, coupled with floods in the Midwest (and consequent rising food prices) will require profound changes. I cannot get a clear lead on who will be President though Obama appears to have a minimal lead at this time. (No clear prediction on this.) Not counting the astrology of the times, “the people” will REQUIRE change. At least part of the catch is that they, themselves, must do most (if not all) of the change.

This is a difficult time for whomever is the leader of the United States.

This chart appears to barely be “radical.” The rule of thumb for an horary chart is that the ascendant cannot be in the first three, or last three, degrees of a sign. Although this isn’t an ‘horary’ chart, I follow the same rule of thumb on this kind of chart. This one appears to be a little past 4 degrees of Capricorn. A Capricorn ascendant tells us, right away, that the “surprises” of Uranus Retrograde will deal with Capricorn issues. And, so early that it almost isn’t radical, confirms that we should “expect the unexpected.”

With Capricorn in play, but so early, that could be anything, from problems with bones for some individuals (particularly Pisceans) to a major financial overhaul.

I will not elaborate on the positions and relationships of Mars, the South Node, Saturn, and Pluto except to say that they indicate that the current war places us (as in the “US”) in great financial jeopardy. (Hint: Mars (war) in the 8th House (taxes) midpoint Saturn (authority, government, and particularly the “Executive”) and the South Node (the Easy, but WRONG thing to do) coupled with a trine between Mars (war) and Pluto (intelligence agencies) in the 12th House (of “self-undoing”). We need an exit strategy. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to work out the details. 🙂

The issues with bones and other things Capricorn appear unclear, but the national, or global, finances cannot be ignored because of the Second House of Finances being within Aquarius (“the people”) and containing a few “interesting” key planets: Chiron and Uranus, with Chiron on top of the North Node.

As you may know, Chiron is about healing and Neptune is about illness. Chiron is retrograde here, so it isn’t in its strongest position. Chiron is nearly on top of the North Node, less than half a degree away. The North Node is about “Karma.” This means it is about doing service at a minimum and sometimes taking “bad medicine” at the worst. This healer apparently recommends “black draught.” (An old Southern remedy that was, in fact, a potent laxative.) The process isn’t over yet, because Chiron has to continue backwards for a “ways.”

And, as crucial as the financial “healing” is, the Jupiter-Saturn Sesquiquadrate tells us that, for the big financial markets, what happens today is NOT a final solution. More work is needed.

Events Now Will Impact the “Holiday Season”

In fact, this entire process will “cook” until two key events happen (1) Chiron turns direct; and (2) Uranus turns direct. A longer term series of events, Chiron and Uranus in a series of sextiles, began in April and continues for a number of years.  See, also: The Big Aspects.  Frankly, this dance is about trans-generational reforms in a number of areas, not just finance.

So, what are the key future dates for this year? Chiron turns direct on October 25th of 2008. Uranus turns direct on November 27th of this year.  And, less than an hour after the direct station of Uranus on Thanksgiving Day, Moon conjoins the Sun (New Moon) at about 5 degrees Sadge.

I don’t know about you, but that combination gets my attention.

Mercury (communication) then will conjoin Mars (anger) in Sadge late the following Friday night. “Oh my, my.”

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving of 2008, Pluto (now direct) will re-enter Capricorn (finances, especially corporate finances). This is a very busy week, to be discussed later. But, be assured, it will set the stage for an “interesting” holiday season this year.

What to do with this?

Moral of this story? If you want to HAVE a Christmas / Hannukkah / Kwaanza / Pagan Winter Celebration (or whatever celebration you follow just after the Winter’s Solstice of 2008), then you better start saving money for that NOW. Decide how much you want, and put away 1/5 of that every month between now and The Season. (If you want a $500 Christmas, then put away $100 a month.)

But, for NOW, don’t be surprised if some profound (I will neither say “good” nor “bad” in this case because it is too difficult to read) revelations emerge on the financial markets scene this Thursday or maybe Friday.

Jupiter in the First House may imply a “bail out” from “foreign” sources. And, it clearly implies that some people haven’t got the message and are still spending more than they should.

As the old saying goes, “you ain’t seen nuttin’, yet.” 🙂

Predictions for Week of June 23rd of 2008

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Week of June 23rd

This week is comparatively quiet, but some people may find it to be a bit explosive when their secrets are revealed to the public.

Monday: Do You Relax
or Waste Your Time & Energy on the Futile? 🙂

The energy of Monday morning, as this is being written, is a relatively calm one for most people.  Well, sort of.  All that is happening is Lunar, so for most of us the conflict between Mars (action) and Neptune (illusions) is relatively temporary.  Some people, of course, will run on long “wild goose chases” this morning pursuing goals that are either unattainable or worthless or both.  Others will have any scam perpetuated on them over the weekend (see previous entries) “wrapped up” or possible taken to the next stage.

Monday June 23rd of 2008: A Good Day to Start a Diet

Some of you will start diet & exercise programs this Monday, and this is a good Monday to do it *IF* you do not set your expectations too high.  Some of you will daydream of looking like some particular celebrity or model.  Nothing wrong with that if it motivates you to do the right thing; just don’t let your feelings hurt if your progress isn’t what you expect.  Remember: seek progress, not perfection.

Monday Evening Piscean HouseCleaning (June 23rd of 2008 )

The Moon enters Pisces on Monday afternoon (evening for UK & Europe), and the evening can be mostly pleasant although some issue with authority or aging CAN arise.  This is a great evening to clean house or otherwise organize and make it a fun activity with your sweetheart or children or best friend.

Newly married (or anyone starting a new household, such as someone who has recently relocated) will find this to be a GREAT evening to get your household in order.  Virgo & Pisces love to create debt, so be extra alert for that danger.  (Moon in Gentle Pisces opposes Stern Saturn in Virgo after a pleasant trine with the Sun.)

Tuesday: Funday Except if Your Secrets Are Exposed

All of Tuesday feels like Monday evening, mostly a feel-good day that is about “wrapping things up.”  Some of you are closing a fiscal year now, and Tuesday or Wednesday could be all about “discovering” some missing transaction or item that shakes up your end of fiscal year calculations. 

You’d normally expect that to happen at this time, anyway, but with Moon in Pisces (revelations of different kinds; exposure of secrets) and Uranus (in Pisces) very slow and about to retrograde, this would be THE time for theft or embezzlement to be discovered.

Wednesday: The Fun Ends All Too Soon

Wednesday is like Tuesday, except that Wednesday evening seems a bit unpleasant.  If you are working late, conflicts could emerge on this day.  If you are in the UK or Europe, the Moon moves into Aries shortly before the 9a to 5p workday starts on Thursday.  In the US, this will happen Wednesday evening.

Thursday: Revelations Go Public

Thursday is a handful of Moon squares and the Uranus retrograde discloser of secrets.  Any misdeeds discovered on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday will be more publicly disclosed on this day.  Conflict and agitation marks this day.  This is also a day when some people will be admitted to, or discharged from, a mental hospital.  For some, this will be the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”  Others will wonder what happened to the pleasant moods of the past few days.  To be sure, telephones will chatter Thursday evening about the disclosures of the day.

Friday June 27th and Saturday June 28th

Friday & Saturday are an entirely different story.  Friday is marked by a Grand Trine of Fire.  If fire benefits you (typically Aries, Leo, or Sadge -OR- Libra, Aquarius, Gemini), then this could be a great day for you.  Otherwise, the first may leave you uncomfortable or angry. 

Oddly, things “flip” on Saturday when the Moon moves into Taurus and THEN creates a Grand Trine of Earth.  The aforementioned signs will feel discomfort, particularly a “let down” sensation over the power and play of Friday.  On the other hand, if you are water or earth, then Saturday / Sunday will feel much better or “stronger” for you. 

(More about the weekend in another post.)

Uranus Retrograde Station, June 2008

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After the series of bursts of excitement, no doubt many of you wonder what adventures next week holds in store.  We’ll cover the details in depth in another post, but the most significant event will be the Uranus Retrograde Station on Thursday, June 26th.

Anticipating what a Uranus Station really means is a bit of a challenge.  Since Uranus rules surprises, this station is all about overdue surprises.  In a way, the surprise isn’t a surprise at all because it is overdue.  Once it hits, you then realize that it was inevitable.

Even trickier, it might not quite hit the DAY of the station.  It is all about surprise, isn’t it?

Summer Solstice 2008

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Summer Solstice 2008

If you celebrate the Solstice, chances are that you’ve already done so by the time you read this. For many in the U.S., that celebration was Thursday evening. That is probably true in the UK and Europe as well. Some of you, though, may choose to celebrate this weekend because the gathering of friends, most convenient on a weekend, is more important than gathering slightly BEFORE the event occurs. Frankly, I like that idea in this case. Why?

The reason why is that we’ve all done intense energy work all weekend long. As much as possible, this weekend should be about rest & relaxation. The Aquarian Moon will tend to help with that, and most people will find this to be a pleasant weekend. A few possible “potholes” exist; this forecast will serve to illumine them.

I know some of you want only the “high points” without detailed analysis, so we’ll do those first.

High Points of the Summer Solstice of 2008

1. Have fun this weekend. That is very possible.

2. Watch out for lying and deception this weekend.

3. Watch out for a squabble particularly about money or taxes or fines, particularly on Friday night.

4. Do NOT “loan money” this weekend. Especially watch out for cheats & cons.

5. *DO* have fun with your friends. This is another GREAT “movie weekend.” Consider a sleepover with a ‘movie marathon.’

6. This is a GREAT weekend to spend on the water, possibly at a lake. BUT, this is a very BAD weekend to mix alcohol and boating. (No good weekend for that, but this one is even worse.)

7. Homebodies can get a great deal of cleaning this weekend, and might find old photos from “the good old days” that bring a strong sense of nostalgia. Pay debt.

Now, for the rest of you, on to the “nitty gritty details.”

Analysis by Sign

Aries: You can be very strong this weekend. Watch out for overspending on that nice new toy, and definitely do not create any new debt. Like ALL other signs, don’t loan money. Otherwise, this will be a great weekend for you. Try, though, to be an observer, if you can. You’ll LEARN a bit about others if you do so.

Taurus: Read Aries. You’ll be tempted to buy items for your home, and you’ll get some great buys if (1) you already wanted them and they are NOT something you were “talked into” by the salesperson and (2) you don’t create any new debt. You might not be as thrilled by the movie as some others, but you’ll have fun anyway.

Gemini: You need a break. This was a really busy week. Just relax, and resist ANY temptation to deceive someone. You CAN deceive effectively now, but you don’t want that karma. Watch the movie with your friends.

Cancer: Hold tight to your birthday. Like Aries, you should “watch the show” that others put on for you this weekend. Do *NOT* (did I emphasize that enough?) lend money or create debt. Like Taurus, you might get a nice item for your home.

Leo: Why are you so angry? You need a good workout this weekend. Finances tend to worry you this weekend. Focus instead on the most vigorous exercise you can safely participate in; a punching bag could bring you both physical and emotional relief. Friends are okay, but watch for trickery, possibly from an entire GROUP, maybe a conspiracy of family members against you!

Some of you are starting to enter your “Solar 12th house” and are in danger of “self-undoing.”  This is particularly true if your birthday is in July.

Virgo: You find yourself in the job of disciplinarian, especially if you are a parent. You’ll have the job of being the “voice of reason.” You can do this well, but secretly you want to play this weekend with the other boys & girls. Take time to recharge your batteries this weekend. You CAN take a break. Maybe you need a treat.

Libra: Read Aries. Keep in mind that your insights may be especially important to others this weekend. But, don’t offer advice unless asked. Keep your comments short & to the point. Use humor. Have fun.

Scorpio: Read Taurus & Leo. You can get some great buys; use your usual sense of prudence. Don’t beat up on people, though you’ll be tempted. If you are a police officer, then you’ll be busy this weekend. That means you’ll need to stay sober yourself.

Sagittarius: You are ordinarily a nice person, but you really need to watch your temper this weekend. Don’t go off the deep end. Instead, take some time for yourself. This does NOT mean you have to hide and be alone, but it does mean you’d better have some fun. Unlike most others, you’ll probably have a good eye for cheats. No reason you can’t turn the tables on them and have the “last laugh.” In fact, they deserve it for even thinking about taking you on. Go for it, just don’t get mad about it. Laugh instead.

Capricorn: Okay, it is a tough weekend in some ways for you. People seem frivolous and a bit unpredictable. You can still have fun, though, and you might even make a little money if that is your desire. Just make certain it is money coming in rather than money going out. (You’ll be tempted to spend.)

Aquarius: This is *YOUR* weekend. Okay, you’ll have other weekends, too. But this will be an outstanding weekend for some, make that MANY, of you. Please do play. Take nothing seriously. Refuse to believe anything anyone says, probably even including me! 🙂 Your sense of art and proportion are good this weekend, so if you are an artist of some kind then (as Captain Picard would say) “Make it so.” (But don’t incur debt for that purpose.)

Pisces: Yes, you can get your way this weekend. BUT, is it really what you want? If you succumb under pressure to some strong personality, or especially a group of them, and then cheat or deceive someone who could be your best ally, then what will you gain? Think about it. Your ally might be tired of that kind of behavior.

If you are a poker player, you might “clean up” this weekend. (No “markers,” though.)

If you channel that “creativity” of yours in the right direction, then you might have some fun without anyone getting their feelings hurt. Maybe you are the one who needs to organize “sleepover movie night,” but without any grandiose expenditures.

If you do host a party, you’ll be at the center. Do you want to be? (It is okay if you really do.)

The Planetary Players of the Weekend of the Summer Solstice of 2008

Besides the solstice, and the previous planetary events of this week (especially the Full Moon and Mercury Direct Station), three events will color this weekend: (1) Sun Opposite Pluto (which is an “after statement” to the Full Moon Energy); (2) Mars Opposite Neptune; and (3) Venus Sextile Saturn (which requires a LONG discussion). We’ll cover the first one and dispose of that, and then we’ll dive in greater depth into #2 and #3 (together). So, we have Part #1 (Sun Opposite Pluto & the Full Moon Wrapup) and we have Part #2 (Mars Opposite Neptune and the Finger of God).

Sun Opposite Pluto & the Full Moon Wrapup

The first few days of the week, tied to the Full Moon of Wednesday June 18th, will be “wrapped up” by Sun Opposite Pluto on Friday June 20th. Of course, Astrology studies cycles, and one story blends into another. But, this punctuation mark (and that is what this kind of aspect is) comes with the Solstice. Other variants will occur in a new season and be more tightly tied to newer stories to be told. So, what does it mean?

Pluto has returned to the end of Sadge, and that is the key issue here. The final degrees of any sign are said to be “fated degrees,” and these particular degrees are especially associated with deception and theft. All the negative aspects of Sadge will tend to be highlighted at this time: religious extremists, possibly terrorists, murder in the name of God, court rulings that are either wrong or unjust or both, and a sense of “playfulness” applied in very wrong ways. (Do you remember in the original “Highlander” movie where we learned that the Kurgan, and “his tribe, the Kurgans, were infamous for their cruelty, and were known to ‘toss children into pits full of starved dogs, and watch them fight [for the] meat’ for amusement.” THAT is the kind of “playfulness” associated with the END of Sadge. Not pretty.)

Now, that said, the type of PLANET in that space makes a BIG difference. In this case, the planet is PLUTO, ruler of death in general, death by assassination in particular, death by poisoning even more so, and secrets, torture, and a number of other horrible things.

Frankly, myself, I don’t like this combination of planet and place.

One big issue here will be “human rights abuses.” On a smaller scale, it will be injustice. The “mean girls” will tend to win. But, Sun OPPOSING Pltuo may mean that, in some cases, authority figures of some kind may “step in” to halt some of these problems. The Sun can’t really win against Pluto on a long term basis, so the key will be for Pluto to move direct (in a few months) and return to Capricorn. The downside to this will be a profound “belt tightening” in our economy. We’ll already had a taste of this, but it will get stronger. Your mantra should be “no debt.”

If you can’t achieve that, then it should be “no new debt.” If you are in the business of lending money, you shouldn’t take on ANY new risky loans; you can count on them deceiving you now (Pluto Rx in Sadge) and defaulting later (when Pluto returns to Capricorn).

I know some of my readers might be thieves. Yes, this is your weekend. Sigh.

Practically, as an individual, this could lead to power struggles this weekend, particularly over money. Taxes (also Pluto) may be the biggest issues of all. Count on them (taxes) showing up in political dialogs. Like new debt, new taxes should be avoided. They might seem very attractive NOW, but Pluto in Capricorn can make them very ugly later.

One other thing, this particular drama indicates that the solution to human rights abuse in other countries CAN be found in the decisions made by Corporate America (and UK and Europe). The key, of course, will be to give Corporate America “tax incentives” to do things that “encourage” foreign countries to protect human rights. (Maybe that is the approach Amnesty International should use: lobby Congress to give tax incentives to Big Corp. to protect human rights in foreign countries.)

On a small scale for certain readers (you know who you are): you know that Aunt or Uncle who saved money all of their lives and lived very conservatively? The one you never liked but now is in a GREAT position financially while you are worried about FORECLOSURE? You should NOT ask them for a bailout (and deceiving them will cause you painful karma you don’t want to have). But, you SHOULD get their insights and advice and “take your medicine” to clear out the debt & financial problems. If you don’t listen to the Dave Ramsey show, then you should consider doing so.

Like Father’s Day, if you can “avoid the fight,” you’ll probably have a pretty good weekend. But, again, some people will have terrific struggles over money and spending this weekend.

Mars Opposite Neptune and the Finger of God

At this point, I’d like to tell you some great story about Mars Opposite Neptune and how powerful that aspect is. I’d like to discuss how some commentators noted Mars/Neptune activity in the birth chart of Bill Clinton, and how they claimed that this is the REAL reason that he was “Teflon Bill.” (Monica Lewinsky proved that name wrong, though.) That’s what I’d like to tell you.

Instead, I must say that this is an extraordinarily complicated “big planet” configuration that, frankly, might be a little beyond my ability. In addition to Mars Opp Neptune, we have Venus Sextile Saturn. Venus & Saturn are another story entirely. The problem is, Venus & Saturn are NOT playing separately from Mars and Neptune. If they were, analysis would be much easier. In fact, the configuration looks like a huge “peace sign” in the sky, with Neptune “by itself” (not true, but pretend so for the moment) and Mars opposite of it as the “center leg”, with Venus and Saturn forming the right and left legs of the “peace sign.”

Now, I am NOT saying that this configuration will “bring peace.” Sun Opposite Pluto (described above) won’t let it. Actually, Neptune has both the Moon and Chiron as neighbors. All three are in Aquarius, and this metaphorically speaks to the needs and desires of “the people” for healing and dreams of hope. Last weekend we had illusions. This weekend, we HAVE to believe in a “better way,” despite the Evil of Sun Opp Pluto. Primarily Neptune (but also the other planets) form the “Finger of God” that I’ve described before (credit: Stephanie Azaria). The choice seems to be between Venus (in Cancer, the home of the Moon) and Saturn (in Virgo, the home of Mercury and sign of the Earth Mother).

I try to avoid politics, but this weekend seems to speak of how profoundly tired “the people” are of war. Sun Opp Pluto tells us we can make some terrible mistakes with wrong decisions based on poorly thought-out approaches. Regardless, we are tired of war, we are tired of being cheated, and we are tired of the no longer “playful” aspects of Gemini & Sadge. The time has come for a return to the source of our sustenance.

So, you’ll have a choice to make this weekend, and it will almost certainly affect many people around you. Given that you “handle” the power struggle “correctly,” (and this doesn’t mean that you “win” in the ordinary sense of the word), you will have to choose between being a source of sustenance and being a provider of discipline. Neither position is necessarily right or wrong. You’ll have to apply your own sense of discernment, keeping in mind that deception is afoot.

I suppose I should say that, as the weekend progresses, I might “tune” this forecast. Making it stronger will lay a foundation for the forecast for next week, probably to be published on Sunday.

Autumn Sunrise: Detailed Analysis of June 19, 2008

June 19, 2008 at 12:41 pm | Posted in Predictions | 1 Comment
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Autumn Sunrise gives a detailed analysis of June 19, 2008.  If you want to “drill down” into different perspectives on the energy of this day, this is an excellent source.  Recall that a fundamental premise of the approach to astrological analysis used by this site is “SUMO” (The Strategic Use of Multiple Oracles).

Is My Marriage Doomed?

June 19, 2008 at 12:19 am | Posted in Editorial | Comments Off on Is My Marriage Doomed?
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I suppose now is the time for me to clarify a few things. One of my favorite areas of “prediction” is determining the best time to do (or not do) something. This is typically referred to as “Electional Astrology,” but I don’t always follow the usual techniques.

I particularly like to identify obstacles in the road we travel together. I see Astrology as providing tools that are a bit like headlights: mostly they help us spot the potholes but sometimes they illuminate opportunities. So, my predictions tend to be a little negative since I focus on what to avoid.

But, I try to add back the positive. The grains of time are the only thing we really have. Each moment must have some kind of good use hidden within it. The trick is finding what that use is, and then doing the next right thing.

Also, in the process of making my updates, I check my logs & stats to see what searches people run. One recent search started with “is our marriage doomed if married in….” I’d never address such a question or search in the way it was crafted. If the choice has been made, then the future is not about being “doomed”; the future is about what choices to make next.

Little of my work is retrospective, except to provide a foundation for future decisions. The purpose of using multiple oracles (SUMO) is to check them against each other to make the best possible decisions. In a sense, as we move from event to event, from aspect to station, to aspect, to emergent pattern in the sky, we “surf” the energy of each moment. Collectively, we play our roles in the dramas we have chosen. But, often we can choose which role, or which drama, or both. (See my recent predictions about Father’s Day Weekend 2008 where I identify at least three distinct roles that may be picked from.)

So, even if you did choose to marry in what many would consider the “worst possible time,” you may have a special use and a special reason for doing that.

For example, if you married in a void immediately prior to a New Moon, you might use that “cleaning away” energy in such a way that the two of you are activists for cleaning up the environment and paving the way for generations to come. I won’t say you’ll be devoid of sadness. I won’t say that you’ll avoid having to release things dear to you. BUT, the two of you may find you have a very special place in the architecture of the world.

Others who marry at that time may eventually become leaders in the world of Hospice. They may teach us about the ultimate forms of letting go. I’m not saying that is YOUR path, but people with those gifts, who choose that path, are very important to all of us.

Still others may live a quiet life that signifies the close to one era and give birth to children who are leaders in the next era. Many speak of Lincoln, but few seem to recognize the importance of Lincoln’s mother. Perhaps that is your path.

You may not be consciously aware of the reasons behind your intuitive choice to marry at some certain time. Chances are good that you do NOT have that awareness. But those reasons will show themselves as the future unfolds.

If the hand you are dealt seems difficult, you may yet play your hand well.

If you didn’t have choice, if you couldn’t decide to follow different paths, then why would you be seeking advice on how to see those “potholes” in the road ahead from a blog like this one?

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