Blue Monday?

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First, let me point out the Wikipedia article in Blue Monday.  A bit of controversy exists about it, so let’s clarify a few things:

  1. Skeptics consider it “pseudoscience” “like astrology.”  Glad they do, that puts it in my domain. <smile>
  2. Some lament it claiming that “depression does not occur one day a year.”  Well, that is not the point.  “Blue Monday” has nothing to do with the mental illness of depression unless certain days, maybe “Blue Monday,” could be precipitating factors for some people.
  3. Some people have (incorrectly) said it is “the third Monday in January.”  Nope.  That is not the point.  It CAN be the “third Monday in January,” but it should NEVER be strictly codified as such.

So, what is it?

It is the Monday that follows the weekend where your “New Year’s Resolutions” crash, particularly if they involve a “diet” or some other (typically poorly conceived and poorly executed) weight loss plan.  For many people, this is the Monday that follows the THIRD WEEKEND in January.  The third Monday in January in 2017 was Monday, January 15th.  But the Monday that followed the THIRD WEEKEND is today, January 24th.  And, if your well intentioned “resolutions” crashed over the weekend, then chances are good you do not feel very good about that today, and that makes today “Blue Monday” for you.

And if you do suffer from the illness of depression, and you made unrealistic plans for the new year, then today could be tough.  If that is true, consider this: this, too, shall pass.

Why change Orthodox Christmas date? Change the whole calendar!

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I don’t know about you, but after December 25th comes and goes, the remaining time between then and Orthodox Christmas January 7th doesn’t feel as much like the Christmas season, because most of the world has stopped celebrating it as such. The lights begin to come down, the movies and the songs revert back to normal, and everything else just reminds us Orthodox that we celebrate Christmas on a different day. And so, it is natural that around this time of year many of us begin to think about the Christmas date and whether we should be celebrating it all together at the same time. This idea particularly made waves when Pope Tawadros II of the Coptic Church discussed it with a congregation in Canada when he visited back in September, 2014. And the reaction to this was very heated, with many alarmed and even angered by such a suggestion, while others absolutely…

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New Years 2016 (Thor’s Hammer Key)

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New Years 2016 (Thor’s Hammer Key)

Let us first address, if not dispense with, a common topic: when does “New Years” occur?  The answer is it occurs once per time zone, with as many occurrences as there are time zones.  That begs the question: how many time zones are there?  A quick Bing search yields this answer: “There are 40 unique time zones based on UTC offset. However there are 198 time zones abbreviations around the world, including daylight saving time zones.”

Needless to say, we are not doing forty charts (we will leave that chore to others to address time zones that we do not), and we are certainly not doing 198 (though it might be an interesting topic to revisit, especially at shifts from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time and back).  If you want to look up the offsets for your particular time zone, click here.  See, also: this list of time zone offsets.

So, the message is simple: EACH time zone has its own “personal” chart for the New Year, each with a similar (but slightly different) message.  This year, the chart for Melbourne / Tokyo and the Pacific Rim are is particularly outstanding, meaning we expect a strong calendar year for this region.  (Especially economic prosperity as long as people in the region remember to help those who are less fortunate than themselves.)

Please also keep in mind that this is only one of several “New Years.”  Another is the Chinese New Year in February (only a few days past a Cross Quarter Day this year!), and another is the Astrological New Year (Vernal Equinox).

We also recommend a few other things: (1) if you can, find last year’s “New Year’s Resolution” list and review it.  Did you actually accomplish anything?  What is different?  (2) Use a service to send this year’s list (and maybe old ones) to yourself sometime in late 2016 (We like late October because it provides enough to REALLY think about what you want for next year, 2017 in this case.  As far as these services go, we like  We have no financial or other interest in that site, we just like it.

You may find it useful to make a list of what you DID accomplish.  And another useful exercise is to make a list of what you are grateful for.  Maybe you have it better than you realize.

If you review those notes in late October, you can do a “test run” on your “resolutions” in November.  This assumes you actually want to change or actually want to accomplish something.  If you are just spouting rhetoric, then no need to follow this.  After you fail in November (and you will, and the pain of Scorpio will teach you lessons), you can revise your unrealistic expectations for ANOTHER test in December.  Dump what does not work.  Then, after two “trial runs,” put it into gear in January.  If you fail again in January, then give up.  You are too unrealistic and disconnected from your true self to really understand what you really want and what you are really capable of doing.  Reality testing is important here, and Capricorn is very, very good at helping with that.

That said, if the time has passed for you to use our methods of testing and tuning resolutions for 2016, then make a resolution to send yourself a reminder (using a service like FutureMe) and accomplish that resolution immediately!

Speaking of last year’s resolutions and plans, here is the chart for New Years 2014/2015.  2015 had amazing potential if you believe what that chart had to offer.  How did you use it?  Did you make the year “count,” or did you waste your opportunities?

Some of you may think that we may sound like we are chastising you, but you need to keep this in mind: as an Astrologer we are Father Time’s (more precisely, Saturn’s or Kronos’) agent.  We are just doing our job!

Most of the charts for New Years 2015 / 2016 have a pattern present that we call a “Thor’s Hammer Key” (or a “God’s Fist Key,” if you prefer that terminology).  This pattern is composed of TWO interlinked Thor’s Hammer patterns and provide a HUGE amount of energy to “get things done” but also contains a danger of anger and violence.

Since Star Wars Episode VII is currently (December 2015) playing in theaters, we will borrow language from the Star Wars universe: “you will be tempted by the Dark Side of the force.”  Count on that this year.  Going into ANY situation unprepared for this possibility is a very, VERY bad idea this year.  2016, more than other years, is about being prepared, “getting things done,” and accomplishment.  (The numerologists, when they start talking about this, will confirm what I am saying: “2016” is a “9” year, and THAT is about COMPLETION.)

So, since it is a particularly large population center near the International Date Line and, therefore, one of the first New Year’s celebrations, we start with a chart set in Melbourne, Australia (AEST, UTC +10):

 2016-01-01 New Years Melbourne AUS (AEST) Thors Hammer Key[Click Image to Enlarge]

We see the Thor’s Hammer Key in play, Moon is approaching perfection of conjunction with Jupiter (a highly benevolent aspect), and Moon has not yet gone void of course (as it does in most other charts).  12th House is quite active, and people living in this region would benefit from addressing 12th house issues: helping those less fortunate than themselves, dealing with scams and frauds, drug and alcohol issues, poetry, lyrics, music, photography, and videography.  Maybe this is Melbourne’s year to become a film production center.  (Much of what we are saying applies to the “Pacific Rim” region, including Japan and Tokyo).  The remaining charts ALL contain a void of course moon EXCEPT Los Angeles, CA (where the moon is still “too early to tell”).

We present the chart for New Year’s in Moscow without comment except to note that we filtered for a T-Square that is also present.  (The same Thor’s Hammer Key pattern is in play, though.)

2016-01-01 Moscow (BAT) Thors Hammer Key

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Next, we present the chart for London:

2016-01-01 New Years London (UTC) Thors Hammer Key

[Click Image to Enlarge]

New York City (EST):

2016-01-01 New Years New York City (EST) Thors Hammer Key

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Dallas (and Plano, our location as we publish these forecasts):

2016-01-01 New Years Dallas (CST) Thors Hammer Key

[Click Image to Enlarge]

And, finally, Los Angeles CA (PST):

2016-01-01 New Years Los Angeles (PST) Thors Hammer Key[Click Image to Enlarge]

One more time: “get things done” and bring CLOSURE to major projects this year.  You will have special windows of opportunity that you will NEVER see again, and 2017 marks the beginning of a very, very different period.

Other thoughts on 2015 / 2016:


2015-11-10 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2015-11-10 Calendar of Aspects

2015-11-10 Calendar

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Halloween, Quarter Days and November 8th 2008

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Halloween is a celebration of one of the Quarter Days.  See, also:

Halloween was a traditional celebration of the November Quarter Day.  (The above link says “cross quarter” days, but the source(s) I originally used simply called them “quarter days.)  I’ve already spoken about Halloween, but I’ll briefly recap.

(1) circa 29th/30th (depending on your time zone) Mercury Trines Uranus  (This is a great time to see movies and stageplays and right poetry; this is a terrible time to buy almost anything, especially tangible things.  Deception is at play, especially from alcoholics and drug addicts.  Just chill out and ‘watch the show.”)

(2) Mars Sextiles Saturn.  Sextiles are usually favorable, but both Mars and Saturn are malefics.  Mars is in Scorpio (death, dying, sex, secrets, and espionage) and Saturn is in Virgo (accountants, monks, nuns, and intractable bureaucrats).  Not very favorable to anyone except maybe assassins and tax collectors.

(3) Mars Trines Uranus.  Another malefic pair.  Notice this implies that Mars, Saturn, and Uranus are linked.  Uranus (perhaps better named Prometheus) is a bringer of change, and it is currently placed in Pisces.  For the development of electronic media, such as digital photography and video, this is a harbinger of great developments and inventions.  (“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”)  The three connected can be very strange.

I’d think that one side of this may be an explosive development of electronic surveillance, particular “traffic light cams” and such.  Expect events (criminal events) that will prompt this move.  Don’t be surprised if some of these events are created by agents provocateur.  (See, also:  not to be confused with

(4) Venus Trines Chron.  Venus is in Sadge and Chiron is in Aquarius.  These aspects give us hope.  But, don’t be surprised if immigration (Sadge) issues “bubble up” (Chiron’s “healing”) at this time.  Venus Trine Chiron SOUNDS benevolent, but with the previously mentioned aspects, some strident times may be at play.  (Riots?  Massive arrests?)

(5)  Finally, Neptune has been in the process of stationing (this tends to be difficult), and “goes direct” on November 1st.  At least one astrologer I knew spoke of someone who would “go into the mental hospital” when Neptune went retrograde and come out when Neptune “went direct.”  I’d say that this time, particularly Saturday through Wednesday, will be a huge turning point for many people, but especially with regard to alcoholism, drug addiction, deception, liars & cheats, and scammers.  Remember that poetry, music, photography and (especially) video involve a sort of “deception,” so these arts may undergo stunning transformations at this time.

I’ll focus on motion pictures in what I say next, but the same may apply to photograpy, poetry, and music.  Include any kind of electronic media (Netscape News, AOL, Reuters, Google News, Topix,  and the rest.)  Expect: (1) radical industry announcements, possibly a giant or two (unexpectedly) filing for bankruptcy or undergoing buyouts / mergers; (2) Certain branches or units being shut down or merged; (3) radical revisions in general (noticed the new changes in Hotmail?); (4) general belt tightening but (5) greater globalization.  Expect to radical changes in copyrighted material and news with regard to the Far East in general and particularly China.

We are far off topic, because I would like to discuss the actual quarter day, which is November 8th of this year.  Quarter Days are powerful, and the only more powerful points in the year are the changes of season (solstice points and equinoxes).  Each of the Quarter Days has been said to be tied to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  The November Quarter Day is associated with the Pale Horse, or Pale Rider.

This rider is usually the most devastating of all.  How it operates in any given year is resolved by the Moon (short term) and the outer planets (long term).  This year the Moon (in Pisces) trines the Sun.  From a short term standpoint, this should be favorable.  But, trines tend to producing long-lasting and far reaching events.

HOWEVER, the Moon also connects with Saturn and Uranus on this day.  The Sun already connected with Saturn on the 30th of October, and it contacts Uranus on November 11th.  Said differently, the Sun is effectively connected to these two as well.

All of this implies that, even though November 8th is on a Saturday, it will have far reaching consequences regarding the economy and financial markets.  And, interestingly, somehow the celebrations (Halloween, All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertes) will tie to the actual quarter day.

Financial Markets and Saturn and Chiron and Pluto 2008

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After a bit of thought, I’ve decided that I’m glad that not so many people read this blog.  If you read “2008 June 26 Uranus Retrograde Chart set in DFW” then you know that I predicted a shakeup in September.  If you are dialed into this at all, I’d hope you would re-read the above article in great detail.  What I said, and continue to predict, is that this shakeup simply isn’t over.  The activity in September / early October is just a punctuation mark on the way to the rest of the story.  Saturn Inconjuncts Chiron on October 8th.  Since Saturn has a 28 year orbit and Chiron a 56 year orbit, this doesn’t happen much.  It happens even less than the Jupiter / Saturn dances that classically characterize financial “changes.”

Of course an activating aspect is needed.  (Read my other writings about activating events (typically new or full moons).)  Monday is Sun Square Jupiter, a time of often overly ambitious overspending.  The Venus / Saturn / Chiron aspects of Tuesday and Wednesday October 7th and 8th will produce MORE revelations about the “structural soundness” of the world economy as well as the U.S. Economy.  Don’t be surprised to receive interesting “news” on these days, either.  By the Full Moon of October 14th, some of these truths will be unavoidable.  Deceit will continue, but the liars and cheats will find it more difficult to perpetrate the fraud.  So to speak, “Main Street” has had enough.

The key thing to remember, here, is that a huge unbridled bailout (Jupiter) is NOT the answer here.  The answer requires intense work on the “fundamentals” of the economy and finance system.  The time has arrived for a profound belt-tightening.  I’ll say a little more about October, but the real key will be found “about” the time of Thanksgiving Day.  Maybe the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will be the turning point, or maybe it will be Thanksgiving itself.

That said, other rough spots in October: Refuse to succumb to any temptation to be impetuous on October 14th.  This is a “feel good” full moon day that will tempt many to act rashly.  Don’t get sucked into THAT trap.

October 15th Mercury “goes direct” and this means on the 15th or following few days something “overdue” will be handled.  The classic example for some of you is the arrival of an overdue check.

The Grand Trine of Thursday October 23rd will make that a very powerful MORNING (afternoon for Brits) to get things done.  Energies “flip” in afternoon and this is a time to rest and maybe reconsider.

Chiron goes direct on October 25th.  On or about that time we’ll get a crucial message about some kind of healing.  This will definitely affect the financial markets, but also anyone with health problems.  Frankly, I’m a bit worried about Social Security and Medicare.

By Monday the 27th, the new issue of “healing” causes tempers to flare in a profound way.  Expect a battle royale.  “Things” could be very nasty.

The Scorpionic New Moon of the 28th is difficult to interpret.  The conflict of Monday can be read three ways: (1) it is dead & gone; (2) it has been swept under the rug and is festering; or (3) the firefight of Monday has gone totally covert.  Guns are traded for poisons.

The dance of Mercury and Neptune on Wednesday indicate confusion and overextended idealism at best.  At worst, they are about significant deception in a time when honesty is desperately needed.

The firefights of Thursday and Friday could be avoided if you find a safe athletic activity to participate in.  But, covert operations may be at risk for exposure on these days.

This might be one really scary Halloween.

Neptune turns direct Saturday and Sunday.  A planet of “happiness” often in the form of delusion or deceit, Neptune is also excellent at exposing secrets.  This will particularly apply to those born in the late 1950’s and 1960’s.  This is a good time to turn off the cell phone and hide with a good book or movie.  Harry Potter would work well.

Tuesday, November 4th is election day.  This one reminds me of the one in 2000 that was ENTIRELY in a moon void of course.  (“nothing will come of this” or perverse outcomes)  This one has Mars Square Neptune (Bill Clinton may be prominent this day for some unexplainable reason); Saturn in Opposition to Uranus (very, very financial); and (like 2000) the ENTIRE election is Moon v/c.

I predict an outcome similar to 2000, except dramatically more important.  Frankly, this is going to be a terrible mess.  And, in hindsight, we’ll all know that the outcome was crucial.  (Why?  because of the outer planet stuff in the prior paragraph, especially Saturn Opposite Uranus, a once every fourteen years event.)

I’m not sure what was going on politically about 14 to 15 years ago, but it holds important answers for this election.  Even more so is whatever happened 28 to 30 years ago.  To understand what will happen here, look to the election of 1976 and what happened then consequent to the times of the “Arab Oil Embargo.”

November has different events, but the kicker will be when Pluto re-enters Capricorn on Wednesday the 26th of November.  This is the day before Thanksgiving.  Pluto is highly “contractile” and so is Capricorn.  Money will be tight, far tighter than it is at the time I write this (Oct 4th).  This kind of “feeling” will continue through Christmas and the end of the year.  The “Islamic New Year” on December 29th may be a turning point of some kind.

Mercury Direct June 2008 (Detailed Analysis)

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Mercury Direct June 2008

In an ideal world, all of my calculations and predictions are letter perfect. But, I do not have a support staff to proofread my work, and I write about upcoming events with in the next few days or week then post. During an earlier post, I had listed in a sentence or two that the Full Moon came up on Tuesday. The rest of the prediction was correct, and I apologize for any distress caused.

Mistakes Happen

This brings me to an underlying fundamental concept of my work: individual oracles can (and do) make mistakes (contrary to legend), and in this modern age of The Internet, multiple oracles should be consulted. (I call this technique SUMO.)

In honor of the concept of “multiple oracles” and the fact that mistakes DO happen, I offer this link to Jim Shawvan’s site.

Mercury Direct Station, June 2008

What does it mean for you? To answer this accurately, we must know where Mercury stations in your chart.

Astrological Chart of Mercury Direct Station, June 2008

Note that the Moon (in Capricorn) will form an inconjunct with Mars in Leo. Uranus is also inconjunct Mars in Leo, and this forms what Steffie Azaria calls “The Finger of God.” That means a crucial decision must be made, and it has “explosive” potential. The Moon choice looks calmer than the Uranus choice, but then the Moon moves to conjoin Jupiter which always amplifies events. I truly hope nothing goes “boom” at this time.

Where is the Mercury Direct Station in Your Chart?

Although this chart shows the station to be at twelve degrees and fifty nine minutes of Gemini, we will use thirteen (13) degrees for the sake of convenience. In most years, Gemini starts “about” May 21st. This varies a bit not because GEMINI varies but because the CALENDAR has errors. That is why we have “Leap Years,” to remedy any “drift” in the calendar in relation to the sky (which is our “real” calendar).

At May 21st, if we look thirteen (13) days later, we’ll find the date of June 2nd or 3rd (depending on whether or not you include the 21st in your counting). So, this will be our maker of the “Ascendant” (so to speak) for this event: June 2nd.

(Just in case you don’t know, the “Ascendant” is a starting point. Each morning, the Sun rises at the Ascendant to start a new day. New periods of any kind establish some kind of “Ascendant.”)

Use the following table to find your birthday:

DOB House Meaning
6/2 to 7/1 1 Head, Fresh Start, & “Energy”
7/1 to 7/31 2 Neck, Finances, & Sculpture
7/31 to 8/29 3 Arms, Communications, & Letters
8/29 to 9/28 4 Stomach, Home, & Domestic Affairs
9/28 to 10/27 5 Heart, Romance, & Luck
10/27 to 11/26 6 Work & Accounting
11/26 to 12/25 7 Kidneys, Legal, & Relations
12/25 to 1/24 8 Genitals, Secrets, Taxes & Death
1/24 to 2/22 9 Legal, Education, & University
2/22 to 3/24 10 Skeletal System & Career
3/24 to 4/22 11 Legs, Friends, & Gov’t Jobs
4/22 to 5/21 12 Feet, Poetry, & Disclosures

So, first of all, find your birthday. If you are on a “cusp” here (say June 29th to July 2nd), then possibly either (or both) houses may apply. These predictions apply to a window open from June 19th through July 4th (approximately). The time of the New Moon, July 1st through July 3rd, will be a difficult time to launch events. The week prior to the New Moon will be a good time to “clean house” in preparation for a launch on or after July 4th.

First House

This is a period of at least a potential for a “fresh start” for you. The problems and mess of the past few weeks may be cleared away. If you chose to elope at this time, now you must start your marriage and household in earnest.

Some of you are in your Solar 12th House, so you shouldn’t push TOO hard for progress, just enough to get the job done. If you are in THIS group of birthdays, but YOUR birthday falls AFTER June 19th, then you are in your Solar 12th House.

After your birthday you can launch what you want to make to happen, and (again) this window is open until July 4th. A few of you will have a narrow “window,” so make certain to use this period to dream of what you want and make SOLID plans to achieve that.

If you are NOT in your Solar 12th house, then this is a powerful time to launch things you want to accomplish, especially AFTER the New Moon on July 2nd. The 4th and 5th of July will be very strong for you if you are Gemini.

Second House

The author discovered this process when another astrologer predicted that an unexpected check would arrive, probably in the mail. That is EXACTLY what happened; it is the kind of thing that doesn’t tend to be forgotten. The downside is that some of you will have to pay an unforgotten or unexpected debt. If so, then do it now if at all possible, else it WILL come back to visit you again, probably around September 25th or October 15th.

The rest of you are likely to get a check, or some kind of payment, as I did. A few of you will start some kind of new health regimen, and this will tend to work well for you.

Any form of “body sculpture” such as bodybuilding or weight-lifting will work particularly well when launched now. The first week PAST the New Moon of June 18th will be an excellent time to start a new exercise & diet regimen.

Third House

The missing letter somehow arrives. The forgotten phone call is made. A misplaced (and crucial) file is found.

Something lost is found here, and that lost something deals with communications, transportation, or accounting. Some of you will have to perform a necessary car repair, especially if you became aware of the problem in the past few weeks. Others will find the missing payment that caused your checking account to be out of balance. And, still others will find the missing letter.

You’ll be glad to get the missing piece of the puzzle, unless you are the one that intentionally hid it. 🙂

Fourth House

Dosmetic matters require your attention. This may be an important turning point for a child, yours or another close to you. You’ll want to clean up and re-organize now, especially prior to the New Moon. Pay bills and liquidate debt through the New Moon. This may be a good time to mount challenges against creditors. It is also a good time to find “sales” for items for your home. Lawn mowers could get cheap during this period. Expect a “deal” on household goods or services if you do the legwork.

Fifth House

Watch the summer heat to prevent over-driving your heart. If you are an “extreme athlete,” then maybe you don’t need to be so extreme during this period. Each house rules a body part, and that body part becomes “identified” here as one possibly prone to problems. Yours is the heart. Be careful.

That said, you are also the one group most likely to “win the lotto.” Unexpectedly, luck can come your way. Actually, it will tend to NOT involve money (the second house, above, has that) but maybe other things. Still, a few of you could be big winners.

Frankly, a few of you SHOULD play the Lotto.

Others of you can expect a new romance, the salvation of an existing romance, or some kind of breakthrough. Congrats!

Sixth House

You are focused on work, and rightfully so. If your fiscal year ends now, you may find yourself with more work dumped in your lap than others. Just remember that this is one area where you might could “show your stuff.” Document carefully what you did, and be ready to pull that document out at your next performance review. (The Devil is in the Details, and, here, YOU can be the Devil to any adversaries.)

Seventh House

This is about being fair. You’ll need to balance all your affairs. If you have been cheated, be prepared to appeal to a higher source. Time to get out of any game where you aren’t getting a fair shake. Sometimes “bad guys” prosper here (oddly), but it doesn’t have to be that way. You may be tempted to not “stand up for yourself,” but this is one time where you should.  And, if YOU are a “bad guy,” then you make get your “come upance” at this time.

A bit like the Sixth House (above), if you are being mistreated you should “take names and kick….” (At least take the names. Make photographs. Note license plates. Record video. Make a record. Get everything your lawyer might need, in case it really does come to that.)

Eighth House

You did pay your taxes, didn’t you? If so, you are in good shape and may somehow get some unexpected refund. If not, be ready for that audit. Of course, YOU might be the “tax man.” If you are a police officer, however, don’t take bribes. Your secret may come to light now.

Otherwise, either (a) someone important will die or (b) you’ll have a major shakeup that will cause you to have to rebuild. People tapped into this region of the zodiac might even be hit with a disaster such as a tornado or hurricane. If that does come your way, just remember that you will be “reborn” from these events. You can (re-)design “who you are.”

Ninth House

If you aren’t in a lawsuit, you might think about taking a class or going back to school. If you are in a lawsuit, you may make a discovery (pun intended) of some kind: the lost document (refer to Third House) that pops up and changes the course of things. (YOU didn’t hide that document, did you?)

Others of you will meet, or have to deal with, someone foreign who forces you to reconsider your position. College Professors or World Travelers will seem to appear from nowhere and espouse some doctrine that makes you jump out of that box you’ve lived in for so long. Zeus won’t let you sit still.

If you are having an “affair,” then that will probably “come to light.”

And, a few of you will have some important event concerning an animal (likely a pet or livestock) come to pass. “My Friend Flicka” or “Old Yeller” might be up for a remake.

Tenth House

Thinking about changing jobs? You may not be given a choice. Many of you will start the hunt for a new job or new career at this time. Others will find increased responsibilities as co-workers leave or quit. Expect more work, but like the Sixth House you should document everything with an eye toward either your performance review, updating your resume’, or both.

Have you thought about becoming a “career counselor” yourself?  If so, now is the time to make that move.

Eleventh House

A few of you will hear from old friends you haven’t heard from for years. High School or College reunions will be especially important for you. At this time, on the level of local, national, and global media, some event involving bribery may come to light. Others of you may be inspired to pursue a “social cause.” The casual meeting with an old friend could be VERY important, so don’t shuck it without a second thought.  That person may represent a turning point for you.

If you applied for a Government job some time this year, you may receive a notice that you are being considered and might be hired.

Twelfth House

Many of you know what this means. This is a dangerous time of “self-undoing.” The wrong slip of the lip, disclosure of that you don’t won’t disclosed, or excessive use of alcohol or drugs can make life miserable. For sure, it is a hard time.

A few of you are poets, artists, photographers, videographers, or the like; those of you will experience a powerful breakthrough regarding your art. Like the Sixth House, and Tenth House, write it down and document EVERYTHING. If you are an artist, you’ll want to remember this period of your life.  You might write “Thanatopsis” during a warm summer day in this short period.

More about this weekend in another post. But, the key points about the energy of “this period,” through the 4th of July, are found in this post.

Blue Moons in Taurus, 2008

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Stephie Azaria, who I met “IRL” at UAC ’98, publishes “The Cosmic Path.” On May 19th, she wrote about the second full moon in Taurus this year. Just in case you don’t know, a second full moon in the same astrological sign doesn’t happen often. I refer to such a special full moon as a “Blue Moon.” The popular notion is that a “Blue Moon” is based on the calendar, and that an astrological “Blue Moon” is some kind of special exception.

I differ.

To be sure, some debate exists about this. Stephie went with the “traditional” notion that a “Blue Moon” must be based on our calendar. That’s fine, except that the calendar was originally based on the twelve signs. (She knows this, and she indicated that she felt a little uncertain about using the popular definition.)

If you know the history of the modern western calendar, then you know that it basically originated with the Romans and originally had ten months. (That’s why DECember is based on Latin for ten, NOVember for nine, OCTober for eight….) (What two months were added? July = Julius Caesar, and August, for Caesar Augustus.)

The calendar drifted out of alignment, and several variations on “Leap Years” were developed to fix the problem. Still, it is about twenty days out of alignment, with the Vernal Equinox being on March 21st (roughly) instead of March 1st (where it was originally). (MARs = MARch, and Spring was thought to begin with the energy of Mars.)

My point? Well, *IF* the calendar was correctly aligned, then a (Calendar) “Blue Moon” and a “Astrological Blue Moon” would be the SAME THING.

The “Astrological Blue Moon” is not properly the “exception” unless you capitulate to the notions of the masses who don’t understand the history.

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