Friday February 19th 2016

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Friday February 19th 2016

Friday February 19th

Friday COULD be considered to be far more benevolent EXCEPT for the Moon in Cancer void that starts at 8:36 AM CST with Moon trine Mars (a great morning for exercise but maybe not so good for personal relationships) and ends at 8:18 PM CST with the Moon’s entry into Leo.

Friday is the first full day of the Sun in Pisces.  That this would be a day almost entirely consumed by a void of course moon is not surprising.  In many ways, the ultimate lunar void is the Moon v/c in Pisces (a void moon in the final sign of the zodiac is entirely about centering oneself and focusing primarily, if not entirely, on tasks that clear away the old to make room for the new).

Mars is biquintile Uranus, and some people will have truly GREAT ideas emerge, particularly involving the military (and possibly the police).  You may not be able to ACT on these ideas effectively, but make notes of your ideas for later review.  You may add necessary “tuning” later when you prepare to take action later.  This is a great day for creatives as long as they realize that they may need to tune the work later.

Chiron is quincunx Black Moon Lilith (a point in space rather than an actual object) and issues of sex and seduction come into conflict with healthcare or education.  Do not be surprised if scandals rise to the surface.  Even if that is not true, some of us will need to face our thoughts about what is “taboo” in sexuality and how we might transform or heal such situations.

Vesta in quincunx the North Node (another point in space), and we find traditions in conflict with applying hard work to developing ourselves (and eliminating the “karma” of old repeating patterns).  This makes this a GREAT day to leave behind “bad habits” or start a new life free of addictions.  If it applies to you: kick the habit!

You will once again have a window where you can accomplish something, perhaps something very important to your own personal development, but it will almost certainly be subject to some kind of re-do later.  (This could be in the next few days or it might be during the next Mercury Retrograde.)  Sometimes, though, we need to push through in a void knowing that we may have to revisit it lately or “learn a lesson” in terms of what does not work (providing a foundation for, later, doing what does work).


Sunday January 31st 2016

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Sunday brings the second part of the T-Square we previously mentioned: Mercury square Uranus.  We have visited this aspect several times since December, and we are probably tired of it by now.  With Moon in Scorpio, we may be up for one last fight, but is it worth it?  Only you can decide.

For better or worse, this aspect will bring insights.  Creatives, particularly writers and computer programmers (who do creative programming) will prosper.  Others will find themselves suddenly thinking “out of the box” and wondering “why was I in ‘the box’ to begin with.”  It is definitely a day of surprises for at least some people, particularly Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  You almost certainly felt this on Saturday (and maybe Friday), and you will almost certainly feel it on Monday (and maybe Tuesday).

For some people, this is the kind of Sunday where, on Monday, you pretend to leave for work but go somewhere entirely different and hide for a day or week or year.  (Maybe you “go out for cigarettes and never come back,” as was popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s.)  Do keep in mind that “this too shall pass,” and “things” will become different.  (Not “better” or “worse” but “different.”)  But, again, this will be a critically important turning point for some people who choose to move into new circumstances.  A fair number of you will do just that.

While we are technically still in the “retrograde shadow,” in many ways moving past this final aspect of the sequence ends this particular sequence of dramas and opens the door for us to (finally!) move in new directions.  But, in January of 2017 (when Mercury conunct Pluto perfects again), we may want to revisit our thoughts, notes, and decisions at this time.

Friday January 29th 2016

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Friday January 29th 2016

Friday a Hard Rectangle perfects.  These tend to be rare, but quite a few of them perfect in 2016.   This is a strange day in which you either come to a complete halt or accomplish more than you can ordinarily hope for.  Middle ground does not tend to exist in any matter; extremism will tend to dominate.  Tempers can flare, so direct your focus appropriately.

In Europe and the UK, as well as those in Eastern Standard Time, Mercury conjunct Pluto perfects on Saturday, shortly after midnight for those in EST.  For points west, including CST, MST, and PST, the perfection of this aspect occurs Friday evening.  In any case, this amplifies the effects of both the Thor’s Hammer and the Hard Rectangle. Please note that this aspect corresponds to its mirror image that occurred January 22nd and the same or similar issues from that date will likely arise again. This aspect is ALSO part of a T-Square, with the second part (Mercury Square Uranus) perfecting on Sunday.  Expect an “exciting” weekend.

We will not “feel” Mercury conjunct Pluto again until December 8th, and it does not perfect again until January 22, 2017.  If you keep notes and do advanced planning, you might want to note on your calendar to review your notes from December 2015 / January 2016 (and this weekend in particular) when those dates arrive.  We note that we are currently still early in the Presidential primaries now, but we will be facing the inauguration of the new President (whoever that is) at that time.

Mars septile Jupiter gives this day an odd “karmic” kind of feel and, sadly, that may involve people “blowing things out of proportion.”  (Mars / Jupiter is a huge, and sometimes dangerous, amplifier of whatever is current.  In this case, that is (1) Mercury conjunct Pluto; (2) a month long Thor’s Hammer; and (3) a Hard Rectangle.  EACH of those can bring  violence, and all three together are quite scary.)

(We expect January to go out with a “bang.”)


Hard Rectangle of 2016-01-29

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Hard Rectangle of 2016-01-29

We had one of these earlier on January 17th during the recent Mercury Retrograde period.  This is one of a number of similar patterns in 2016.  While these tend to be uncommon, 2016 seems to have a surplus of them.  The aspect is one that either brings “things” to a halt or provides the energy to accomplish much.  Tempers and flare and disagreements can occur.  Furthermore, this occurs both near the end of a month long Thor’s Hammer and a few days after the Mercury Direct Station.  Tempers can flare, and violence can erupt.  Focus your attention appropriately, and this can be a day where you can accomplish much.  The waning moon favors buyers over sellers as well as cleaning out and discarding the unnecessary.

2016-01-29 Hard Rectangle

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This particular Hard Rectangle tends to address issues of relationships, justice, innovation, and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.  Among photographers, we expect some amazing “street photography” to occur during this window.  Other creatives can benefit as well as long as they focus themselves well enough to accomplish something.

Full moon in Leo! Our first full moon of the year, journey to self empowerment, twin flames, what it means, and what we have all been feeling. 

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Hey guys! I am so excited to be back with you all, for another year, sharing all of my findings, and uniting with you, in spiritual fire!

Yes, fire, and heat, because that is all that our glorious FIRST full moon of the year will be focusing on this month.

Okay, so before I start, let me just give you all a little bit of information, about our bright, and blazing zodiac Leo!

Leo is an absolutely brilliant zodiac to begin the first full moon of the year with, and I am so excited that in the first month, we were greeted with the energy of Capricorn, and now, the equally stormy energy of Leo! This is definitely indicative of the fact that this year (numerological year of the number 9), is taking absolutely no breaks in propelling us toward self actualisation, and our ultimate best!

This is definitely not…

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Full Moon in Leo 23/24 Jan ’16

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Holistic Transformation

Well folks, full moon time again! Oh my goodness have you found some fascinating lessons this week with Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn giving some times to be deeply honest? Well we’ll now add the proud Leo Full Moon into the equation…

Straight to the chart then… Jan 24 01:45 (UK time)|  Jan 23 20:45 (EST).full-moon-Leo- Jan 2016Leo and Aquarius- ‘I’ vs ‘We’
Now with The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo (both 3 degrees) we have a interesting polarity being brought up here. Aquarius is ruled by  Saturn and Uranus, which is governing reason, logic and liberation and transformation.  Leo is ruled by the Sun and is a proud self expressive, loving sign, sometimes with a brash exterior.

The Leo Moon is proud, loving and emotional and all about Leo. Leo is the self, Leo is all heart but also about the ‘I’s’ -“I love you”,”I gave you my heart”,”…

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Full Moon in Leo; Jan. 23, 2016 ♌

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“Intelligence entails a strong mind, but genius entails a heart of a lion in tune with a strong mind.”Criss Jami

A solar-lunar crescendo occurs on Saturday, January 23, 2016, at 8:46 PM EST in fierce and flashy Leo. The lunar impulse is spontaneous! It amps up the moment’s sense of possibility and unearths previously hidden desires out into the light of day. Fun, passion and creativity is at a peak, and so is pride..

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Full Moon in Leo

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Full Moon in Leo
January 23-24, 2016
7:45 PM CST / 5:45 PM PST / 8:45 PM EST / 1:45 AM GMT

Astrology Forecast for the Full Moon in Leo

Under the Full Moon in Leo one of the questions you should be asking yourself is how are you feeling about you these days, and how do others see you? The main theme here is how much of yourself do you show. Because the Full Moon in self-expressive Leo wants us to reveal are most creative, authentic self. So ask who does and doesn’t understand you?

This isn’t trival or selfish, the Cosmos has been giving you opportunities to drop the masks you wear and strip down to your authentic self, and now is the time to learn how to be yourself. Have you noticed? I feel it’s become increasingly apparent to many of you what or who is making…

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I Think You’re Amazing : Leo Full Moon 

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The Full Moon comes around every month, sometimes squeezing in twice. Like a big spot light in inky blackness it draws out emotions and instinctive feelings like silver fish to the surface of the ocean.

We all respond with a strong urge to meet it’s lunar light and flow in the area of the zodiac sign it highlights.
In Leo, the spotlight is what we’re here for. This is not a time to hold back, this is your moment, take it. Step up and express yourself creatively, dramatically and passionately like no one and everyone are watching.
What creative seedlings have you been gestating or nurturing over the last six months since New Moon in Leo? What ever comes to mind is ready to be put on show. Take it to the next level and get it out there. Write, publish, paint, dance, sing, exhibit…Tell Mr DeMille that Yes, you’re…

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Full Moon in Leo & The Wolfs Moon 2016

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* LEO – AQU Full Moon (Jan 23): ComMOONity Celebration & Co-Creation – Catalyzing Change with ♥!

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Melanie's Astro~News

JohfraBosschartLeoThe SUN Rules LEO. Painting by Johfra Bosschart

The Full Moon today Saturday Jan 23 will be in early (at 3°29’­) LEO (MOON) and AQ (SUN) – see chart below.

Johfra Bosschart Aquarius - Copy (218x350)URANUS Rules AQUARIUS. Painting by Johfra Bosschart

Sooo much energy in the ‘wintry’ Zodiac signs, CAP to PISCES, and no planetary placements from mid-ARIES to end of VIRGO, these days / weeks / months, until end of March when ARIES kicks in, with the SUN, MERCURY, in April also VENUS.

The Lunar LEO vibe is a welcome counter-balance, with an infusion of warm, creative, joyful, playful mood.

Can you  FEEL it coming in?

The MOON will enter LEO today Sat Jan 23 at 11:21 am PST, to come into her majestic Leonine fullness exactly at 5:46 pm PST, right after  Moonrise here on the WestCoast. Illuminating the synergistic axis from early LEO that’s so creatively playful (hence, I call that…

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Full Moon in Leo and the fixed polarity

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dog prayingFull moon tonight peaks in the early hours of Sunday morning around 03h45 in the Central African/European time zone two hours east of Greenwich. According to the Western system this is a Leo full moon with Sun in the opposite sign of Aquarius. The Leo-Aquarius polarity produces an interesting dynamic of fixed signs this weekend, where the qualities of reliability, stability, determination and reluctance to change are the foundation. “Fixed” signs (which include Taurus and Scorpio), as the name implies, bring with them a fixity of of character which provide great strength and will-power but also a lack of adaptability. So those with them strongly featured in their charts will rather put up with a situation than change it. Or they will slowly but surely chip away at a problem or challenge with careful determination in order to bring about any change required. When the irresistible force meets the immovable…

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Full Moon in Pushya Nakshatra

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Astrology Software 2021

Full Moon in Pushya Nakshatra (2nd pada). The name ’Pushya’ means ’to strengthen’, ’to fortify’, and it is etymologically related to the word ’Pushti’ (’nourishment’), thus has also these connotations: ’to preserve’, ’to protect’, ’to replenish’, ’to multiply’. Albeit Pushya is ruled by Brihaspati (Jupiter), the God of Divine Wisdom, just the same, its ruling planet is Saturn: a strong instinct for exploration, faith in oneself, enjoyment of life and constancy of mind can occur simultaneously due to the interaction of these antagonist principles. Pushya’s main symbol is the ‘milk yielding udder of a cow’. (The ancient Hindu seers saw Pushya’s three stars as representing a cow’s udder.) Chandra (the Moon) in Pushya Nakshatra indicates a person who is religious, conventional, helping, selfless, caring, intelligent and spiritual. He/She is usually self-sufficient and wealthy, but gives service to others and the underprivileged. However, as he/she is stubborn, can be arrogant and…

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Full Moon in Leo: Life Pulsing through us.

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Collective Astrology

leoThis Full Moon in Leo is inviting us to receive the rhythms of our heart: the explosions of joy as much as the swings of discomfort. Those feelings travel through us and punctuate our daily lives. What if they didn’t have to be understood but rather witnessed with kindness and patience like a supportive parent would do for a child?

‘’I am here for you, breathe. You have the right to feel that.’’

What is the force that makes us breath? What is this gentle pulse that cares for us through days and nights beating our heart in order to feed our entire body? We don’t have to think or do anything, it all happens by itself.

Is it possible then that the same power that regulates the harmonious functioning of our body operates at a higher level and coordinate some essential aspects of our life’s path?
What if we…

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Happy Full Moon in Leo!

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Happy Full Moon beautifuls, this is a glorious time of the month around our house!! The moon is void and will be full at 2:21pm Eastern and 5:46pm Pacific time. With a full moon in Leo it is meant to be a beautiful occasion. Celebrate Venus, beauty and pageantry today to bask in the light of the moon. After a long period of time with no planets located in Air quadrants we were experiencing some tension. As a fire sign I was suffocating. But then Pluto coupled with Mercury and the creative muscles started flowing and all tension began to evaporate. Fly with that feeling during this moon cycle for the most success.

Since the moon shines it’s light on our emotional needs and Leo is based in the beauty and creative energies of the world, it’s time to express yourself. Come into touch with your deepest truths during this full moon…

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Full Moon in Leo, Venus in Capricorn

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Full Moon in Leo

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Full Moon in Leo
by ~Ruby

Saturday evening around 7:45pm CST this month’s Full Moon comes together in loving, dramatic Leo. I use lot of interesting words in my blogs to describe each sign and planet, to help you understand that each sign and planet have their very own unique traits, and how their energy is influencing all of us. So with that being said, we can be more dramatic now, but also very loving and passionate with the Moon in Leo. Full Moons usually bring up issues around relationships, but not just with our lovers, but also with our friends, families, co-workers and ourselves…especially this Full Moon, because it’s in Leo, which is represented by the Sun, which is about the “Self”, so this Full Moon wants us to learn more about the relationship we have with ourselves and how to accept who you are.

A Full Moon is…

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Full Moon 23 January 2016 Emotional Abuse – Astrology King

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Sanctuary of Horus Behdety

The Full Moon on Saturday 23 January 2016 is at 3 degrees Leo, in Leo decan 1. The full moon astrology carries on the abusive theme found in the previous new moon. Both moon phases plus Mercury retrograde and Mercury direct, all activate the chaotic Uranus Pluto square. The major theme of all this January 2016 astrology, and […]

Source: Full Moon 23 January 2016 Emotional Abuse – Astrology King

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