Astrology for New Year 2009, Part 1

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The New Year asks us a few things and tells us some.

It asks us:

  1. Do you realize that what you say is what you will grow?  The stories you tell your friends this year will benefit, or haunt, you for years to come.
  2. Do you know what you need to know to improve your health?
  3. Are you in touch with your dreams?
  4. Do you know (a) who can help you make your dreams happen? and (b) who would hold you back and cheat you from achieving your goals?
  5. Do you know who is wasting your time and energy?
  6. Do you know how to best use your time and abilities to give back to the community?

Also, 2009 tells us:

  1. Whether it is Obama or someone else, we need to handle the large banks the way the phone company was handled in the 1980s: they need to be broken into smaller regional banks and made accountable to the people.
  2. Large corporations will engage in massive deception to keep us from seeing the truth: the real power is in the people, small business, and (at the biggest) regional organizations.
  3. The health care system, ESPECIALLY mental health, is overdue for an overhaul.  We continue to ignore the problems at our peril.
  4. Crime will be rampant, especially fraud and crimes based on deceit.
  5. More than any other year in recent times, this will be a year to get in touch with our educational needs, health needs, legal issues, dreams, intuitive abilities, and abilities to heal by teaching others.

Many of the forecasts on this blog focus on identifying potholes in the road ahead. Good news is available; read it here.

Interactions between Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune will be important in 2009, and they will bring us a chance to heal from the difficulties of 2008. But, we will have to guard against false hopes and deception. Even so, we may be given a glimpse of what we are truly capable of being.

Assuming you just read that analysis, let me expand upon it further. The bad news is that Jupiter will no longer soften the effect of Pluto in Capricorn. The good news is that Jupiter will not amplify the effect of Pluto in Capricorn. Instead, Jupiter moving into Aquarius means that Jupiter will interact with Neptune and Chiron to bring a major shift in how we “do business.” Speaking of “Business,” that field is ruled by both Jupiter and Saturn. If Saturn is the source of power for those who benefit from “bear markets,” then Jupiter is the source for those who favor “bull markets.”

Jupiter is saying what is coming to fore in the political world: growth will no longer come from larger corporations who continue to merge into larger corporations. The monoculture of giant, megalithic corporations will only continue to concentrate wealth for a few, leaving the rest of us to suffer. Jupiter is saying that our collective strength will come from recognizing the power of “the people.”

In the past, Democrats were known as “Trust Busters.” Will it happen now? Instead of bailing out the huge banks who have made bad decisions, will we break them up into smaller entities? Will we awaken to the idea that we need to restore power to regional and community banks? Or will we continue to “bail out” banks so they can have junkets on corporate jets and charge the citizenry 30% interest on credit cards?

To be sure, as mentioned in the other article, Mercury will have important interactions with Jupiter. That will be true for other planets, notably Venus, but that’s a topic for another article.

Jupiter transits into Aquarius on January 5th, during the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde. Mercury is Stationary Retrograde January 11th, which makes accomplishment difficult. Many businesses and institutions do not reopen until January 5th, after the holiday. Broadly speaking, they’ll be “in for a surprise,” as we sometimes say here in Dallas.

More on 2009 in Part 2.

Christmas, 2008 (Sextiles, and Conjuncts, and Trines, Oh My!)

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For this column, since about September or October of 2008, I usually follow two rules: (1) Keep it Short (two or three, maybe four, paragraphs); (2) Keep it Simple (Most people don’t really care if Mercury Sextiles Uranus or not, but they DO want to now that this would be a time for creativity in both finances and the arts.) This time, I’m going to break both of those rules.

Before I go any further, I want to may plugs for two sites I’ve found recently.  I like what I’ve seen in both places: (1) and (2)  This last one is an astrology aggregator, and includes my site as well as others.

This prediction is for the general period from the Winters Solstice of 2008 until the following New Moon on Saturday, December 27th.

Tuesday (today): Venus Conjoins Chiron (both in late Aquarius) to bring to the forefront issues of healing. Late Aquarius is really about justice, especially social justice, more than any other part of the Zodiac, including all of Libra. Late Aquarius is the “Libra Decan” of Aquarius, and Aquarius won’t let things rest until the appropriate change has come to pass. Venus is love, beauty, health, and finances, and it joins with the “Wounded Healer” today. Try to resolve disputes today, and if not today by Saturday. Any thoughts that you can cover up or shut up someone will bite you badly, probably within a few days of January 11th.

Wednesday: Just in case you didn’t get yesterday’s message: this period is about healing old wounds. Take a look at your family and your economic sustenance (your business, workplace, or whatever you do to “take home the groceries”). Some innovative ideas may come to you today, but realize that this aspect of Mercury (in Capricorn) Sextile Uranus (in Pisces) will favor Earth and Water Signs the most. Creative finance engendered today will either go very well or very badly. Don’t debt, no matter what the temptation.

Thursday: This is a mostly uneventful Christmas that turns back into “business” as usual in the evening for those on the East Coast, early afternoon for those on the West Coast, and about Midnight for those in the UK. Do what most people do: spend the day with family today. One special exception: (re-read Tuesday): visiting those in Nursing Homes and other Institutions who have been left alone and abandoned.  If you know someone who works this day (nurse, police officer, etc.), please do something special for them.  A special, and unexpected, gift may come to you if you do these things today (or yesterday).

Friday: Issues from the time of the Full Moon on December 12th to Monday December 15th have re-surfaced due to yesterday evenings “T-Square” activation of the “Grand Cross” of that time. For you, that means today has a kind of frantic feel to it. This isn’t just about returning goods or “re-gifting” or any of that stuff. Urgent issues come to light, and not enough time seems available. Actually, you are right. Not enough time is available, and that situation will get worse, much worse, between now and January 11th. Don’t be afraid to work as hard as you need to; do “get things done.” Remember, today is mostly about cleanout and planning. Do NOT launch any new ventures until Monday. (However, you might want to refer to the Daily Planetary Guide and Jim Shawvan’s note of a Cazimi period about 7am EST on Saturday morning.)

Saturday: The VERY short Cazimi period is useful to get a very SMALL handful of focused items done. This lasts for a MAXIMUM of an hour, starting about 6:30 AM EST. After that, the rest of today is about “down time.” Play if you will, but don’t do anything dangerous or “too” physical. Today is a good day for romance, but probably a bad day for anything to last. Romances STARTED today (you meet that special new person) have a tendency to fizzle, and that will probably happen by January 11th.

Think of Saturday as “Love Potion #9” day: you’ll be kissing everything in sight, until you kiss the Policeman and 11th and Vine.  🙂

Mercury Retrograde: Why do I keep mentioning January 11th? That is the day of the Mercury Retrograde station for the next retrograde. We’ll be entering the “storm” phase soon, and getting things done will be difficult. Expect misplaced items, lost messages, and delays. If you DO “clean house” during this period, then the few weeks after January 11th can become very useful as you can focus the retrograde energy on rediscovering old projects that deserve a second look. Please have you vehicle (car, boat, or otherwise) serviced as soon as possible. You don’t want “that” kind of surprise.

December 21, 2008 Winters Solstice

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By the time you read this, you wil have likely passed through the longest night of the year. This one was longer than usual, emphasizing its power.

Ancients viewed this night as a time of great evil. Later, the event was reframed as the birth of the Sun (dawn) occured after the event of the Solstice. The Sun will actually rise before the PRECISE point of the Solstice in the UK & Europe, but most of the US (except the East Coast) will experience the sunrise after the Solstice.

Okay, what does that mean? For some of us, in the U.S., Sunday will be a powerful day; however, this particular power will not be felt until Monday for the UK & Europe.

This power is the power of rebirth. Some believe that ALL resurrection myths arose from the reframing of the “long night” into the (re-)birth of the Sun. From this point, until the Summer Solstice, the Sun grows in power.

This power is usually not obvious until after the Spring Equinox. This, this dawning, and Winter, is a time to recognize hidden sources of power and how a seed grows roots before it breaks the surface as a sprout.

That is the proper use of this power. By 7PM EST (midnight in the UK) the Moon has moved into Scorpio, and THAT further indicates the power of hidden growth.

Take a moment to look at forgotten projects. Clean out the garage or messy closet and find the lost object that will help you resurrect a project that helps you find freedom, joy, comfort, or whatever is your heart’s true desire.

The only “weakness” of this day may be a temptation to make unnecessary expenditures. Temper you judgment with the wisdom available to you today.

December 18 & 19, 2008 More Challenges Before the Solstice Arrives

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Thursday represents another day of “challenges” with the Moon conjoining Saturn and Opposing Uranus to make us re-examine the events of the recent full moon. Last Friday and this past Monday have something to contribute to the events of today, and we are not at all comfortable with it. More inconjuncts contribute to a notion that problems are resolved when they are not. Best to get some rest Thursday night.

Friday “looks” quiet which tells me that “other” things may be happening. Friday could be described as a “fated” day in which people will either have little control or feel as if they have little control. Sun is semi-square Venus, Chiron, and the North Node. Today is a harbinger of the Sun/Pluto conjunction Monday and the Venus / Chiron conjunction of Tuesday.

In practical terms, I’d treat this day as if it were void. That is, I might plan and plot, but I would be hesitant to execute.  Take note, though, of circumstances that occur and are beyond your control.  They may be important omens about your personal situation.

The Sun, Mars, and Pluto tell us that a major power struggle is “coming to a head.” Venus and Chiron tells us that “healing time” is badly needed. As I have mentioned on other occasions, this date is associated with deception.

A good use of this time, both practically and metaphorically, is to clean up and clean out. Moon moves into last quarter, and this is a time to discard the unwanted and unneeded to make way for the gifts that the Solstice and Winter will bring us.

December 16 & 17, 2008 Windows of Possibilities

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Monday is so awful that I thought I’d better write the forecasts for Tuesday & Wednesday now instead of waiting for Monday to do that.

That said, Tuesday offers a superb window of opportunity for most signs but especially fire signs (Aries, Leo, & Sadge). The Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, & Gemini) can cash in on this to a lesser degree. The period starts with a Mars trine about 2pm EST and ends a little after 730pm EST. Obviously, if you are in the UK this is a nice evening to be had.

Salesmen are especially strong on this day, but buyers are ultimately favored.  If you aren’t a “fast talker,” then watch out for them.  But, do know that you can still come out ahead in a purchase because buyers are favored.

Earth and Water signs get a shot, too, but not until Wednesday. The beneficial period for Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, & Virgo) and (to a lesser degree) Water (Cancer, Scorpio, & Pisces) starts about 5am EST and ends in the early evening.

These reprieves from Monday end on Thursday, when the events of Monday come to revisit us.


December 15, 2008 A Day of Profound Power Struggles

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Just when you might have thought that whatever happened Friday was “over and done with,” you’ll find it isn’t.

This day is characterized by more inconjuncts, but they don’t offer you the choice that you had on Sunday. These are merely disconcerting and annoying. You might even feel that you have things resolved, but you don’t.

This is a day when tempers can flare. Certain strong personalities may be seem to offer a permanent resolution, but they will fall to the side after a comparatively brief tenure.

If you think it is resolved by today, then by Thursday you’ll be forced to revisit it. You MIGHT can get a solution on Thursday. Maybe

December 14, 2008 Finger of God Points Out Weak Points

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Saturday December 13th the Moon shifted into Cancer, its home, the Full Moon energy terminated with the shift into a new sign, and one of Jim Shawvan’s Opportunity Periods began. This one continues until about 5:30 pm, EST, on the 14th.

A number of things happen today, but the big one is the Finger of God in the “clumsy” signs. I’m not sure which astrologer wrote it, but years ago I read that Cancer, Sadge, and Aquarius are the “clumsy” signs. People with planets in these signs, especially in several of them, are supposedly prone to gafs.

That said, in this specific group of signs, a Finger of God forms today, with Moon (in Cancer) inconjunct Sun (in Sagittarius) and Neptune (in Aquarius). The lunar opposition to Jupiter joins into this group to create what I call a “peace sign in the sky.”

My interpretation is that this grouping will lead all of us to explore points of weakness, points where we stumble, and find answers in spirituality. (The two spirituality planets are Jupiter & Neptune; both are involved here.)

So, do note that some excellent shopping opportunities continue, but be aware that you might somehow stumble today. That isn’t bad, because you have the opportunity to (probably safely) learn an important lesson.

Regardless, get done what you can.  Monday isn’t a very forgiving day.

December 12, 2008 Full Moon and Grand Cross

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We saw a slightly reversed version of this energy “about” June 18th, earlier this year.  If you want to understand today, and the few days before and after today (roughly Wednesday through Monday), you need to closely examine whatever you were doing “around” June 18th of that time.  Of course, the key event may have occurred on the 17th or 19th, or 16th or 20th for some people.  You’ll find important answers by looking at that time.

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will find today, and this period, to be “interesting.”  For some, it will be irritating and annoying; for others they will find opportunity.  The opportunity may not be entirely obvious, show you have to keep your eyes open.  (The advice in the previous paragraph should be helpful.)

Mars and Uranus are interacting in such as way as to cause accidents and fights in the “low form” and intensely driven passions in innovation in the “high form.”  How you use that energy is up to you.  But, if you are at all a problem solver, this is your time to make things happen, particularly related to education, the courts, photography, video, poetry, or composing (music).

Mercury joined to Pluto has the potential to produce some very angry words, exacerbating the likelihood of the “low form” of the energy in the previous paragraph.  But, this energy, too, can spur a “turning point.”  Just be aware that your art or poetry made have a bit of an angry or energetic feel to it.  Paintings & prints with dominant reds and oranges are most favored.  Passionate music that speaks out against an injustice is favored for composers.

Sun and Saturn tell us that we must focus on the details.  Today is NOT the day to be sloppy in your efforts.  A mercury retrograde is lurking in January, so I’d wrap up key agreements and negotiations soon.   After this morning, buyers are favored.  A few good deals can be had in this holiday season.

This can be a very good weekend for shopping.

December 8, 2008 Sun Sextile Chiron

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This is a very active day, but the keynote is Sun in Sadge Sextile Chiron in Aquarius. At a political level, this is all about healing foreign relations. At a financial level, this gives us some hope during difficult times. At a personal level, this forces Virgo and Pisces to take a hard look at themselves and their personal needs. The same is true for Sadge & Aquarius, and maybe the time has arrived to let go of any old relationships that no longer serve any good purpose. The Aries Moon may force the issue if we continue to stick our heads in the sand.

December 7, 2008 Pearl Harbor Day

December 6, 2008 at 11:56 pm | Posted in Astrology | 2 Comments

Personally, I don’t like the energy of this date. December 6/7 seems to have a bit of “disaster” energy to me, independent of Pearl Harbor Day. The 6th brought us an opportunity to focus on detailed work with the caveat that Moon was in Pisces (great for poetry but miserable for precision) and Mercury aspected Neptune (more fuzziness).

For December 7th, Venus is void most of the day (til Midnight in UK), and we find that results vary from odd to none. This is a bit like a Moon void, but “larger” in its impact. Venus moves into Aquarius about 7pm EST, and this sets the stage from some innovations in the areas of art, beauty, & finance.

Friday December 5, 2008 An Energetic Day

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This forecase also applies to Thursday afternoon (the day before).

Mercury Square Uranus leads to ideas, creativity, and communication.  If a longer trip is taken, watch for accidents.  A series of squares follow, followed by a conjunction of the Sun and Mars.  The result is energy that must be burned somehow; physical and atheletic pursuits are likely a good approach.

Of course, watch again for accidents.  And, in team sports, tempers may flare and sportsmanship may be poor.  Solo activities are favored.

With your energy properly forcused, and temper in check, you can achieve much today.

December 1, 2008 Last Chance Lotto Ticket

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Hopefully you were able to benefit from the magnificent energy of the past few days.  Windows this benevolent are rare.  My tendency, later, is to want a “do-over.”  Of course, we do not ever really get a “do-over.”  But, sometimes, we can change the path we are upon.

If you are in the UK, you still have a window of opportunity.  But, here in the U.S., the moon becomes void about between 1030 and 11 am EST.  A particularly powerful LAST CHANCE occurs between “about” 10am and 1030am.  But, by 11am, kiss it goodbye if you haven’t taken action upon it and (ideally) completed it.  If it must be mailed, mail it by 1030am.

The “message in the bottle” must be launched by that time.

By 11am, we have entered the contemplative period of a void.  If you are smart, then you can harness this energy too.  Remember, this is a good time to clean up and clean out.  Oddly, sometimes lost objects turn up in a void, or just thereafter.  Tuesday looks good, too, just not nearly as good as this final window.  But, by Wednesday, “things” start to become “odd” again.

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