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Here is the pattern search for the remainder of the year (November 2015 and December 2015).  And, here is a preview of 2016.  (That link opens to an external blog.)

Wednesday is Full Moon day, so you are preparing for some major turning point whether you realize it or not.

2015-11 Week 48 SunOut All Aspects

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As far as patterns go, most are forming and affecting Week 48, and we see a series of Yods beginning November 20th and continuing through November 25th.  It is a period of decisions, and given the other aspects these are critically important turning points.  Again, you may see this better in hindsight, so keep notes that you can review later.

The 21st through the 29th have a series of Thor’s Hammers patterns, so we see a potential for danger and violence.  The 23rd has a Double Yod Key (DYK), so you may face MANY important decisions on this day.  The 24th contains a Focused Yod.  You will have to make a decision, but you can accomplish much if you focus your energies behind that decision and finish what needs to be finished.

Most of the 25th (Full Moon day) and some of the 26th has a kite, so a window of opportunity is hidden in these difficult times for those who can see it.  However, that same day contains a Hard Rectangle, so you may have to work for your advantage, overcome some kind of adversity, or deal with a dangerous or angry person to reap the benefit that can be had.  A Rosetta also means that you may have to form short-term alliances today to get done what you have to get done.  Since these can become treacherous later, be careful what you say and do in these allegiances.  Finally, the 28th has a Square Key, and you may find that, based on what you chose to do earlier this week, you will be learning some “lessons.”

Week 48 also sees both the Full Moon and the (first) perfection of Saturn square Neptune!

We note that this post on Sacred Moon Grove has a list of the final lunations for 2015.

The Jupiter Trine Pluto aspect that perfected on Sunday October 11th continues to be quite powerful, the first of three (with the last perfecting in 2016).  It will continue to exert a mostly favorable influence for most people (but particularly the earth signs, notably Virgo and Capricorn).  Along with the Jupiter Opposite Neptune aspect that perfected on September 17th, these three planets (Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto) form an outer planet triangular pattern in Earth and Water that shapes the larger decisions of the latter months of 2015.

We are working on a project on Long Term Forecasts.  Frankly, we do not expect to complete this project in our lifetime.  Your feedback, as we go, is appreciated.

Editorial: A Short Missive to Astrologers Who Read This Blog

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Week 49

2015-11 Week 49 SunOut All Aspects

Week 48

2015-11 Week 48 SunOut All Aspects

2015-11-25 Full Moon Gemini-Sadge

2015-11-24 Mars Quincunx Neptune

Week 47

2015-11 Week 47 SunOut All Aspects

Week 46

2015-11 Week 46 SunOut All Aspects

2015-11-11 New Moon Scorpio (Yod)

Week 45

2015-11 Week 45 SunOut All Aspects

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2015-11-11 New Moon Scorpio (Yod)

2015-10-27 Full Moon Taurus-Scorpio (Hard Rectangle)


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