Grand Trines

Friday’s Full Moon has passed and is now waning.  But, this is a particularly “energetic” FM, and it will likely continual to contribute to events on Saturday.  What stands out Saturday is Sun quincunx Neptune, and that can be messy (and maybe even dangerous).  But, if you have well-defined plans and can be highly focused, you can get quite a bit accomplished on this day.  Stick to those well-defined plans and do not deviate.  Saturn and Uranus are changing direction, so just build in the expectation of glitches and mistakes into your plans.   Sunday will be an outstanding day for “creatives” (writers, photographers, poets, dancers, and so forth) as Mercury trines Uranus.  However, Sunday may include some overdue processing of sensitive and maybe painful issues.

AND, keep in mind the context of Saturn Semi-Square Pluto, which perfects soon in mid-August.  (Saturn has a 28 year orbit.  Pluto has a 240 year orbit.  A few weeks to us is at most a day to them.)

One of the cross-quarter days is only a few weeks away, and all of us should be feeling major changes.  Effectively Summer is ending with the commencement of the school year in September.

We particularly like this analysis of the Sun in Leo this year by Alan Oken.

We working on a project on Long Term Forecasts.  Frankly, we do not expect to complete this project in our lifetime.  Your feedback, as we go, is appreciated.

Here is the posts page.  The posts pages contains reblogs from a number of other astrology blogs as well as our own material.  These reblogs are popular with most of our readers.  Below are our analyses of both recent and upcoming astrological patterns and events.

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