Grand Trines

February 2016

Week 06

Saturday February 6th

For most people this will be a good day.  The only square is Venus square Uranus which is notorious for kinky sex and unusual romantic relationships.  But, it could also bring a “surprise” from the standpoint of finances and financial dealings.  In any case, it is a continuation from the Venus / Pluto conjunction yesterday.

Sun BiQuintiles the North Node, and that means that we just might have a very smart idea about how to handle some hard karma.  Mercury trines Jupiter, and this is known as a particularly benevolent aspect which helps in areas involving transportation and communication.

The only real “downside” is that the Moon is void in Capricorn for most of the day.  That votes for sticking to routine, but if you do decide to become experimental in some way just realize that you might have a “re-do” somewhere in your future.

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Week 07

Sunday February 7th

We are now in “Dark of the Moon” before the New Moon that marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year.  Vesta opposes Black Moon Lilith, and issues regarding “kinky sex” continue for some people.  For whatever reason, the time for those issues to bubble to the surface has arrived, and some people will be compelled to reveal their true nature.  Others of us will deduce from tell-tale signs what some are unable to say.

On a milder note, Venus is semisextile Sun, and this gives the day a benevolent tone for most people.  Venus is sextile Mars (there is love and sex, AGAIN), and Sun squares Mars.  Moon enters Aquarius, and in more than one way many of us will realize that we have entered a new phase.

Monday February 8th

Here is out post analyzing the New Moon on February 8th that starts the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey.

Here is a list of New Moons for 2016, and here is a list of Full Moons for 2016.

Our 2016 Overview is ready for a peek at what is coming in 2016.  We also have a survey for visitors to this site and would appreciate your feedback.

We often recommend to our more serious students, the ones using this blog to develop a deeper understanding of astrological aspects, that they use retrospective reviews in their life.  One tool that can help with that is FutureMe.  You can send a note to yourself to review certain aspects in the future.  (This is also a way to track “New Years Resolutions.”)

You can also find a comprehensive review of Moon’s aspects, void of course, and other events at “This Week in Astrology.”  \We also now have up a page that lists the Full Moons of 2016 as well as a page that lists Rare and Absent Patterns for 2016.

Sibling sites:

  • Mystic Rectangles: short daily forecasts and low volume of posts; excellent for subscriptions; best fit for astrology for mobile devices; if you are looking for calendar pages with aspects (posted the night before) then you want to go to this site.
  • Lost Dudeist Astrology: a potpourri of articles that range from the absurd to the sublime that typically cover astrology but sometimes other topics as well.  Grand Trines sticks to current astrological events whereas LDA has astrological theory, Tarot, opinions, and so forth.

You may also be interested in the reblogs of content by other astrologers on the posts page.  Most of this material focuses on current forecasts.  (If you are looking for general astrology and metaphysics discussions, try Lost Dudeist Astrology instead.)

Here is a preview of 2016.  (That link opens to an external blog.)

In November of 2015, the first of three Saturn square Neptune aspects perfected, along with a Full Moon.  More of these will happen in 2016.  The Jupiter Trine Pluto aspect that perfected on Sunday October 11th of 2015 continues to be quite powerful, the first of three (with the last perfecting in 2016).  It will continue to exert a mostly favorable influence for most people (but particularly the earth signs, notably Virgo and Capricorn).  Along with the Jupiter Opposite Neptune aspect that perfected on September 17th, 2015, these three planets (Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto) form an outer planet triangular pattern in Earth and Water that shapes the larger decisions of the latter months of 2015 and the first part of 2016.

Later in 2016, Jupiter will move into Leo and a new set of patterns (and issues) will come into play, particularly as Jupiter will form a (huge, outer planet) yod with Neptune (Pisces) / Pluto (Capricorn).  Big decisions will face us (collectively) and for some of us (individually) they will be the most important decisions of our lives.  Everyone will feel as if we are at a fork in the road to some greater or lesser degree.

We are working on a project on Long Term Forecasts.  Frankly, we do not expect to complete this project in our lifetime.  Your feedback, as we go, is appreciated.

Editorial: A Short Missive to Astrologers Who Read This Blog

 Looking for the most current posts?  (Including Reblogs.)

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Older posts:

Moon void of course and sign entries for February 2016


P1 (H) Asp P2 (H) EXL Date Time Zone
Mon (6) Sxt Jup (5) v/c Feb 1 2016 6:36 PM CST
Mon (7) Cnj Sag (7) Entry Feb 2 2016 9:50 AM CST
Mon (7) Sqr Jup (5) v/c Feb 4 2016 4:04 AM CST
Mon (8) Cnj Cap (8) Entry Feb 4 2016 6:45 PM CST
Mon (9) Tri Jup (5) v/c Feb 6 2016 9:54 AM CST
Mon (9) Cnj Aqu (9) Entry Feb 7 2016 12:00 AM CST
Mon (10) Cnj Sun (10) v/c Feb 8 2016 8:40 AM CST
Mon (10) Cnj Pis (10) Entry Feb 9 2016 2:32 AM CST
Mon (11) Sxt Mer (9) v/c Feb 10 2016 10:26 PM CST
Mon (11) Cnj Ari (11) Entry Feb 11 2016 3:55 AM CST
Mon (12) Sqr Mer (9) v/c Feb 13 2016 4:33 AM CST
Mon (12) Cnj Tau (12) Entry Feb 13 2016 5:36 AM CST
Mon (1) Tri Ven (9) v/c Feb 15 2016 4:54 AM CST
Mon (1) Cnj Gem (1) Entry Feb 15 2016 8:35 AM CST
Mon (2) Tri Sun (10) v/c Feb 17 2016 10:37 AM CST
Mon (2) Cnj Can (2) Entry Feb 17 2016 1:24 PM CST
Mon (3) Tri Mar (6) v/c Feb 19 2016 8:36 AM CST
Mon (3) Cnj Leo (3) Entry Feb 19 2016 8:18 PM CST
Mon (4) Sqr Mar (6) v/c Feb 21 2016 7:18 PM CST
Mon (4) Cnj Vir (4) Entry Feb 22 2016 5:25 AM CST
Jup (5) Opp Chi (11) (X) Feb 23 2016 1:59 PM CST
Mon (5) Sxt Mar (6) v/c Feb 24 2016 8:23 AM CST
Mon (5) Cnj Lib (5) Entry Feb 24 2016 4:42 PM CST
Mon (5) Opp Ura (11) v/c Feb 26 2016 5:19 AM CST
Mon (6) Cnj Sco (6) Entry Feb 27 2016 5:27 AM CST
Mon (7) Cnj Mar (7) v/c Feb 29 2016 1:56 PM CST
Mon (7) Cnj Sag (7) Entry Feb 29 2016 5:57 PM CST


Notes: (1) EST: add one hour; (2) PST: subtract two hours; (3) for UTC and other zones, try this.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it. Psychic Reading

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  2. Thank you for following my blog!

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  3. Wow, you really know a lot about astrology! Thank you for liking my comments on Bucket List Publications blog by Lesley Carter, I love her blog and look forward to reading yours more. Gratitude Dance for you. :~)


  4. thanks so much for the reblog… :) and for a fabulous site full of wonderful information… :)

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  5. Thank you!
    go here for your blog award and pass it on, if you want. ;)

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    • Thank you! I have reblogged it. (Anything else needed?)


  6. Love this, even though the masses of information are a bit confusing first :-) I guess over time I will understand it better!

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    • My preference is to err on the side of a bit too much information instead of too little. Let me know how to further clarify my points. My goal with this site is to teach others about forecasting. It is more of a “learn how to fish” site than “be given a fish” site. That said, we use the “Beginners Page” on most of our charts so that you can translate the glyphs into English. After some time, you will know that the circle with the dot in the center is the Sun, but at first it can be confusing and the tables (and practice) should help with this. (Make certain you “click to enlarge,” or even right click into a new tab to better see the chart image. If necessary, you can use and “+” key together to enlarge the image in most browsers.)

      Also, you can use the tags to look up similar charts and then look for similarities in the different days. You can compare Sun square Uranus to Sun square Neptune, and, over the years, you can compare different full moons to each other. Using the tags for searches should help with this. Let me know if you have other questions. I also encourage people to keep a journal of some kind, and use that as part of the process of learning how to interpret aspects. You can read all the books you want, but until you see mass confusion in a pizza parlor at the perfection of Moon square Neptune (as I did the first time I became truly aware of it back in the late 1980’s) then you will not REALLY understand. There is no substitute for experience and practice.

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  7. Thank you for the reblogs! What an amazing informative site you have!

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    • Thank you! Please stop by often and let me know what you like best.


  8. CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE put the GMT times up for things – you have an international audience !
    I have just tried to convert EST to GMT for mercury going V OC and got 3 03am whereas my raphael’s says Moon is sextile Mercury @ 02 03 am ie an hour earlier ………..

    Plus as ppl differ , what do YOU consider V OC to mean ? – only the traditional ptolemaic aspects or do you count the newbies eg quintiles ….?

    I had not really thought of planets going VOC before : I like it

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    • I will see what I can do about GMT, but Daylight Savings Time often causes problems. (What is Raphaels?)
      You are right, VOC has several ways to calculate. Several complex older ways are only used by traditionalists who follow Medieval techniques (I think Lee Lehman might do this). Most modern astrologers use the last Ptolemaic aspect before a sign change (conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile) and that is what I use (using both Solar Fire 7/8 as sources and Daily Planetary Guide; they use the same methods). Nobody I know of uses 5th harmonic (quintiles / biquintiles) or 7th harmonic (septiles, etc.) or semi-squares / sesquiquadrates. (But, I think that “voids” that contain these are “interesting.”)


  9. I posted a reply here about VOC several hours ago and nothing has shown up

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  10. do you check things now before they go up ? my comments re VOC haven’t posted :
    please let me know …Ta I don’t know if its the hackers playing games

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    • I will check for your comments. I vet everything before it goes out. I usually check once (or sometimes twice) a day, but if I have other matters that grab my attention I may not check the comments queue for a few days. (I try to not let a week pass without checking it.)


  11. your links are either giving me one sentence or error 404 not found …..and my posts dont seem to be posting one last try
    personally I think its either my paedophile hackers or police hackers here in bristol or my ?paedophile police ? hackers ! hahahahaha

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    • I think it is a WordPress problem. I have isolated to pages that I re-schedule. The way this happens is that I publish my own pages, reblog the pages of others, and then re-schedule my pages so my readers see them first (so they are not buried among the other pages). Apparently WordPress somehow embeds date /time information in the links (not sure how) but is not “smart enough” to adjust that information when a page is re-scheduled. This is just a GUESS on my part as to what is happening. But, in any case, it is my best guess.

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  12. ah ok …phew just technicalities plus you do sensibly vet things …”problems” explained thankyou xxx !

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    • I admit: sometimes I wonder myself! :)


  13. ptolemaic – fine , that seems to be the preferred , and so what I use ……yes , I have come across ppl who count minor aspects …..they often have arguments about it …cant recall any names now. Having said that I have experienced the moon working when I didn’t think it would , and been caught out by it and no I don’t mean when in sag.
    this working may = what you refer to above as interesting …..

    sesquiquadrates are dangerous . IMO totally wrong they r usually referred to as minor in astrological circles

    “raphael’s astronomical ephemeris of the planets’ places for [2015] “they are small and thin u can carry them around easily and leave the 50 year tomes @ home…
    Also very useful for seeing what is coming up in progressions if u have one for the relevant year ..{day for year type}

    Ps I just discovered brill astrologer Robert Blaschke and he’s dead :its dreadful. All that wisdom gone Thank god for utube incidently if u want to leave a legacy u shd put stuff up on there too ….and u don’t have to be seen , u can fill screen with charts or important points

    Liked by 2 people

    • I will check on Raphael’s. You are right about YouTube; I have done a very few videos on it. And I agree about Sesquiquadrates being dangerous. (They are what the Thor’s Hammer is built from.) I think you are also right about the Moon sometimes working during so-called “voids” (other than what Lee Lehman / Jim Shawvan calls “opportunity periods”). However, I seem unable to identify and predict what is a functional void. As an aside, glad to see you are back. Missed our dialogs.

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  14. Thank you for this info!! I’d reblog it and I’m trying to work out how to. Thanks for reblogging my post !

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    • Should be a “reblog” button next to the “like” button. Some people, though, de-activate it either intentionally or accidentally. (If mine is off, let me know!)

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  15. GrandTrines, Thanks for liking and sharing my Soul Passages Astrology posts. Watch for me on YouTube as I transition to my Sag 2.0 self and thanks for the thumbs up. Geo

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    • Make sure to come back here and provide us with a link so we (myself and my readers) can visit you on the new YouTube site.

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      • Sounds great. I will do that for my February forecasts! Thanks for the support.

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  16. Thanks for the reblog! I appreciate it. :)

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  17. can u please give links to any utube videos , ta xxx happy solstice and yule ……mines been filled with polis sh-t

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    • Hope it gets better for you soon!


  18. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your stopping by.


  19. Thank you! love & light xx

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  20. Thank you so much for reblogging my posts. I am still quite new to WP and don’t know how to find the pages you put them on to thank you there too xxx

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  21. Hi thanks for reblogging me again.

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  22. I’m loving your forecasts. Most of what I come across is kind of generalized and not very helpful, but you’re right on the mark, and the depth you go into is super appreciated. Keep up with your awesomeness!

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    • Thank you!


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