Saturday, November 29, 2008 Great Opportunity

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Usually, in astrology, especially with the techniques I use, we speak of difficulty.

Although difficulty abounds, at this time you will encounter one of the greatest opportunities of your life.  If it involves “easy money,” then shy away from it.  That isn’t it.  But, if it might involve some work, take a look.  Hard work is even better.  This window is open though, roughly, November 30th.  Then, it closes.

Wednesday, November 27, 2008 Pluto Leaves Sadge and Won’t Be Back for 250 Years

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Some people quibble and say 248. They can check back with me then to confirm that they were right. Until then, they should go back to counting BBs.

Of course, the title should have read something like “Astrological Prediction for Wednesday, November 26th of 2008: Pluto Leaves Sadge and Won’t Be Back for 250 Years.” The energy is a nasty one, and I for one am glad it is gone (almost gone) and not coming back any time soon.

Over the years, observation has shown me that late Sadge is a “complex” part of the Zodiac. I personally don’t like it, and I understand that at least some of the ancients didn’t like it either. Stories very. Some say that people were terrified on the longest night of the year and that others celebrated. I bet most didn’t care because their car note was due.

I’m absolutely WORN OUT on all the goofy stories about how 29 Sadge is a time of year to celebrate. Meh.

29 Sadge is the point some people like to celebrate as the Solstice.  That stinks.  No celebration for the longest night.  But, for the day that follows….

(For some of you: Pluto is at the point in the Zodiac equivalent to Winters Solstice.  NOT a good place for the most malefic of planets.)

My experience is that liars and tricksters are terrifically over-represented here. Imagine seeing a very large number of bank queues (teller lines here in the US). Instead of 2 or 3, you see 365. Most of the queues have maybe 2 or 3 people standing in line. But, the “29 degrees Sadge” queue has about a thousand…. The people in line, of course, are the born liars and cheats and thieves of the world.

I won’t belabor the point much further. (At least not in this post.) And, I’ll offer the counter-point that Stephen Spielberg’s birthday is located here. I suppose that we’ve paid him very good money to “lie” to us very well with his brilliant movies. Every cloud has its silver lining.

What does it really mean?

If you can, defer your decisions until Saturday afternoon. All between now and then looks a bit unpleasant. Jim shows an Opportunity Period on Friday night, but warns us to “work late by yourself” and to “drive defensively.”

I suppose, at this point, I should point out that “laying low” doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. It just might mean you need to do work that is solitary in nature and often put “on hold.” (I usually give “cleaning out the garage” as an example. BUT don’t use THIS Friday night to clean out the garage, that could be a dangerous choice that night. More in a future post.)

Today is the best day to end things you REALLY want to end. Envision EXORCISING some entity from your life. I don’t know the specifics, but I bet that you do.

If you are afraid you’ll be sweet-talked or intimidated over the phone (abusive spouses or “account executives”) then send out your final letter return receipt collected. Half-measures will make things worse; end it now!

If you do NOT want them to show for Thanksgiving, make CERTAIN you have taken all necessary actions by the end of the work day. Waffling on this (“well, maybe one more time”) will get you bad results.

THIS Thanksgiving can be made MUCH better by the things or people you do NOT carry with you into it.

If you need a lawyer, I hope you HIRED them before now. Today is an excellent day for them to DO the job for you, but an AWFUL day to hire them.

Generally, this time before the new moon helps you END things today, and it is a great day to demolish clutter. Pretend that you are Lot’s Wife and LEARNED YOUR LESSON and put that crate of old magazines down the rubbish chute without EVEN LOOKING INTO THE BOX.

Also, this is one of the key “turning points” in the financial markets that I have written about several times earlier this year. My hopes are that you did not create ANY new more debt. A few “surprises” are in store for you, and you’ll need whatever financial reserves you’ve accumulated since May or before.

Thanksgiving will be interesting.

Tuesday November 25, 2008 Communications Issues

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Sun Conjunct Mercury occurs several times a per year, each (pair of) conjunctions associated with the Mercury Retrograde period.  Astrologers as a group dislike this aspect, referring to the planet conjunct the Sun as being “combust.”

Without elaborating on the nuances of “combust,” know that today will likely be characterized by communications problems in certain areas.  Courtrooms and trials may be affected; universities and libraries may encounter glitches (possibly of a fundamental nature), and sales & marketing problems may be derailed.

Diplomacy is affected by Sadge, and it is the sign of both the foreigner and the Ambassador.  If any of this sounds like you, then you might encounter some challenges today.  Today is better for: Aries, Leo, Sadge.  Today is “okay” for Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini.  Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces will tend to not like this day.

Friday, November 21st, 2008

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Myself, personally, this is a “sick day” for me.  So, I won’t write much.

Today has a “fated” feel to it, and things Scorpio must be wrapped up.  For most, this will be easy to do.  The Sun moves into Sadge and we start playing by new rules by Monday.

Thursday, November 20, 2008 A Slow Day?

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For most people, this is probably the slowest day this week.  I like Rick Levine’s analysis best, over at StarIQ.  The Moon Trine Venus transit is pleasant.  Being in earth, and in a waning moon, this favors getting some excellent buys (but don’t debt).  Things beautiful–art, jewelry, antiques–will tend to be favored today.  You can, and should, take the time to meticulously examine the product.  But, generally, the scammers aren’t favored at this time.

This is a “lull before the storm.”  Friday is INCREDIBLY busy, but I’ll leave that for my next post.

Wednesday November 19, 2008

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At approximately 10AM in the UK, the Moon in Leo will Oppose Neptune in Aquarius. For those of us in the US, we’ll be sleeping and this will help us to dream, perhaps with revelations in our dreams. But for those in London and Paris, this will cause a bit of havoc.

Not to fear, this isn’t a major event but a once a month event. Even so, either confusion will reign or unrealistic notions will take charge. If you chose the “idealistic” path yesterday, instead of the practical, you might get in a little bit to deep at this time. Those who opted to be practical may be irritated by emails bouncing or unclear language on contracts or similar problems.

The rest of the day tends to have a “get things done” quality brought on by Squares. Disagreement will tend to result, but they will lead to action. Please note that by 4:30 EST the Sun will go void for a few days (when Moon enters 4th quarter) followed by the Moon going void for half an hour on each side of 8PM EST.

This particular double void (with a 4th quarter moon!) is a good time to wrapup “things Scorpio,” particular if the “wrapup” is in the form of meditation and visualization. I suppose you could take action, but it should be the “letting go” type of action. If you having been mourning the loss of a loved one, then maybe this is the time to permit yourself to have a reprieve. Think of something new and different you can do that might bring you (okay, I hate to use this term, but….) a quantum of solace.

At least one of my readers is wrestling (metaphorically) with her teenaged daughter.  This paragraph is specifically for you.  This double void period might be a time where you can finally have that heart to heart you’ve been wanting to have.  The important thing is to value the “connectedness” and not depend on what she has to say.  She may not yet be able to quite voice her innermost hopes and fears.  But, you might be able to reach a point where you acknowledge her “coming of age” in a healing way.
Except for California (PST) and MST, the Moon in Virgo Square Mars in Sadge is a topic for Thursday’s note. You might have a little trouble sleeping, or even a late night quarrel. Defer all til Sunday if you can. The period from now til then is about organizing and researching.

November 18, 2008 A Fork in the Road

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Today is all about a “fork in the road.” A Yod, or “finger of God,” exists with the Moon in Leo and the forks shown by Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter & Venus in Capricorn. Leo is about leadership. This day affects leaders more than others, but it also brings out the natural leadership in all of us.

The fork between Pisces and Capricorn will force us to choose between the idalistic and the practical. Uranus (aka Prometheus) is in Pisces and brings us innovations in areas of art, music, poetry, and similar areas. Capricorn is about practicality. Venus is about love & beauty, but Venus is also about finances and building the practical. Venus can be especially about farms. Jupiter is about growth and expansion, in this case in things Capricorn such as large corporations and corporate leadership.

The choice will be between idealistic innovation and practical focused growth. No matter which choice we make we can benefit, but either choice will, at some point, leave us wondering what might have happened had we considered the other path. Inconjuncts, from which yods are built, are characterized by dissatisfaction.

Water Signs: Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio will tend to choose the innovative today.  Some Cancerians, particularly those who have birthdays currently opposed by Jupiter or Venus might choose the practical route.

Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, & Virgo will tend to opt for the practical path.  Some Virgos might choose the innovative path, particularly if their birthday is currently opposed by Uranus.

Air Signs: Neither Gemini nor Libra will like the choices presented, but Gemini will be most productive with the innovative and Libra with the practical.  Aquarius will face both decisions the same as Leo: essentially split 50/50.

Fire Signs: Aries, like leader, would be wise to pick the practical.  Leo, like Aquarius, will have a dead center 50/50 choice.  “Things” are complicated for Sadge.  Except for the handful of Sadge natives born on December 17th or later, I’d recommend the practical.  I’d be willing to bet that Steven Spielberg is working on some particularly interesting project at this time.

Choose as you may; tomorrow is a new day.

Monday November 17, 2008 Opportunity Abounds?

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At UAC 1998, I saw the same lecture as Jim Shawvan. Jim has turned it into quite a treat while I simply “filed it away” mentally. The single thing I remember most about that lecture was how the moon could “performeth,” sometimes very well, during a void. Lee Lehman gave an example of a furniture store that she recommended open during a void. Contrary to what I would expect, or most of the audience for that matter, the store “performeth” rather well and had a large sale the afternoon it opened. ($40,000 in furniture to a single customer, if I recall.)

Lee, herself, gave credit to William Lily (a famous astrologer in the 1600’s who was arrested for predicting the Great Fire of London). Lilly famously said, that the Moon “performeth somewhat” at these times.

That said, although I love the story, I still don’t quite drink the Kool-Aid. I’m rather skittish about voids. I won’t belabor the point. But, what you think about Monday depends on who you believe. Moon is in Cancer, and void from about 8am EST to about 4pm EST (when it enters Leo).

Jim says the Opportunity Period continues (from Sunday) until about 3:30 EST. Personally, I don’t like voids and I would say to lay low and clean house (especially) on Monday. You, dear reader, get to pick.

But, before you do, consider these two things: (1) does WATER favor you personally? For the furniture store to make $40K, someone had to give it up. Was it a fair trade? I don’t know. If you find your strengths in Fire and Air, then this probably doesn’t favor you. (2) Void Cancer Moons are famous for causing bitter lasting resentments that lead to blood feuds. And, often these resentments are due to misunderstandings or miscommunications. Do you want to take the risk?

If you are in the UK or Europe, this doesn’t affect you until late afternoon or early evening. For you, this day could be especially productive, especially Moon Trine Sun. Moon Trine Sun is a very good time to lock down agreements, make relevant purchases, and so forth. But again, ask if water favors you. For Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, this time will favor you. For Aries, Leo, Sadge, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, it may not. Especially, Aquarius.

Against all of this is Mercury Square Neptune. Both Scorpio and Aquarius may feel a bit rough this day. That leads me to add that this might tie into the Scorpio / Aquarius aspect that will re-ignite in February, as discussed in an earlier post.

(Okay, I know I contradicted myself about Scorpio.  Maybe we don’t really KNOW what happens with Scorpio today.  I think it is a good day, especially for them, to relax and take it easy.  This assumes, of course, that a Scorpio actually CAN take it easy.)

Those who overindulge in alcohol and drugs would be at risk with this Mercury Square Neptune aspect, as would those easily guiled by the scammers of the world. So, be careful if the deal is a bit TOO good to be true.

And, of course, Mercury / Neptune great favors the inspiration of poets, photographers, and movie makers.

Sunday November 16, 2008 Opportunity Abounds

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Most astrologers concentrate on what their readers want to hear.  I suppose that I should do that, but for a moment I won’t.  I’m going to complain that, for me personally, the energy has really been poop for about a week, and I think that will continue with Mars’ entrance into Sadge.  Okay, enough of that.

Mercury sextiles Uranus about 0130 EST, just after midnight EST.  For many, this will be a source of brainstorming although Mercury is in silent Scorpio so the brainstorm might be muted.  I think the police will have a “field day” tonight.  So, this is a good time to stay home and write down your ideas.

Jim Shawvan, in the Daily Planetary Guide, shows this as a prolonged “Opportunity Period.”  Moon in Cancer forms a Grand Water Trine with Mercury and Uranus.  Jupiter in Scorpio interacts now in what some call a “Kite.”  For at least some, today can be a day of immense prosperity.  I agree with Mr. Shawvan’s commentary that today is a day to use “intuition rather than logic to obtain sought after answers.”

2008 November 14 Mercury Square Chiron

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Friday’s energy is difficult to read.  Much happens, but we all get mixed signals.  Is it good or was it bad?

Mercury, in Scorpio, sqaures Chiron, in Aquarius.  Chiron continues to speak to injuries to the public and healing that must occur, usually through teaching the lesson to be learned.  Mercury, however, is in Scorpio; Scorpio is a rather unfavorable placement for Mercury.

Scorpio is associated with silence and secrets; Mercury is about communicating (and transporting).  I’d say that certain communications failures, or secrets, will present as an obstacle to healing that must occur.  Long term, Mercury will lose and the secrets will be revealed.  (At least some of them.)

What should you do?  Watch for chatter and saying things that you don’t mean or shouldn’t tell.  But, don’t make secrets or try to deceive others.  This is a time when diplomacy is essential.

Your secret might leak Friday evening, anyway, when Moon squares Uranus (revelations and accidents) in the sign of Pisces (the sign of disclosure of secrets).  This secret would leak through an inadvertent disclosure.  Since “Uranus” is really Prometheus, the Gods might find that the secret of Fire has been given to the humans.  If you are in a management position, you may not be able to withhold some of your secrets from the underlings any longer.

For the general public, look for startling revelations some time Friday night.

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