Aquarian Age Pioneers

In response to a comment here, I have written the following short article:

Inevitably we (both as individuals and groups) go through a series of turning points that are part of growth and development.  2012 (as a date) may or may not be significant, but we are in the most critical period for mankind yet.  (Admittedly, that kind of comment has been made for a very long time, perhaps centuries.)
What makes us (post Y2K) different is that the Aquarian Age is HERE.  The Aquarian Age is not a mere calendar event.  The Aquarian age is the profound technological and social transformation of the last twenty to forty years. (More, actually)  Many people that claim to be metaphysical, astrologers, and so forth but cannot see the obvious: it is NOW.

Aquarius is about “wind” (including voices that “carry” on the “wind” such as radio signals), and connectedness of groups. In some cultures, the most Aquarian thing would be the drumbeats and smoke signals. Today it is electronics and communications.

Actually, this started rather long ago.  I offer that the REAL herald of the Aquarian Age was Benjamin Franklin.
He signaled the “New Age” by flying a kite and capturing a piece of a lightening bolt.  To me, a guy with candles, parchment, and quills capturing a lightening bolt is pretty “New Age.” Can you do it?
(I bet that if you tried that someone from “Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (or an American TLA) would be knocking on your door.)

Even more profound, Ben Franklin was the first person to do the kind of thing that Ted Turner did: setup a news networking.  Except old Ben did it with candles and handset type and couriers running the newspapers from Philly to the rest of the colonies.  Still, that was generally better than drumbeats. (More “reach” in the terms of modern marketers.)

Probably most important: he was (at a minimum) one of the chief architects of the current (and only) Constitution of the United States.  Frankly (pardon the pun), Ben was likely THE Chief Architect.

Although it is offered as fiction, consider re-watching “National Treasure.”  Those guys in the late 1700’s laid the groundwork for the current transformation. They captured more than one kind of lightening bolt.

Morse, Marconi, Edison, Tesla, and many others continued the work.  These individuals were Aquarian Age pioneers who “captured lightening” so that we could “hear voices on the wind.” They changed the world. Consider reading this.
To those who are asleep: wake up.  The internet, cell-phones, computers, social networking, texting, and so forth herald the arrival of the fundamental shift(s).  Yes, we have 2000 more years to absorb the shift, but it is here.  I have heard some people state that we will have literal telepathy that is as clear as, well, a phone call.  (They have not heard the old saying: “Yep, faith moves mountains.  Bring a shovel.” Today, bring a computer and one of those push-button “walkie talkie” style cell phones, too.)
Compared to even 20 years ago, cell phones *ARE* telepathy!
Of course, computers and cell phones are not the end of it, any more than the telegraph and the railroads the final statements on modern communications and transportation. I certainly will not claim that. But I will state that the social networking that has emerged from computers, internet, and mobile communications devices such as cell phones is the critical turning point. A true “mass consciousness” is emerging from that unlike any before.
Our social structures HAVE to change.  We are seeing some of this with a new generation of children who are essentially immune to advertising.  Marketing gurus are having a fit because either the group accepts your product or does not.  Sales and promotion gimmickry does not work.
We have outlived certain primate (ape) structures, and those must be discarded for us to move forward as a group.  This young group is showing us the beginning of that.  But more will follow.  The real change will focus on the use of a person, or group, as a scapegoat.  As a result of this transformation, “Love thy Neighbor as Thyself” will become a necessity rather than a suggestion.  But, we may not see that in our lifetime.  Getting from here to there may be “challenging.”
But, it will be an opportunity for change.

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