Tuesday February 3rd 2009 Get To It Day

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Just in case you didn’t read the Monday forecast (below), you should know that today is “get to it day.” Yesterday was a bit tough for some people (Sunday was worse), and Wednesday and Thursday have difficulties, too.

Today is the day you can get things done. Do realize, though, that attempts to overdo, or attempts to wage war, will end in confusion and might even make you feel ill. Take the high road in your productivity.

Monday February 2nd 2009 Aftershocks on Groundhog Day

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Commenting on days past may not seem helpful, but Sunday seemed to have a malefic quality to it. If you felt it Sunday, then count on feeling “aftershocks” on Monday and the rest of the week.

This is a difficult week to get things done. Venus, also known as “love, beauty, and the pocketbook” is void until about 10pm Dallas time on Monday. If you are in the UK, then you will feel no relief until Tuesday morning.

Tuesday is a very busy and very active day, and it may be the most important work day this work week until Friday arrives. Squares and trines characterize the day giving us mixed signals. Are we in harmony or are we fighting? The part of us that wants to fight is confused (Neptune) and maybe even sick (Chiron).

A Grand Earth Trine occurs on Tuesday, so this is a very good day to get tangible things done. This day is MUCH better for finances and things financial than Monday. After 7pm Dallas time (1pm UK) the energies change with a void of an hour or so followed by lunar entry into Gemini. BOTH the Moon AND Mars go void! This shift into Gemini marks the end of the Grand Trine but also gives us energy to “get things done.”

Wednesday the Mars void ends as Mars enters Aquarius. Expect laid back Aquarians to get their feathers ruffled and find themselves facing a sense of urgency. The Satrun Inconjenct to Chiron controls both Tuesday and Wednesday and FORCES us to look at healing issues.

Thursday becomes rocky again, the most difficult and disturbing day of the week. Get everything done on Tuesday that you can, or postpone it to Friday.

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