Saturn Square Uranus December 24th of 2021 (2021-12-24)

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2021-12-18 01:19 CST Saturn Square Uranus

First: this group of aspects terrifies me. Saturn square Uranus, by itself, has much to say and affects many people over significant periods of time, a minimum of seven years but probably much longer, twenty one years or more. But, more is present.


For those who like short summaries, here is a short summary in bullet point form:

  • Many astrologers have covered the three Saturn Square Uranus aspects of 2021; I encourage you to read those articles that talk about how you will need to be ready to let go of the old to welcome in the new. So much has been written from that perspective that I will not duplicate any variant of that narrative here.
  • Similar to ancient astrologers (though I am a “modern”), I tend to write about disasters. Indeed, the word “dis-aster” originally meant “bad stars” or something similar. (“Dis” = “away from,” or, more loosely, “bad”‘; “aster” is from the same root as “astro-logy” (study of the stars); again : “dis-asters” were related to “bad stars”)
  • I have been thinking about this since November, and I had been planning to write about how I believe these aspects could be tied to a mass casualty event or large scale event similar to “Winter Storm Uri” of the week of February 17th (the date of the perfection of the first square). However, the tornado that crossed six states and destroyed Mayfield, Kentucky beat me to the punch.
  • Even so, I do not think “it is over” yet.
  • Finally, I am actually worried about danger to myself. Given how some of this aligns with my own personal chart, I am worried about danger to myself.
  • I plan to REVISE this entry, but I want SOMEthing up tonight (December 17th into 18th)

A More Detailed Analysis

I present eight versions of the same chart, beginning with the one I had planned ot save for last: a chart for the moment of perfection set in Plano, Texas (where I live) and filtered for “1%” in SolarFire, the strongest possible aspect(s) (other than Saturn Square Uranus).

Vertex and Pallas

That chart has the curious aspect of Pallas (6th House of Work) sextile the Vertex (8th House, the “Death” house).
What does that mean?

The Vertex

I have only recently added the Vertex to my analyses, and the best explanation I have seen of it is here :
Townley calls the Vertex the “Crossroads of Destiny.” His teacher’s teacher, L. Edward Johndro, called the Vertex the “electric ascendant.”
I offer the following quote from the aforementioned link : “Jayne taught that it was a point of fate or destiny (older astrologers threw those words around a lot), at which things happened that determined the path of your life. They could be large and obvious or small and seemingly insignificant at the time, but you would look back later and say everything changed at that point, in retrospect.”
That sounds powerful!

Pallas (The Goddess of War)

We draw on this link for the basics :
From that site : “As the goddess of war, victory, craft, and wisdom, Athena was one of the most important figures in Greece. Sometimes referred to with the surname “Pallas Athene,” she was said to have been born from her father Zeus’ head in full armor. Her birth represents a strong identification as a “Daddy’s Girl” and a warrior.”


What does Pallas + Vertex mean, in the STRONGEST POSSIBLE ASPECT (besides Saturn / Uranus) in this chart?
I think it means a SERIOUS RISK of war. I will not dig into it. Uranus is notorious for surprises. That could mean the risk of ambush is severe. This could mean a coup in some nation where no one really expects it. (Saturn Square Uranus is all about the fall of the old, ushering in the new.)
Or, it could mean none of that. Maybe the scientific breakthrough will come at this time as needed to “end the pandemic,” if that is even possible given the issues of (1) how widespread Covid19 has become and (2) almost daily emerging variants.
But, if you are into “creative problem solving,” then this is a good time to put on your “creative thinking cap.” (Most of all, STAY SAFE!)

An Anaretic Grand Cross

The Grand Cross pattern tends to be rare though it shows more often when asteroids, “the Nodes,” Chiron, and Vertex, and similar points and bodies are used that the traditionalists do not use. (The traditionalists use the traditional “seven planets”: the “Lights” (Sun and Moon), and Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn).

This GC is anaretic, in the last degree of the respective signs, a kind of punctuation mark regarding “endings.” This is what conerns me, and concerns me greatly, about the potential for loss of life.
Beyond this, I will say nothing more at this time EXCEPT that spotting the Anaretic Grand Cross was THE pattern that inspired me to write this article, agonizing about it since about the eclipse of November 19th or the previous eclipse two weeks earlier.

5th Harmonic : A Golden Yod

Golden Yods (a planet at the apex of two biquintiles with the planets on each leg tied together by a quintile) are also rare. They are usually benevolent, but they are a source of enormous creative power (mental power, similar to Pallas) and CAN be misused.
How “misused”? Hitler had a Golden Yod in his birth chart, and it was no doubt THE source of his (evil) genius.

7th Harmonic : Another Triangular Pattern

This chart has a 7th harmonic triangular pattern with Chiron (wounds, healing, and teaching) in Aries (war) and the apex of the triangle. Since this is a particularly difficult pattern to predict, we will leave it for others to predict or even (ugh!) hindsight analysis.

Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist)

We have written many times about the Thor’s Hammer pattern. Finding that pattern in the birth chart of Adam Lanza (the Sandy Hook shooter) “hammered” home how deeply associated with violence (and especially explosions) this pattern is.
This chart has a Thor’s Hammer, also called “God’s Fist.”

The Moon v/c, anaretic square Ceres/ North Node (also anaretic and both part of the Anaretic Grand Cross) and the pair have Juno (trust issues, especially betrayal, such as in an ambush) at the apex of a a pair of sesquiquadrates (135 degrees). This is not merely a Thor’s Hammer (bad enough by itself), but it ties in a void of course Moon (as was true with 9/11, the World Trade Center attack of 2001) and BETRAYAL.
This is another AMBUSH marker.

A Rosetta

This pattern is indicative of two warring factions that attempt to put on a good public face but have profound disunity internally.

Maximum Aspects

We include a different “maximum aspects” chart, not quite as tight as the “Pallas / Vertex” chart. But, Hygeia is in a quincunx to Ceres / Node and this could indicate an event that may produce more demand than the healthcare system can handle.

9th Harmonic

We present this chart without further analysis at this time.


We may provide additional analysis later. As mentioned previously, I am worried for my safety, and, also, I am worried for the safety of many others.

I note that a power outage almost halted the publication of this entry. The outage happened at 0244 CST. I am finishing now at 0313 CST, 29 minutes later.

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