New Moon January 2013: False Hopes for the Grain Goddess

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Here is the New Moon chart for January, 2013.  The outstanding aspect is the Quincunx (Inconjunct) of Ceres and Sun/Moon.  Ceres, the grain goddess, rules prosperity in a general sense but particularly food and farmers.  It figured prominently in the election of November, 2012, and it likely highlighted the divide in the United States between food consumers (urban areas) and food producers (rural areas).  We expect any news at this time to be of false hope, or little consolation, to the rural constituents of the United States. (We note that the State of the Union is scheduled for Tuesday, January 29th, a little more than two weeks past this new moon and a day past full.Update Jan 11, 2013: Looks like State of the Union will be February 12th, a few days past the February 2013 New Moon.  That is a much smarter date!)

Here is the chart:

New Moon 2013 2 12-31-2012 3-01-53 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the map of the United States at that time:

New Moon Jan 2013 US Map 12-31-2012 3-12-13 PM

 [Click to Enlarge]

We note the following: (1) the Mercury line is exact over Los Angeles, (2) the New Moon line is exact over eastern Nevada and near Las Vegas, (3) the Saturn line covers much of the western United States and is exact at Guadalahara, and (4) the Ceres line goes through Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina at this time.  (We would not be surprised to hear that labor unions are feeling some pain at this time, possibly due to political policy decisions or announcements.)

Here is the map for the UK and Europe.  (We note a Saturn line through Ireland, indicating continued difficulties there.)

New Moon 2013 UK and Europe 12-31-2012 3-41-09 PM[Click to Enlarge]

And here is the map for India (and Asia in general):

New Moon Jan 2013 Asia 12-31-2012 3-43-17 PM[Click to Enlarge]

And here is Australia and New Zealand:

New Moon Jan 2013 Aus-NZ 12-31-2012 3-46-00 PM[Click to Enlarge]

We note that Australia and New Zealand appear to be more activated that any other part of the planet (except the U.S.) during this particular new moon.

Natal Chart for Richa

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Reader Richa requested a natal chart analysis earlier this year. She asked the following:

I need to now in detail how this transit will affect me. An vedic astrologer told me that I am having saturn in my sign for another 4+ years and time will be tough. I would like to know from a western (sun sign) prespective. Can I do some real estate ventures, need to know little bit how this transit will affect my career, growth, finances, health. I was affected negatively on this areas since Saturn has been in my sign and wonder what the coming years hold in those areas? Your insight in this matter would be greatly appreciate.

Here is the chart:


[Click to Enlarge]

You are clear of most Saturn transits except for the transit to your moon.  You will wrestle with emotionally sensitive issues during the coming year and may need to release people, places, and things that no longer work for you.  If you are in any kind of abusive relationship, now is the time to get out.

That said, transiting Saturn is still below ground in your chart but is in an upswing.  After your Saturn return, you started building or at least developed aspirations of some kind.  Now is the time to lay the foundation for what you want, whether it be a career in real estate or otherwise.  The next 2.5 years (approximately, while Saturn is in Scorpio) will not be without other challenges.  Saturn touching Venus will also lead you to let go or release certain relationships and could represent a financial loss.  If it is not a loss, if you use the energy wisely, then you will become very prudent and frugal with your money.  (You are already capable of doing this.)

However, when Saturn touches your Uranus, you will have some kind of surprise.  In the low form, this could be an accident to you or someone close to you.  In a higher form, it could be that you develop an acute awareness of what to keep and what to let go.  Indeed, you may pursue an entirely new direction with your life and your career.  But, do be careful during this period.

After that, likely some time in 2015 or 2016, you’ll likely have a quiet time until Saturn conjoins Neptune.  This will be one more housecleaning period in which you will make final decisions on how to focus your energies and what to focus upon.  After that, when Saturn reaches the 7th house cusp, you will begin building your life for the next 14 years in earnest.

As to whether or not you can prosper in real estate, I am hesitant to say.  Real estate is typically associated with earth signs, but you sound as if you are interested in real estate sales.  Scorpio is an excellent negotiator, and so can be Libra.  Together they can be very powerful, and you have much of both.  However, since you have mostly below ground planets you will need someone to handle any advertising and public relations for you.  And, avoid any dishonest dealings that could damage or destroy your public image.

2012 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 41,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 9 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

[Looks like we are growing.  Click here to see the 2011 report.]

Natal Chart for lrc

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Reader LRC asks the following:

I’m a woman born in New York. My rising sign is Aries and my sun sign is scorpio. I think I am just coming out of my saturn return and it has been a doozy with drastic and painful changes – moving, divorce, unemployment, physical attack and significant spiritual and psychological development. Things are starting to look up but knowing that Saturn is moving into scorpio, a very significant influence for me, has me more than terrified that I am headed into another 2.5 year chapter of doom and gloom. Is the worst behind me (for now), or can I begin to let myself hope for better things?

Natal Chart for lrc


[Click to Enlarge]

Many of the visitors to this blog have clusterings of planets in Scorpio and Libra.  This is true for your chart as well.   You have a 7th house stellium which means that you are highly focused on relationships.  You certainly have conflicts with others, and you may have been involved in some lawsuits.  You have Chiron in Taurus in the 2nd house, so finances can be quite a struggle for you.

Saturn is not finished with you, but you are now in a place where old things have been (mostly) cleared away.  You can now build anew, and you should.  You have a few years to establish yourself, and about seven more to reap the benefits of the foundation that you need to build now.  After that, you will be experiencing a new set of changes and challenges.

Saturn Trine Neptune (2013)

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This year Saturn trines Neptune.  With a 28 year orbit, Saturn trine Neptune happens in two windows.  In roughly 8 to 10 years, Saturn will conjoin Neptune, the next set of trines will happen about 10 years after that.  (So, these are comparatively rare events, depending on your perspective.)

Here is the chart for the first exact trine:


[Click to Enlarge]

And here is the chart for the second one:


[Click to Enlarge]

Worthy of note: these aspects are part of the large Grand Water Trine this summer.

Grand Water Trine of July, 2013

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February 9, 2013

We note that the New Moon of February 10th started the Chinese Year of the Black Water Snake.  While interpretations vary, some describe anything to do with the Black Water Snake as being associated with disaster.

(To mix metaphors a bit, Native American lore tends to hold the Snake as an agent of transformation.  Here is one story about the Snake.  We note that, in Western Astrology, the Snake is usually considered the low form of Scorpio.  (The other forms are: Scorpion, Hawk, Eagle, and The Phoenix.  Some people merge the Hawk and Eagle, not distinguishing that the Eagle is a higher form of the Hawk.  To be sure, Eagles can be just as scary as snakes and scorpions.)

February 2, 2013

“Deeva” at “Mystic Chix” grabs a copy of this chart and publishes essentially the ideas stated here for their own use in a blog that supports a commercial venture, without permission, and asserting copyright.  For more details, click here.  I note that they chose to do that during this time.

January 11, 2013

We like this commentary on the upcoming Grand Water Trine this summer.

January 6, 2013

A series of remarkable alignments happen this year.  We think that the peak moment for the energy of these alignments is shown in this next chart, noting that we question the idea of any particular single “point” as being the most important, particularly in a series of large scale alignment such as the family that contains this one.  The exact aspect in this chart is Moon Trine Jupiter, but we picked it because it is within 24 hours of Jupiter Trine Neptune, which only occurs once in this series.

Grand Trine Culminates 1-6-2013 12-59-25 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

Will be interesting to see what comes to pass during this window.  We are at least a little suspicious that the key issue at this time will be WATER.  (Will the drought in some parts of the world deepen this summer?)

In the Daily Planetary Guide, Pam Ciampi mentions an alignment this summer known as a “Grand Sextile.”   We will update this entry at a later date to address the Grand Sextile, also called a “Star of David.”

Here is the U.S. Map for this chart (Moon Trine Jupiter).  We note a Venus line through the center of the U.S.  It passes near San Antonio and, further south, Mexico City.  Other lines that touch the continental U.S. include the Mars line near Miami, the Chiron line through Idaho, Utah, & Arizona, and the Neptune (IC) line through Los Angeles.

US Map Jul 16 Moon Trine Jupiter 1-6-2013 1-28-43 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

December 28, 2012

I see that I am already getting traffic looking for information about the Grand Water Trine (or Grand Trine in Water) in July of 2013.  It is probably the most important pattern of 2013, and it heralds important opportunities for change.  It is exact on July 17, 2013.  And, in the months to come, I will update this post (and likely add other posts referring to it).  The configuration involves Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pluto.  I expect a world leader of major importance to be born (or possibly “show” themselves) this year.

Click here for the Saturn Trine Neptune Charts.

Check back for updates.

Saturn Sextile Pluto (Exact) for 2013

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Saturn will sextile Pluto (exact) twice in 2013.  Here are the charts:

The first occurrence is March 8th of 2013:

Saturn Sextile Pluto 1 12-26-2012 5-09-09 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

And the second occurrence is on September 21st of 2013, just before the Vernal Equinox:

Saturn Sextile Pluto 2 12-26-2012 5-10-19 PM

[Click to Enlarge]


Faye’s Chart

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Earlier this year, Faye wrote:

Hi There, my bday is 10/10/78 my mom says I was born just before 8am CPT South Africa, so I figure I’m scorpio rising ( have traits and all) also have scorpio in mars, venus and uranus and libra in pluto! Saturn and libra has been beyondd challenging…. [edit] My Q is how much worst is saturn in scorpio gonna be for me! Exhausted, petrified and saddened by it all!!!

Here is here natal chart:

Faye 12-26-2012 4-32-07 PM[Click to Enlarge]

You do have an interesting chart, given your 12th house stellium (cluster of four or more planets, at least two of which are NOT personal planets) and Sun conjunct Pluto (exact) in the 11th house of friends, surprises, (and sometimes bribes).  With Jupiter in the 10th and near Midheaven (universities, legal system, and sometimes churches), you should consider a career at a university or in the courts.  Depending on your background and abilities, you might should consider being a teacher or an attorney.  The asteroid Astraea is also present in the 10th, and that points in the direction of the legal system.

The 12th house stellium indicates that you will tend to be involved with institutions, but you can (at least potentially) choose which ones.  Univeristies or courts might be preferable to jails or mental health facilities for you.  You do have to be careful regarding addictions, whether your own or people who are close to you.

I suspect that the energy of the legal system has come to you rather than you coming to it.  If that is true, you should at least consider a shift in career that allows you to harness that energy to benefit you.

Uranus Square Pluto (2013)

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In anticipation of the upcoming year, 2013, we have prepared the following two charts.  Uranus squares Pluto and is exact in these two charts.

Uranus Square Pluto #1 (May 20th):


[Click to Enlarge]

And, Uranus Squares Pluto a second time November 1st:


[Click to Enlarge]

We will edit and expand this post over the course of 2013.  These will likely be important aspects, though we expect their effects to be felt on nearby activating events (Full Moons, New Moons, Eclipses and similar).

Gina’s Chart

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Gina requested a natal chart analysis earlier this year.  Here is the chart, done in SolarFire 7.1:


[Click to Enlarge]

With Neptune in the first and the Moon in the 12th, we observe that Gina is an intuitive and sensitive person.  She has to be careful to avoid alcohol and drugs and anyone who might induce or mislead her into engaging in criminal behavior.  If she avoids the traps, or recovers from them, she is capaable of producing a high quality of music, poetry, photography or videography.  She is sensitive and can be easily wounded despite being a solar Aries.  With Venus in early Taurus, her ability to produce art is enhanced further, and she could be a performer, an actress or musician.  If she does not participate in art, then she might work in the fields of accounting or finance, but her higher callings are the ones mentioned earlier.

She has Saturn in the 7th which brings difficulty to relationships.  The Moon in the 12th, also, brings a problem with hidden enemies.  People are likely often jealous of her or may target her for other reasons.  She has “interesting” friends with Uranus in the 11th, and they often surprise her (sometimes good, sometimes bad).

We expect the following dates to be of importance to Gina over the course of 2013:

Chi (3)    Sqr    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jan 9 2013    03:37:31 pm    CST    39.729    06°Pi26′ D    06°Sg26′ D
Jup (7)    Opp    Nep (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jan 10 2013    03:14:16 am    CST    39.730    07°Ge00′ R    07°Sg00′ R
Nep (3)    Sxt    Ven (5)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jan 12 2013    01:22:41 am    CST    39.736    01°Pi23′ D    01°Ta23′ D
Chi (3)    Sqr    Nep (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jan 20 2013    09:25:56 am    CST    39.758    07°Pi00′ D    07°Sg00′ R
Jup (6)    Opp    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jan 21 2013    05:48:34 pm    CST    39.762    06°Ge26′ R    06°Sg26′ D

Jup (7)    Opp    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 7 2013    05:37:25 pm    CST    39.809    06°Ge26′ D    06°Sg26′ D
Nep (3)    Qnx    Plu (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 9 2013    08:29:33 am    CST    39.813    02°Pi22′ D    02°Li22′ R
Nep (3)    SSq    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 13 2013    02:29:48 am    CST    39.823    02°Pi31′ D    17°Ar31′ D
Sat (11)    Sxt    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 16 2013    09:40:52 pm    CST    39.834    11°Sc31′ R    11°Cp31′ R
Ura (4)    Tri    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 19 2013    07:33:00 am    CST    39.840    06°Ar26′ D    06°Sg26′ D
Jup (7)    Opp    Nep (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 19 2013    10:49:55 am    CST    39.841    07°Ge00′ D    07°Sg00′ R
Sat (11)    Sxt    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 20 2013    00:24:39 am    CST    39.842    11°Sc31′ R    11°Cp31′ R

Ura (4)    Tri    Nep (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 2 2013    07:12:03 am    CST    39.870    07°Ar00′ D    07°Sg00′ R
Jup (7)    Tri    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 16 2013    01:32:08 am    CDT    39.908    09°Ge29′ D    09°Aq29′ D
Plu (2)    Cnj    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 28 2013    02:41:31 am    CDT    39.941    11°Cp31′ D    11°Cp31′ R
Jup (7)    Qnx    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 29 2013    07:18:51 pm    CDT    39.946    11°Ge31′ D    11°Cp31′ R

Chi (3)    Sxt    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 3 2013    12:49:47 pm    CDT    39.959    11°Pi31′ D    11°Cp31′ R
Sat (11)    Sqr    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 10 2013    07:19:41 pm    CDT    39.979    09°Sc29′ R    09°Aq29′ D
Jup (7)    SSq    Sun (5)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 12 2013    09:38:24 pm    CDT    39.984    13°Ge58′ D    28°Ar58′ D
Sat (11)    SSq    MC (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 14 2013    07:28:42 pm    CDT    39.989    09°Sc12′ R    24°Vi12′ D
Ura (4)    Sxt    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 15 2013    03:33:57 pm    CDT    39.992    09°Ar29′ D    09°Aq29′ D
Nod (12)    Sqq    Mer (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 17 2013    09:22:55 am    CDT    39.997    17°Sc57′ R    02°Ar57′ D
Jup (7)    SSq    Ven (5)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 25 2013    10:49:23 am    CDT    40.019    16°Ge23′ D    01°Ta23′ D
Nod (12)    Qnx    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 25 2013    11:17:28 am    CDT    40.019    17°Sc31′ R    17°Ar31′ D
Jup (7)    Tri    Mar (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 26 2013    04:13:24 am    CDT    40.021    16°Ge32′ D    16°Aq32′ D
Nod (12)    SSq    Plu (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 28 2013    03:09:27 am    CDT    40.026    17°Sc22′ R    02°Li22′ R
Plu (2)    Cnj    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 28 2013    07:44:20 am    CDT    40.026    11°Cp31′ R    11°Cp31′ R
Jup (7)    Qnx    Mon (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 28 2013    04:24:22 pm    CDT    40.027    17°Ge03′ D    17°Sc03′ D
Jup (7)    Cnj    Sat (7)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 29 2013    11:16:08 am    CDT    40.030    17°Ge12′ D    17°Ge12′ D
Jup (7)    Sxt    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 30 2013    11:11:25 pm    CDT    40.034    17°Ge31′ D    17°Ar31′ D

Nod (12)    Qnx    Sat (7)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 1 2013    07:10:16 am    CDT    40.035    17°Sc12′ R    17°Ge12′ D
Nod (12)    Cnj    Mon (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 4 2013    08:10:11 am    CDT    40.043    17°Sc03′ R    17°Sc03′ D
Nod (12)    Sqr    Mar (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 13 2013    11:06:35 pm    CDT    40.069    16°Sc32′ R    16°Aq32′ D
Jup (7)    Tri    Ura (11)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 15 2013    06:43:17 pm    CDT    40.074    20°Ge41′ D    20°Li41′ R
Ura (4)    Sqr    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 27 2013    10:42:14 pm    CDT    40.108    11°Ar31′ D    11°Cp31′ R
Jup (7)    Sqr    MC (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 31 2013    01:31:32 pm    CDT    40.117    24°Ge12′ D    24°Vi12′ D

Jup (7)    Sqq    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jun 1 2013    07:44:22 pm    CDT    40.121    24°Ge29′ D    09°Aq29′ D
Jup (7)    Sxt    Sun (5)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jun 21 2013    09:02:53 am    CDT    40.174    28°Ge58′ D    28°Ar58′ D

Jup (7)    Sxt    Ven (5)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 1 2013    11:41:02 pm    CDT    40.204    01°Cn23′ D    01°Ta23′ D
Jup (7)    Sqq    Mar (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 2 2013    03:04:55 pm    CDT    40.205    01°Cn32′ D    16°Aq32′ D
Jup (7)    Sqq    Mon (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 4 2013    08:54:07 pm    CDT    40.211    02°Cn03′ D    17°Sc03′ D
Jup (7)    Sqr    Plu (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 6 2013    07:42:24 am    CDT    40.215    02°Cn22′ D    02°Li22′ R
Jup (8)    Sqr    Mer (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 8 2013    08:07:33 pm    CDT    40.222    02°Cn57′ D    02°Ar57′ D
Jup (8)    Qnx    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 24 2013    03:09:50 pm    CDT    40.266    06°Cn26′ D    06°Sg26′ D
Jup (8)    Qnx    Nep (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 27 2013    05:34:40 am    CDT    40.273    07°Cn00′ D    07°Sg00′ R

Jup (8)    Qnx    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 8 2013    01:46:06 am    CDT    40.305    09°Cn29′ D    09°Aq29′ D
Nod (11)    Sxt    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 16 2013    06:44:45 pm    CDT    40.329    11°Sc31′ R    11°Cp31′ R
Jup (8)    Opp    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 18 2013    06:53:26 am    CDT    40.333    11°Cn31′ D    11°Cp31′ R

Chi (3)    Sxt    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 1 2013    08:30:50 pm    CDT    40.373    11°Pi31′ R    11°Cp31′ R
Ura (4)    Sqr    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 7 2013    02:07:20 pm    CDT    40.389    11°Ar31′ R    11°Cp31′ R
Jup (8)    Qnx    Mar (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 16 2013    07:21:21 pm    CDT    40.414    16°Cn32′ D    16°Aq32′ D
Jup (8)    Tri    Mon (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 20 2013    10:55:56 am    CDT    40.424    17°Cn03′ D    17°Sc03′ D
Sat (11)    SSq    MC (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 23 2013    04:54:31 am    CDT    40.431    09°Sc12′ D    24°Vi12′ D
Jup (8)    Sqr    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 24 2013    00:25:40 am    CDT    40.434    17°Cn31′ D    17°Ar31′ D
Nod (11)    Sqr    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 24 2013    01:50:03 am    CDT    40.434    09°Sc29′ R    09°Aq29′ D
Sat (11)    Sqr    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 25 2013    11:17:19 pm    CDT    40.439    09°Sc29′ D    09°Aq29′ D
Nod (11)    SSq    MC (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 29 2013    11:18:14 am    CDT    40.449    09°Sc12′ R    24°Vi12′ D

Sat (11)    Sxt    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Oct 14 2013    08:50:28 am    CDT    40.489    11°Sc31′ D    11°Cp31′ R
Ura (4)    Sxt    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Oct 30 2013    08:45:10 am    CDT    40.533    09°Ar29′ R    09°Aq29′ D

Sat (12)    Sqr    Mar (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Nov 25 2013    03:49:12 pm    CST    40.605    16°Sc32′ D    16°Aq32′ D
Sat (12)    Cnj    Mon (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Nov 30 2013    01:35:15 am    CST    40.617    17°Sc03′ D    17°Sc03′ D

Sat (12)    Qnx    Sat (7)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 1 2013    11:22:56 am    CST    40.621    17°Sc12′ D    17°Ge12′ D
Sat (12)    SSq    Plu (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 2 2013    10:45:31 pm    CST    40.625    17°Sc22′ D    02°Li22′ R
Sat (12)    Qnx    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 4 2013    04:40:13 am    CST    40.629    17°Sc31′ D    17°Ar31′ D
Sat (12)    Sqq    Mer (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 8 2013    00:42:49 am    CST    40.639    17°Sc57′ D    02°Ar57′ D
Jup (8)    Sqr    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 20 2013    09:23:14 pm    CST    40.674    17°Cn31′ R    17°Ar31′ D
Jup (8)    Tri    Mon (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 24 2013    03:05:30 pm    CST    40.685    17°Cn03′ R    17°Sc03′ D
Jup (8)    Qnx    Mar (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 28 2013    12:59:16 pm    CST    40.695    16°Cn32′ R    16°Aq32′ D

Astrology Chart for Christmas 2012

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Christmas Day (that evening), Mars enters Aquarius and enters mutual reception with Uranus. That means they can “trade places,” and it amplifies each of them.  Mars (in low form) is violence and war.  Uranus (in low form) is accidents.

Sun is square Uranus (further activating Mars / Uranus), and Moon is conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter is the great amplifier (perhaps “Great Amplifier” would be better), and the Moon activates Jupiter’s amplification of events (such as Mars / Uranus) here.

Image[Click to Enlarge]

The current snowstorm / blizzard could take a surprising turn and may deepen by this time.  With Uranus, anything goes.  But, just in case that is not enough, we note that the Moon is doing more than merely conjoining Jupiter, it is activating the Focused Yod associated with the 2012 Solstice.

Here is an horary version of the chart:

Christmas 2012 (Horary Version) 12-23-2012 6-27-46 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

This will be an “exciting” time for more than a few of us.  Here is the U.S. Map at time of entry of Mars into Aquarius:

Christmas 2012 (US Map) 12-23-2012 6-32-18 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the Australia / New Zealand Map:

Christmas 2012 (Aus NZ) 12-23-2012 6-34-37 PM[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the Global Map:

Christmas 2012 (Global Map) 12-23-2012 6-40-17 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that Europe is not particularly active EXCEPT the Pluto line through Ireland and the Mars line through Italy.

We expect Christmas Day to be “interesting” this year.  Please have a happy and safe one if at all possible!

Mars sextiles Uranus on New Year’s Eve, a week later, bringing a new version of the same energy on that date:

New Years 12-23-2012 7-05-19 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

Evie and Evie’s Friend

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Evie (refer to this post, much earlier this year) has requested an analysis of her chart with her friend’s chart.  We note that, for reasons that baffle us, the Ascendant produced by Astrolog 5.4 is rather different from that produced by SolarFire 7.1.  We have decided to use the SolarFire results as the “right” ones.

(We don’t rely as heavily on the houses as many other astrologers, so the effect on interpretation has been negligible.  In fact, in the August analysis earlier this year, we did not depend upon the houses at all.)

Here is Evie’s chart, re-done in SF 7.1:

Evie (SF 71) 12-21-2012 2-14-05 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that Evie has a large number of squares.  This gives here plenty of energy and the ability to “get things done.”  On the negative side, she can frequently find herself in a bit of conflict with others.

Here is Evie’s friend’s chart, done in SF 7.1:

Evie's Friend (re-do) 12-21-2012 2-51-01 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

Evie’s friend has a few squares, also.  But, what really stands out is Chiron opposite Pluto.

Here is the Synastry grid for them together:

Evie Synastry 2 12-21-2012 2-54-47 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

In terms of Karmic links, we see his Moon conjunct her Pluto.  He is able to trigger significant issues regarding power and control for her.  Her Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine his Sun, benefiting him greatly.  His Mars squares her Sun and Mercury, bringing conflict.  But, his Mars also trines her Venus.  The relationship might have an “on again, off again” quality.  Here is a bi-wheel showing his relationship to her:

Evie Biwheel 12-21-2012 3-01-09 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

Given his Jupiter conjunct her node, we see that money tends to flow in one direction, probably from him to her.  Evie: Is this guy a “Sugar Daddy”?

Full Moon December 2012

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Here is the Full Moon chart for December, 2012 (set in Plano, of course):Full Moon December 2012 12-19-2012 1-23-06 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

Prior to the Full Moon, a Kite aligns:

Full Moon Kite 12-19-2012 11-17-55 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

We are defined by our Enigmas

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I woke up early this morning with these words in my head.  They came to me nearly fully formed, with almost no editing necessary.

We are defined by our Enigmas

We are defined by our Enigmas.  And one of the great enigmas of our time is that of the madman on a rampage.  It consumes us and cheats us of time best spent elsewhere.

We obsess, and we fret.  What could we have done?  Would “gun control” have helped?  We like soft and easy answers.  Surely that would have helped.  We could pass a new law: only licensed policemen could have guns.

But what if Nancy Lanza had succumbed to a sudden illness?  Adam Lanza might have moved in with his uncle, a police officer.  Again, he would have had access to weapons.

Had he lived with a family in the construction business, he might have used explosives and harmed far more people.  When tragedy strikes, we rarely pause to think that it could have been worse.

Had he been “radicalized” by a group that advocates violence and recruits the disenfranchised, he might have become a suicide bomber.

We would call him a “terrorist” instead of a “school shooter” and somehow think he was different in a meaningful way.

Putting the evil in the object, whether guns or bombs, is a risky thing because it rarely cures the problem.

Maybe we could spend more money on mental health.  We could.  We could make certain that people receive mental health “regardless of level of income.”  But, “regardless of level of income” has become a euphemism for poverty in the United States.

And that means that kids from middle class and wealthy families, like Adam Lanza, paradoxically “fall through the cracks.”  Adam himself was barely a step from homeless.  But his family had so much money that he would have never qualified for any of these special programs.  And that, again, leaves us with a madman on a rampage.

The idea that middle class and wealthy families will step forward to help their mentally ill family members is an old lie.

Ask anyone who has worked in the mental health field for at least a few years and you will find out the truth.  Most families cannot handle the burden and eventually abandon the suffering family member.  But, the politicians can always sell us the same old well-worn lies that “sound good.”

And that means the problem is never addressed.

The most disturbing thought of all is that there is no solution.  Maybe the way that we have built our society transforms some of our best and brightest into fragile and unemployable young adults who have nowhere to turn when they break down.  And that, inevitably, leaves us with a madman on a rampage.

Liza Long can tell you how things really are.

But, the biggest engima of all is the question of why do we we keep defining ourselves in terms of losses?  We focus on the rampage of the madman, and we cheat ourselves of the awareness of the windows of opportunity that can exist in almost any situation.

As we move forward from this tragedy, we need to remember the words of Robert F. Kennedy:

There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?

Enigmatically, Robert F. Kennedy died because of a madman on a rampage.

Update: Maybe this might make a difference. (It is a petition to “address the shortcomings of the current mental health system to prevent at-risk people from becoming violent offenders.”)

Update (12/21): This article argues that our collective violence is part of our evolutionary history….


Adam Lanza Natal Chart (No Birth Time)

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(For more details, please also read the preliminary analysis.)

Here is the birth chart for Adam Lanza.

Adam has a Thor’s Hammer (aka “God’s Fist”) in his natal chart. (We will discuss this in more detail in the commentary below.)

Since birth time is unknown, we have cast his chart as Sun Conjunct Ascendant (Sun CONJ ASC).  Here is the chart:

Natal Chart, Birth time unknown.  Used Sun Conjnunct Ascendant

Natal Chart, Birth time unknown. Used Sun Conjnunct Ascendant

Natal Chart, Birth time unknown. Used Sun Conjunct Ascendant

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that the Ascendant and Midheaven must be ignored in this chart, and the exact position of the Moon is unknown (just “early Capricorn”).  This chart has a LARGE number of squares and sesquiquadrates.  Indeed Venus (in Aries) has two squares and a sesquiquadrate!

(Update 12/15 @ 1445 CST, continued from above:)  We discussed the Thor’s Hammer earlier here and here.  Also known as the “Quadriform,” this pattern is also described here.)  Often associated with earthquakes and explosions, the Thor’s Hammer can be a very dangerous aspect.  In Adam’s case, Jupiter is the Apex Planet and has Venus on one side and BOTH Neptune and Uranus on the other side.  (Our name for four or more planets in a Thor’s Hammer pattern is “Thor’s Hammer Key.”  It is an amplified form of the already dangerous Thor’s Hammer.)

Jupiter is a great amplifier of things, and we suspect that any conflict Adam had with his mother or the school was hugely amplified by this Jupiter in a position to cause an “explosion” (gunshots, in this case).  We note that his Venus was highly afflicted in a number of ways, and come to an even stronger version of the conclusion that some kind of “atypical romance” may have been an important piece of the puzzle.

Uranus is associated with explosions, Jupiter in aspect with Uranus is associated with big explosions (or lotto winners), and this particular pattern is the most explosive of all.  (We have noted earlier that a major explosion happened on the date of Adam’s birth.)  Adam was, indeed, wired like a bomb waiting to explode.  (We are a bit surprised that he used guns instead of explosives.  Maybe it was because guns were easier to use than explosives.)

That said, we do not quite believe in “fate” but in “propensities.”  We bet that a large number of people were born on this date.  We suspect that a large number of them had one or two “bad days” this week. What could lead someone like Adam to choose to commit a massacre?

We still wonder what triggered Adam’s explosion.  Was he treated unfairly or falsely accused of something?  (We are asking a question, not making a statement.) SOMETHING triggered this disproportionate response.  What was it?

Whatever it was, it was disproportionate.  In researching this article, I came across this blog entry.  It strikes to the core of the issue.  And, here, the core of the issue is not guns.  The core of the issue is mental health.

I urge you to read it

That said, back to the astrological analysis.

As mentioned in the preliminary analysis, Adam had a Grand Earth Trine (ordinarily a marker of someone of great financial wealth) that was activated by the recent entry of Saturn into Scorpio.

  1. Saturn’s entry into Scorpio (October 6th and beyond) creates a kind of instability in his grand earth trine.
  2. Saturn semi-squared his Uranus / Neptune (and activated the Thor’s Hammer some time after October 6th).
  3. The “straw that broke the camel’s back” happened with the new moon of the 12th / 13th that squared his natal Mars.
  4. He acted at the time of his (nearby) personal new moon.

We stick with the idea that we wrote about 12 hours ago (about 2am locally) that we think something happened on the 12th or 13th (before the New Moon) that set in motion the events of this tragedy.

We have located two points that we think worthy of mention here:

  1. Jude Cowell points out that Mars (in Capricorn) recently transited Adam’s natal Uranus and Neptune.  This was almost certainly a major contributor as well.
  2. Over at AstroDispatch, the author points out that Pluto (in Capricorn) is conjunct (we think) Adam’s natal Moon.  This is a long-term high stress aspect.

We do not have a birth time to build an ascendant, but we are going to risk doing an analysis with a rectified chart (something we avoid).  We were going to set the birth time at 4:20 pm because that aligns the moon in the natal chart with the moon in the December 14th 9:18 am Double Yod Key (DYK) chart.

However, by moving the time to 2:50 pm, we move the ruler of the 10th into the 8th house.  (Gemini on the 10th, and Mercury on the 8th.)  This is a well-known marker of those who become famous in death, and it is not possible in all configurations but it is on this particular date of birth.  (JFK’s natal chart is a textbook example of this; he had Leo on the 10th and Sun in the 8th.  Of course, he was victim rather than perpetrator.  But, the point is that he became particularly famous in death, consequent to his assassination.)

This chart has Jupiter rising and in the 12th (the house of Self-Undoing) and Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the 8th house (house of Death).  Pluto (planet of death) is in the 3rd house (of children), and Mars (planet of violence and war) is in the 7th house (of relationships with others).  We think this chart is a very good candidate chart:

Adam Lanza (Ruler of 10th in 8th) 12-15-2012 4-03-48 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

Our second choice (mentioned earlier) is the chart that aligns the Moon with the Moon in the Double Yod Key chart:

Adam Lanza (DYK Align, Thor) 12-15-2012 3-42-10 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that the ascendant in this chart (24 Virgo) is trine Algol (26 Taurus), and that the Sun is in the 8th (death) house.  We have illustrated the Thor’s Hammer relationship in the chart.

We do note that we are reluctant to attempt rectification at all.  But, these are our best guesses.

Adam Lanza (Preliminary Analysis)

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[A number of the search engines are behind and have not caught up with our most recent post on Adam Lanza.  There, we cast a natal chart and also attempt to rectify the chart.  It is a detailed extension of the remainder of this post.]

The Sandy Hook, CT school shooter has been identified as Adam Lanza, the younger son of Nancy J Lanza.  Nancy J Lanza, a single mother after a divorce some years earlier, was either a Kindergarten teacher or a teachers aid at the school.  We have addressed the timeline of the shooting in an earlier post and now specifically focus on Adam Lanza.

Current (12/15 @ 0143 CST) news reports describe Adam Lanza as a 20 year old suffering from an autism spectrum disorder (possibly Asperger’s Syndrome) and possibly a personality disorder.  We have his date of birth reported from multiple sources: April 22, 1992.  We do not have a time of birth, but (based on available reports) he was almost certainly born in either New Hampshire (less likely) or Connecticut (most likely).  We will use Sandy Hook as his birth place (although he may have been born in New Haven).

First, we would like to cover some other background.  We look at patterns on this blog, so we are interested in other events on that date (or “nearby”).



April 22 – Fuel that leaked into a sewer explodes in Guadalajara, Mexico; 215 are killed, 1,500 injured.


April 22Robin van Helsum – Dutch fraudster


April 19: Kristen French: Catholic schoolgirl murder victim killed by serial killer couple Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo.

Other Events:

Los Angeles Riots:

For other years, see here:

Finally, we observe noteworthy similarity between this shooter and Kip Kinkel.  Both had a Capricorn Moon; between them: (1) Suns are trine (Taurus / Virgo), (2) Venus’ are trine (Aries / Leo), and (3) Mars’ are trine (Scorpio / Pisces).

Differences are noteworthy as well.  (1) Kinkel did not have a grand trine.  (2) Kinkel’s moon clearly trined Algol (while Lanza’s almost certainly does not).  (3) Kinkel’s Neptune (Sadge) and Pluto (Libra) formed a yod in relation to Algol.  Yod’s are about decisions; Neptune is often about self-sacrifice; Pluto is about death.  Astrologically, Kinkel seemed to face an alternative of sacrificing himself (Neptune) or others (Pluto) and obviously chose the latter.  We are certain that Lanza faced choices that were significantly different (though he reached a remarkably similar conclusion).

(For Kip Kinkel’s birth date, click here.)

[Update: A few others have noted similarity to the birth chart of Adolf Hitler.  Sun and Moon are similar, but much of the rest of the chart is different.  We think Kinkel’s is a closer match when looking for similar charts and similar patterns.]

(We have written extensively about Algol elsewhere on this blog.  Moon conjunct Algol at the time of the Vernal Equinox in 2010 heralded a series of disasters, including a West Virginia coal mine explosion, that later culminated in the BP Deepwater Horizon accident less than a month later.  “Algol” is an arabic word that means “The Ghoul,” or the Cryptkeeper.)

A preliminary analysis shows that the Moon had to be in the first 15 degrees of Capricorn and applying to a conjunction of both Uranus and Neptune.  First of all, we note that about 1 person in 12 has a Capricorn Moon, but not 1 person in 12 becomes a mass murderer.  That said, Capricorn Moons are thought to often have some absence of compassion for others.  Oddly, this can make for GREAT leaders!  It can also make for mass murderers….  (My apologies to the 1:12 visitors who might be offended by that! 🙂 )

Saturn and Uranus were in mutual reception producing a kind of unpredictability that is difficult to describe.  (As we note above, a newsworthy powerful explosion happened on the date of Lanza’s birth.)

Venus squared both Uranus and Neptune.  We will address Venus Square Uranus momentarily.  Venus Square Neptune invariably produces false hopes and unjustified aspirations in all who are touched by it.  (All the daily astrologers give the same advice when Venus squares Neptune: “Do not sign any contracts.”)  Given the superb career performance of both the father and the older brother, if this son was indeed autistic, then chances are good that he was a disappointment to those close to him, except perhaps his mother.

Adam had a rather powerful Grand Earth Trine in his chart.  Arguments fly regarding the meaning of grand trines.  We consider them benevolent, but others see them as malevolent.  Almost all agree that “things” come easily to those who have them.  Had Adam been willing to accept his difficulties, chances are good that someone in his family would have picked him up each time he fell.  But, Venus square Uranus/Neptune left him determined to prove himself.  While that quality sounds admirable to most of us, that quality may have precipitated his downfall.

Indeed, he was a bit “beyond lucky” because he had a kite, rare configuration of a grand trine with another planet attached as a “head.”  The head of his kite was Mars in Pisces.  Though kites are ordinarily lucky, this is a difficult placement.  Mars in Pisces and Venus Square Uranus indicates a potentially strange and difficult series of experiences involving love and romance.

[Update (12/15 @ 1411 CST):  Upon further examination of the chart, we have decided that Mars is too far out of alignment to qualify for a Kite.  However, we have now found something far more ominous: a Thor’s Hammer.  We will address this in a new entry.]

We wonder if he was wounded, perhaps by a conflict between mother and a (potential?) prospect for romance, and if he felt that wound far more deeply than most.  (Or, alternatively, he may have been falsely accused of something he did not do and felt compelled to seek “justice.”)

Earth is often both stubborn and critical.  We suspect that he both gave and received criticism in amounts that were difficult for him to shoulder.

Without a birth time, we hesitate to speculate on what triggered his reaction on this date.  Our best guess is that Saturn, in Scorpio, was activating the planets of his grand trine (particularly if he had an “early” moon).  (If this outcome reflects Saturn in Scorpio, then we have a hunch that the chain of events that led to this outcome began on or about October 6th of this year.)  If the Saturn in Scorpio set up a potential “bomb” in his kite / grand trine / Thor’s hammer, what was the trigger that set him off?

Our best guess is that the Sadge New Moon on the 13th squared his Mars, and someone (we are not sure who) issued some kind of ultimatum.  Whatever happened on the 12th / 13th, whether or not it involved some (atypical?) romance, Adam Lanza decided that he had to take action.  And, when the Moon returned (or approached the return) to its natal place, a place sometimes of endings, he did just that.


(1) Names and DOB’s of victims; medical examiner says most of wounds inflicted by rifle (handguns only used twice):

Doctor H Wayne Carver :”All the wounds that I know of were caused by the long [rifle] weapon.

“I only did seven of the autopsies. The victims I had ranged from three to 11 wounds apiece and I only saw two of them with close range shooting.”

(2) Daily Mail has an interesting piece but I have detected at least one comment that is either in error or misleading: “He used two semi-automatic pistols, a Glock and Sig Sauer, and reportedly wiped out an entire classroom of young children.”  (Refer to above comment by examining physician who says wounds were caused by the “long weapon.”)

(3) Local News Report:


CT School Shooter ID as Ryan Lanza

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[This post may be updated several times in the next week or two.]

ABC News has provided an ID of the CT School shooter as Ryan Lanza.  (Update 12/16: Indeed, they did ID as Ryan initially.  But, we now know it was his brother, Adam.)  In the absence of any other information, here is an horary chart based on the moment of the announcement of his identification (by David Muir) on ABC News, 1337 CST (set to time local to Plano, where the chart was cast):


[Click to Enlarge]

[Update (12/14): Ryan Lanza is alive and cannot be the shooter.  The news media currently (12/14, 3:54p CST) reports Adam Lanza as the shooter.]

We estimate the beginning of this tragedy to have been the alignment of Pluto with the ascendant at 8:25 EST (set in CT):

[We are using horary format for those who use that approach in analysis of events.]

Sandy Hook est start 12-14-2012 2-21-21 PM

[Update (12/15): We suspect that Nancy Lanza was murdered by her son, Adam Lanza, at this time (8:25 am EST), possibly as she prepared to leave for work at the school.  We base this on currently (12/15 0116 CST) available timelines without adjustment to account for his or her birth data.]

We note that the sign of Libra is intercepted in the 9th house of education and Aries (with Uranus present) is intercepted in the 3rd house of children and siblings.

We believe that the event was finished by the alignment of the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod with Saturn (in Scorpio) at midheaven, which was approximately 9:18 EST (Newtown, CT):

[Update (12/14): We believe (now) event was culminating at this point and likely finished (suicide by shooter) later.  However, if that is true, we cannot find a clear termination point.  Could be as early as Mars CONJ ASC or as late as ascendant becoming Aquarian, which was also when Neptune moved from the 2nd to 1st house.  None of those are nearly as good as 9:18, but news reports have said repeatedly that no call about the shooter was made until 9:30 or 9:40.  Did the news get that wrong, too?]

[Update (12/15 @ 0117 CST): We suspect that this (9:18) was Adam Lanza’s arrival / entry to the school.  He may have taken advantage of the chaos that sometimes happens as students and teachers head to class, attempting to start class at 9:30 am.  If that is true, then he likely ended his own life by 9:56 am when the ascendant changed signs from Capricorn to Aquarius and, nearly simultaneously, Neptune (planet of martyrs) moved into the first house.]

Sandy Hook est end 12-14-2012 2-22-25 PM

[Click to enlarge]

The noteworthy pattern here is the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod (part of a Double Yod Key) which will be prominent on the 2012 Solstice.  Do the school shootings reflect something about the larger shifts that are happening?

We have found the following, which brings into question the ID announced by David Muir:

Ryan Lanza It wasnt me 12-14-2012 2-53-22 PM

That screen capture from here.

Also interesting: NJ has the strictest laws regarding guns (and their possession) in the nation.  How did the NJ gunman acquire a Sig and a Glock (and two other weapons, possibly a Bushmaster .223) while living in a state with such strict “gun control”?

[Update (12/15 @ 0124 CST)  We know, now, that Ryan was not the perpetrator even though the NJ police led him away in handcuffs.  But, we still ask, how did 20 year old Adam, autistic by some reports and the child of a single mother kindergarten teacher, come to possess the collection of firearms that he used?  This seems very strange given the laws in place requiring background checks to prevent the mentally disabled from acquiring weapons.  And, where did he get the money to make the purchases?  He had between $1000 and $2000 worth of weapons….]

For those interested in midpoints (Cosmobiology), here are the Midpoint Trees and Modulus sort strips:

School Shooting Midpoint Trees 12-14-2012 3-46-26 PM[Click to Center]

Modulus Sort Strips:

School Shootings Modulus Sort Strips 12-14-2012 3-44-30 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

Here are some links to older discussions of astrology and school (and other similar) shootings:

1.  The shootings in Aurora, Colorado.

2.  Astro-Databank: Virginia Tech.

3. Midpoint Analysis of Shootings.

4.  StarIQ article on Shootings.

Winters Solstice 2012 (aka “The End of the World”)

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Here is the Winters Solstice 2012 (aka “The End of the World”) chart (set in Plano, of course):


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First of all, we have written about this elsewhere.  The most important patterns appear to be (1) the Focused Yod that occurs at the time of the solstice, and (2) the Diamond that happens fifteen hours later.  To learn more about those, click here.

For an alternative version of the chart, as well as a global Solar Map, click here.  But, by far the most popular page on this site discussing the 2012 Solstice is “Saturn in Scorpio: The Power of Mutual Reception.”

We have always questioned, on this site, the idea that the world will “end” with this solstice.  We do not believe that.

However, we have entered a period where serious questions will be asked of government, particularly intelligence agencies that strip citizens of privacy (Scorpio / Pluto), and of (large) financial institutions (Capricorn / Saturn) and their abuses (giving huge bonuses with bailout money then foreclosing on the citizens who should have been protected).

All this is scary, and it looks like it is getting worse.

But, something even larger is looming, and that something just might be the End of the World As We Know It.  We are a bit like the frog being cooked.  And, what is cooking us is global warming.  Many people have said global warming is a hoax, like this video from five years ago in 2007.  What do y0u think?

We note this video about the Greenland ice melt published 2012.  It is the kind of thing Al Gore was talking about in 2006 when he made An Inconvenient Truth.

Where are we headed?  Difficult to say.  But, let’s hope we can keep the Internet.  It has glued us together in ways never thought of before.  It might be what can save us.  But, as noted above, we have written of this elsewhere and have no significant changes to our earlier commentary at “Saturn in Scorpio: The Power of Mutual Reception” and the other links mentioned above.

Here are a few Solar Maps:

First, we start with Australia / New Zealand.  This is a particularly active area at the time of the Solstice with the Node Line (fate or karma) touching Brisbane.  Mars and Saturn have crossing lines inland from the northern coast.  We think Australia and New Zealand are of increasing importance, globally, and (if this Solstice is as significant as some say) this map tends to confirm that.

Solar Map of Australia and New Zealand at time of Solstice

Solar Map of Australia and New Zealand at time of Solstice

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Next, we look at the U.S.

United States Solar Map at time of Winters Solstice 2012

United States Solar Map at time of Winters Solstice 2012

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We will publish a few more maps, and some more commentary, in the next few days as the Solstice approaches.

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