2016 Change of Seasons

2016 Change of Seasons

2015 Winters Solstice

2016 15 Aquarius Quarter Day

(2016-02-04 15 Aqu Cross Quarter Day)

2016-02-04 15 Aqu Cross Quarter Day

2016 Vernal Equinox (aka “First Day of Spring” and Astrological New Year; Focused Yod)

2016-03-19 Vernal Equinox (Focused Yod)

2016 May 15 Taurus Cross Quarter Day (Astrological Beltane; Multiple Overlapping Kites)

2016-05-04 15 Tau Cross Quarter Day (Kites + Hele)

2016 Summer Solstice (Quintile Kite)

2016-06-20 Summer Solstice (Quintile Kite)

2016 August 15 Leo Quarter Day (Spectacular! Mystic Rectangle + Kite Key + Rosetta + Thor’s Hammer)

2016-08-06 15 Aqu Cross Quarter Day (Mystice Rectangle + Kite Key + Rosetta + TH)

2016 Autumnal Equinox (Double Rosetta with Multiple T-Squares (almost Grand Cross))

2016-09-22 Autumnal Equinox (Double Rosetta almost Grand Cross)

2016-02-04 15 Scorpio Cross Quarter Day (Astrological Samhain) (Septile T-Square)

2016-11-06 15 Sco Cross Quarter Day

2016 Winter Solstice (Two Thor’s Hammers)

2016-12-21 Winter Solstice (Two Thor's Hammers)

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