Tuesday March 31, 2009

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Tuesday into Wednesday and Then Thursday

If it is still Tuesday in your part of the world, you are still feeling the power of the Gemini Moon squares. Actually, the Moon is part of a “T” today: it squres both Saturn and Uranus who are opposite of each other. Gemini is duality incarnate, so this Moon tries to embrace both keeping a structure the same AND revolutionizing that structure. The contradiction leaves almost all of us uncomfortable. And, that energy guides the remainder of the forecast, below.

March 31, 2009 Horary Chart for Predictions of March 31, April 1 & 2

Tuesday: T-Square Dominates

The T-Square most profoundly effects the mutables: Gemini, Virgo, Sadge, & Pisces. I think Sadge will be hit hardest in the melee’ because that is where the “hole” is. Each T-Square produces a “hole,” which is the point where a planet WOULD be if the T-Square were completed into a Grand Cross. Today will be active for Sadge. And, good or bad, you’ll be ready to get home and hide from the world. Enough is enough.

Cardinals (Aries, Cancer, Libra, & Capricorn) have a sense that “something is about to happen” but that cannot happen for you yet. Wednesday may bring what you anticipate, whether you hope for it, fear it, or both. Sit tight till then.

Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, & Aquarius) are frustrated here. Much is going on, and as a group they are trying to take advantage of it, but not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Realize that you must let something go. If you are a fixed sign and an artist, this time favors you and you may turn out some of your best work. This is part of a series of similar periods, but you must harness it while it lasts. Also: this applies to Libra Artists and Writers as well.

April 1, 2009 Moon into Cancer

Wednesday: Long Void Morning then Moon into Cancer

April Fool’s Day this year will live up (or down) to its name this morning. Moon is void (unpredictable) in the trickster sign of Gemini. Just realize that if you think you are the trickster, you may find that the Universe has the last laugh on this one. Void Moons are best known for “nothing will come of this,” and you should hope so. Otherwise, the Void trickster Moon will wreak havoc with you.

Moon into Cancer changes everything, and the Cardinals (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) Libra encounters glitches but also possibly a brilliant idea if an artist or writer. Cancer breathes a sigh of relief that is short-lived; the pace picks up again. Aries realizes that the time to get things done is about to pass. Capricorn feels like Cancer and secretly wishes it were last year when Jupiter was there.

Fixed sign Leo takes a break or better take a break. Not time for Leo to push. But Taurus feels strong and can push ahead; Scorpio will feel some of this as well. Aquarius feels a sense of frustration as they realize that an important for in the road approaches.

Mutables can rest, at least for a brief moment, if they wish.

Thursday: Inconjencts and Yods

In fact, Cancer, Virgo, and Aquarius all feel this “fork in the road.” Far more than other signs, the dissatisfaction of the Yods of this day hit them. Gemini and Capricorn are hit as well; all five signs feel that something MUST be done. And, whatever the decision and the result, dissatisfaction will result and a question will linger about what the other path “would have been.”

Technically all signs are affected, but the other seven signs function more as spectators on this disconcerting day. (Expect technical difficulties, particularly with computers and electronics.)

Monday March 30, 2009 Chatty Cathy Monday

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Don’t hope to hold secrets today, no hope of that exists with so much chatter in the air.  Following on the tail of Sunday’s squares, the Moon moves into Gemini and squares Ceres (which continues to be active). By itself, the Gemini Moon is chatty, but  Mercury conjoins the Sun later tonight as well.

Secrets are out.

The following chart, set in Dallas, shows the basic details.

Moon Enters Gemini (Dallas) on March 30th of 2009

Moon Enters Gemini (Dallas) on March 30th of 2009

Mars at Midheaven

Note that Mars is at Midheaven in this chart. The main hope for today is to avoid the almost inevitable fights and conflicts that may emerge from revealing so much so fast.

For athletes this is a good day. You may switch to a new team or manager and find that it benefits you well. Police officers and intelligence operatives may fare well also (as long as they are not wrongdoers themselves). A bad place to be, though, would be as an “agent provacateur.” If you are running a “sting” operation today you may get stung yourself by a television camera crew who sends it directly to a satellite feed.

Financial Markets

The financial markets are in trouble today not in the sense that anything economic is distressing them but that more of the truth will emerge about the misconduct of the past few years. Secretive Pluto in Capricorn (corporations and often finances (along with Taurus)) will lose to the chatty Moon today because of the help she receives from the Sun and Mercury.

Of course, not all secrets will be revealed, but today could represent a major “unraveling” for some. Do not be surprised if we discover that Madoff and Stanford are the tip of a larger iceberg.

Secrets Might Come Out During a Lawsuit

The 9th House is strongly colored by the current cluster of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. Just in case Pluto thought he could keep secrets, he had better think again with these three in this place. Not only will it come out, but it will probably come out in “open court” in some circumstances.

For You and I Personally

For you, personally, be social, but avoid controversy (unless you are the kind of person that benefits from fights; if so, this is your day).

For the rest of us, today tends to be uncomfortable. (Sorry, I wish I could give a more cheerful forecast.)


You are very strong now. Generally, this day favors you. You can defeat most enemies, if that is your goal.


You are not as strong as you were Saturday. A friend of yours may have a very bad day. You would like to help, but you may just have to distance yourself from them for now. They may become angry if you do this. Use your judgment.


You are the center of controversy. This works well for some of you, but you could be very tired at the end of this day. You will realize (correctly) that tomorrow is a new day and something new is starting in your life.


Today is tough for you, too. Use today for downtown. You do not have to be the center of attention.


A very weird and “sideways” day for you. Your secrets could be “outed” as well, but you might just be an “innocent bystander.” Proceed carefully.


Today is just unpleasant for you. Normally you never worry much about diet, but you are for some reason now. Like Gemini, you will get a new start tomorrow.


The best position for you is to be the judge or mediator. Your job is to make peace today; just realize that peace will not be had today. Still, you are actually in a very good position.


It looks good for you. You seem centered and in control. But, more than any other sign, you could be easily blindsided today. As with Leo, proceed carefully.


Gemini Moon will not leave you alone. If your boss is a Capricorn, then they might be in a bad mood. They will be in a very bad mood if you inadvertently disclose their secret. Even so, avoid the temptation to lie. Talk about the weather or something else generally considered “neutral.” Stay away from controversey today.


What an awful day! But, if you avoid deceit and just work hard, doing routine tasks that must be done anyway, you might actually make some money today. Avoid risks.


Many people are looking to you for leadership. If this is your day in court then you can win. You might be the strongest sign today. As with others, avoid lying.


Aquarius may be the strongest sign today, but you are the star. You do not mean for it to be this way, but you may ultimately be in control. Capricorn and Scorpio, whether they realize it or not, will have to come by you to get things done. Just don’t flaunt it. With a gentle, VERY gentle nudge, they can deduce the reality of the situation.

March 29, 2009: Pluto Dominates

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dallas-sunrise-2009-mar-29-9th-pluto1Please do not get your hopes up that I will post any more than once or twice a week (at most).  But, the mood hit me, and I thought I would do Sunrise on Sunday here in Dallas. (aka “The DFW Metroplex,” or just “The Metroplex”)

I pick the Metroplex for no other reason than “that is where I am located.”  Generally, Sunday is characterized by squares.  We know this already (if you read the Daily Planetary Guide), but this chart highlights power struggles and issues between the Moon in the 2nd House (money, finances, sometimes health) and Pluto dominant in the 9th House (Long distance travel, foreign relations, court battles, and higher education).  Here are some of the dramas I expect to be “heightened” today.

Custody battles have a way of erupting on Sunday evenings.  This one will be particularly delicate.  Seek diplomacy if possible.  Otherwise, be prepared to pay the lawyers again.

College students (higher education) may have to face their inquisitive parents about their grades and “how they are doing” this semester.  Spring break is over for most (if not all), and the time is at hand to pass or fail (or whatever the goal may be).

On the political scene, this weekend is a bit fragile in general.  This chart confirms that.

The Moon squares Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune.  Moon Square Jupiter is one of the two “spendthrift” aspects (the other being Sun Square Jupiter).  Overspending and overeating are notorious here.  Chiron signals the involvement of a mentor relationship (not usually parental but possibly) and Moon Square Neptune is all about deceit in many cases.  Do not be surprised if you lie or are lied to.  Armed with this knowledge, you can decide how you wish to handle the deceit.

Weekend of March 28, 2009 Remember those New Year’s Resolutions?

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Chart for intiation of the process of writing predictions for the weekend starting Friday March 27th of 2009

Chart for intiation of the process of writing predictions for the weekend starting Friday March 27th of 2009

Although the astrology makes sense, I still do not fully understand why it is the way it is. What I mean is that some of you, perhaps many of you, will find that this weekend will lead you to reconsider the New Year’s resolutions that you made and either kept or broke back in January and February.

I include the above chart for the “Ketarke” of this.  Note that Saturn is in the 1st and Ascendant is near a sign change boundary.  This implies that I will miss something important, and possibly I may miss something very big.  Maybe I am focused on diet and weight loss when, in fact, some huge change happens somewhere else (such as in the Financial Markets).

Well, if it says I “can’t” predict it, then I won’t.

For many of you this weekend is about diet and more than a few of you are wrestling with debt. You may have to struggle with both, perhaps doing well with one but not the the other. Maybe none of it is working.

I know of at least one person who will be struggling with clearing of clutter and house cleaning in a major way this weekend.  That, too, can be represented by the configuration.  Just be careful not to end up with MORE clutter.  (You go to the garage sale to release your “stuff” and buy more than you delivered.)


You’ll reach a decision this weekend: blow it all on a big splurge or be more modest. I am not saying that you must be so strictured that you explode because that will not work either. But, this weekend is about making the changes necessary to be modest and practical in your dining and expenditures.

And a few of you, a very special few, will have given up altogether only to see glimmer of a new hope this weekend. For you, this is your chance to restart your life in terms of possessions and tangible things. You will need to be VERY modest, but you can, once again, have hope.

Regardless of who you are, you’ll need to have a heart to heart with that special someone on Saturday.

Just when you have things lined up, you will encounter challenges on Sunday. Squabbles will tend to break out. Use this energy, instead, for sculpture or writing of poetry or at least making home movies about happy times.

This is for you Ms. Marmite: this is THE weekend to emphasize to your customers the quality of your food, the nutrition, and the value. Oddly, this is a logical turning point in relation to my February 3rd post for you specifically.

A few of you may wonder where I am deriving this analysis from. I have included another chart showing entry of Moon into Taurus and its relationship (grand trine) to Pluto and Ceres. Note, also, how precisely Mercury is opposite the Part of Fortune (Fortuna) here. Especially for those who are “early risers” (or those who are sufficiently inspired that they choose to rise early this day), this will be a time of “luck” for dealing with those “broken” New Year’s resolutions regarding diet, “getting in shape,” money, and tangible physical items.

Note positions of Moon, Mercury, Ceres, and Pluto

Note positions of Moon, Mercury, Ceres, and Pluto

GrandTrines Restart

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Working on restarting this blog. More to come this week.

Restart of GrandTrines Blog (NYC Based and EDT)

Restart of GrandTrines Blog (NYC Based and EDT)

Various problems, including technical problems, have kept this blog on hold. A restart is possible, but the waning 4th quarter moon indicates that the “restart” may be short-lived. Another “restart” may be needed after the New Moon of March 26th, only a few days away.

That “restart,” too, is likely to be short-lived. The blog itself is anticipating its “birthday” in late May, and the Solar 12th House is notoriously impermanent. That means that the predictions will be good (12th house is house of psychic power) but probably not regularly. Most likely, late May will be a time of improved productivity for regular posting here.

I write the above for my regular readers; I do have a few. Now, for the rest of us. This blog works at least partially on Ketarke, the concept that each moment has an energy.  Actually, this blog is based on the idea the groups, or “clusters,” of moments have a particular energy.

The energy of this cluster of moments is to write here, on this blog, for this author.  For you personally, you should weigh the factors in your life to see whether or not you wish to begin a new project.  The most auspicious time for most people will be the week following this Thursday, March 26th, depending on your dominant elements.

If fire or air dominate for you, Friday afternoon around 3:30 in New York, or 2:30 here in Dallas, is best.

For earth or water, try Saturday evening about 10:30pm. Obviously, some in the entertainment industry may have an excellent launch this Saturday evening.

Sunday is full of square, which will give you energy to get things done but this should be used for activities following the launch rather than for the launch itself.

Monday, the Moon moves into Gemini, but the Sun conjoins Mercury.  For a few this will give perfect communications, but most will experience this as misunderstandings.

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