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Pimpf : Drifting somewhere...

Très longtemps avant Tinder, Meetic et autres sites de rencontre, les jeunes américains du 19ème siècle avaient recours aux Escort Cards, ou Acquaintance Cards, des petites cartes de rencontre

Source : Escort Cards – Comment draguer en 1850 ? | Ufunk.net

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Full Moon of September of 2014

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Here is the Full Moon chart for September of 2014, set in Plano, TX:

Full Moon for 2014 September

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that this particular Full Moon is preceded by a Double Yod Key that occupies most of the day.  (Compare this to the Double Yod Keys of Spring 2013.  What decisions did you make at that time?  You may revisit them now and again on November 8th.)  To be sure, this is another punctuation mark indicating that this is a period of decision-making, of “forks in the road.”

Double Yod Key of 2014-09-08


The ongoing Jupiter / Neptune / Pluto yod is one part of the DYK, the other involves Moon / Mercury / Jupiter.  Mercury square Pluto (harsh words, arguments, fights, and at least wounded feelings) is part of the picture.  We are living in “interesting times.”

But [in response to XCD’s request, below], what does this mean?  Well, the key is to remember that any given Yod is a “fork in the road,” a place where we are faced with a decision and dissatisfied with the alternatives.  Here we have an two interconnected, or interlaced, “forks in the road” (yods) that are connected by Mercury Square Pluto (harsh words and possibly violence).

A MINIMUM of two major decisions will face us as individuals and small groups, and we will see a similar set of decisions on a global scale.  (Why?  Astrology is recursive and arguably “fractal” in nature: “As above, so below” means that the pattern in the sky is reflected in multiple levels of human affairs.)  Since “triple yod keys” and so forth are rare (or maybe impossible), the two interlaced yods are a symbol for “multiple” (i.e. two or MORE) decisions.  Expect at least two on this full moon.

* recursive:  http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Recursion.html

* fractal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fractal

Want to know more about Double Yod Keys?  This discussion provides interesting commentary.

[XCD: does that help?]

Per Caroline’s request, here is the map for Europe and the UK:


And here is the chart, relocated to London:



We see Pluto at Midheaven and South Node in the 12th house (having risen about half an hour before culmination).  The Jupiter / Pluto quincunx is in full force, just past perfection on the Friday before (the time these notes are being written).  This is a time of excess and could be a time of serious danger and risk in London / UK.  Personally, I would stay home.  To quote a line from the movie “The Crow,” “…bad people out on the street tonight.”

Compare, also, the interlocking Double Yod Keys on November 8th described earlier.

August 22nd Followup

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As of this writing, 13 comments are in the pending queue and most of them (you) have either chart requests or followups.  When I address them, they will be in this order:

1.  Evie, Nefrit, & Swan/Yol

2.  Joseph, Jill, & XCD

3.  Gina & Dean

While I cannot provide any deadlines for you, I hope to have them all done by Labor Day.

Here are some temporary answers for some of you:

Evie, Nefrit, & Swan/Yol: we have ongoing dialogs and I just have to address the next set of questions each of you have asked.

Joseph: You have both an interesting chart and an interesting life.  You enjoy dreaming quite a bit.  I suspect that you have had some remarkable romances in your day.  Sounds as if you have made a powerful choice.  Based on the information provided, I recommend that you read the works of Caroline Myss.  Pay special attention to her three levels of power.  Also: have you considered an anonymous blog about your story and your experiences?  If you do, then let me know so I can give you a link or two.

(By the way, that last offer goes for the rest of you, too.)

Jill B: I know you are going through a difficult time.  Your particular Sun/Moon combination can make it difficult to be satisfied at times.  Yes, Saturn is on top of your Sun.  So is Mars.  You might actually have a once in a lifetime opportunity now, but it will require a HUGE amount of work.  You will also have to give something up.  And, you do have enough energy to do what needs to be done.  You just need to focus on doing it before the moment passes you by.  You already know this without writing here.  So, do it.

(You WILL be dissatisfied, that is part of your karma.  But, you need to do it anyway.  I cannot tell YOU what “it” is, but you know yourself.)

XCD: that is both a very good question and a very technical question.  I need a bit of time to address that.  I will tell you that I ordinarily do NOT address the node.

Dean: I do not KNOW the answer and have not (yet) done the astrology.  But, I think your situation is a bit time sensitive.  So, let me say this: you are a VERY good judge of character in these matters.  You, too, have a pretty good idea what the answer is.  If you are truly straddling the fence, then I say “go for it.”  Without doing any astrology, here is why: based on our previous dialogues, I believe you are stuck in some kind of rut or holding pattern.  You need to get back in the saddle, whether it is in the situation described or another.  Just make certain you properly plan everything.  WAIT!  I am talking to a MASTER PLANNER.  You know it, and I do too.  Do your due diligence, take a breath, and (with everything in place) jump into that saddle and ride!

Ginni: Are you the lady from Chicago?  If I charged money, what you are requesting would cost AT LEAST $300, maybe more.  (And, that’s the cheap rates.)  But, I do not charge.  Just realize that your request is very complex.

Now, that said, here is my temporary reply (until I can give you a better one): the central personal issue here is your marriage.  People often focus on a son or daughter as part of a process that (sometimes) can heal a marriage.  To distract yourself, you are spreading yourself very thin, and you will have to let something go.  I know your trick because I do it myself: launch five major projects and kill the three that do not seem to bear much fruit (or bear bitter fruit).  But, the time is coming fast when you must pick one, or at the very most two, and focus on those to the exclusion of the others.

Arguably, marriages are living things.  They require care and maintenance, much as a pet would.  Sometimes they require a “trip to the vet.”  You might need one of these, if you want to keep it.  Only you know whether you want to keep it or not.  If all of your children have left home, and the nest is empty, then the two of you may be ready to part ways.  But, do know that, even if you do stay together, the marriage will have to transform into a new entity if it is to survive.  This is not magic; this is just the life cycle of a family.

So, shop around for a good MFT (that is a “Marriage and Family Therapist,” and find out, FIRST, if THEY are married, how many times, and for how long this time), and take that “trip to the vet.”  (You might also want to find out if they practice “Brief Therapy,” meaning 10 sessions or fewer.)



Monday, January 19 & 20, 2009: MLK Day & Obama Inauguration

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Planetary shifts occur on these days highlighting other shifts that are occurring on a large scale in political / social / financial areas.

The big issue at this time is the Capricorn-Aquarius border. Technically, I am supposed to call it a “cusp,” but I think the word “border” is better here.

Capricorn focuses on large corporations and things financial. Aquarius focuses on service to others and, particularly, “the people.” Obama is a Leo (King), and stands in opposition to “the people” (Aquarius). In astrology, opposition is not necessarily bad, it can be that the speaker behind the podium is in “opposition” to the audience.

That said, Bush is/was a Cancerian, and the sign opposite HIM is (guess what) Capricorn.

Sun enters Aquarius a little before 4pm Central, which means that the Sun is void for most of the day. That makes events and celebrations fine for this day, but major plans for change will either not work out (remember, void = “nothing will come of this) or will work out in a perverse and unintended way.

Monday has a mix of squares and trines. You may feel “called to act” (squares) but I recommend relaxing (trines). Write down your thoughts, as engendered by the squares, and plan to act on them another day.

The Moon goes void about 9:30pm (2130 CST), but most of us will sleep through this. If you work nights, though, know that this is a messy void because it starts with Moon Square Neptune, which I have found (by (bad) experience) to be a rather malefic kind of void.

Tuesday is the Inauguration, and Moon is void until about 1230 EST (1130 CST). This fact has been discussed quite a bit, and not just with this president. Clinton’s second term (the one with the scandals) is reputed to have occurred in a void along with those of JFK, 4th term of Roosevelt, etc. This is a Scorpio void, and Sun conjoins Retrograde Mercury in early Aquarius. Soon thereafter, Mercury moves BACK into Capricorn.

All of this signals that NO MATTER WHO WAS ELECTED this is a tough time to be President. And, indeed, it is with profound Financial (Capricorn) peril facing the nation (Aquarius).

The Sadge Moon that ends the void will also signal important (a) important situation(s) in foreign affairs.

The Solar Eclipse of Jan 25/26 will herald profound changes, and Mercury’s direct station on Jan 31st will “seal” that a major set of changes has begun.

For you, personally, just ENJOY Monday (especially if you have a day off), and try to wait for FRIDAY (Sun Conjoin Jupiter) to launch any kind of major event. Better yet, wait until February, when we are past the eclipse and Mercury Retrograde.

Alpha Inventions

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Alpha Inventions is a new type of website that functions as both a reader and a website promotion tool.  Blog authors submit their website into a queue which is read (typically) by other blog authors.   The site isn’t a substitute for good content, but it can get your content in front of others who might not thing to look for it.  It is fun to play with.

Frankly, it is becoming a community of bloggers with diverse vantage points about diverse topics.

December 8, 2008 Sun Sextile Chiron

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This is a very active day, but the keynote is Sun in Sadge Sextile Chiron in Aquarius. At a political level, this is all about healing foreign relations. At a financial level, this gives us some hope during difficult times. At a personal level, this forces Virgo and Pisces to take a hard look at themselves and their personal needs. The same is true for Sadge & Aquarius, and maybe the time has arrived to let go of any old relationships that no longer serve any good purpose. The Aries Moon may force the issue if we continue to stick our heads in the sand.

Monday November 17, 2008 Opportunity Abounds?

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At UAC 1998, I saw the same lecture as Jim Shawvan. Jim has turned it into quite a treat while I simply “filed it away” mentally. The single thing I remember most about that lecture was how the moon could “performeth,” sometimes very well, during a void. Lee Lehman gave an example of a furniture store that she recommended open during a void. Contrary to what I would expect, or most of the audience for that matter, the store “performeth” rather well and had a large sale the afternoon it opened. ($40,000 in furniture to a single customer, if I recall.)

Lee, herself, gave credit to William Lily (a famous astrologer in the 1600’s who was arrested for predicting the Great Fire of London). Lilly famously said, that the Moon “performeth somewhat” at these times.

That said, although I love the story, I still don’t quite drink the Kool-Aid. I’m rather skittish about voids. I won’t belabor the point. But, what you think about Monday depends on who you believe. Moon is in Cancer, and void from about 8am EST to about 4pm EST (when it enters Leo).

Jim says the Opportunity Period continues (from Sunday) until about 3:30 EST. Personally, I don’t like voids and I would say to lay low and clean house (especially) on Monday. You, dear reader, get to pick.

But, before you do, consider these two things: (1) does WATER favor you personally? For the furniture store to make $40K, someone had to give it up. Was it a fair trade? I don’t know. If you find your strengths in Fire and Air, then this probably doesn’t favor you. (2) Void Cancer Moons are famous for causing bitter lasting resentments that lead to blood feuds. And, often these resentments are due to misunderstandings or miscommunications. Do you want to take the risk?

If you are in the UK or Europe, this doesn’t affect you until late afternoon or early evening. For you, this day could be especially productive, especially Moon Trine Sun. Moon Trine Sun is a very good time to lock down agreements, make relevant purchases, and so forth. But again, ask if water favors you. For Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, this time will favor you. For Aries, Leo, Sadge, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, it may not. Especially, Aquarius.

Against all of this is Mercury Square Neptune. Both Scorpio and Aquarius may feel a bit rough this day. That leads me to add that this might tie into the Scorpio / Aquarius aspect that will re-ignite in February, as discussed in an earlier post.

(Okay, I know I contradicted myself about Scorpio.  Maybe we don’t really KNOW what happens with Scorpio today.  I think it is a good day, especially for them, to relax and take it easy.  This assumes, of course, that a Scorpio actually CAN take it easy.)

Those who overindulge in alcohol and drugs would be at risk with this Mercury Square Neptune aspect, as would those easily guiled by the scammers of the world. So, be careful if the deal is a bit TOO good to be true.

And, of course, Mercury / Neptune great favors the inspiration of poets, photographers, and movie makers.

Scorpio Cometh (2008)

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(October 19th 2008)

Monday is the kind of day that looks fairly ordinary. Unless exotic transits such as septiles and noviles are in play (I don’t calculative those but probably should), Monday just seems like, well, Monday.

People will be born on Monday, and people will die, and it will be an important day for many people. Some will be hired and some will be fired. But this day does not appear to be a “cosmic punctuation mark.” And, as far as outer planets go, the Moon touches them. But, this only serves as activators for certain people with charts that are specifically activated. So, I will go far onto a limb and say that this day does not stand out.

An exception exists: this is a grand water trine day. The GT is loose, and it affects things water. By loose, I mean that the first part occurs just after midnight with the following part just before the following midnight.

My first inclination is to think that finance = earth, but a number of others have indicated to me in the past that the big “money maker” is a grand water trine. And, that has proved correct before. So, this day may be an “activator” regarding financial issues. In a sense, an activator day lances the boil that is waiting to pop.

Water particularly affects the following: emotions, birth & death & inheritances, taxes, anything dealing with the ocean & shipping, pipes of any kind, petroleum, almost any underground resource, drugs, and poisons.

The Cancer side of the trine focuses on families, mothers, oceans and other bodies of water. The Piscean side rules the music and film industries, poetry, concerts (along with Aquarius), illness, drugs, alcohol, psychic intuitions, and pipes.

Scorpio rules birth and death, inheritances, taxes, police, intelligence agencies, poisons, drugs (benevolent and malevolent), particularly laxatives, things hidden, things underground, and nuclear energy. Petroleum and petroleum based companies and products are generally ruled by Scorpio. Ice and snow are government by the “fixed water sign” Scorpio.

Scorpio especially rules trash cans, and anything “lost” by falling into the trash can.

Some are shared. Pipes are Piscean, but some astrologers think that they are Scorpionic because they “are underground,” (incorrect, they are often underground but not always) and they are “fixed.” The problem is that it isn’t the PIPE that is the key; the key is the “flow” of whatever is flowing through the pipe. This kind of movement is Piscean. One could argue that the pipe ITSELF is Scorpionic. Maybe. But the SYSTEM of pipes & flow are Piscean.

As a general rule, Scorpio makes secrets (hides things, loses things) and Pisces reveals (or finds things). Today, both sides are at play. You may find one thing (particularly since Mercury just went direct), but might lose some other thing.

So, don’t be surprised if any of these areas or industries are activated Monday. Technically, scale is irrelevant (that’s the point of “As above, so below”), but this is a day where influence will GENERALLY be more “grass roots” than “top down.”

Recognize that this grand trine precedes the transit of the Sun into Scorpio. In a sense, things that happen today may fully “take root” on or after October 22nd.


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