2012 Patterns: Focused Yod and Diamond

[Update 12/23: If this entry interests you, you may want to read this entry also.]

With the interest in the 2012 Winter’s Solstice increasing, some analysis of patterns seems appropriate.  Many occur, but two are outstanding: (1) the Focused Yod of the moment of the Solstice, and the Diamond that occurs roughly fifteen (15) hours later.  First, the Focused Yod:

This is a complex chart, actually, so only the Focused Yod lines are shown to facilitate analysis.  The full chart as well as a global Solar Map is present in this post.

Plenty of discussions focus on “Galactic Alignment.”  We’ll ignore that based on the assumption it has been covered elsewhere.

The Venus / Jupiter opposition occurs about once a year.  That is not unusual.  But, here, Venus is in Sadge (close to, or upon, the point mentioned by those who focus on Galactic Alignment).

Generally, Venus / Jupiter is associated with optimistic times and often excellent progress in many areas, including but not limited to love, beauty, health, and finance.  The Gemini/Sadge connection implies possible (likely?) improvement in foreign relations and related communications.

However, the other part of the Focused Yod is not so pleasant: Saturn is at 8 Scorpio and Pluto at 8 Capricorn.  They are in “mutual reception,” which make each other’s power very strong.  Neither is very friendly or happy.  The choice presented seems to be between death (Pluto / Scorpio) and a loss of individuality to the group (especially large corporations).

The Focused Yod is a fairly “new” pattern, so most astrologers do not understand it well.  But, possibly, the Venus opposition to Jupiter may represent a third choice: moving into love.  But, clearly, if “love” is an option, then THREE (not two) options will present themselves.

Another, similar analysis, can be found here.  And, a useful tool called “Configuration Hunter” can be found here.

The Diamond

The other major pattern is the Diamond about fifteen (15) hours later.  These are particularly rare aspects.  Here, we also see Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto involved.   Chiron, on the descendant (where the Sun sets), is also involved as well as the Ascendant.  This Diamond pattern may be the REAL key on this date, NOT the precise time of the Solstice.  Here, action from the earlier decision(s) must be launched, if it is to be effective.

List of Activation Points


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  2. Hi,

    I am looking for more info on the diamond pattern but not having any luck–any help would be appreciated.



    • Solarfire 7 can identify it. Some of the patterns SF7 identifies are new, and precisely what they mean is not entirely clear. We have seen some particularly complex patterns in the year 2010.

      In hindsight, many of us will agree it was a complex year with many important events (notably the “Deepwater Horizon” disaster, which was the culmination of the Algol energy present in the Vernal Equinox of 2010).

      The Diamond is a pattern yet to be explored, but 2012 will help us explore it.


  3. This is an informative, concise analysis, thanks! Jude


  4. Very impressive, glad to find your website, finally.


    • Thank you!


  5. Yes, I know. I have seen this in a natal chart produced by SF7 and was curious as to how it plays out in one. If you are agreeable, would love to share notes with you. Thanks so much for your reply, although I asked this question a while back your reply is quite timely!


    • I am not a full time astrologer and check this site somewhere between once a week and once a month (sometimes less). That said, it is the Diamond, and not the Sunrise Focused Yod that interests me the most.

      I suppose I should do some more work on this because 2012 is of so much interest to so many. (This page accounts for about 50% of my traffic, and I do “pander” to my audience. 🙂 )

      Just in case you do not know why I do this, read this: https://grandtrines.wordpress.com/and-when-i-die/

      Feel free to add (more) comments.


  6. That said, it is the Diamond, and not the Sunrise Focused Yod that interests me the most.

    Good because I stated:

    I am looking for more info on the diamond pattern…

    Although now that I have reread this page, I noticed the link to activation points– which has me now interested in the focused yod that I wasn’t interested in before. Is that some kind of Jedi mind trick on your part? 🙂 Just joking — but will be back after I look more into that activation point and the focused yod.


    • Maybe the Focused Yod is an activation point. But, I think it is a Herald rather than a “Return of the Master.” (I am speaking metaphorically, of course.) Some people choose to focus on the Heralds rather than the Masters. But, of the two events, the Diamond is more clearly “The Master.”

      Intuitively, I think that the magic of 2012 will look like this. Fact is, many of us do not know magic when we see it.

      But, if you could transport someone from 1945 to today, and show them laptops, web-browsing, and smart phones (not to mention many other things), then you would have someone who could tell you what “magic” really is.

      As I think about this, I wonder what answers can be found by (a) comparing the Solstice Diamond to older diamonds (such as May 25, 2010, discussed elsewhere in this blog) and (b) viewing it from the concept of a “mandala.”

      What the 2012 “marker” in time will bring us remains to be seen. For many, probably most, it might just be “another day.” The “turning point” may be recognized later, as many are. Whether or not it will present a clearly identifiable “Black Swan Event” is still unknown (and possibly unknowable). (I suppose, to use the metaphor of the immediately preceding link, we need to “avoid being the turkey.”)

      Oddly, in recent years, some people have started accusing me of “Jedi Mind Tricks.” I am not sure why. (However, these are NOT the droids you are looking for.)


  7. […] 2012 Patterns: Focused Yod and Diamond […]


  8. A diamond aspect pattern occurred on July 22, 2012, formed by Pluto, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus, with Pluto at the focus of a T-square and a yod. You can see it here:


    • That makes several interesting points. First, although Diamond patterns do not happen frequently, they do happen from time to time. The interpretations offered here have repeatedly indicated that this is not “the end of the world” but a paradigm shift. Furthermore, the paradigm shift has been occurring for a number of years. Arguably, it had started by the July 4, 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence. Some might say it started even earlier.

      Effectively, this paradigm shift is a bit like a snowball growing in size and momentum as it rolls down a mountainside. Whether or not it will become an avalanche is an open question.

      Thanks for identifying the occurrence of this pattern. For someone searching for the pivotal event, or group of events, that are milestones in the flow of changes that are coming to pass, this pattern indicates that some of them occurred on or near this date.

      And, thanks again for the use of your excellent software tool, PAT. Keep up the good work! (Does PAT now identify the Thor’s Hammer?)


      • PAT doesn’t check for sesiquadrate (135 degrees) aspects, so can’t detect a Thor’s Hammer. This aspect might be included in a future version if there were enough users of the software who requested it. So far, there aren’t.


      • Yes, that sounds entirely reasonable.


  9. One can use the ‘Planetary Aspects and Transits’ software (http://www.planetary-aspects.com/pat/pat.htm ) to search for a diamond aspect pattern by first searching for a trapezium, then checking whether (i) a T-square is also present, (ii) the opposition in the T-square is the same as the opposition in the trapezium and (iii) the focus of the T-square is opposite the trapezium.

    The search for the next (after July 2012) trapezium turns up two of them, at the end of July 2013, together with three T-squares. See the PAT graphic for 6 a.m. GMT on July 30, 2013 here:

    At this date and time there are (according to the default orb values in PAT) 27 aspects — 34 if the Moon is included (which, for simplicity, we exclude). — and there are two grand trines, four kites, two rectangles, three T-squares, one yod and three trapezia.

    Consider the Mars-Pluto opposition. This is part of a trapezium and also part of a T-square. The same is true of the Jupiter-Pluto opposition. So do we have two diamonds? That depends on whether, in a diamond, the planet at the focus of the T-square must form yods with the two planets in the trapezium which are other than the two planets in the opposition.

    In this case Uranus (the focus of the T-square) forms a yod only with Venus, not with Saturn (in the trapezium). So either we have two diamonds or none, depending on whether two yods must be part of a diamond.

    Moving back and forward in PAT by 30 minutes we find that the trapezia and T-squares in the image are present from 14:00 GMT on July 29 to 01:30 GMT on July 31. Outside this period either the middle-sextile in the trapezia disappears or the yod disappears. So at no time do we get a trapezium+T-square+2yods, just a trapezium+T-square+1yod (occurring twice).


    • Tools like PAT are essentially to identify clusters of patterns occurring as you have described. Your tool, PAT, is one of the best I have found.

      Interpretations of how these events fit together is the next step. Other readers may choose to comment here if they have ideas.

      Would you care to perform a similar analysis, but retrospective to the Financial Meltdown of 2008 / the entry of Pluto into Capricorn?

      Pairing global events, especially financial sector, to major patterns could produce an interesting timeline of the past few years.


  10. Exploring with the PAT program some more reveals that the next diamond (including the two obligatory yods) occurs around the time of the northern summer solstice in 2017. It’s a Mars-Jupiter-Pluto T-square attached to a Mars-Pluto-Neptune-Venus trapezium. The planetary alignment at the time of that solstice can be seen at


    • These patterns look worthy of one or more articles on the blog at some later point.


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  12. […] 2012 Patterns: Focused Yod and Diamond […]


  13. […] 2012 Patterns: Focused Yod and Diamond […]


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  15. […] 2012 Patterns: Focused Yod and Diamond […]

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  16. […] 2012 Patterns: Focused Yod and Diamond […]

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  17. […] 2012 Patterns: Focused Yod and Diamond […]

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  18. […] JB: That chart has a Diamond in it. They are relatively rare and tend to be significant alignments. Compare: https://grandtrines.wordpress.com/2012-patterns-focused-yod-and-diamond/ […]

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  19. Hi, I’m wondering if Marilyn Monroe has this pattern in her natal chart, could you check it?https://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Marilyn_Monroe


  20. My natal chart is a diamond. Any information?


    • From what I can tell, the study of patterns is relatively new in astrology. Most astrologers talk about houses, aspects, Arabic parts, midpoints, and similar calculations. As such, much does not seem to be known.
      That said, I know that Diamonds (both in “real life” and the astrological variety) might be described as “exceedingly rare.” This makes them difficult to study.
      Looking at the individual aspects, and positions, hints that the person who has a Diamond is almost certainly versatile yet can still focus to accomplish certain kinds of results consistent with the chart. Most people tend to have tight clusters of planets (Sun, Mercury, and Venus are always near each other; add in two more nearby and such a cluster, called a “stellium,” results.) This produces focus, but not versatility. Some people do have spread out planetary postions, but no clear pattern or aspects (and would tend to have a lack of focus). As someone with a Diamond (or a similar rare pattern that involves distributed planets, such as a Stretch Pentagram or Grand Quintile), you are likely to have both versatility AND focus.


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