Splay Pattern of May 23 continues a week of intense activity

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The much anticipated and discussed Grand Cross sequence began on “Algol Day” this year.  That was a Sunday, and we did not see the impact on the stock market begin until Monday.  Consider, for example, the behavior of the Singapore market on that day.  (Popup alert.)  The drop was palpable as “[i]t is likely that Singapore market will continue to be volatile and choppy in the coming days over the Euro debt crisis.”

Of course this is a key date for the NYSE as “[t]he origin of the NYSE can be traced to May 17, 1792, when the Buttonwood Agreement was signed by 24 stock brokers outside of 68 Wall Street in New York under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street.”  Solar return fans might want to explore the Solar Return Chart for the NYSE.

Here is the “Stars Over Washington” analysis of the 2006 Solar Return of the NYSE.  And, here is the Maya del Mar analysis of the 2006 Solar Return of the NYSE.

(As an aside, here is the solar return chart for Obama’s Inaguration.)

That said, here is the 0630 CDT chart (which is not the optimal Splay pattern found by Solar Fire but is a little more interesting because of the highly activated Arabic Parts).  I’ll add in charts for patterns through May 27th.  This will be a very “interesting” period.

Graphic of Astrological Chartwheel.  In addition to grand cross, highly activated Arabic Parts

Thor’s Hammer of May 23rd

May 23rd also has a Thor’s Hammer:
Astrological Chart for Dangerous Thor's Hammer Period on May 23, 2010

Diamond Pattern of May 25th


  1. Intense activity as you say. Will be holding my breath at the end of May, when Saturn & Neptune stand-still (my elective moment for a very personal happening in my life!). Not a fan of football, but will be interested in world’s focus (hoping no terrorists) on South Africa for the playing of the World Cup. Starting 11th June, and the final play off near Solar Eclipse 11th July. Reckon it will be dramatic! Any of your bloggers who do ‘Sports Astrology’ want to stick his or her neck out, and predict which country will win?


    • No sports astrology here. We focus on financial and world events. So, what more, do you think, will happen when Saturn & Neptune stand-still? What impact on the financial markets?

      With Jupiter Conjunct Uranus, as it does once a year, this is a “lotto winner time.” This year the late Pisces / early Aries natives are favored. (And, especially those born with Jupiter at that point!)


  2. […] are rare.  One set of similar patterns occurred in late May of 2010, as described in the “The Splay Pattern of May 23rd.”  You may recall that the splay pattern of those days was part of a sequence of events that […]


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