End of May 2008: Sticking with It

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A few of you, I am sure, took my advice about “letting go” of something. The evening brought a grand earth trine, and that grand trine provided tremendous RESOLVE to whatever you were doing. If you didn’t do the breakup / break the habit successfully, then the person or habit may now be more firmly entrenched.

Take heart, all is not lost. You’ll get a “second bite at the apple” on Monday, roughly from 9AM EST til about 6PM EST. That void will help you to clear out and eliminate. This is a great time to pay bills, cut up the credit card, and get rid of clutter. You’ll want to wrap up these loose ends, because Saturday has a very “interesting” (but very short, maybe a half an hour) “window of opportunity.” You want to be prepared for that.

On Monday, you won’t have a grand trine–a grand EARTH trine–to help you in the process, but you can still do it. Make certain to make it through about 4PM on Tuesday. By then, things will get a little easier, continue to persist, and by Noon on Saturday you’ll know that you’ve started your new life, whatever that may be.

As a footnote, I visited a bookstore called Messages of Joy today. The sense of community there was charming, and if you are in the area you might enjoy a visit there as well. If not, they have an internet store as well.

Saturday, May 31st through the Gemini New Moon Tuesday

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The moon becomes “balsamic” tomorrow. That’s considered a “malefic” time by many, but I think it is a GREAT time to clear clutter and get rid of things. Can be good for breaking habits, particularly if you couple the initiation of that process *IN* a moon void of course, such as the one Saturday morning starting “about” 9am EDT and ending a little after 6pm the same day.

When is the best time to breakup?

If you are thinking about “breaking up” with someone, from now til Tuesday is the time to do it. This is especially true for Saturday. Just make certain to do the breakup during the DAY on Saturday, not the evening. By evening time, new events may change your mind or situation, and you’ll miss your opportunity to let go. AND, if you are going to do it, make certain communications are terminated through “about” Tuesday. If possible, turn your phone off.

Accidents Happen

If you are NOT trying to break it off Saturday, then be careful what you say. You might precipitate someone else to break it off with you. For many people, despite the beautiful spring weather, this might be a day better spent at home in quiet, possibly solitary, pursuits.

Dark of the Moon

People who claim to “work magic” like to do it in the “dark of the moon,” and that would be Monday night, although you might get results on Sunday.

Personally, I think “dark of the moon” is a good time to clean house then rest and imagine things as they could be, not as they are (to paraphrase JFK).

The rest of the week after Tuesday’s new moon will bring “Gemini” type opportunities: phone calls, writing letters, reviewing the accounts, and teaching.

For some, the “opportunities” will be those of lying, cheating, theft, and deception. Be careful.

Forecast for Friday May 30th

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Completion of Blog EntryThis blog is rather informal, so forecasts every day aren’t possible. (Vacations, illness, etc.) That said….

One other thing, the above chart was generated for the completion of the writings below.  The program used to generate the chart was Astro 123 by Allen EdwallSnagIt was used to capture the “Print Job.”  Irfanview and Paint.Net were used to modify the image slightly.

Friday May 30th

Friday is the kind of day that looks like a “Happy Day” for many people if you look at it at a glance. All the “happy aspects,” though, are in fire and air. That favors people such as myself that are primarily fire & air, but not so good for earth and water signs.

Earth and Water

So, here are my recommendations for earth & water signs.


If you are a Cancerian, you’ve probably entered your Solar 12th house of downfall and hidden enemies. This happens each year a month before your birthday. That’s true for all signs, not just Cancerians.
That said, it isn’t quite true for all. For example, if you are a Cancerian and your birthday is July 19th, then you won’t enter the Solar 12th house until June 19th. That means you have a window to get 11th house things done.
On the favorable side, this would mean activies with friends, certain kinds of governmental interactions (e.g. Gov’t social workers), electronics, computers, and the internet. If your birthday is June 30th, however, the window has passed.

Capricorn & Scorpio

Capricorns encounter one of two situations: either a “misunderstanding” or a fork in the road (a key decision which is personal and, therefore, I cannot predict). Proceed carefully, and since this is Mercury Retrograde you need to double check the facts.
Pluto & Jupiter are bringing about big changes for Cap, so the decision might be bigger than you realize.
Scorpio is the same as Cap, but Pluto and Jupiter aren’t helping as much. And, Pluto might be forcing Scorp’s to revisit finances, something most of them do easily anyway. However, if you are a Scorp with an alcohol or drug problem, life may be getting rather unpleasant for you this year. If you are 27 to 31 years of age, this is a very good time for you to start getting sober.


Pisceans probably had some kind of surprise on Thursday; on Friday they will find it hard to resist some kind of financial “call for action.” This is a very good time to pay bills, pay off debt, and/or “cut up the credit cards.” You know what you have to do. So, “Get r done”!


Taurus is a bit like Pisces, except they have a danger of creating some unnecessary debt. The deal you see is a good one, to be sure, but will you be able to service the debt?
Finally, of all the signs, Virgo is facing the biggest decision(s) of all. Please realize that you cannot “not decide.” Even inaction is a decision here, and in some cases it might be negligence. You must make a choice.


Let me “show my work” a bit, unlike many other astrologers. Virgo is facing a “yod” (the “aspect” (a pattern, really)) of significant decisions. A Cap with a natal planet in Scorp (Moon? Mercury?) will also have a yod, and that’s true for a Scorp with a planet in Cap. Unlike Scorp, Cap has Jupiter (a HUGE “amplifier” of events, both good and bad) in its sign for roughly the next year. Pluto (death, taxes, and “secret agents” such as government investigators) will be with Cap for about the next 15 to 20 years.

Pisceans will continue to have Uranus “make their lives interesting” for the next few years. The moon in their second house activates finances, and square from Venus and the Sun won’t let them ignore the matter.
Taurus has the moon hiding in the 12th house, our place of downfalls. Cancer, I’ve already described, and I’ll emphasize that the month before your birthday is a good time to “take it easy.”

Fire and Air

This is easy. For the most part, Friday will be a happy day for you. So, if you are Aries, Leo, Sag, Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini, then go out and have fun.
Let me note that if you decide to take some particular action, especially regarding sports, strenuous activity, or starting an exercise program, then you’ve picked a good day. Said differently, despite a tendency to play, this is THE day (for a while) for sports, starting exercise programs, etc.

Thursday, May 29th of 2008

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I strongly suspect that some people will obtain incredible buys on certain kinds of products, particularly digital photography, the morning of Thursday, May 29th.

Jim Shawvan * Gas Prices

I follow the work of several astrologers fairly closely. Some I have met; others I have not. One I met was Jim Shawvan at UAC 1998. We actually were in a bit of conflict at the event, but have since become buddies. I’ll dialog with him once or twice a year, so I’m not highly visible on his radar.

I like his work. He’s nailed several events. Wrote a rather famous “Mountain Astrologer” article a few months before 9/11 that essentially predicted it. On his mailing list, circa 2002 he predicted the kinds of oil prices that we are seeing today. And, according to those predictions, it isn’t over. We’ll see prices approaching or exceeding $10 / gallon according to a website he cited. So far, that site has been fairly accurate, except it predicted approximately $6 a gallon by this year. In a sense, though we are following the path it predicted, we are doing so slowly. I suppose that’s “a good thing.”

Opportunity Periods and Shopping

That said, I’d like to say something about Thursday, tomorrow. I’m necessarily going to “steal” from Jim but give him a plug and a free advertisement. His work, for the last several years, is published in Llewellyn’s “Daily Planetary Guide” for the last few years. (If you don’t have one, and you call yourself an astrologer of any skill level, then you need one.) Jim has integrated a system he saw (and I saw) presented by Lee Lehman at UAC ’98. He calculates a special kind of variant of “moon void of course” called an “opportunity period.”

Thursday morning has one of those periods, and it begins with a conjunction to Uranus. Personally, I think this might be a “Lotto Ticket” aspect for some people. Now, understand what I am saying. Buying a lotto ticket is a good idea, but don’t pin your hopes on whinning (oops, I meant “winning” 😉 ). Instead, be on the lookout for others kinds of opportunities that might be quite remarkable. They’ll be “surprises” (Uranus).

Know, of course, that late Pisces is an area where “opportunists” (con-artists, flim-flam men, matchstick men) operate. Be careful, then, but be aware of the possibility of a special opportunity.

Waning Moons Typically Favor Shoppers

With the heavily waning moon, I know this is a time that favors the shopper. Certain prices are dropping. Uranus is technology, and I have an 11th house stellium. Pisces is illusions (including video & photography), so I might look at digital cameras tomorrow. (It would be a good time to get a steal on a “demo” model, for example.)

Remember, too, that Retrograde Mercury (re)visits Retrograde Chiron Thursday evening. Maybe a time to try for healing with family pictures made on your new digital camera?

Seven Years Bad Luck

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Seven Years
Bad Luck

The notion of “Seven Years Bad Luck” has always seemed suspicious, but the roots of the notion are worthy of examination and re-consideration.

The Traditional Notion:
Saturn is the Old Devil

Saturn has been called an “Old Devil.” (Refer to Liz Greene’s Classic: “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil.” I like to write about Saturn, I suppose, because I have an unusually highly pronounced Saturn in my chart. I call it an “Old Devil” and “Evil” quite a bit, but, secretly, it has been my friend in many ways. At many points in my life, after it stripped away some thing, idea, notion, or person from my life, I was invariably liberated to pursue some key project or key aspect of myself.

That said, the idea of “seven years bad luck” arising from certain kinds of events, typically some accident such as accidentally breaking a mirror, has been said by some (many?) to be the result of a one-quarter turn of a Saturn cycle. With roughly a 28-year cycle (which, oddly, corresponds to the Moon’s 28-day cycle), one quarter of a Saturn cycle is indeed seven years. The idea is that Saturn moves from one cardinal, fixed, or mutable point to the next corresponding cardinal, fixed or mutable point.

Saturn is also considered “the planet” (aka “THE Planet”) for “bad luck” because it is associated with “tests, trials, and tribulations.” That is, Saturn is associated with the EFFECT of the “bad luck.”

I have problems with this idea.

A Modern Notion: Uranus, a New Devil

No one claims that Uranus is a “devil,” but he is considered to be a malefic and is especially responsible for accidents. This alone makes Uranus a candidate for an alternative explanation, because Uranus is associated with the CAUSE of the bad luck (an accident) rather than the EFFECT (tests, trials, and tribulations).

Even more important, Uranus goes through a SIGN in precisely seven years. Astrologers tend not to discuss quarter-turns of cycles much. They do arise as a topic, but primarily is discussions of the Sun and “the Seasons.” However, Astrologers CONSTANTLY discuss transits of SIGNS and HOUSES (equivalent to signs). Demarcation of some life event as the transit of a sign (by Uranus) fits better with most asrological theory and typical astrological discussions.

Out with The Old Devil,
and In With The New

So, consider this: maybe the idea of Saturn being associated with Seven Years Bad Luck is just plain wrong. Maybe it is all about Uranus and his penchant for causing changes via accidents.

Good and Evil?

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A popular notion in the metaphysics community is that the “truth comes from within.” We usually go to seminars to learn this, and at some point the paradox becomes at least a little obvious to some of us. My experience is that others trigger me to think, and at some point certain ideas emerge in a form sufficient for an article (or other creative work). Said differently, the truth often comes from without. Often, the truth comes from discussions and debates.

Good and Evil?

That said, the concept of “Evil” came up in a discussion tonight. Traditional astrologers used the concept all the time, along with “the King,” “the Castle,” and “seige.” (Planets can actually be “beseiged” in traditional astrology.) Concepts of “the King” and “the Castle” don’t work so well in modern times, so they were thrown out with “Evil” with the development of Modern Astrology.

Evil” became replaced with “learning experiences” and “growth opportunities.” Sounds good (surely a poor choice of words for some readers), and we all know that Good and Evil probably doesn’t “exist” at the largest viewpoints. Traditionalist Christians, for example, believe that God “wins” in the end. No need to really worry about Satan, since we know he’ll be defeated. “Good and Evil” don’t exist in Heaven because everything is good. (“It’s all good.”) Ditto for “Hell,” but in reverse.

Touchy feely New Age pundits have similar thoughts: “good” and “evil” aren’t real for them, either.

But, we aren’t “God,” we aren’t in Heaven, and we live in a day to day world in which people, places, and things are easily characterized as “Good” and “Evil.” The argument that such notions are “subjective” just doesn’t hold water for me for practical day-to-day purposes.

Pluto and Saturn?

Despite the modernist views of duality, Pluto and Saturn are basically evil for most people and most purposes. Some hold dear a chipper notion that both of them “clean out the old and make way for the new, “but sometimes that means they are “cleaning out” you and I. I don’t wanna be “cleaned out.” Do you?

What if you are “cleaned out” of your home due to the sub-prime mortgage meltdown? Your spouse, or children, or both no longer have a home. You are crammed in some tiny space, you are again becoming familiar with body odors you had forgotten about, and everyone in your home fights far more than before.

That isn’t evil?

[special commentary for certain people; they know who they are; skip over this if you are a normal person]

Okay, suppose you claim it isn’t “evil.” Are you a Buddhist or have a similar viewpoint? Do you believe that the source of all pain is “attachment”? The way of all life is “Change,” right? That is the point of the “I Ching,” the book of changes. Be sure not to fall into thinking that this is strictly an “Eastern” concept, and that you need to own at least one Brass Buddha to understand it. Heraclitus is reputed to have said “There is nothing permanent except change.” Same point.

Still in all your infinite wisdom, are you not sufficiently human that you cry out “but I didn’t want to lose that“?

Okay, you’ve never screamed out in agony even once in your life. Not even when you were an infant and your diaper needed to be changed. (Yeah, right.)

If you claim this, have you ever read “Candide” by Voltaire? Your name isn’t “Dr. Pangloss,” is it?

[/special commentary; back to regular programming]

Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto in Virgo, and their long stays in both signs, are together a sign that the sub-prime meltdown is the beginning of a much longer process. I’ll take a risk and go out on a limb to make this statement: for many (most people, this is Evil.

And, Jupiter is no hero here, either. His expansiveness led us into this trap. Pluto in Sadge and Jupiter’s return there setup everyone for these problems. They hung out in the sign of Expansion (Jupiter’s home) and were scheduled for a meeting, but it didn’t happen until they entered the sign of Contraction (Capricorn). And don’t be fooled for even a MOMENT when we get a brief snippet of relief during the time when Pluto re-enters Sadge. The minor economic upturn that is almost certain will lead some into an even deeper economic morass, probably this summer. Don’t be one of the ones led into the Tar Pit.

Severe contraction isn’t possible without over-expansion. THAT is why the ancients considered Jupiter to be a “malefic,” too. (Sometimes he is characterized as a benefic. At best, he is a “neutral” amplifier of other planets and aspects.)

Astrology and the Sub-Prime Meltdown

Okay, sorry to end on such a “cheery note.” I suppose I needed to make it clear that (a) I believe in “Good and Evil” (b) Saturn and Pluto both qualify as “Evil,” (c) I think the “meltdown” may be with us for “a while,” regardless of who we elect as President and (d) the truth sometimes comes from without.

I suppose I am just saying in a different way what is said in this blog entry from “the Church of the Churchless.”

And, I suppose that a better name for this article might have been “Astrology and the Sub-Prime Meltdown.”

Chiron Dominates Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Fourth of July

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One charming aspect of a blog such as this one is the freedom to explore a variety of topics. Astrologers who make sun sign predictions for a living are constrained into writing particular kinds of predictions for a particular kind of audience: the “general audience.” Don’t get me wrong, some sun sign work is excellent, but the opportunity for exploring other options is either unavailable or not a topic for discussion.

That said, Chiron seems to be a major player in the next few weeks through early July. Just in case you don’t know, Chiron is the “wounded healer” and a centaur who is an important mythological basis for Sagittarius. Being wounded, he learns to heal by healing himself, and then teaches others and becomes a mentor. Having passed on his lessons, he necessarily dies, the ultimate “wound” which permits a “healing” of society by the blossoming of his students into autonomous individuals (and, ultimately, themselves teachers).

The mythos of Chiron is tough, and the energy doesn’t tend to be pleasant. But, Chiron gives us the gifts of healing and both being a mentee and a mentor. Some have called Chiron the “rainbow bridge” because he connects the stability of Saturn to the revolutions of Uranus. That is, Chiron binds these two seemingly different faces of the cosmos together.

That said, as noted in an earlier post, Chiron is rather active Memorial Day Weekend of 2008. But, the activity doesn’t stop there. Retrograde Chiron will revisit issues opened Memorial Day Weekend when he is contacted by Retrograde Mercury on Thursday, May 29th.. He’ll be trined by Venus (in Gemini) on June 10th. That Venus, and Mercury, will be different. Both will have their energies transformed by conjunction with the Sun (combust) on June 7th and 8th (9th for Pacific Time). Sunday, June 8th could be another difficult time if you had “issues” opened on Memorial Day Weekend. Any kind of “truce” reached on that day will be pinned on false hopes engendered during a Leo Moon Void of Course.

Venus trines Neptune on Friday the 13th, the Sun follows suit on the 14th, and retrograde Pluto revisits Sadge.

WHAT does that mean? It means that despite our hopes and happy thoughts (Neptune & Venus), Pluto (investigations, secrets, and spycraft) will revisit the intrigues of the past twenty years, particularly as they relate to Churches, Courts (the Judiciary), and Higher Education. Neptune activity often brings exposure of secrets, so don’t be surprised if scandals surface at this time. Father’s Day, this year, may bring profound revelations for some.

Given that the Sun will be in President Bush’s Solar 12th House during this period, exposure of a new secret or scandal, particularly if it involves FISA courts, wouldn’t be very surprising.

Mercury (this time direct) will again trine Chiron on July the 3rd. Unquestionably, the holiday weekends for Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day (U.S.) will be dominated by Chironic activity in 2008.

[Errata: in my original post, above, I made the mistake of describing the weekend of June 8th as “Father’s Day” weekend. It is not. It is the weekend before. So, here is my updated analysis, if you make plans for Father’s Day on the weekend of the 8th, don’t get your hopes too high. And, especially if you do the planning the afternoon of Sunday, June 8th, then expect your plans to change or for the event to be a little different than what you initially expect. I’ll post the rest of my update in a newer entry.]

Astrology of Memorial Day Weekend, May, 2008: Retrogrades!

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Just in case you haven’t taken the time to notice, we will have a stack of retrogrades on Memorial Day Weekend.  On Friday, Mercury in Gemini trines Chiron in Aquarius.  Mercury should be strong in Gemini (its home, of course), but it is moving slowly (especially bad for Mercury) and about to turn Retrograde.

Chiron is about to turn retrograde, too.  Conversations started Friday may lead into painful areas that are in need of healing, but anything started Friday will “open a can of worms.”  Whether or not this is “good” or “bad” depends on your situation.  To be sure, it won’t be resolved on Friday, and it may not be resolved for some time.  I’d vote at least three weeks before anything that resembles a “full resolution,” and, for some, resolution won’t come until after Chiron turns direct circa October 26th of this year.

Neptune ALSO turns retrograde, Venus (values) enters Gemini (conversations), Venus inconjuncts Pluto (false hopes about power struggles), and Venus squares Saturn (authority).  For the financial sector, the inconjunct with Pluto could signal false hopes about the effectiveness of tax rebates, and square Saturn could mean ACTUAL assets and debts discussed (Gemini) being at odds with the authority figures providing accounting (Virgo).

Any peace talks started now may take much longer to work out than expected, but have the possibility of “standing the test of time” once established.

Back to the personal level:

Unless you are really ready to deal with some big issue, and deal with it in a thorough way that might take months, be careful what you say this weekend.

Blue Moons in Taurus, 2008

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Stephie Azaria, who I met “IRL” at UAC ’98, publishes “The Cosmic Path.” On May 19th, she wrote about the second full moon in Taurus this year. Just in case you don’t know, a second full moon in the same astrological sign doesn’t happen often. I refer to such a special full moon as a “Blue Moon.” The popular notion is that a “Blue Moon” is based on the calendar, and that an astrological “Blue Moon” is some kind of special exception.

I differ.

To be sure, some debate exists about this. Stephie went with the “traditional” notion that a “Blue Moon” must be based on our calendar. That’s fine, except that the calendar was originally based on the twelve signs. (She knows this, and she indicated that she felt a little uncertain about using the popular definition.)

If you know the history of the modern western calendar, then you know that it basically originated with the Romans and originally had ten months. (That’s why DECember is based on Latin for ten, NOVember for nine, OCTober for eight….) (What two months were added? July = Julius Caesar, and August, for Caesar Augustus.)

The calendar drifted out of alignment, and several variations on “Leap Years” were developed to fix the problem. Still, it is about twenty days out of alignment, with the Vernal Equinox being on March 21st (roughly) instead of March 1st (where it was originally). (MARs = MARch, and Spring was thought to begin with the energy of Mars.)

My point? Well, *IF* the calendar was correctly aligned, then a (Calendar) “Blue Moon” and a “Astrological Blue Moon” would be the SAME THING.

The “Astrological Blue Moon” is not properly the “exception” unless you capitulate to the notions of the masses who don’t understand the history.

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