Aries New Moon 2010 and Personal Expressions

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On a more personal viewpoint, many of us are feeling frustrated at this time. The very old moon is a good time to envision that which you wish to come to pass. This New Moon has a short “Cazimi” period of 30 minutes before and after. Except for the Cazimi period, try to use this New Moon as much as possible to meditate.

Meditation does not necessarily mean that the body is still. Whatever exercise is ordinary for you, this is a good time to enjoy it. If you do not exercise, consider starting a simple stretching routine. A single stretch immediately upon awakening, before you are fully awake, may be enough.

In fact, an Aries New Moon will not let you be still. Aries is about action. And, Mars is sesquiquadrate Jupiter, almost forcing us into action. But Mars is also inconjunct (quincunx) Pluto, and that is making our actions difficult. So, except for possibly that single stretch, do not start a new routine. And, the Saturn inconjunct to both Neptune and Chiron (the two planets most related to healing) confirms not to expect too much, if anything, from your exercise routine. Experience it, listen to it, and learn from it. Next New Moon, in Taurus, you can possibly become energized to move in the right direction with your routine.

Remember, strength can be found in the Old Moon by cleaning out and discarding. The Aries New Moon is premium for this. It is sculpting the Venus de Milo by removal, not addition, of stone. Clean out the garage or closet and you may find something you really needed to solve some particular problem. The inconjuncts tell us that you may have one problem in mind, but you will solve a different one. In fact, with three inconjuncts, you may solve up to three of them. But, you must start the cleaning and puring process BEFORE the New Moon.

Regarding anything of significance that you must do: double check EVERYthing and expect lost items & misunderstood communications anyway.

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