Easter Sunday 2010 Earthquake in Southern California

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Non-Astrologer Summary: In hindsight, the chart for this event had great destructive potential.  All but two planets were in the Western part of the sky, and many of the planets formed destructive patterns.  If you have any interest in learning Astrology, especially patterns, the rest of this article will show some of the patterns present in this event.

Also: despite the destructive power of this earthquake, the quincunx between Saturn and Chiron (and Neptune) indicates that few (if any) meaningful changes beyond lip service will be made to actually develop additional earthquake preparedness.

Many astrologers have written articles that cite Angular Uranus as being associated with earthquakes, but today’s Mexicali quake appears to be based in Angular Chiron, specifically on the Descendant.  In plain language, Chiron was “setting.”  And, all but two planets were in the west, exerting gravitational pull together.

Several Factors stand out for this event:

  1. Angular Chiron (and Neptune)
  2. Algol precisely at the Midheaven, or top, of the chart
  3. A Grand Trine in Earth involving the Ascendant in Virgo
  4. A “Thor’s Hammer” (aka “God’s Fist”)
  5. A Rosetta
  6. A Square Key

The combination of the above patterns does not seem surprising for an earthquake event chart.  Other (more benevolent) patterns, such as Quintile Kites, are missing.

Because news reports are wrong so often, typically reporting times AFTER the event is over, we assume that the reported time of 3:40 is inherently suspect.

A rectification to five minutes earlier (the likely actual time), to 3:35p, places Angular Chiron precisely on the epicenter.  Chiron has also be associated with other disasters, notably Chernobyl.

Here is the map:

That said, here is a chart rectified to 16:25:25, a time that produces Chiron more precisely on the Descendant (Angular) in Mexicali:

The Grand Trine in that Chart is fairly obvious, involving Ascendant in Virgo, Mercury + Venus in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn (all Earth signs).  The Void of Course Moon is involved as well: it is waiting to transit into Capricorn to join Pluto (among other things, “Underworld” activities).  Note, also, that Algol (described earlier in the Equinox post) is precisely MC (Midheaven Chart, to non-astrologers: one of the two STRONGEST places a planet or star can be located).

Not as obvious is the Thor’s Hammer here, which begins (according to SolarFire 7.2.2) about 3:23pm and ends about 3:42 pm:

For those who have not read the earlier article, a Thor’s Hammer (also known as “God’s Fist”) tends to have great destructive power.  This chart also has a Rosetta, involving Saturn, Moon, Neptune, and Algol (not entirely evident in the next graphic, but it comes to pass a few minutes later):

This Rosetta is more clearly “activated” when Algol reaches Midheaven, about three minutes later.

Finally, a Square Key is in process (involving the Ascendant and Midheaven (Algol)) from 1522 to 1533:

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  1. […] but the 3pm EST chart looks like when it happened.  The EDT chart has a great deal of activity, but the EST chart closely corresponds to yesterday’s earthquake chart.  So, of course, both will be covered, but emphasis will be placed on the latter.  A series of […]


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