WVA Coal Mine Explosion April 5, 2010

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What a dilemma.  The 3pm EDT chart for the explosion is “interesting,” but the 3pm EST chart looks like when it happened.  The EDT chart has a great deal of activity, but the EST chart closely corresponds to yesterday’s earthquake chart.  So, of course, both will be covered, but emphasis will be placed on the latter.  A series of key events led to this disaster, but the culmination was almost certainly at 3pm EST / 4pm EDT.  And, for those truly interested in this event, please read this analysis of the Pluto Retrograde Station on April 6th.

First here is the 3 pm EDT chart, the chart based on the reported time of the explosion:

To be certain, the five quincunx in this chart, including one to both Chiron and Neptune, show a period of instability.  Among other things, the quincunx is about misunderstandings and miscommunications.  Frankly, it is the kind of thing that could lead someone to use a clock that was never adjusted for Daylight Savings Time to report the “correct” time, and all others to then assume that the time was (of course!) DST.

From the point of view that speaks of “planetary energies,” the energy of aspects and patterns “flows” to the people and places where it can be most fully expressed.  Speaking hypothetically, if oversights, shortcuts, and miscommunications characterized this organization, then this kind of expression would emerge today.

But, if we assume that the reported time was 3pm EST (4pm EDT), then a slightly rectified chart to 2:58 EST (3:58 EDT) yields this chart:

THAT chart contains the same “Thor’s Hammer” (“God’s Fist” or “Quadriform”) as yesterday’s earthquake:

In fact, in many ways (except for the position of the Moon), this is the exact same chart as the earthquake yesterday.  The only reason that the Rosetta and the Square Key are absent are that the Moon has moved.  Note, also, that Algol is at Midheaven again.

That said, consider the following about this chart:

  1. The Moon Conjoined Pluto this morning.  Both are in Earth (Capricorn), and both form a Grand Trine (as true with the Earthquake) when the Ascendant moves into early Virgo near the 3:58 pm EDT time.  At the time of the conjunction of both, they were both quincunx Mars in early Leo.  This sequence of events was in play early this morning as the shift began for this particular group of miners.
  2. Algol is at Midheaven again, a sign that does happen once a day, but with other aspects in play an omen of death, particularly gruesome death.  (Okay, really all death is gruesome, but….)
  3. Chiron is again angular on the descendant, precisely as it was for the earthquake.


  1. Approximately 2:50am to 3am on April 6th a key discovery or announcement will be made.  Unclear is whether living will be found or more dead, but a key discovery will happen at “about” 3am (give it 30 minutes “fudge factor” on each side: 2:30am to 3:30am).
  2. Another key point will occur earlier, about 2:11am.  Here, either more dead will be found (specifically more dead) or a crucial omission or cause of the explosion discovered, or more likely both.  A sense of outrage will erupt among those who hear about this, and the company will have difficulty keeping this secret as a secret instead of an announcement.
  3. An additional “Thor’s Hammer” involving the Ascendant, Mars, and Mercury will emerge at 1am and will endanger rescue crews.  A possible loss of life to rescue crews may occur at this time.  If such a loss occurs, it will be due to an error made about 0029 or 0030 EDT when Saturn (opposing Uranus) touches Midheaven (or Uranus is at or near IC).
  4. Another crucial turning point will occur at roughly 4:30am.  Here, both the Midheaven (MC) and Saturn are highly activated.  By 5:49 am the process that begins at about 4:30am will likely reveal the fate of the miners (and possibly the company) as the Moon conjoins the North Node.  (The North Node is the point of Karma and Fate).  6:51 am will be another turning point as Pluto reaches Midheaven.  As the “God of the Underworld” is brought to the highest point in the sky, this will be the most clear assessment (until this point in time) of the extent of the damage.  More dead may be found at this time, but this kind of “opening of the crypt” might find living.  In either case, 6:51am is important.
  5. A mere 50 minutes later, at about 7:40am, another key turning point will be reached as the Node (Karma) reaches the Midheaven (MC).  Almost certainly this will signify that a new team will need to relieve the team that made the 4:30 discoveries.  For safety reasons, no particular team should work more than four (4) hours at a time here.  This discovery will be punctuated by more at 7:57 am and 8:02 am.  These are two of the best points for finding the living.
  6. 8:24 am will begin another period of danger for rescuers.  10:27 will begin a particularly dangerous time within that larger period of danger until about 10:33.  The larger period of danger ends about 10:50 am.  Anyone who has been up all night and not slept should try to sleep or at least rest at this time.  A new crew should prepare to take over.
  7. By 11:35 am, Pluto returns underground.  Discoveries will not be impossible but probably become more difficult. About 12:21 PM will be another particularly dangerous time for rescuers.    1:53 pm will also be especially dangerous, and begin a period of danger lasting until about 3:55pm.  Relative safety will return by 4pm or a little later.

Of course, after the Sun has returned to its place 24 hours after the initial event (the explosion), things will become different.  Each planet or star will have touched every point in every house, and made every short-term aspect (to the “angles” of the ascendant, descendant, Midheaven, & IC).  The next days that will come to pass are a topic for another post or other writers.



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