Solar Eclipse (and New Moon) of March 2015

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This New Moon (NM) is also a Solar Eclipse (SE).  It contains a complex parable of allegiances, hard and fast, during a period of multiple changing allegiances.  As we tell this tale, keep in mind that it is a metaphor, and the particulars in your individual situation may vary from what we describe.  And since the Vernal Equinox of 2015 follows this eclipse later the same day, we know that there will be more to follow in this story.

That said, on one side we have the angry wife who has been betrayed one time too many and her austere and bony father who has no sense of humor.  On the other side, we have the husband, a lyrical poet and musician who likely abuses alcohol or drugs or both along with his friend the healthcare professional.  Indeed, both of them might work in healthcare.

You should not take this metaphor too literally.  The “angry wife” might be an angry husband, and the “bony father” might be his battleaxe mother.  The “lyrical poet” of a husband might be a wife who works part-time as a prostitute to support her meth habit, and the friend in “healthcare” might be supplying the meth.  And, somewhere in this drama, you have a role even if that role is the role of the audience.

Before you decide that one side is “better” than the other, keep in mind that the “angry wife” might indeed a be a hellion that no one can live with, and the humorless father might just be a bitter old man looking for yet another victim to expend his wrath upon.  Maybe our lyrical poet / alcoholic has just finished treatment and, now clean and sober, he wonders how he ever became involved with these awful people.  (He must have been drunk!)  And, his friend the healthcare professional agrees.

Every story has two sides.

But, in this story, the angry wife and humorless father will tend to be the “winner” for the time being.  That is, “sorta.”  “Sorta” the winner.  But chances are good the divorce attorney(s) who blow things out of proportion will be the real winners.  (More on that later.)

Before we reach the story, we should point out that this is a Solar Eclipse, and such eclipses tend to signify changes that last for months and years.  This is a bit more than an ordinary new moon, and it happens early on the same day as the Vernal Equinox that follows (the “first day of Spring,” which is the astrological New Year and sets the tone for the remainder of the year.  Compare: the Vernal Equinox of 2010 which preceded a series of disasters including the WVA Mine Explosion and the Deepwater Horizon.  And since the final Uranus Square Pluto exact square preceded this eclipse only by a few days, we can say that the times, and people, are “not entirely stable.”  (More about Uranus Square Pluto.)

This NM contains TWO yods:

Solar Eclipse (SF) Double Yod Key 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

At this point we should offer our “reference pages” (previous analyses that might interest you):

See a pattern yet?  (Yods do not happen “all the time,” but it SEEMS that way since August 2014!)

So, if you have visited this site before and read the recent full moon and new moon posts, you know that this means that many of us will face two decisions.  We tend to call these patterns “double yod keys,” (DYK) though SolarFire 8 did not identify this pattern specifically as being a DYK.  A DYK, two or more yods together at the same time, signify AT LEAST TWO decisions in play, and possibly a number more.  This eclipse is a “fork in the road” for many, and we have had many “forks in the road” since August of 2014.

Now to our story.  A Hele identifies our players.  On one side we have Juno (“angry wife”) and Saturn (“humorless father”) in a trine.  On the other side, we have Neptune (“lyrical poet but maybe alcoholic”) and Hygeia (“healthcare professional”) on the other side in a similar alignment.  Neither side really likes the other, and neither side is budging in its position:

Solar Eclipse (SF) Hele 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

March has been a month of polarization and allegiances.  Where you stand on the issues that face you could be a function of where you stood at the time of the recent full moon (FM).

“Things” could become rather dicey in this situation.  Maybe some third parties become involved (police?) and some otherwise innocent and unarmed person gets shot.  (That seems to be a theme lately.)  Maybe someone or something “goes boom.”  We say this because a “Thor’s Hammer” is in play involving Jupiter (who often blows things out of proportion), the eclipse itself, and Pallas (the warrior goddess).  While we do not know exactly who these players are (except maybe Jupiter), we do know that NONE of them are the four disputants (Saturn, Juno, Hygeia, or Neptune, aka father, wife, friend or husband).

Solar Eclipse (SF) Thors Hammer 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Oddly, we might have the “friend in healthcare” as the instigator of any conflict, given the position of Hygeia in a T-Square.  With the Uranus / Pluto square having recently culminated, we see a potential for awful things to happen.  (Hollywood movies might emerge from these stories.)

Solar Eclipse (SF) T-Squares 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

A grand fire trine (GT) is emerging, and as always seems to be true in almost any situation, some people will have an opportunity to profit or benefit from this conflict.   That opportunity will have a window that continues mostly through March 25th  but a few windows will be open as late as March 29th.

Solar Eclipse (SF) GrandTrines 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

 This GT favors the angry wife (Juno) and humorless father (Saturn) and their allies (the Eclipse itself).  (The lyrical poet Neptune and healthcare friend Hygeia are left out of this powerful allegiance.)  But, let’s be clear, the biggest winner in all this conflict will be the one who “blows things out of proportion” (Jupiter, the divorce attorney(s) (who may be even more of a philanderer than our alcoholic husband!)).

And we see that level of power and influence in this version of the chart:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

Notice that everything “points” to Jupiter, the real “winner” in this war.

Here is another alternative view of the same chart:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

Between now and the time of the eclipse we will be adding more to this entry and also more entries that this entry will reference.  Looking for maps of Canada, UK and Europe, Australia, and India and surrounding region?  Click here.  Looking for maps of other regions?  Click here.

Here is the U.S. Map:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse Us Map 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the world map:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse World Map 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

2015-03 Solar Eclipse World Map (Eclipse Lines) 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

You may find this navigation page to be helpful.

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  4. Impact of Solar Eclipse means a kind of suspension of or obstruction to natural energy to the Earth for a period the eclipse begins to the end, which process does not usually last more than couple of hours at the most. But it can be imagined that the couple of hours phenomenon takes lot of time to come to the effective stage astronomers identify as solar eclipse or lunar eclipse. It is believed that the natural energy flowing from the Sun keeps things alive on Earth. So the impact of solar eclipse on 20 March 2015 would obviously plunge countries or regions into darkness wherever it is visible. This time it is Europe and some other regions where the eclipse would be visible. So whatever is dependent upon solar energy directly could be affected. Man made energy seems to be a different thing and perhaps may not be affected.
    But there are messages from unseen powers people call spiritual. The total solar eclipse happens to be in the last sign sign of the zodiac.Planetary influences flowing to the Earth , as per astrology, seem to be to weaken the strong. These in combination with solar eclipse could be construed to mean a difficult time ahead.


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