Friday April 23, 2010 Venus Squares Neptune

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“Venus Squares Neptune” is a feel good aspect that tends to leave us in love, even if it is for nothing else but the spring day at hand.  This one is for Venus just past Algol, which points out that Neptune is only a few degrees past a separating square from Algol.  Said differently, our daydreaming can be quite dangerous.

The worst danger, here, will be “investing” in something or believing something is “sold” which is only illusion.  Have a happy day, but do not do anything too serious if you can avoid it.

Saturday is better, a day full of trines.  This is also a feel good day, but what you do today could have more permanence.

The offshore drilling rig explosion, the Deepwater Horizon, needs to be added to Algol’s list of casualties.  May is tornado month, so do not be surprised if we have a record number of tornadoes, or record severity, this year.

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