Astro-Politics: Trump’s on Fire

August 10, 2015 at 5:26 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on Astro-Politics: Trump’s on Fire


IMG_2Anyone noticed how rash, angry, outrageous and inescapable Donald Trump has been this summer? It’s been hard to miss, right? There’s an astrological reason for it. Actually, maybe five. And some of it is coming to a head, big time, at the Leo New Moon August 14.

First, the build-up:  (1) Radical, rebellious Uranus in shoot-first, aim-later Aries is in a open flow to Trump’s Sagittarius Moon. (View his birth chart at Astrodatabank.) That Moon placement is prone to foot in mouth disease by itself; with the Uranian contact any semblance of controls has shattered and a loose cannon has been unleashed, reckless, combative, unrepentant.  That’s been pumped up to extremes by Jupiter in Leo, traveling through Trump’s 12th house, the house of self-undoing and what I call “the back of the head,” the part of the self that is hidden to the conscious personality. The pumping up hit…

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