Mercury Opposite Chiron 2015-08-20

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August 20th is a good day to “mend fences” if that is a possibility.


Mercury Opposite Chiron 2015-08-20 (Updated Aug 19th)

We have been recommending action during this period, but on this day you may need to mend fences.  Mercury opposes Chiron and quincunxes Uranus.  A subtle but very powerful Learning Triangle (we are unsure whether or not it is properly a “Huber” Learning Triangle) will color the day (and affect the few days before and after the perfection of the pattern).

Here is the chart, filtered for Mercury aspects:

2015-08-20 Mercury Opposite Chiron

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Note that Chiron is precisely in aspect with Uranus (Semi-Sextile) in addition to both in aspect to Mercury.  Note that Moon enters Scorpio almost exactly at time of perfection of Mercury Opposite Chiron.  This is not without impact as the Moon (briefly) forms a 5th harmonic pattern (one we will call a “Quintile Triangle”) with Pluto in Qunitle aspect on one leg (of the triangle) and Hygeia in Qunitile aspect on…

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Reno Judge Scott Pearson gets protested by Mike Weston Judge Pearson will not reverse the fraudulent “conviction” of Mike Weston even though the State and Washoe County DA has no objections to vacating the fraudulent “conviction” of Mike Weston

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Star Stuff: Jupiter in Virgo

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magick millenial

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance and spends about a year in each sign.


With Jupiter now in Virgo (to September 2016), there is opportunity for good fortune through serving others in a humble way.  It is easy to attract extra work assignments now, and there is increasing attention to detail.  Everyone becomes more practical, health matters come into focus and improve, and it’s an ideal time to begin any new physical regime.

This year is the time to ask:
How have I been underestimating myself?  How can I grow, do more, be more, explore more?

During Jupiter transit, we have lots of opportunities – it is time to size them up and grab them. Recognize that we deserve these opportunities, and that we’re capable of rising to the occasion. Jupiter gives us confidence to do that – have faith in life, trust yourself, go for it.


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Star Stuff: Mars in Leo

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magick millenial

Mars has changed signs, from protective, emotional, safety oriented Cancer to fun-loving, risk-taking Leo, where it will journey until Sept. 24th. During this time, we will feel a strong need to create in some way. This is a particularly vital position for Mars. Passions tends to run high, as does desire; we tend to be more strong willed and enthusiastic at this time.


Mars is a planet of action, energy, and motivation.  With Mars in Leo, there is desire to pursue pleasurable activities and recreation.  Anything that allows you to convey your sense of self is encouraged.  Romance is stimulated, as is the desire for physical love making (cue Marvin Gaye).

We enjoy taking risks now. Our ego is tied up with our actions; anything we do becomes a source of great pride — and a temptation to “prideful” positioning. If we are able to use this time to move forward on our…

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August-September III

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Interesting analysis of September.

jbuss Astrology

“Coincidentally,” several posts by others have popped up that are oh-so relevant to our several Adventures here in August and merging into September…

We don’t usually speak in these terms, but I have no doubt that Ascension is also going on…

And Dr. Kim provides a broader Perspective, along with a great tool, for Clearing persistently troubling Emotions…

And here’s a great view of the current Descent of Inanna (Inferior Conjunction of Venus), post-2012…

And finally, a quiz to see if we’re doing our Identity homework…

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Let’s finish up August, as I’m eager to write about some fairly remarkable events coming up in September.

Our Old Egos are due for a comeuppance at, around, and/or after the 29 August Full Moon. 

Most of us still have one foot in the Old Industrial-Era World of Exploitation…

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Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning August 24, 2015

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Very fun analysis!


lonsdale psychics
Stargazer Horoscopes – August 24 – 30, 2015

from: The Kamloops Echo –

– by Sonny !

Dear Aries. We can’t always have the head and the heart on the same page and that makes things difficult enough but bigger problems arise when we can’t get the heart or head to agree with itself to begin with. There is an answer to this push/pull of emotions and intellect that scatters your energy. This week you’re entering a cycle of daily chores, good habits, and physical health. It doesn’t sound fun but it could be. Although your chores and to do list might come from someone else, you’re still the boss of your own emotions.

Dear Taurus

Home issues continue to cause fits but there’s a bigger picture lesson here. Yes, you could close your eyes, go on a vacation and hope things will be different when you return, but it’s…

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Venus Retrograde Trine Uranus

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We will see this again when Venus moves forward!

starface astrology

This morning Venus and the Moon both make aspects to Uranus, this suggesting it can be an emotionally erratic time. Uranus is unpredictable and can sometimes be a bit disastrous, but it can also be extremely inventive and creative, and is a great problem solver!

Uranus opposing the Moon and trining Venus retrograde gives us innovative energy to find and create solutions to issues that have arisen or become more prevalent since July 25, when Venus stationed retrograde. Uranus is original, smart and is helpful at offering a different perspective on things. At the same time, it can create a feeling of detachment, the need for emotional freedom and independence. This can be helpful, as detaching from situations/people/ideas can allow for a more objective look. It is important to examine the roots of our emotions from time to time. How much of what you feel is influenced by others? Are…

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Ways to Encourage Mindfulness at Work

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magick millenial

It’s strange to be a pagan/spiritual being in a corporate world, but I am working on it!  This post was helpful for me – excerpts below.


“Most people spend over 30 percent of their adult waking life at work. For many of us, that time is a blur of meetings, email and frenzied activity. If there’s a gap during the day, the web usually wins our attention. We leave work exhausted and out of touch with our basic humanness.

Even though I’ve been practicing mindfulness since college and have experimented with everything from meditation retreats to daily rituals, it can still be difficult.

Below are just a few of the ideas suggested for developing mindfulness on the job:

Getting into the Habit
You’ve read all about the benefits of mindfulness and are ready to start, well, being mindful. But actually putting intention into action can be challenging. Here’s what meetup…

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The Mouth Of Gaia

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The evolution of the selfie stick is just a drone on a leash

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The kind of thing that will contribute to both the Drone Film Festival and a revolution in Youtube video. The revolution will not be televised; it will be online.

I got to check out the Phi at our office. It has a folding design that lets it fit into a tube the size of a large thermos. To launch, you simply unfold the drone, hold it up, press a power button, and flick your wrist. It flies out and hovers, keeping tension on the line. You can reel it in or let it run just like a kite. To steer, you…

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