Moon in Virgo

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The Moon is in Virgo with Jupiter opposing the Sun in Pisces. I am aware of the emotional strain this configuration can place on me. This is a time to avoid legal battles and setting up contracts. The strain is between being practical verses taking other people into account. Emotions might hinder practical solutions and it is a day where confusion will rain. The best is to avoid legal issues and issues that require analysis. I might like to delve into the details but be cautious to draw quick conclusions or to act too quickly. I will do the work but will wait a day or two before taking any action or big final decision.

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Today’s transits – February 23, 2016 – Tuesday

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Uranus moves to 18 degrees of Aries (tropical zodiac).  Check your charts for any energy at 18 degrees for a heads up on unexpected issues.
Time for rebel initiative to advance.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                   Virgo @ 16 deg.
Sun                       Pisces @ 04 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Aquarius @ 13 deg.
Venus                 Aquarius @ 08 deg.
Mars                    Scorpio @ 25 deg.

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Virgo @ 20 deg. (Retrograde until May 9th)
Saturn                 Sagittarius @ 15 deg.
Uranus                Aries @…

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The Sky Above February 23 2016

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Sun Conjunct Neptune 2016-02-28 (Square Key + Hele)

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Sun Conjunct Neptune 2016-02-28 (Square Key + Hele)

The aspect is great for poets and photographers, but it is not so good for signing contracts or forming alliances.  Nevertheless, a Hele is present, indicating that you can form a long term alliance at this time.  But, the Square Key is telling us that (whether or not you form the alliance) you will learn “lessons.”  Form the alliance, and you will learn “lessons” (aka work through Karma).  Refuse to form the alliance, and you will pay a price for that, also.  Maybe it is just better to take pictures and write poetry today.

Here is the chart for perfection of the aspect, filtered for the Square Key:


2016-02-28 Sun Trine Neptune (Square Key + Hele)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

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