2016-02-07 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2016-02-07 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-07 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Venus Sextile Mars contributes, again, to what has been a romantic / sexual weekend for some and a creative weekend for others.  The Moon’s entry into Aquarius after a long void yesterday may suggest certain revisions to your work.  Sun Square Mars can bring some discord and anger.  If you do not overdo it, physical exercise can help.  In any case, you can get things done today.

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February New Moon 16

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Rubys Astro Readings



Do you really know or understand the “New Moon”, often also called the “Dark Moon” due to it being the least amount of light in the months Lunar cycles.

The February New Moon of 2016 is really a wonderful energy. It takes place in the 11th House of the Zodiac for starters, and that is a great house to reside in because it holds some of the best energies, it’s the “Manifestation of What We Have Wished For.” So it’s very important no matter what your sign is to make New Moon wishes and “Set Intentions”. (To learn more about how head over to my blog site at rubysreadings.com.)This month’s New Moon is also in very open-minded Aquarius, so let yout thoughts flow.

Pay attention all my Aries or Aries Rising folks, this New Moon triggers the 11th House in your own personal Birth Chart in…

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Current Astrology: Uranus, Aquarius & Current Transits

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ASTROLOGY by Barry Kerr

AquariusBy Barry Kerr

The Sun moved into Aquarius on January 20.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and resonates with freedom, authenticity, intuition and seeing past the limits of the status quo. Our inner Saturn agreed to conform to the seeming limits of the world, but our inner Uranus, orbiting just beyond Saturn, intuitively knows what our five senses cannot perceive, and prompts us, like Aquarian Star Trek, “to go where no man has gone before”.

Planet Uranus wasn’t discovered until 1781, though it has always played a subversive role in the unfolding of human culture and evolution. Discovered during the American and French revolutions, it inspired change for democracy and freedom around the planet. This radical, collective expression of freedom was necessary to allow the individuation we needed to eventually grow out of religion and into spirituality.

On a personal level, Uranus urges you to not get trapped in the…

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Using the #NewMoon to Your Advantage

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Very busy days; Chinese Year of the Monkey begins with the New Moon

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Introducing Kaypacha and the Pele reports

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IndiCrow Elevation

The alignment of stars and planets have so much to do with the energies that we humans navigate in our day to day lives. As with all energy readings, certain people are going to pick up on certain frequencies. Figuring out whose perspective out of the thousands of astrologers posting online is best or most meaningful to you is often a matter of finding a person operating on a similar vibrational plane as you. I have been following this fantastic being called Kaypacha for two or three years now. Once a week, he releases “Pele Reports” in which he addresses the alignments impacting the human world for that particular seven day span. He talks a lot about the position of Black Moon Lilith and the divine feminine which many astrologers neglect. He also very honestly discusses the intensity of energy flows that we are experiencing and what this can mean…

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The Sky Above February 6 2016

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