Today’s aspect: Sun enters Pisces

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As Sun moves into Pisces, you’ll feel the effect especially if you have anything in that degree in your birthchart, or the first degree of Virgo, Gemini, or Sagittarius. All are mutable signs, and that means flexibility and mental dexterity. Sun illuminates wherever it goes, even if it’s a little challenging aspect like the opposition to Virgo or the squares to Virgo and Gemini.

For everyone, Pisces brings in dreams and mysticism, sometimes chaos and confusion. It’s a good time to dream the good dream for our planet now!

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Sun in Pisces

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Rubys Readings


“Sun in Pisces”
with ~Ruby

The Sun has now changed signs from freedom loving, detached Aquarius into more creative, compassionate Pisces, where it remains through March 20th. We become made more aware of how we are connected to everyone and everything around us. We’re able to pick up on all the energies around us and soak in that energy like a sponge, but this can make us more sensitive and emotional.

A connection needs to be made to our higher-self. This is a time of healing! Our imagination and intuition are very strong. We’re plugged into everything around us, because the veils between the physical world and spiritual realms have dissolved. As these boundaries come down we must make sure to “shield” ourselves spiritually and physically. We become very vulnerable in this energy. It’s very easy for those of us with an “empathic” nature…

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Today’s transits – February 19, 2016 – Friday

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minute astrologer


Sun entered Pisces at 10:21 pm last night (tropical zodiac).
Time to practice The Golden Rule and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                   Cancer @ 26 deg.
Sun                       Pisces @ 00 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Aquarius @ 07 deg.
Venus                 Aquarius @ 03 deg.
Mars                    Scorpio @ 23 deg.

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Virgo @ 20 deg. (Retrograde until May 9th)
Saturn                 Sagittarius @ 15 deg.
Uranus                Aries @ 17 deg.

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2016 W09 Calendar (Weekly) Sunout Astrological Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2016 W09 Calendar (Weekly) Sunout Astrological Aspects

2016 W09 Calendar (Weekly)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

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