Tuesday February 9th 2016

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Tuesday February 9th 2016

Tuesday February 9th (W07)

We are still feeling the power of yesterday’s New Moon in Aquarius (and start of the Chinese New Year, the year of the Yang Fire Monkey).  Today is dominated by Mars Trine Chiron and the early morning entry of the Moon into Pisces.  Mars Trine Chiron is all about healing issues, and so can be the Moon in Pisces.  With Moon in Pisces, “healing” can take the form of creativity (poetry, lyrics, photography, video) or anonymously helping others less fortunate than ourselves without any thought about some later benefit to ourselves.

Mercury forms a novile to Saturn, and we may learn an important skill involving details or paperwork.  Vesta (traditions) is quite active: (1) Chiron semisextile Vesta; (2) Mars quincunx Vesta; and (3) Vesta triseptile the North Node.  We have to address tradition and “doing things the way we have always done them,” and we continue to receive indications that some of those traditions are due for a makeover if not outright radical change.

2016-02-09 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2016-02-09 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-09 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We would like to say that today is quiet after the shakeup of yesterday’s powerful New Moon, but that is only true by comparison.  Today has Mars Trine Chiron, and issues involving health, healthcare, education, and mentors surface (if they did not yesterday) or are exacerbated.  A Pisces Moon just will not let us ignore the less fortunate, unless we do so at our own peril.  Do a good deed today.

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Aquarius New Moon – A Time To Reflect

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New Moon in Aquarius 2016!

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From Nai the I Love My Womb Astrologist!

New Moon 19degrees 16mins Aquarius

At approximately 2.38pm the Sun and the Moon reunited with each other creating a revolutionary New Moon in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is known for its original innovative and individual qualities and potentially is always looking for new ways to show how to tune in and express the unique genius within to advance humanity.

Whilst the full moon deals with releasing and letting go this new moon is set to bring a lot changes to this 27.5 day cycle. Embracing new ideas is the theme whilst not exactly going full steam to pursue ideas into action. Why? Because as soon as the New Moon comes in it goes Void of Course, so the energies are still waning (releasing).

This is letting us know that we must step into our unique selfs fiercely and fearlessly. Letting go…

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Happy New Year (again)!

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Holistic Transformation

Happy New Moon in Aquarius, which also marks the lunar New Year for both the Chinese and Tibetan Astrology calendars.

In Chinese Astrology it is the year of the Fire Monkey. The monkey brings challenges within in, but remember challenges are what we learn and grow from as much as anything.

If you were born in the year of the Monkey- 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 then it might be more challenging for you than others. Either way, don’t stand still!

The Monkey wants to flip from tree to tree to find out what’s going on, it might shake up some trees in doing so, but it will be an adventure of sorts. Try to get out and make the best decisions, for all not just for you. As the Monkey is also working with community/family, not just in it for itself… “pick the bugs off my back and…

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Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey!

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Starseed Shaman Blog

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year, and this year is the Fire Monkey. Each year has an element associated with the animal, and Fire Monkey is a metal (gold) and air year, and can be a year of energetic extremes. How the year goes for you depends on your own chinese year of birth, but in general Monkey Years in recent times have been times of upheaval and change. Most of the interpretations that I have read say that because of the extreme fluctuations in energy, its best not to make big decisions or changes this year.

On the positive side, Monkey years are usually a time of great creativity. And almost like a herald of this energy, we have Uranus conjunct the Asteroid Vesta today, in the fire sign of Aries. Llewellyn says this about Vesta: ” Vesta is the guardian of the hearth and home…

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New Moon in Aquarius Feb. 8, 2016

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cathy towle | medium & shaman | intuitive consultant | 2013 Best Psychic Medium | spiritual house cleansing

February is a month of letting your inner drive ignite around how you can be a part of the larger picture. What gifts are you going to contribute to your community and those you want to influence? Although Mercury is moving ahead, beware that it is still somewhat sluggish till the 13th.  Creating a greater strategy in light of the goals that you might have discovered during Mercury’s Rx would be a good use of this time. The New Moon is a bit intense in regard to bringing up stuff that would rather remain hidden. Working with what you want to excise from your life and that which you want to replace it with, is helpful to be conscious of and work on. The rest of the month is about building up a resilience around change that will ground you for the year to come. And cultivating more love…

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Big Plans at New Moon in Aquarius

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Fiesta Estrellas

AquariusNewMoonFeb2016The aspects

With so much happening in my life, and “behind the scenes,” I figured I’d draw up the this chart for the New Moon in Aquarius (Sun and Moon in Aquarius at 19 degrees). As you can see in the image, Aquarius is ascending for this New Moon in Aquarius as well. Further adding to the energy of Aquarius is its modern ruler, Uranus.  Uranus has a lot of play right now. So there’s lots of creativity, electricity, unexpected surprises, and the wacky-weird “flashes of insight.” Where’s the group? How is our tribe?

  • Sun and Moon conjunction Sextile Uranus “new teams, groups, connections”
  • Mercury “communication” and Venus “values” Squaring “new-fangled” Uranus
  • Mars Quincunx Uranus – “awkward starts” “sporadic energy”
  • Uranus Square Pluto – Yep, not exact, but still super-active; revolution

With Mars Quincunx Uranus we may have a lot of fizzle – energy, but a little wobbly confusion about…

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New Moon in Aquarius- Envisioning a New Reality

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Abigail's Star Magic

New moon is in Aquarius, at 19 degrees, this morning on February 8th, 2016. To understand what this new moon signifies, let’s examine the symbol of Aquarius. Aquarius energy is about group consciousness. The invisible network of humanity that contains its own mind, its own consciousness. Like comparing the vast network that is our brain, all the little connections that our brain cells make to one another, the group mind operates in a similar fashion, us humans acting like little brain cells for the collective mind that is humanity or perhaps even life itself.

Aquarius is generally represented as the rebel, activist, and the one who electrifies and shakes up the status quo. I think if we look deeper we begin to realize that even though it may look like Aquarians like to bend and break the rules, they are really adhering to a greater rule book, tapping…

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Pam Younghans ~ North Point Astrology Journal, February 8-14, 2016

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Laura Bruno's Blog

Some good news for people who’ve sensed (and moved with/through) the increasingly shifting energies: a little teaser from Pam Younghans’ full post, which you can click through to read on her site.

Your guide to planetary energies for
February 8 to 14, 2016
By Pam Younghans

A NEW MOONbegins our second week of February, occurring at 6:38am PST on Monday (2:38pm GMT). This lunation is in Aquarius, which means our new lunar cycle is about new ideas, innovations, and taking strides along our own unique path in life.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is an encouraging one:

“A large white dove bearing a message: The answer of spiritual agencies to thorough, sustained, and victorious individual efforts.”

Full report here.

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