2016-02-11 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2016-02-11 Calendar of Aspects

2016-02-11 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Today is difficult to interpret.  In North America (and the most of the Western Hemisphere), we have a reprieve from the messy Piscean void Moon by early morning hours.  Venus is SemiSquare Neptune, and SemiSquares are inherently annoying.  This one deals with situations where we have unrealistic expectations, particularly in romance or in how we can “help” others.  Venus Trine Node means we feel a Karmic demand to be helpful to others, but chances are good we will make a mess of it today instead of making things better.  Mercury BiNovile Uranus tells us we can have subtle insights that lead to development of new skills, possibly related to our misguided efforts.  It is a tricky day to “get things done,” and you may have to double check your work.  Reality checks are very important today, and Sun Decile Pluto may provide…

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Out of the Shadows? Mercury…

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Holistic Transformation

We are soon out of the shade! That being the Mercury Retrograde Post-shadow period ending on February 14th. (approx 11 AM UTC)

The shadow period of  a planet going retrograde ends when it has returned to the position where it first turned. This Mercury Retrograde shadow period started on 19 December and went retrograde on 5 January (1 degree in Aquarius). Mercury went direct on 25 January and now returns back to 1 degree in Aquarius on Valentine’s Day.

Some of the communication problems that were’t solved come 25 January are now coming up to resolve. Don’t fore things but do allow them to happen.

Thanks for all the lessons, Mercury!

Injoy, inlight and inlove,


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Today’s transits – February 10, 2016 – Wednesday

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minute astrologer


Mercury Venus conjunction in Capricorn (and Pluto is behind them).
Time to transform your self expression through your appearance.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                   Pisces @ 20 deg.
Sun                       Aquarius @ 21 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Capricorn @ 26 deg.
Venus                 Capricorn @ 22 deg.
Mars                    Scorpio @ 19 deg.

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Virgo @ 21 deg. (Retrograde until May 9th)
Saturn                 Sagittarius @ 14 deg.
Uranus                Aries @ 17 deg.
Neptune             Pisces @ 08…

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February begins with a Mars-Moon square to the Sun and a Mercury-Venus-Pluto square to Uranus, so we may find ourselves a little deeper into an emotional healing opportunity.  Squares represent conflicts or blocks, and the Goddess February reveals these inharmonious alignments to us by way of experiences and feelings, guiding us to see things from a different angle or higher sense, and allowing us to feel a more harmonious way to address and resolve these conflicts.  If feeling stuck — maybe we need “to break a pattern” or possibly make amends for our projections on others.

Mars squares a new moon on Feb 8th, possibly bringing up a sense of anger within us; but anger can be transformative, and if used constructively and consciously, can help us to “state our case, set boundaries, and break free from old” limiting patterns.  “So let the Mars energy fuel positive change.”  A new…

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