Jupiter in Capricorn 2019-2020 —

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[This is an older article by Yerevan, but worth revisiting!]

Jupiter in the late degrees of Sagittarius is drawing closer to the Galactic Center, which will become even more powerful in its influence by mid-November. On December 2nd it will ingress into the sign of Capricorn where it will be transiting for just over a year until December 21st 2020, coinciding with the Solstice. This…

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T-Squares [Astrological Aspects]

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Practiced Ignorance

t-square Picture credit: Astrotheme

The T-square is one of the most common composed aspects in astrological charts, and understanding its energies is critical to interpreting all kinds of charts. They occur in natal, synastry, composite, and return charts. They can easily describe a person’s, or a couple’s, central life drama, depending on how they are wired into the chart, so knowing how to interpret them is key to distilling the meaning in a chart.

After some notes about their dynamics, I’ll interpret one to show how it works in practice.

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Angel Messages March 17 2020 — Annette Rochelle Aben

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Your DAILY MESSAGE from Angels YOU ARE WORTHY just BECAUSE! We love you Thank you, Angels!!!

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Chiron in Aquarius — Divination Counseling Service

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This article was originally written in 2012 when Chiron was in the sign of Aquarius. Chiron is now in Aquarius and running in opposition to Saturn! Let’s talk a bit more about Chiron. Chiron is said to be a Planetoid by some and an asteroid by others. Others refer to Chiron as a Centaur because […]

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