Full Moon Monday

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Stacey Justis

Monday there is a beautiful full moon in Virgo and with allthat’s going on in the world I want to be the person to say to you, “Everything is going to be okay!!”

You know my work is all about energy, and this full moonis asking us to focus on love. It has proven to be the only thing we can truly trust. Its vibration is one we can count on!

This is completely counter to whatwe’re being instructed to do by mass media. We’re being told to sequester and separate ourselves from others. All this,at a time when ourintuition ispulling us toward connection and the desire to love and be loved.

You may find yourself with inner conflict around choices regarding what you want to do versus what you “think you should” do.

The message here is to follow your heart and have the courage to make your own…

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Serving Our Best Self – Cultivating Our Dream Seed.

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Notes for Virgo New Moon, March 9, 2020

Serving Our Best Selves. Cultivating Our Dream Seeds.

In my last report I spoke of the opportunity to plant a practical dream seed during the Pisces new Moon. And now with this Virgo Full Moon 19 degrees on March 9 at 17:48 UTC, we are being empowered to truly cultivate this dream seed, make it bloom, and prepare ourselves for a new personal spring.

Virgo is about: service, daily habits, our practices, work, healing, purification, perfecting, making this full moon ripe with the potential to truly serve our best selves, and in so doing making us optimally capable of serving others.

How might we do this? By cultivating, through a daily practice, the thing we most love to do, polishing and perfecting our talents and natural gifts. When we serve others through…

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Sunday | 03/08/20 | Daily Horoscope

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Full Moon in Virgo March 9th, 2020: Food for Thought

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The Starry Library

The Full Moon in Virgo is a warning to us all to be careful about what you are feeding yourself, both spiritually and literally.

The Aspects

Sun conjunct Neptune- deception

Moon trine Mars and Jupiter- ability to take proactive steps

Jupiter sextile Neptune- not seeing things for as they really are

Moon conjunct Nemesis- secret enemies

Uranus Venus conjunction- volatility with bare necessities

This Full Moon has a strong deceptive quality to it, ambushing us with fear mongering and instability. Virgo is a sign that can discern and pick apart the details, but the aspects are showing us that the details are hidden. When you watch the news these days there seems to be a lot of restrictions and stoppage of industries and movements of people. Ironically the dispositor of the Full Moon is Mercury almost at the end of Aquarius which is about wanting to break free.

The Sabian…

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Super Full Moon in Virgo- Healing Our Inner Child

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Mindful in Style

It’s time to spring forward!

Daylight savings falls on the Super Full Moon in Virgo this year, and I got to enjoy the last night of “winter sunsets” on Lake Michigan in Leland last night. 😍 The sun set like fire along the shoreline, bringing me back to the days of growing up along this very water.

2020 has been a time of healing and self care, and it’s finally time to start emerging from our winter bubble and to shine a light on things that have felt foggy or unclear during the cooler season. Representing the virgin, this Virgo Full Moon will help you heal old childhood wounds and recharge your batteries for this next phase. The feminine energy of this moon will act as a warm hug while letting go of past pains, amplifying your confidence and divine feminine- so embrace it!

Lately I’ve had people re-enter my…

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VIRGO – Super PISCES Full Moon with NEPTUNE: Self-Aligning & Connectedness in the Flow of Life

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Melanie's Astro~News

Dear Cosmic Friend on Planet Earth,

Feeling the energy building?
Seen Her in Her waxing belly, these afternoons / evenings?
The VIRGO – PISCES Full Moon is coming, on MoOnday, March 9!

A friend of mine took this amazing photo of the strawberry colour Full Moon in Germany – some Moons ago 🙂

And She’s special in so many ways:

  • She comes on the heels of the SUN / NEPTUNE conjunction in PISCES (once a year, on March 8).
  • And also on the heels of the VENUS / URANUS conjunction in TAURUS (once a year, on March 8).
  • MERCURY will go out of retro on the DAY of the Full Moon, March 9 – opening up another almost 7-week retro free time March 8 – Apr 25 when PLUTO goes retro.
  • She ushers in the next (one of two this year) Friday the 13th of March – Day…

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