Full Moon in Sagittarius 2017

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The Freedom to Stand in your Truth

So how’s your truth barometer going out there, blossom?

Sagittarius is a sign greatly aligned with truth and with the Black Moon (also in Sagittarius) sitting conjunct this particular Full Moon be prepared to want to honour yours.

You may find (especially if you’re particularly sensitive to energy) that your BS radar is particularly fine tuned this month as well.

If you’ve been feeling suppressed or held back, the build up to this full Moon could find you struggling with that and wanting to let it all out.

Inspiration and Motivation

The warm and radiant Fire Grand Trine (Moon, Saturn, Leo North Node and Uranus) is helpful in that it is infusing a dose of courage, faith and motivation into making changes at this Full Moon.

What makes you feel vital and alive?

Do more of…

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